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?AOO   44   FROM-TO-BY-DO (arguments) out of order in INCR/DECR expression

?APE   13   An actual parameter expression should not be empty

?CBO   30   Currect close bracket does not match open bracket
            This message is paired with error ICP.  This pointer marks the  open

%CDB  412   Cannot do NAMES or INDEXES bind in a PLIT subject to duplication
            Attempt at binding is ignored.

?CEE  631   Compile time expression error

?CER  777   Compiler error

?CNS    7   A control expression must not be used as a subexpression

%CSB  406   The compiler can't shrink back to original size after a compilation

%CSR  423   This construct is scheduled to be removed from BLISS-10
            We suggest that you use an alternate implementation which  does  not
            require this construct.

?DAU  621   Trying to declare a special register already in use

?DBH   25   Declarations are only allowed in a block head

?DBZ  201   Compile time (floating) division by zero

?DDM  142   Delimeters for this string of macro arguments do not match

?DNF  504   Device not found or could not do ascii input

%DSE  610   DREGS switch in module head not followed by equals sign

?EAA  637   Extra actuals passed to structure access

?EBE   65   Empty new-base expression in EXCHJ

?ECC   46   Empty condition in IF-THEN ELSE (conditional) not permitted

?ECD   37   Empty condition in WHILE-DO, DO-WHILE, or DO-UNTIL

?ECE   23   The constituent expressions of a complex expression should not be empty

?ECI  401   "ELSE" close bracket in this context is illegal
            While  evaluating  a  compound  expression  or  block,  we  find  an
            expression whose close bracket is "ELSE". This is illegal.  BLISS-10
            makes the assumption that it was the intent of the writer  to  close
            the compound expression before the ELSE was encountered.  Therefore,
            BLISS-10 closes the compound expression on  recovery  and  continues
            processing at the ELSE operator.

?EDL   45   Empty DO part may not be defaulted in INCR/DECR loop
BLISS-10 ERROR MESSAGES                                                                       Page 2

?EEL   50   Empty FROM, TO or BY expression in INCR/DECR loop

?EEP   53   Empty expression not permitted as pointer-pointer in special function

?EFL  171   Empty formal list in MACRO definition

%EIA  132   Extra incarnation actuals -- ignored

?ELE   62   Empty list element in SELECT expression

?END  627   Declared entry point is not defined

?ESD    3   Expressions must be seperated by a delimiter

?ESE    1   Error in simple expression

?FNF  502   File not found

%GBC  404   A GLOBAL BIND must be to a compile time constant expression
            Since this expression is not, we assume that this  is  a  non-global
            BIND and process it as such.

@GMA  403   Attempt to generate a machine address for an illegal type
            The compiler has attempted to generate  a  machine  address  for  an
            identifier  of  illegal  type  (such as a special operator). If this
            problem is encountered, it will most likely be  the  result  of  the
            compiler's failure to detect an earlier syntax error.

@GTO  771   GT SAVEF overflow

%IAD  413   Identifier already declared as GLOBAL in another context
            This GLOBAL declaration is ignored.   Non-global  declaration  still
            takes place.

?IAE  144   Invalid attempt to escape from routine or function

?IAL  141   Incarnation actual or resulting size expression is not a literal

?ICP   31   This pointer marks the incorrect close bracket;  paired with error CBO.

?ICU  501   Invalid CMU userid, i.e. the CMUDEC algorithm failed

?ICV   36   Illegal control variable name in INCR or DECR

?IEC  636   Invalid escape character in string

?IEE   21   Invalid escape expression

?IEF  135   Invalid expression in a FORWARD declaration

?IEM  136   Invalid expression in MACHOP declaration

?IES  500   Input error while reading a source file
BLISS-10 ERROR MESSAGES                                                                       Page 3

%IFP  173   Illegal formal parameter

?IMC  147   The indirect field must be a compile time constant
            The indirect field of a machine language statement must be a compile
            time constant.

?IMN  170   Illegal MACRO name

%IPD  105   An identifier precedes a declaration;  the identifier is ignored

?IPF  503   Invalid PPN format

?ISE  616   Invalid size expression in stack or timer declaration

?ISU  601   Invalid switch use

?ITD  614   Invalid type in stack or timer declaration

%IUL  416   It is illegal to use a label in this context;  the label is ignored

?LAI   10   Left part of an assignment is incorrect

%LAU  420   This label has already been used in this block
            This attempt to use it is ignored.

