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`#L`P1B0@&P8X @B2	,@t@DB!A8@ 5$L 
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`#L`P,1B0@&P8?`X,WBXl:X,~,	+"``+7@X+W,>F&(/X@<&?`X,WBX+h?`X,WBX,>:X`B?+#:X2"X+,^,~,l,> .1"+10b/ "p &p ( 
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,	,Qk Vk(VX"X $X.$*" & Fi(V{,>,> &,Q,^+9,o4B j2DT@@Z0D,~!$ bD,~ \" 
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 J &	h/+,~\"&+\"*+\".+\"2+\"7+\":+\"=+\"A+\"D+\"H+\"L+\"N+,>\"Q
&	b+0JPU+3i t i$DSQF Send to [SYSTEM]QUASAR failed%CTQMFQ Message From QUASAR - 
0B+,~+tSIF Send to [SYSTEM]IPCC failedNGS No GALAXY-10 Support in this monitorTMC Too Many Conditions RequestedFCI Failure to Connect to the Interrupt SystemILS Illegal Length SpecifiedICC Illegal Call to CSPPSINER Not Enough Room for possible messagesCGI Cannot Get IPCF dataCDQ Cannot Determine PID of [SYSTEM]QUASARASE Addressing Space ExhaustedCAP Cannot Acquire a PIDIRF IPCF Receive Failure?CTQ[(.6(V{ V "/Z&(V{6@/6/ B B@@ *"4V	!" BX=v  U  B) 	b+  > V(V 6X	v<Q@@,~4B1B+,,p .  0?, 2X,0VH 08=p, <n=069W"4B9 $,9<d9,,F7@r,P!"GbX`b ,~,p 2X 0 	n2+'!"`GBX,~,>0N++ 6	v
,v,^+#0N8x,,^+#, 0"+1@@,~,55V4,p,v,54V!"GBX,~ 06+0 Xab`,~96,S Xeb)X`b +=@@X,~ BX+Q,S!"`BBX+Q,S $XQ$	d23!"``d+X`dd"@GBX+P @@06+N X`b9Gib``d7Q$Xib`,~`b X$X9G 65V[,~? hw,~:2bhr,~1v36,,~+Z ^o ,>,>,>,>ZV1p+@^+a+g+a+a+k\2 0 	n2+e!.@GNH+l0N
3,+a2l2 0 	n29p+l7@,v,^,^,^,^ o+V,p,	 06,~ Xh. an ,z9w 2Xl2 0 	n2	@@X,~,p,	 ,4V`n9+z:,5V ,5Vm V 2Xl2 0 	n2s!.@BNH,~06+ X`n an@9,~@@,~6@,~,^,7:x@@,~c(bU0D4X o$$V(\+c	
P'gC}:6@4+6@4+/a```,Bf%, 34BZ0F+&ZQ&).&_*$Z(V{,9 |+,u!&H	f++\&	f@"FX\&	f@"FX\&	f@d&`"FX\&	f@d&`"FX X F F F
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&-(-5H]6@``+_@f@j"+  "?`X+m,3[Z.FX].HX]++l @,o & FX,R`` ,~,rd @``,~:?`y,~,3+dd @ & FX"&
,`f"&	hah"&A&(F	h
QG. FX\&	f@.fX$&t&{ FX\&	f@.fX$&2&{ FX\&	f@d&`.FX\&	f@d&`.FX\&	f@S .	f@XRXd&G FX7@b+
!:X:X	z!+  &a` ,N,>X@@X!&XX&X*&X,^X+,>,o,^7 "/6@z0,~ X !*X
+1,X6F2!FX+X0F+,XdA&1Fl,h@ BX."BX.X."(B{BX?,RV8*(N.NX.nX*(@KbN@[83gR~W&e@M?\`O<iPGL`a2~@e]eY:GW)7G"^Za.9 Y>0k:exuo"@[2MZ:Y&m]F@QfMJ,^Rk:6)2e*7g/j6g/;x@0'4nqs.@PH@3=AAh@#NGG`7`;`8,h@@x 51B+1B
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(J}(H5HX ,!(s $33N+`f2N+_lL+g *hZ4Lg  $@a`+c`h+i5(da`@+h, ,H0B+e+k0	
2``0a`0fGe,~&FX!&FX+va`+|7@46@4+ye`+{0O@@4@@4,~0Y,~,? X FX	f+ F F FX	f+ FXaf+ X0,,~0B+,?  F+	,?+ 1B+ &l& FXl R3FX+
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(5,?+  F+,6 &,N X  *	j + &$&( FX,O@{+4 X00,~ !,&,~,9+&4Z% Zy+2O@4``@,~,6!& F &,N	`	b+\,9+&4Z% ZX,~0z,~0%,~,?+-a`@+*0m,~``+, FX7 FX,2 X`` X0,~a`+2 X FX,Al ``+4,~l ,~
(5,M55,~:y+8,AB+9l&d& F &+Nm d ,~0!d d ,5,6!&
GF &+Nm d ,~ y0)0%6Fz0&6Hz0'.7@0(0,~,9+& Z0,~a`+U X FX,2 *@@*&	 & F	,2+b1B +]1B$+[1B!+a1B*+`0(,~ &h F	+U,-7,9 : Z	+U@@@@+U,f+U &,Nl  ,A``+4,~  F 
F,~``+l``+~a`@+~``+~:XX06FX0(+ ,6@ ,00 Xa`+~03+a`@0 X``08``+0<,~6 {0a`0A``0F,~d 0+5,h@@@z@@z,?+(-1H+!,~[
4@O@(5F1B+	7@O@z,~O@zO@z+0z(zp	b+L$Specified device is not a +
What device do you want to schedule jobs for: gC}:![SPROUT is PAUSEing on $!]
