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EMACS Command Chart (07/30/81):  Meta Characters:                 Control-Meta Characters:         Control-X is an escape prefix:

Non-Control Non-Meta Characters: Linefeed  ^R Indent Comment Line Backspace ^R Mark Defun          ^X ^B     List Buffers
                                 Return    ^R Back to Indentation Tab       ^R Indent for LISP     ^X ^D     ^R Directory Display
Backspace ^R Backward Character  Altmode   ^R Execute Minibuffer  Linefeed  ^R Indent Comment Line ^X ^F     Find File
Tab       ^R Indent (Mode)       #    ..   ^R Change Font Word    Return    ^R Back to Indentation ^X Tab    ^R Indent Rigidly
Linefeed  ^R Indent New Line     $    ..   Correct Word Spelling  (    ..   ^R Backward Up List    ^X ^L     ^R Lowercase Region
Return    ^R CRLF                %    ..   ^R Query Replace       )    ..   ^R Forward Up List     ^X ^N     ^R Set Goal Column
Altmode   ^R Prefix Meta         '    ..   ^R Upcase Digit        -    ..   ^R Negative Argument   ^X ^O     ^R Delete Blank Lines
Rubout    ^R Back Delete Char.   (    ..   ^R Make ()             0 thru 9  ^R Argument Digit      ^X ^P     ^R Mark Page
                                 )    ..   ^R Move Over )         ;    ..   ^R Kill Comment        ^X ^Q     ^R Set File Read-Only
Control Characters:              -    ..   ^R Negative Argument   ?    ..   ^R Documentation       ^X ^R     ^R Visit File
                                 .    ..   ^R Find Tag            @    ..   ^R Mark Sexp           ^X ^S     ^R Save File
    ..   SAIL Character Mode   /    ..   ^R Describe            A    ..   ^R Beginning of Defun  ^X ^T     ^R Transpose Lines
Backspace ^R Backward Character  0 thru 9  ^R Argument Digit      B    ..   ^R Backward Sexp       ^X ^U     ^R Uppercase Region
Tab       ^R Indent (Mode)       ;    ..   ^R Indent for Comment  D    ..   ^R Down List           ^X ^V     ^R Visit File
Linefeed  ^R Indent New Line     <    ..   ^R Goto Beginning      E    ..   ^R End of Defun        ^X ^W     Write File
Return    ^R CRLF                =    ..   ^R Count Lines Region  F    ..   ^R Forward Sexp        ^X ^X     ^R Exch Point and Mark
Altmode   ^R Exit                >    ..   ^R Goto End            G    ..   ^R Format Code         ^X ^Z     ^R Return to Superior
Space     ^R Set/Pop Mark        ?    ..   ^R Describe            H    ..   ^R Mark Defun          ^X Altmode ^R Re-run Minibuffer
%    ..   ^R Replace String      @    ..   ^R Mark Word           I    ..   ^R Indent for LISP     ^X #      ^R Change Font Region
-    ..   ^R Negative Argument   A    ..   ^R Backward Sentence   J    ..   ^R Indent Comment Line ^X (      ^R Start Kbd Macro
0 thru 9  ^R Argument Digit      B    ..   ^R Backward Word       K    ..   ^R Kill Sexp           ^X .      ^R Set Fill Prefix
;    ..   ^R Indent for Comment  C    ..   ^R Uppercase Initial   M    ..   ^R Back to Indentation ^X 1      ^R One Window
<    ..   ^R Mark Beginning      D    ..   ^R Kill Word           N    ..   ^R Forward List        ^X 2      ^R Two Windows
=    ..   What Cursor Position   E    ..   ^R Forward Sentence    O    ..   ^R Split Line          ^X 3      ^R View Two Windows
>    ..   ^R Mark End            F    ..   ^R Forward Word        P    ..   ^R Backward List       ^X 4      ^R Visit Other Window
@    ..   ^R Set/Pop Mark        G    ..   ^R Fill Region         Q    ..   ^R Indent SEXP         ^X ;      ^R Set Comment Column
A    ..   ^R Beginning of Line   H    ..   ^R Mark Paragraph      R    ..   ^R Reposition Window   ^X =      What Cursor Position
B    ..   ^R Backward Character  I    ..   ^R Tab to Tab Stop     T    ..   ^R Transpose Sexps     ^X A      ^R Append to Buffer
C    ..   ^R Exit to Exec        J    ..   ^R Indent Comment Line U    ..   ^R Backward Up List    ^X B      Select Buffer
D    ..   ^R Delete Character    K    ..   ^R Kill Sentence       V    ..   ^R Scroll Other Window ^X D      ^R Dired
E    ..   ^R End of Line         L    ..   ^R Lowercase Word      W    ..   ^R Append Next Kill    ^X F      ^R Set Fill Column
F    ..   ^R Forward Character   M    ..   ^R Back to Indentation X    ..   Instant Extended Cmd   ^X G      ^R Get Q-reg
G    ..   ^R Quit                N    ..   ^R Down Comment Line   Z    ..   ^R Exit                ^X H      ^R Mark Whole Buffer
H    ..   ^R Backward Character  P    ..   ^R Up Comment Line     [    ..   ^R Beginning of Defun  ^X I      ^R Info
I    ..   ^R Indent (Mode)       Q    ..   ^R Fill Paragraph      \    ..   ^R Indent Region       ^X K      Kill Buffer
J    ..   ^R Indent New Line     R    ..   ^R Move to Screen Edge ]    ..   ^R End of Defun        ^X L      ^R Count Lines Page
K    ..   ^R Kill Line           S    ..   ^R Center Line         ^    ..   ^R Delete Indentation  ^X M      Mail
L    ..   ^R New Window          T    ..   ^R Transpose Words     Rubout    ^R Backward Kill Sexp  ^X N      Narrow Bounds Region
M    ..   ^R Self Insert <CR>    U    ..   ^R Uppercase Word                                       ^X O      ^R Other Window
N    ..   ^R Down Real Line      V    ..   ^R Previous Screen                                      ^X P      Narrow Bounds to Page
O    ..   ^R Open Line           W    ..   ^R Copy Region                                          ^X R      Read Mail
P    ..   ^R Up Real Line        X    ..   ^R Extended Command                                     ^X T      ^R Transpose Regions
Q    ..   ^R Quoted Insert       Y    ..   ^R Un-kill Pop                                          ^X W      ^R Set Bounds Full~
R    ..   ^R Reverse Search      [    ..   ^R Backward Paragraph                                   ^X X      ^R Put Q-reg
S    ..   ^R Incremental Search  \    ..   ^R Delete Horiz Space                                   ^X [      ^R Previous Page
T    ..   ^R Transpose Chars.    ]    ..   ^R Forward Paragraph                                    ^X ]      ^R Next Page
U    ..   ^R Universal Argument  ^    ..   ^R Delete Indentation                                   ^X ^      ^R Grow Window
V    ..   ^R Next Screen         _    ..   ^R Underline Word                                       ^X _      ^R Underline Region
W    ..   ^R Kill Region         ~    ..   ^R Buffer Not Modified                                  ^X Rubout ^R Back Kill Sentence
X    ..   is a prefix character  Rubout    ^R Backward Kill Word
Y    ..   ^R Un-kill
Z    ..   ^R Prefix Control-Meta
\    ..   ^R Prefix Meta
]    ..   Abort Recursive Edit
^    ..   ^R Prefix Control
Rubout    Tab Hacking Delete