?LEE   57   Labeling expression of nset-element may not be empty

?LNL   51   Number of levels in escape expression is not a literal

?LSC  634   May not use long string in this context

?LTE  632   Load time expression error

@LTO  774   Literal table overflow

?MAC   67   Missing AT in CREATE

?MCE   52   Missing "]" in number levels part of an escape expression

?MCF   54   Missing ")" in a special function

?MCJ   66   Missing ")" in EXCHJ

?MCM  150   Missing ")" in maching language expression
            A machine language expression involving a name declared as a  MACHOP
            is missing its close parentheses.

?MCN  101   Missing ")" on a name par.

?MCS   60   Missing or misplaced ":" in a SELECT expression

?MCV   22   Missing control variable in INCR or DECR

?MDB  613   Module declaration within module body
BLISS-10 ERROR MESSAGES                                                                       Page 4

?MDD  104   Missing "," ":" ";" (delimeter) in allocation declaration

?MDL  100   Missing delimeter on a list, i.e. "," or ";"

%MDS  174   Macro definition during macro expansion suppressed

%MEC  200   Missing exponent on floating constant;  0 assumed

?MED   75   Missing "=" on a routine, function, or structure declaration

?MEM  103   Missing "=" in a MACHOP declaration

?MEQ  624   Missing "=" in a special register declaration

?MER  622   Module errors;  compilation starts at pointer

?MFD   76   Missing formal parameter list right delimeter, i.e. ")" "]" ","

?MIU  176   Macro in use at block purge time

?MLC   70   Missing AT-expression or LENGTH in CREATE

?MNS   56   Missing or misplaced 'NSET' in SELECT expression

?MOC   72   Missing "(" after CREATE

?MOE   64   Missing "(" after EXCHJ

?MOS   55   Missing "OF" in SELECT expression

?MRB   77   Missing right bracket on the size portion of a "namesize"

?MTC   71   Missing LENGTH-expression or THEN in CREATE

?MTH   47   Missing THEN

?MTP  625   Module declaration errors with a trivial program

?MTS   61   Missing or misplaced TESN in SELECT expression

?MUS  140   Attempting to map onto an undeclared structure

%NAD  411   This name has already been declared at this block level
            This NAMES or INDEXES bind is ignored.

?NCB    2   Not the correct matching close bracket

?NDD  762   No declared registers available (declaration)

%NDG  425   Name is identical to declared global in first 6 characters
            The  compiler  recovers  by  considering  this   instance   an   OWN

?NDL  761   No declared registers available (INCR/DECR loop)
BLISS-10 ERROR MESSAGES                                                                       Page 5

%NIG  414   The symbol NAMES or INDEXES must follow GLOBALLY in a PLIT

?NMS  137   May not map a symbol of this type

%NPB  410   There is no name preceding this NAMES or INDEXES bind;  it is ignored

?NPD  633   Negative PLIT duplication factor

?NPL  417   The atom following LEAVE is not a proper label

?NSC   17   A null secector in a CASE expression is illegal

?NTA  760   No temporary register available

%OAS  402   No semicolon preceding OTHERWISE or ALWAYS -- assumed
            An OTHERWISE or ALWAYS was encountered in a SELECT expression  after
            an  NSET  element which was not followed by a semicolon as required.
            BLISS-10 assumes the semicolon and continues as if it were there all

?OFE    4   An operator must be followed by a simple expression

%OMM  177   "(" missing on macro call

?OPD    6   A unary (binary) operator must (not) be preceded by a delimeter

?OSC   20   OF must be followed by SET in CASE statement

?OSE  421   Outside the scope of the expression labeled

?OWD  776   Operand pair without intervening delimeter

%PDG  424   Name is previously declared as a global in the first 6 characters
            An attempt has been made to declare a name which is identical  to  a
            previously  declared  global  type name in the first six characters.
            The compiler recovers by considering this instance  an  OWN  ROUTINE

%PLF  422   The parameter to OFFSET must be a local or formal variable name
            If not, the value 0 will be returned for the  value  of  the  OFFSET

?PMC  630   Plit missing right (close) parentheses

@PTO  775   Pointer table overflow

?RAI   12   Right hand side of an assignment is incorrect

?RAU  617   Trying to reserve a register in use already

%RMC  175   Recursive macro call

?RML  146   Register position of a machine operation must be a literal
BLISS-10 ERROR MESSAGES                                                                       Page 6

%RNB  606   The RESERVE statement must be bracketed by parentheses

?RNC  612   Register name not a compile time constant in range 0-15

?RNL  130   Register number is not a literal

?RNR    5   A relational expression must not be followed by a relational operator

%RNT  126   Register is neither reserved nor 'system' type
            See MODULE declaration.