/Messages on: FILE ERRORS No Conditionsp $"aJ.99gB}{<,H1B,~0B1B+0B/1B++-,?+40!&p(F1B,~1B+80B0+2:x+H@,H1b1"+=$:.:h+:0B1B:x,~@ _,H1B+G0"0b-+G0b0" +E+G/"`hpB+@5F,~,K1"0,~1b=/",~6B5+M
*7`@@50BL1B "0B+Wd ,~1Bm ``+L0B+[``l +L B5e`+^ "+^@@5l ,~H Q.A`&}f~4B0B+f4B,+b,h,+b1B/+x1B-+1B.+1B+q1B+s1B +t1B/+u1B+~1B+v,~ d,+:x c+
:x+:x+%:x c+
 X4Fz, ", X,RX4F ",:x+ :x+,l 0X
+,l 0X @ "-,[,
 ",,+ ".:x+7
 ,5& ",#&&0QHx6@,[x."+ @4H)F ",+``
"a` ,~,> X,,^,~$,l >	n+Z`$.%&.j0&. ,# ",   "1&,+
,t	n+',t&. &@,#&. > 2,=r* &8 +
-Jan--Feb--Mar--Apr--May--Jun--Jul--Aug--Sep--Oct--Nov--Dec-a`,~,6!&GFF&+N4X F? F!yX0 F &
+Ed 0 &	4FK (j0l(	h+ 
8=G+50LO@x+P![Automatically requeing job and Freezing forms!]
]?X6 &i.XZ, X&w5FW&x&$h4F[[
$i2f+[ $n. &XQ [
*&(@@X[ (Fx.&X,>+(P
P00000`0`0`4k,mm&x1Ffw,~,~,~y|,> &q+uA
,>"&t+u$Y.X.*x,~0.X<t:<1TdI<1d4t*t*,t*l|H|!&FX((>`X+X,7+X,=hX,	((+X@!(sX(X>`X+X,7+X0X.B*hX."7X2 X3 FX3!&` FX>`X+X!,7+X4BX 
X0*(+X01B+X-1B+X1B+X+ &&+@X3$((B'tA",+Xd`+X1@,+X1@, X`F+X-+X0B+X,	+X Z p,t ",Z", X,I,P ",, ", ",+	 * ",,,)F}"]1b1"+O ^+Q1b
1"7^ _(B :  4@)N(N "8,@3P_ =tT=jI>X,~ :( &>X 4z,=z[+	<
,d, "m & : ",d : "?,d=f@ :-,d,^X,~ n (,f ",$ n (,f,~,>X :-@,d : "M,d@ :
,d o``HqH(``H(,f&l7@, :-@,d,^X,~>`X+X,7+"X,+X>`X+X,7+"X@B~@&/.",=&X!+X!&` FX>`X+X ,7+"X4BX &(F~F&hFaFh@hFaFh@,0B1BE+X+0B+X &@,=fX)+X "+X%@>`X+X,7+"=fX- X0z :"!`XX:@. *hX$)Ft(Hz.)Fz(Ht.dFp:QZ (@,=hX+,X/,~X,X/,~+X X2l@,`hp+X/+H!&@ FX>`X+X ,7+"Xl@,+X,=zd,~ Fc Hbc4Bi ",$>@b+g ",$ "+$HX
	l	l
 H5 J6 L7@@8 &	f@ZF|\&	f@ZF}  FX FX@@0 & Fy  F 	z!7O Zb0
(5,Ma`+"&	f+ +Job:+ Seq:# Name:++, PPN:]
+ forms mounted
? Unexpected string (+) found while scanning for switch - ignored
? Bad Decimal number
Bad Switch
Current defaults:
?SPODIS  Device + is spooled
?SPODDE  Device + does not exist
![SPOWFF  Waiting for + forms to be mounted!]
![SPOFAF  + forms are frozen!]
![SPOWFS  Waiting for start-class command!]
![SPOSIS  Spooler is STOP'ed or PAUSE'ing!]
![SPOSWP  SPROUT will PAUSE at end of job!]
%SPOCCL  CCL entry is not supported
![SPOCPC  Clearing pending EXIT, RESET, and PAUSE commands!]
%SPOSAS  SPROUT is Already START'ed on $
%SPOIDE  Input Data Error &, recovery attempted
?SPOFSD  File Skipped due to I/O errors, status &
?SPOODE  Output Device Error on $, status &
%SPOCCF  Can't Change Forms in the middle of a job
?SPOPLE  PTP Limit Exceeded
%SPORUU  Request Uses Unimplemented format
?SPOICA  Illegal Command Argument #
?SPOICA  Illegal Command Argument +
?SPOCAF  Can't Access File, code &
![Device $ is not available!]
? + is an unknown Command
Mount + forms then type GO
Spooler is idle
% Device $ is not ready
Job + file ^[ for ] started 
/!!x8 p
 Punched:#/ Plotted:#/# feet, Copy:# cards, copy:# mins, copy: p,>,>,>,>( QDx@,>,>,>,>7E!&>9Z(
+>!$@f@e$+60D	1D
` +??$x+6` `B+H"
&T /T,^ZB([	b+ ,^,^,^,~Q3,,,>:"".Bx+9%HLRIOE I/O error reading help file%HLRNHF No .HLP file on SYS:; I'm sorry, I can't help you