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?p``?x6~[ZKb)2<@52`INXg#	tzkq)Y{rE@@[2yw
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 BH	b
+  BH I	b " BE!(X(	h H HG3HH+ 2I,
M	`KdBe@@eL`B8@@9@@0"	bL	b@@Bz`blF``H!">9	bbBg!"X"	b+aBX"S(|[Zb	b Bf Q	b Q Bf,
Q+@@@	i G3Bf+K 2R,Y f,g 2R,
K2U,YO@	i+K@r	o3BN 2Y1B 2\1B 26@,Y 2c,Y+6 Fff@@i@@S@@F,G g B	H g B	h h@@	H*"	h h B	G "  B	G@@bd`
6+ 6@0+Y
87+(e@+_6@Zl "!$	d	b
+Y+@@^6@]6@]7+el  "!$X$j0	d	b
 ] B]@@]+Y L |d@@,
D``J,2j7@i`@2	6@Y+2k,Y	b	B|	b	&"j0+Bx,V7@Y+wO0T 2	,Y x,
,`b""	dad""blHSiX$	d|2D|bl@	b.B	l\"	b@.	l$"2&E B	l\"	b@d"`.B	m\"	b@d"`.B	m m	b@/	o&EZB	o@7@Y!"GB	o m	t!,` Hbl@@|"0&*O@Z@@Y+K7@0+```@+,o+>@@il ,4@@> y``@+%!(~@@ [*h"@@]@@^!(~&ncF0+;[$<d,@+:7@	o+9@	b"B	l\"	b@"B	l\"	b@d"`"B	m\"	b@d"`"B	m m	b@ B	o\"	b@ $<d$(D}l$
$`D+C,v+X,] 2d`,Y, +A1Z+F,+C 0,V 0 ,],z("A" Bh,
,@+A,@+A,t4TA Ti,z Bj,o!T|,oXT|``+U ]2B|,y B| 0 ,z Z{ Bj``,~:x y@@ [,~ f!$YR@ FD-4m,~ " BR i BS!$;2 DS f HR6`Z+iBR+?6@Z,~
b +- A FZ @ F[,~ Z FA [ F@,~@b@fi f0+
E,~ n f &A
-4m@"] B(
-4m i!$;2 fP+{_`"`@@Z6`0h@O@Z(G Hh(G Hg(o H?hp F? fp+{7@F`@ +#,7+#+{O@]+\ 0d @@Y 2,Y j,l 2
,Y[|,c,NZ|,c 2p,Y 2 h0H1H 21H 21Rl,Y 2
,YO@k!"MB	n!	b+9	b`b ab+9Dk+;!"M0FM+3!2M"Rk,l,RBPk 	b4B\ Dk`b +L,
:+, BN!"P,m+$+, kl @@E* n q

-4n k B	n h1H+X1H+Y1H+1H+K1H+]+A,x+, 0 ,z7D!$Lu+` k``,>l Dl!"6@Y+pS&J
-4m!"	!B( & |t+
dl  , 0 ,
@@7Dl!$Lu nS&G
-4m+"gRB(@ | *,+He@fJ+# |D$A&h+1,E+=,K+!l , 2y,Y7@+(7Rl!2Lu,l,R m,l,ORm,l7@+/,W[|,c,NZ|,c,X,V
 +,:+3+l ,>, 2|,Y,^Z`O@,c 2~+%l , 2+%Z`0D,~ | l+
JaT@+0,>l ,_ 2,Y,^d,c 2+%
H,>l ,_O@ 2	+Al ,_ 2
+Ll,, 2,Y m,l,ORm,l,V+R	j "b B(
7Dl!$Lu n &D
-4m+"gRB( &7Hn | Hn *,+
+jj+w,?+,O+h 2y,>l ,_,^,Y7Rl!2Lu,l,R m,l,ORm,l7@n+v,W[n,c,NZn,c,X,V+y 2+j 2+j
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J,d1T@+w 2,Y,c 2+j
(@+yl ,_,
Hd 2+~
 mRm@fJ,~@b@f*+ ,~ 2
+jd  *  k &

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j@+8+L0,~ 2 Rq Hq BrRDrHq+$ r s2Hq+'2Q2(  | *	j +"8J&:x+\H+$ q2T|+&+ XrZ0T+\&,~&R`+\ 0,
1Z@d6@Zll @@i H Bi H B| $|,
2l+KO@Z+4d@@Z+K	b+K (',
l+g+	C,(1,
T " L &	f+^,
C+4O@F+K@@F+K6@	i+Ne l ,\+3a`+6+K,
,o+Kd @!&~@@[*fS &1J+X &`4JX &@,Y &P,Y+KQFx[x,v,~,k+Z,e,~ BB0a`GB0 0!$~2B*d` 	b``+\O@]@@]+\@0Z+i $,
w7+\5B\ $+\d   (I,
l+g,+gl   2	r-"b4R RLa` +|,
+  K H5,