?RNV  620   Special register register-number not valid

%ROR  127   Register value out of range (0-15)

?RTD  505   REQUIRE declarations nested more than four levels (too deep)

@RTO  772   Reg.  table use field overflow

%SAI  106   Structure access not to an identifier, i.e. 1[e], 'vector' assumed

?SED  615   Syntax error in stack or timer declaration

?SEE   15   A subscript expression should not be empty

?SES  626   Syntax errors in entries switch

?SEV  640   Syntax errors in version construct

?SFD   14   A simple expression should be followed by a delimeter

?SMQ  635   String missing right quote

?SMS  602   Switches declaration is missing its terminating semicolon

?SNB  133   Size expression must not be a block

?SNE   63   'SET' is not an allowed expression beginner

?SNI   74   Symbol to be declared is not an identifier

?SNM  134   Symbol may not be addressed, and hence may not be mapped

?SNU  603   This switch name is unknown by this compiler

?SPD  143   Symbol previously declared in the currect context (block level)

%TFA  415   Too few actual parameters in structure access
            On a structure access, the number of actual  parameters  passed  was
            less  than  the  number  of  formals  in  the structure declaration.
            Zeroes are assumed for the missing actuals.

?TFS  405   Over 15 formal parameters appear in this structure declaration
BLISS-10 ERROR MESSAGES                                                                       Page 7

?TMA   11   Too many _'s (implementation allows 8)

?TMB   42   Too many close brackets, or not enough open brackets
            The compiler exited to the highest level before the EOF on the input

?TMC  407   Too many characters in the input line (more than 135)
            The line will not fit into the  line  buffer,  shorten  it  and  try

?TMF  172   Too many formals in macro formal list (more than 31)

%TMI  145   Warning:  using a temporary register may invalidate code

?TMP   41   Too many parameters in a pointer expression

?TMR  623   Too many registers already reserved
            The  number  of  reserved  registers  plus  the  number  of  special
            registers  (4)  plus  the  number  of  declarable  registers (DREGS)
            exceeds 12. This register reservation is, therefore,  ignored.   The
            compiler  requires at least four temporaries in addition to reserved
            plus special plus declarable registers.

?TMS   16   Too many subscripts (implementation allows 8)

?UAC  770   The compiler is unable to acquire additional core necessary

@UCO  773   Graph table UCCF overflow

%UID    0   Undeclared identifier

?ULA   40   Illegal up level addressing
            Specifically, when the compiler sees a reference to an identifier of
            type  local,  formal, function, structure formal, or a bind while is
            not a compile time constant expression, it tests to insure that  the
            identifiers  have  not been declared at a level outside (lower than)
            that of the latest routine declaration.   Since  all  of  the  above
            types  are  referenced via the stack, displays are required in order
            to keep track of the stack reference pointer at outer levels.  Since
            the displays are not available within a routine, it is impossible to
            reference specific stack positions which  are  set  aside  in  outer

?UNO  400   A special unary operator was not followed by an open parentheses
            A special unary operator appeared in the text, and was not  followed
            by  an  open  parentheses.   The  special  unary  operators  are the
            character manipulation functions (SCANN, REPLACEI, etc.). MACHOP not
            in  declarations,  and the special functions SIGN, ABS, FIRSTONE and
            OFFSET.  Since the special unary operators are analogous to function
            calls,  they  require  an  argument  list.   Since  they are special
            functions, there is no machine address  associated  with  the  name,
            therefore, the name alone has no meaning and is illegal.

%VNM  131   Attempted structure access to a variable which has not been mapped
            The default structure 'VECTOR' is assumed.
BLISS-10 ERROR MESSAGES                                                                       Page 8

%WTB   43   Too many close brackets, recovery attempted

[End of BLIS10.ERR]