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Notable changes in EMACS v150:   ($ := <ESC>)		13-Oct-80

* Many bug fixes in the journaling facility. JOURNAL now records all
file names in the journal file for replaying.

* New function for comparing 2 buffers (M-X Compare Windows) has been

* The VT100 page mode facility has been modified slightly to be more
compatible with other libraries, such as SLOWLY. For complete
information on using VT100's in EMACS, read EMACS:VT100.TXT.

* To suppress automatic BLISS mode (based on file extension), set the
variable "No Auto BLISS Mode" non-zero. (Ie: 1m.vNo Auto BLISS Mode$)

* A fairly reasonalble EMACS manual (EMACS:EMACS.GUIDE) is available and
may be printed using a limit of 300 pages.

* WORDAB users should read EMACS:WORDAB.NEWS. The WORDAB library sets the
  variable EXIT HOOK so ^R Save File is not called when EMACS exits. To
  return previous functionality the EXIT HOOK variable needs to be
  initialized prior to loading the WORDAB library. In your EMACS.INIT file

	!* Now setup for new WORDAB library which destroys $EXIT_HOOK$ *!
	@:i*/Q.F-Q..F"E F^XF^Y"NM(M.M^R Save File$)'
	             "#FQ..F"GM..F''$/m.vExit Hook$
	m(m.m load lib$)EMACS:wordab$

* The following command name changes have been made:
   Alter Options	 =>	Edit Options
   Edit ..D		 =>	Edit Syntax Table
   ^R Find File		 =>	Find File
   & Macro Get Full Name =>	& Macro Name

* The following commands in your init file might be of some use:

   1m.vTags Find File$		Setting this variable will cause
				Find File to be used instead of
				Visit File in the default init file.

   1m.vTime Only$		Suppress date in MODLIN

   1fs invmode$			Use inverse video for the mode line
				and error messages on terminals that
				have this feature.

   1m.vNo Auto BLISS Mode$	Suppress entering BLISS mode when
				editing files with the extensions
				such as: B36, BLI, REQ, and R36.

* The variables - Search Command and Search Quote may be defined to
contain the characters to be used by the EMACS search commands if you
re-define the invoking ^R mode definitions.