L7+*ru@@! g B" L B" "!	b+|+ L 0,l,R,V,,V L+p,
: ! ,l,P,
E,> H,
#7@H+# 2",Y & K H5,
L7+*r+ 2#,Y>@b!5B g+!`X"	b+!4B  B" L B" "!	b+ =& 2#,Y &6T!+!2>9,l+ 042,P,]:!+ 2$0&,Y,V,^`b@,
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1Z++1Z+( $L,
x+/+R 2&,Y@@b+(e l ,\+/++O@Y+g,~,B+(+g 2W,Y+(
&	H+(a@ 7@i+(lO@Z@@i+glO@Z++l @l`@+, ^ >
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*>d @+,l "GB_,~d "BB_``@e@,~,^,+>,>[`0B+Pl @l `*x@@`,~0B+N,>,>@Z`	d L DG 2R,Y,
Q+Z`b+Z  G9U7G K,
",(,^,^+NSiX"	b |2B|+ ibl 0 ,z+c 0@@M (},
l+gS(|@@A@@9@@ 5 ( B =*hj ),
l+g 0 L	b4BX BN`b+a@ +yab+Y7DM+[ L	b++ +B")1"+> LaD+ 	b-"b7@-"b&*`b4F
0RLX$@ 	b+	4B	&*ab+4F
2FH+ .$+7D+,
4RLZ4R3DL+ZL4B@R`+(2}.2P,>,X,P 2a,E,^+T+5B+z+0+0`D+#,
:+zaB+`B+0&*(+2F+0 +"("0"0b+0b+ 	b4B0SNd&(f%-"b "/l" &
7+1	b-"b5B+,
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+z,x+z DM Dk Nab(+7ab,/@@j!"0,m++z7DL+? "	b#;+?8B;-"b L	b-"b@	b#-"b+7 N`b7DM+B "	b++ SiX"	b+E2B|+S i $	b4BS M	b-"b"*3Bi+R4BM2BH-"b@ M	b 2,7@L+j 2.,Y,(@@L M+# M B	n+B&+_ L,X,V 24,Y,(+B,> 27,Y@ N`d  28`d 29`d 2:`d@ 2;6@,Y S =<"b,@+` 2
,Y[|,c,NZ|,c 2p,Y Nh$`d+k 2`@ 2,Y 2=,Y,^,l+R B@@ N`b+  k@,B
`@+96@j6@+6BD3Bq+3Bj+1jarpar+}(R+{3RD+,2,Y+D,l,2,Y,k,l,2,YOj,l,V+2,6@T++2O@T,Y[(B}	b+. $`@h`B+. 22a@ 24,Y k,l,R,V 2B6@T+& 2>,Y 27O@T,Y
Jd',BJ 2A,Y,c 2E,Ya`+,Gd +, *l*t+C x:xd*pG
+@,~+\ R0,> 0@t,>,
0Z+T 4 (;,
l+S5BR,z Bx (;,
l+S5BR,0Z +T 4@@b,^,^e`,~a@ 6@iO@Y+g`@+z n G &C
+F!"9@B( UF+v,6+w[`0\+x,67+f
f +y+w4\c "w,6+w3\L+k,6+y=bi+c/"(B BK"`SBK,6+w \X,6+y,6+y K,6+w \ 9,6+w \ =*hq&+,
&O@X6BI+}!"L @A " BK"`SBK+ K24I+l,~`@ e@+l,}a@
l,z K  A4B,
+&`@f*2F+0D+$`@d&3D+,l@@ A*h L,
laba@+'`b +'dl,
`b `@+,[X[|0F3F+,,
o`@ +B L |m@@,
t``+66@X4B73b+8@($GL F@f`@l&``l&*F/$$SD$,|@L,K,
+H,	c,
,( K@f 4,
Q-"b.H3&H H=dW Fj He FU$K> FeO@h I ,
  D BW@@g@@f,
l J 
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Q-"b&I,&YXB:&":*B!YX(+H"YQ@@ W*FU 4BU$V5DUA"2BJ+U*FU $V4DU$Vd
E,~ ibl 0,,z (,,
l+g L	b+D4BD$K1D+	) L	r L 0,l4*`b@ 2K6@ 2L3Ti 2N,Y6@,_,V`@@,
),(+	C,
I+YSiX"	b |3B|`@ +	? L |m@@,
t4B	= | L,O@ | i@ F L 0,)+g,
t4B	=Q"*"~ " B$ "GB%/$%QX"$	b+Q L |d@@,
D`@@+	C,
I+Ya@ ,
) H Bz,
E z2bH+	E " L &	f+	Q,
+ K  5,
O,g*h	M,V+	C1F+	H+\ D16 (D}J@@E,
:+	_  AA EA2B+	U K E3F5+	U*b	Z F 5(DJ2D1,
	 1,~lad+	a(D+	Tm@,
 1,~a@ ,
@@E K,
: ! ,l,P,
