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BOOT11.DOC -- Changes from V4 to V4A(44)
September 1976

Copyright (C) 1975,1976,1977
Digital Equipment Corporation, Maynard, Mass.

This software is furnished under a license for use only  on  a  single
computer system and may be copied only with the inclusion of the above
copyright notice.  This software, or any other copies thereof, may not
be provided or otherwise made available to any other person except for
use on such system and to one  who  agrees  to  these  license  terms.
Title  to  and  ownership of the software shall at all times remain in

The information in this software is subject to change  without  notice
and  should  not  be  construed  as  a commitment by Digital Equipment

DEC assumes no responsibility  for  the  use  or  reliability  of  its
software on equipment which is not supplied by DEC.
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BOOT11.DOC -- Changes from V4 to V4A(44)
September 1976


This  is  a  maintenance  release  of  BOOT11  intended   to   correct
deficiencies in Version 4.  

BOOT11 has been improved to function properly in the  following  areas
of hardware dependency:

     1.  Dual CPU,

     2.  Timing for PDP-11/40's, and

     3.  DL10 8K option.

BOOT11 has also had the following software corrections made:

     1.  displays the LOCK UUO error code when attempt to lock fails,

     2.  operates correctly when requested to LOCK above 112K on a  KI
         or anytime on a KL10, 

     3.  requires a port switch only when more than one PDP-11  exists
         on the DL10, and

     4.  prints CPU serial numbers greater than 999  in  dump  heading

This version of BOOT11  has  been  tested  under  5.07/6.01  and  6.02
monitors on KA, KI, and KL10 processors.

This version fully replaces Version 4 and requires no modification for

All edits made in response to  SPRs  through  1  June  '75  have  been

BOOT11  is  documented  in   the   DECsystem-10   Software   Notebooks
Specifications section.
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2.1  User Interface

If a total of only one PDP-11 exists on all DL10's and it is connected
to  port 0, there is no change to the user interface for this program.
Also, if the user always specifies the DL10 port number, there  is  no
change to the user interface for this program.

If the total number of PDP-11's which  exist  on  all  DL10's  on  the
system  is  greater  than  one  (including the case of just one PDP-11
connected to some port other than port 0), BOOT11  now  requires  that
the user supply the appropriate port number.

2.2  Documentation Changes

BOOT11 requires that the port number  be  explicitly  given  when  the
total  number  of  PDP-11's which exist on all DL10's on the system is
greater than one.  The format of this switch is not changed;   namely,
the user supplies:

or   /P:n

where n is the port number in the range 0-7.

If BOOT11 is not given a  port  switch  and  determines  that  one  is
required (e.g, PDP-11's exist on ports 0, 1, and 2), it responds with:

     "PDP-11's EXIST ON PORTS:
     0 1 2

to which the user should re-enter the command string and  include  the
appropriate port number.

The requirement for this switch has been added to BOOT11.HLP.
B114A.DOC                                                       Page 4


The known bugs and deficiencies in BOOT11 Version 4A as  of  June  10,
1975, are:

Though this version corrects most timing problems, there can appear  a
timing  problem  which  aborts  BOOT11  (with  either  a "PDP-11 won't
start - check halt  switch"  message  or  "PDP-11  took  too  long  in
transfer  loop"  message).   This  seems to appear when two successive
commands are given which request the PDP-11 to start from stop or stop
from  running.   From  timesharing,  a re-try seems to always succeed;
from batch, where the commands are processed  faster  than  the  react
time  of  the  PDP-11, this solution is inadequate.  This problem does
not occur very often and seems to be dependent on the PDP-11  hardware
reaction time.

In the BOOT11 DUMP routine, heading format  and  paging  may  be  done
wrong if there are many groups of zero memory being reported (although
all data is correct).
B114A.DOC                                                       Page 5


There are no changes to the installation instructions.

To  install  BOOT11,  copy  BOOT11.SHR   and   BOOT11.LOW   from   the
distribution tape to SYS:.


The Dual CPU change does a SET CPU UUO to allow BOOT11 to run on CPU 0
only.  [Edit 35]

The bus timing constant for the PDP-11 is  increased  to  make  BOOT11
work on PDP-11/40's.  [Edits 36 and 44]

BOOT11 locks on an even-numbered page boundary in  order  to  function
properly with the DL10 8K option.  [Edit 37]

BOOT11 displays the LOCK UUO error code  (documented  in  the  Monitor
Calls  notebook)  which  is  returned  in  the AC when the LOCK fails.
[Edit 40]

BOOT11 determines where the job is locked in  core  via  a  GETTAB  to
locate  the  user's  page  map, rather than the page returned from the
LOCK UUO (which is a mapped page above 112K on a KI and  always  on  a
KL10).  [Edit 41] SPR 10-15583.

BOOT11 checks the command syntax for an explicit port switch.  If  the
port  swtich is given, BOOT11 proceeds using that information.  If the
port switch is not given, BOOT11  then  checks  the  DL10(s)  for  the
existance  of  more  than  PDP-11  (via  a DATAI).  If only one PDP-11
exists and it is on port 0, no switch is required and BOOT11 proceeds.
If more than one PDP-11 exists (or a single PDP-11 exists on some port
other than zero), BOOT11 requires the user  to  re-enter  the  command
string and include the port switch.  [Edit 42]

BOOT11 retrieves the CPU serial number from the monitor via  a  GETTAB
for  output  when a dump of a PDP-11 is requested.  The field for this
serial number has been enlarged to allow up  to  four  decimal  digits
(9999).  [Edit 43}



[End of BOOT11.DOC]