Trailing-Edge - PDP-10 Archives - AP-D483B-SB_1978 - qmangr.exe
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N+*>	`C,x7xx+xC(c6
h5\8 ( <pd \(@@`@@`Z4T61Z
1T7+* .h..0"6@`3.`7+/,$`@@Z&20`1 1`2 2`3 3`4 4`5 5J`6 61@g  `7 86``
` ` `4FD1Z
+j2Lp+C(7.(H1h+j.<=f@ (0&,/7@`\`:`@@pQ&pX&p*&p@Lp& F` @p  @p  @p
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X&p*&p&:6@>f:[.&(F{QFp6``&74.&pQ&`.(Hh7.(w*&..@=t(7@`+ `,&p+F`>`!:G@p ( <pd \( &,/l< < Fp .p  &,9 ,9 A&1Fo<&=,9 ,9 A&~1F~o<&=,9 !&,90Z
+6`d3F>o<[4&.&(F{,9@A&1Fo<Z,9 	d3F>o<[,9 	A&1Fo<Z,9(	d3F>o<[,9 	A&1Fo<Z,9 A&1Fo<&>4&-&?(?Q&`,9&@7@o<>,9&@7@o<&A,91fA3FBo<&B,9+<7,9 d3F>o<[,9Z	,9	,9Z4T{,"1,+$ (h.(0(p+E7@+r *Q!&,9[27@H127=D/2@&H,9[,9>,9R,9,: $H=h,9:=dK O4ZP(F}(Z5ZOJ!:LuF A7@@,9 (,9R(,9 :( h,9:=rV (afo<&F,9 (afo<&G6 h,9 (aFo<&G,9 (aFpo<&H,9 (aFo<&H,9 (aF`o<&I4&j1Fg &,9 (aFo<&I,9  ,9  ,9&J4FJ6``
XFp  Fp,x+.f(/&3f,~	f+Z,~,=
&,=	b &[+2 &_+2 &b+2 &e+20np+m F8 7:`7:@:,~
&n,~ o
"`hp+?,~ &XF` 8 F`
Q&	f+I4FIaf+s `
 F8 8 @ 8 @` 8 @ 8 @ 8 @ $!&}X&87J,~ J::`*fO,~,U4D(,Z+S@f@j L	d2@
 4D(3H`,~,Z+UA&l& @h , L	d1+x,~,U5D( y	d+ +^ <`,^A&@hX,paF+h  <p(\{X,pQ,(\ L	d1+} p`d +wad+m&~0f+a &-ad+s &ad &
&~ZpS`,> &
	j+ J`O@`5J *	j
&	+{@f ,p$7a|+ &(L{ $Q
 L	d17,~0D1D+0D1D+ &+2 $	d
&+$8PTS Parameter area is too short &+2IQF Illegal Queue Format Version &+2ATR Attempt To Run an MPB Cusp on a GALAXY System6$HTS Header too short &+2$$ETS Entry Too Short &"+2INF Illegal Number of Files in INPUT Request &%+2IAL Impossible Argument Lengths Specified &++2
8$D8 8$<8
p@8@8$x @ B@F~`6
BML Bad MODIFY Lengths &C+2F < 
  x O+r@ LRF List answer receive failed &L+2NEL No end of list for listing function &Q+2@]?X6$$p@NEC Not enough core &X+2?QMRCNC Can't CONTINUE -- try REENTERNFC No files in CREATE requestNQS No queue specifiedIHL Illegal Header Length for QueueTMF Too Many Files in File-Specific Modify &i+2
HCSG Cannot Specify Generic Disk &o+2CFR Cannot flush the IPCF receive queue &t+2hARF Acknowledgement Receive Failed &y+2
QSR.0NGS No GALAXY-10 Support in this monitor &+2+SGF SYSID. GETTAB failed &+2
%QMRWFQ Waiting For [SYSTEM]QUASAR to Start
SQF Send to [SYSTEM]QUASAR failed
%QMRMBR Send has failed, Message Being Re-sent