:7+	g,V K 0,V,S L ,
-,l,S7@9+	r,PTy9,l,M,T7R 5 !,l,U,R
  5Z`B+	[`P 5ab+
2B5+	+


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* 57  B5*h	k,~ 2P,Y+	k,x+	k	b
 J" d2B5Da  94B
 2R,Y  5,f 2S,Y M,g 2T,Y  9,g,V\`1+
+( ( "' L,
- X& ,
Q,~4t4t K B 4 L B 8 E * j,
$ HK"`SHK+\ V5R
- 2r,~,
94H\&"3F+\gO,~ E	b-"b4B\,
: E+\,E 4 $,
F7,~2BV-"b "	b
+( $,
F-"b+G "Q"	b,~+\ L,
Q,~"0B,~+\ 3B +\*h
M,~   B *h
O *H
RPH,~ 2W@@+j,~6TH,
\ 4@@ g L	t+
E L3Bf,
d H!$>9@@ gF+
(& &  L,
- ,
j K,
'd@,(,~@`@l"`@l" BU,~,
l	[e&!,0F+K+I L i D! D$ | D" D%O@"@@% \@@2@@2 \	f+O7H"ZD28H3B"ZD2 *&.$+
z 2 2,~`BX" B3TB5 D5 n &C
"B(>9 gF+$,6+
ZO@3,6+:@=,,~ D3 F4 H4+,6+2|5+2\53\3+ <d,6++
f ++
,,~+7$3+$ 4 4&+\,6+
 \+\ nS$>9 &C
"B(>9 gF+
,6+; (w,6+;2<3+2,6+;=h0++2\33\5+53|5+0+
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2^+j2 +j2d+j@@i2h+j2k+d2m+j2q+d2u+j2w+j22z+d2{+jJ22~+g2,M+j ,M 2+e 20F,~,Y+V ,M 2+e  2	+e 2
G 22+jZ 27+e,s+j,s,Y,c+k,Y,]+k,Y ,g+k,Y,VO@Y+g 29+o 2:+o 2;,Y 2<,YZ`,c,V	b	`,> 2=,Y,^,~ 2^+
K  2?+
I 2A+
K 2C +
M[X 2E,
G 2I+
K 2L+{ 2P+
G E 2T+
I E 2V+
I 2Y+
K 2Z+
K 2]+
K 2a+
K 2d+
K 2j+
Kl 2n+
K  A 2p+
I 2s+
K 2u+Y L 2v+
I 2x+
K 2y+
K J 2z+
L 2}+
M 2+
 2	,
K 2+
K 2+
K  2+
I  2+
I 2+
K 2+
I L 0,g 2,
e,g 2 +
K 2"l+
L 2#+
' 2&+
' 2)l+
K 2++
'l L 2-+
I 0 L,g 20+Y 0 L,g 22+
K 3FH+
7,l 23 +
LRL,l 26+
K 29+
K ,l 2:+
K 2<+
K 2@+
K 2A+
K 2C+
K 2D7B0+
K 2G7@]6@^7,Y 
I6@,Y 2K+
K 2M+
K 2P+
K xZ` 27+
G,Y,c+V,Y ,l+V,Y+V,Y,_+V,Y[,c,NZ,c+V BE T	b,~+\l@@S0Z+\"" =d ,@+
\l +
g0: 0z-1Z+
e." BS+\5"
[0Z+\,@+\,z4B\ BM+\Z "D6[ .D6 
,@@,0Z+\,@ :
o 0,
 0,z4B\ ,
l+g,z0Z,~,@:  5,l,V*h
+\!U J,v0D+
:x,~&U* 5 DI V@
!$ &fVGI	d3I@R+\+
!Z.B*d<:(:0:8:@:H	:?r:Or9P:: :P:h;PBzp
> f f,7+F f f 0,Z+
D,~ f f,
D+B B8,D7`@@+
>>8 7,7 8,
D,+\,+F,0,Zm"+\,~@@,~4"6!W1Z.486^,~``+-@@m@@m@@l@@nO@o!" Bp@@n@@o@@p {1:1Z7,~, Z{1Z++4B\1Z+* Bm,Dl  Bn Do0Z+, Z{R` Bm,Dl RBoRDp0Z-+,o!Tn,oXTn,
l+g+a` +7 {+"7Dl!$Lu n &C
-4m "|!B( & FF+A,6+@ ,6+@R7\+7Ao2\n+7 Ap2\o+7 Fm HmO@p+\&+# 2X,Y7Rl!2Lu,l+@@3B\+J \!(p0FG(H}`xp+GA3Dq:x,~-2Y!-2Y	-2Y,-2Y.-2Y -2Y--2Y:-2Y'-2Y(-2Y)-2Y
-2Y[-2Y] 0Q2A`4Z\,@+Z:x,~142,P :14,@&4QVx6@,_[x.:+@&4QVx6@,c[x.:+@7] ] ^.:aP,~,@2X+h,~:^.:,@(R5Rl,~,
,,40:0z,~(.4oh,@ :
,,40:0z,~$4.4oh,@ :
,,"0\0:0z7+0:0z-,~h`xpZ,@ :
0Z,~,@ :
,~,c+0g,z1Z yZ~,
|+ 3B+22B+6@>,~0Z+\,t T:0Z+\,z4B\0Z+\(B}l"P $
|+\/$t146.46 T9 4 T; 4 T;0Z+,,t T;0Z+,,t T;!$} <2B9+/*d-+\2"9+\"0,~,
S-"bf`+	b&".$ D=&".$ D<."V B<	b	&"j0,>&" B= D>,^1$u,~ ".b>1",~/":=0"+? B> =1"
+ClB=Q<<<aB0DgO.=/4b\^B=:<1d+F $ D<:<+F,4 ,=O@>,gO 0t04BU :z@ 2`,Y =,^ < L
p`+| i!$;2 ?fo ? f0+|@@i+\7@>+]6`Z@@Z@@A,~7@>+ > A+n
p+-:@\ZAAa{Z@@4Zh1Z?+h0:> :
p`+|,> "@ BA a B@@@_ b*",^Z@,~ 2b,Y
, +
+a4Z>c	GZ	G0Z?1Z+0:> :
l`-4lZc>	GZ	Gl0z,~d 
b+-+@4Z0Z?1Z+ 0:> :
Bd,c+V,~> B+2
d +6+.B+\ 2m,Y
Dd,c+V,~> D+:
f +>+6C+\ 2p,Y
Fd,c+V,~> E+C
h+D+?E+\,~,~> G+I
t`+WZK,~ 2s,Y
Td,c+V Bc Tb Vb Rc    $,+ c n &C
+@"T B(*"\FR7S+o`B+ T\ R[ Z[ bbw,  w BYfR+
&+ Y`B+ T\ R[ Z[!"cBY+X$Q$	d $ "$S` c BM c BL " BL "L	b+{+*dv!"@ c DL
+@@\ x	b-"`,6+	 \^,6+	7@^+R\^@@] " B]\]+ a.B\+
F 2xaB + L3D{+ x	b-"`/L.D\+GBY"a0"O@\, &R7S+ 2|+ 2~,YZ,c,V+ 2,YZS,c 2,Y,-"`+\ "	b
+^, 6+$+\ "
 BR c BS!"YRPBS b BR,~ :,@ c,g :,@ ,Y+V Bc Dd Hd Vb Rc $,+^ n  &C
-"`"R7B(+5aB+W 2~+SX$Q$	d $ "$S` c BM c BL & FL "L2Fd	b+=+W*d8 c BL x	b-"` [7 d Dd L3D{+E [//d5bY Y`d+W7DT+U,6+J5\N=dH+U
F`T +N 2x,Y,c,V!"BBY"a0"O@\, &R7S+W 2,YZ,c,V+W@b@f&-"`,+\+\ 2,Y d,_ 2
,Y ,_ 2 "+Y "	b
+, +
z<CR> Use suggested unit
DIGIT    Use unit 'DIGIT'
<CR> Use suggested drive
NAME     Use drive 'NAME'
Qfk^exukJ}kk^-h1otVo2|:`e>uN [VfJ g&t{]?X9m& e-J2a:;GJ,]>)0C$\@}
h	BTl 2
,Y,~l+\d+\ld+\ld+\d+\l+\l+\l +\e l +\ 4,z0Z1Z=t
/WENABL *Write enable
/WLOCK   Write lock
/RONLY   Read only = /WLOCK
/MULTI  *Multi access
/SINGLE  Single access
/UWENAB *Universal write enable
/UWLOCK  Universal write lock
]>	1(B$t&O@F+\em}Rm& C$\@-
S	B%4)l@+\C$\@	B%t.Qf2B&0 2
+YGt96I4\@gR-gR~Qfo"@oN@a.9 =<PPLR>@B&|3,B,~l @@+\a@ 7@i,~+;lO@Z "+\a@ 7@i,~0Z+K,t0Z+H$4 ,t.1tX+J,
9g5TNl @@@i+\,>6R0
&T ",^+\e l ,\,~+=
&	H "+\/CANCEL  Cancel this command
/REELID:XXX	Set the REELID for this tape
/DEFER:n Defer command where n is hh:mm or mm
/WAIT	Defer the request and waiT for further Operator input
/PAUSE	 Pause for Operator input after current operation
/START:x Start processing x requests
/STOP:x  Stop processing x requests
/WHAT	 Retype the request
/HELP	 Type this message
[?-mI'[zem}RY>0kN.,`QfgR-gPgR~W&e@o"@oN@O<a.9 KbN@]>$YRI4\@cZ9<jCIIKOE5658GH
START:x Start processing x requests
STOP:x  Stop processing x requests
KILL:x  Delete all pending x requests 
