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	I have received a number of complaints about starting up  dumped
EMACS environments.  The problem  is usually caused by  an error in  the
user's EMACS.INIT or EMACS.VARS file.  Here is the proper way to dump an

The only preparation necessary to use MKDUMP is to insert the  following
line into your init  file, at the top  before any library loading  (note
that there are TWO Altmodes at the end of the line):

M(M.M Run_Library)MKDUMP

Or if you have a VARS file, insert this line into it, at the top:

*: M(M.M Run Library)MKDUMP

This will prepare EMACS for later dumping by causing M-X Load Library to
start remembering exactly where it finds the libraries it loads.

To make a dumped EMACS job, first start up EMACS the normal way:


Then type:


This will write the dump to the file DEMACS.EXE in your home directory.

The next time you want to run EMACS, you can run the dump: