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?p` ?xE>~IKb)$<Kc$`INXQF:{A)?
2	`@@ =*"aO@a >*"d-$?,x	`+@4 <7"d+90b+D E7 b6 b+'6 c7 b+<+J6 a+K7D&!$>9 " &-
+P7B'+Q7D'!$d7&6(B+O,[ \ \ D6*"a,U6@6++R6@'+]3D^+dd4DC+b,F4JR0J@+e,I1J +TeJ+i@@2@@0@@1,}.L2,I1J +gdJ+X,>,>,IaJ0O@1aJ +`7 1+d*
x, .B2,^,^+Z,^,^ 2A"A*2J+m * 
&o 0,r
&r ,r
c7` ,@6 c ,6@,07@,y6@,|",+y J0 }+@p 0+@p,>&*.
0 J3,^,~ }+@p G"+@p B3:00B,',~@@2@@0,k4Jg ,o,},o ,=r
,+	,b0L+.
2A*5J,G0J+,~ }+@p +@p J0 }+@p " +@p+@pA",x+r 0,'+ +@p+@p B3 *,,~ B4:
0,,~ B4,~ }+@p "+@p }+@p "w+@p,~7 c6 c+6 a+ "7D&!$Lu!&.
+7B',Q7D'S$Lrd,&,(d+OOTDX",e"4B=/"&"i ",j	b	&"j0&",>,e ",j,^,e ",j	b&":." &$,>,> ",e,^,k,^,e !	b "6`0b'+V,>,b	System ,^,e!",k!(} "Q	b ",k*hX ",j,n,,#,, "t B "$,p 4, ",t 4, "',p"(, "(,p"),,o "*,p,o *!,Z,,s +@p+@p,qaJ++,t,t.,=*j7*b * Jb70b 0 n,+, n b B0,r,s
aJ+`J@,>21JH+31J(+5`J,>6`J ,>67@x,>7+,`J@,>2`J ,>7`J,>8`J,>8`J,>9(JA*4J,>(7+`J+`J ,>9`J,>:`J,>:+`J ,>;`J,>;`J,><`J@,>21J,><1J,>=1J,>=+,>;`J,>>aJ@,>> A"? 0A$@`J@. *)B~(D~=j#(DzG?,>+,0j
?,>*j4 ( & ")B4B3.",t=f0 ",t*j52J+/ x+o"E,{(6-(9-"E"ERH2}Hp+9+8;wws<X}-9z838q;=vvvxT}HqFLsFFFJ9HWHxHRLsLyHvHzLpLT"E828v<{;x:<r<zFHXIHQKy"E"E"E\R]yFJ6J9z6z9"E"E"E"E"E"E"E<p=Q828v=P;x:<r<z,^Q$A`4B,j+cg & &"QDx?`6@,f[x."B,~ $("`B?,j=dk,~ "
,p,o "V Q$A`4Bv,t+q ",t "?`/+vB/,~d+u+B
&C,1+z $!(|[ }2B*hzZ }+pPXxPPyy+H,+x,,1TD'+y D&+x,,:1B4DIS7@	d
+ RD(0B+,:7@	d
+ XD(0B+ $(*( D)!(},14D D *1B*h1B.+x1B+y+6@ D',~,,1 &!(pbDG(H}5HO!*|3D('+# 
bL+ : *j 
4H#7 +N+S[(*1B,:Z(*4F. D+yG2,@IVnK: QfY>
@gR-k:N@xabxbccd1B+0,>+. T,e+0 U $,>0"00b=+5/"0"0b-,~0b0" +8,~/"`fpB+2 $,>0"0b,~(D.$h+;
-,~ ,,F(J`J +O,>,F`J`+XG
b +b,~,G4JZ0J+cO@6:.!"p.B-,~
!"IPB-:.&"6@." B.@@6,~0J+g,G0J+`,~,>s,h+g Jx,h+g*
,^,~,G0J1J,~A*+r,G0J+h,G0J+m@@2,b.J20L+m,~7n &&"QDx>`,r[x."+
",~-"wab+y,,{	`R@.	b+z "	b
+  "`+@p 2+Bp,~
&n 4,
"q 4,
&q,~&"QDx6@,+t r	b+  "XB.@b	b
+t+@pA"x B27 b6 b+ u+@p+@p`b, "	b
+  "`+@p }+@p+@pA"dB+@p B1,~ }+@p+@pl+@p $ "	b
+ +@p`b=d5dO+x,{ * a0" " Ba }+@p +@p }+@p "G1+@p:2ba,~,'+",> }+@p+@pA"3Bx+/O@0
& x,r
&V x+@p }+@p+N0l+ }+@p "+@p }+@p +@p }+@p "+@p "+@p $ "	b
+ +@paBab=d95dO+c`<b > "v B+? Illegal DX10 channel number

&A+0? Can't do both /LOAD and /START

&F+07 c6 c+=+E? Can't OPEN the input device

&M+0Ibn  " Ba+G? Error while clearing memory.

&S+w,{+0" DX10 loading

&Y,~fh7x`/d$4DC+RB`!$*7+C? LOOKUP failed

&`+0? Cannot find leader

&c+w? First word not an address

&f+w? Checksum does not match

&j+wH06? Verify error at   ,has   ,should have ? Verify error

&t+w" DX10 loaded.

&w,~" DX10 started.

&z,~? End-of-line missing

&~+w? Checksums do not agree

&+w+? Can't /LOAD and /DUMP at the same time

&+0? Can't /CLEAR and /DUMP at the same time

+0? Can't OPEN the output device

&+0? ENTER failed


&!,~Micro-code version: )   ECO: 3   SER: $3IBUS Registers,o+pB:03b:x,~cG,>/+,
kx,>1+,; $86 Dx+,=x,>4+,\6\0"E;1;0;6;0>P;V<;P>V:x|y? Output device error

&@+wFile: ? Command error--type /H for help

&D+0,>+? Unknown switch--type /H for help

&J+0? Ambiguous switch--type /H for help

&O+0E>~IH? Illegal 2nd character

&U+w? Trash in file

&Y+w? Input file read error

&\+w? Unexpected EOF

&`+w,_+U? File not in A8 format

&d+w,_+k? File not in correct A8 format

&i+w" Micro-code version: )
`? TRPSET failed

&r+w? Cannot halt DX10

&v+w" Clearing DX10

&y,~? CPMA incr error. CPMA =   should be = ? Invalid starting address

&+w? Cannot start DX10

&+wwtHtJtFtBtXtZtVtRH0600606v p,>,>,>,>( QDx@,>,>,>,>7
+r!$@f@e$+t0D	1D
` +
?$x+t` `B+
IOE I/O error reading help file-"
NHF No .HLP file on SYS:
\$	d $ad`l$``dl$@`d 


,^ZB([	b+ ,^,^,^,~Q3jkk
:"".Bx+w%HLR; I'm sorry, I can't help you