WAIT	Wait for further Operator input
PAUSE	Same as "WAIT"
GO	Continue from a 'WAIT' condition
EXIT	Return to Monitor
MOUNT   Mount F/S -or- Set REELID for a magtape drive
REMOVE  Remove F/S from system
LOCK    Lock-out F/S from further access
USERS n   Type current users of F/S (where n=DEVn, /ALL or /PRIVAT)
WHAT	Retype the request
DEFER	Process DEFERed requests normally
NODEFER	Process DEFERed requests now
HELP	Type this message
B94IC2`aJNh:po]<Gt96sI4\@QfgR-gPgR~o"@oN@a.9 4455711289=
CANCEL   Cancel this command
NO       =CANCEL
YES      Proceed if possible
REELID:XXX	Set REELID for this tape
WAIT	 Wait for further Operator input
PAUSE	 Pause for Operator input after current operation
START:x  Start processing x requests
STOP:x   Stop processing x requests
DEFER/DEFER:n Defer command where n is hh:mm or mm
WHAT	 Retype the request
HELP	 Type this message
M&dP[?-mC2`]>tP_Cj6_C[Z_C{7_6~[Z--Done-- Delay was on  for user [Free:  Blks,  Files
Mount Tape Write-Enabled Write-Locked 
Actual Tape ID  on :
  Does not match User-Requested Tape # Type 'I' to ignore Tape-ID difference
Type 'N' to change tape drives
Type 'C' to cancel this request
Or mount correct tape and type 'Y': Type I,C,N,Y or H:
Tape mounted has a Blank Tape ID

%Please Write-Enable 
%Please Write-Lock Type 'N' to change tape drives
Type 'C' to cancel this request
Or set write-status correctly and type 'Y': Type I,N,C,Y or H:Type N,C,Y or H:|,0 ?Must be run as xx^x. (	k	i$K@ hINX?  must not be logical name No Structure for User Commands%DAEMON was not running
%.FACT function not in DAEMON
%No privs to write FACT file
%Accounting will not be done
   ... 	IH	H -Defer-  -Abort- 
0	j$$	jh`	i$$<@@

Tape ID: 0 9Directory Empty
?Can't write User's DIR file
?Requested file missing - ?ENTER Failure:  Can't write user file - ?Bad file name, R command - ?DTA Read Error (Status = ) on file ?Disk Write Error (Status = ?Protection failure - %Could not find ?DTA directory full, file ?Bad file name, F command - ?DTA Write Error (Status = ?Disk Read Error (Status = @'6$?Bad command name--Type H for help
]>tPJob(s) SWP 
       NoneProceed?   ?Type H for help
z$0000REASSIGN UUO failureUser logical-name conflict - Mount w/o logical name?
Already assigned to user
Mount **** DECtape MAGtape CARDS Paper-Tape HNon Type 'I' to ignore error
Hj?DTA directory read error (Status = ) - Try again
LLleased reassigned to job  kept by job 00 5  UnavailableWrong unit on 
...Is&(Should beDH%TheNlastnSwappinglunitawasfjustcremoved\?Monitor must be 5.03 or laterCommand-file has vanished!Bad command-file format...Can't create UFD for command-filesCan't read UFD for command-files?Undefined device?Command requires device nameCan't INIT SYS?Locked-out by Operator?Single-access by job STRUUO(.FSRDF) UUO -- Error code User Job has Logged offGOBSTR UUO -- Error code STRUUO(.FSDSL) UUO -- Error code ...While getting SAT-RIBConsistancy failure for SAT-RIBSAT-RIB has bad format...While getting SAT blockSTRUUO(.FSDEF) UUO -- Error code ...While getting MFD-RIB?Illegal structure namePlease use REMOVE cmd Requires /REELIDSTRUUO(.FSREM) UUO -- Error code STRUUO(.FSLOK) UUO -- Error code ?Invalid job - Cancelled%DAEMON UUO failure - Error code ?Structure type does not match Homeblocks?System error at loc ?TTY?Disk?DECtape error at loc 
?System error -- ?Undefined switch //H for helpCmd-file author= /SING or /UWLOCK requires Owner's Project --...Switch(es) ignored/SINGLE not allowed in Oper. commandToo many drives typed--Structure has only ?Illegal drive-- ?Non-existent drive-- No STRLST.SYS...While reading STRLST.SYSWrong format version STRLST.SYSStructure not in STRLST.SYSOther users -- Can't /SING or /UWLOCK
...Switch(es) ignoredStructure is write-locked for all jobs...Assume /WLOCKUnavailable drive-- Not enough drivesFree drives: Please mount Write-LockedLockedSingle-access by job ?Can't get UFD interlock for No AUXACC.SYSCan't read QUOTA.SYS or AUXACC.SYSQUOTA.SYS is wrong format version #No entry in QUOTA.SYS or AUXACC.SYS...No UFD created...While reading 1st Home Block...While reading 2nd Home BlockCan't OPEN unit Can't read unit Consistancy failureHome Block name =  may contain STRLST.SYS is off-lineMount Count = In System Search ListContains queues ([3,3].UFD)In Active Swapping ListContains STRLST.SYSRequested to remove  Removed... drive(s)  Locked already assigned to job  has no available unitsWrite-Enabled assigned to OMOUNT%DEFER time too large - 0 assumedNot availableNot a DECtapeNot a deviceNot processing commandsNo FILE MOUNT GHCommands WaitingWaiting on Operator input?Can't START, No Structure for CMD FilesxExL@.H?Can't find user's UFD on device 
HH<m& C$\@/AFTER:H[p?Error updating CMD. Status =  m	z=r
&	H+?Error reading CMD. Status = ?Error reading CMU. Status = ?Error reading USR. Status = ?Error writing DIR. Status = 
@T6$T@LUFD read error, status = @UFD RENAME failure UFD LOOKUP failure UFD ENTER failure 
No UFD created
Can't OPEN?UFD RENAME failure Exceed Logged-Out Quota  by  blocks
No switches