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SYSINF.DOC -- Changes from V2 to V3(270) of [SYSTEM]INFO
March 1975

Copyright (C) 1974,1975,1976,1977
Digital Equipment Corporation, Maynard, Mass.

This software is furnished under a license for use only  on  a  single
computer system and may be copied only with the inclusion of the above
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software on equipment which is not supplied by DEC.
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SYSINF.DOC -- Changes from V2 to V3(270) of [SYSTEM]INFO
March 1975


Version 3(270) of [SYSTEM]INFO corrects with the exception of one item
listed  under  4.0  all  known  problems.   It  is  recommended to run
[SYSTEM]INFO as a separate program and not to combine it with DAEMON.

Note:  verify that the PATCH given under  "Special  Instructions"  for
IPCSER has been made.


The functions .IPCII and .IPCIJ gave an error  return  when  the  name
given  was already in use.  In this version no error but the PID value
will be reported if the job making the request  owns  the  PID.   This
facilitates the restarting of jobs after they have acquired a PID.


Asking a PID for a name of the form name  [,]  gives  an  insufficient
privileges error return.


Run [SYSTEM]INFO as a separate program SYSINF using MPB  control  file
SYSINF.CTL.   This control file produces a FILDDT version specific for


Edit #

1      [SYSTEM]INFO crashed when jobs using a PID  not  obtained  from
       [SYSTEM]INFO made a request to [SYSTEM]INFO using that PID.

2      Errors in SETJOB caused illegal UUO's to happen.

3      The flags passed by the reset and logout UUO's to  [SYSTEM]INFO
       changed.  [SYSTEM]INFO.

4      Messages sent by [SYSTEM]INFO to a job or PID  who  disappeared
       caused a loop.
SYF3.DOC                                                        Page 3

5      If the owner of a PID asks for a PID using the  old  name  then
       return the value of the PID.

162    Remove race conditions between users and the  reset  or  logout
       UUO  by  processing  the  reset  and logout UUO requests at the
       lowest priority level.

163    Messages waiting in the SEND Q can wait forever if [SYSTEM]INFO
       is not awakened by some IPCF activity.

164    The SNDTSK clears flag JS.SND but does not reset  it  if  there
       are still packages waiting for the job.

165    The  processing  of  delayed   jobs   was   incorrect   causing
       [SYSTEM]INFO to loop.

166    Remove junk mail sitting in the SEND Q for logged out  jobs  or
       dropped PIDS.

167    The JS.SND bit is not set when data is entered in the SEND Q.

170    Do not set the wait state bit for job 0.


Verify that MCO 4918 has been installed in IPCSER, this MCO is:


VALPID + 11 /  DPB  T1,[POINT 9,T2,35]   XOR T2,T1

VALPID + 12 /  CAME  T1,T2               TRZ T2,%IPCPM##

VALPID + 13 /  JRST VALPD4               JUMPN T2,VALPD4

[End of SYF3.DOC]

[SYF2.DOC is appended as an integral part of SYF3.DOC]
SYF2.DOC                                                        Page 4

SYSINF.DOC -- Changes from V1(1) to V2 of [SYSTEM]INFO
October 1974


The functions .IPCIJ and .IPCII have been changed to return the PID of
an existing name if the requester is the owner of the name.


If a PID was requested for an existing name then the error code IPCDN%
was always returned.  This logic was found troublesome and it has been
modified as follows:

"If a PID is requested for an existing name then if the requester owns
the name then return the PID else return the error code IPCDN%".

This change affects the functions .IPCII and .IPCIJ.


This version has no known bugs or defficiencies.


See DAEMON.CTL for installation instructions.  Also see DAEMON.CTL and
DMN011.DOC  for  information  relating  to the running of [SYSTEM]INFO
with DAEMON.


The following bugs have been fixed:

     1.  Requests using a PID unknown to [SYSTEM]INFO will  no  longer
         cause an illegal UUO crash.

     2.  Undeliverable messages  sent  back  by  [SYSTEM]INFO  to  the
         message  sender  would  cause  [SYSTEM]INFO to loop, when the
         message sender disappeared.

     3.  DAEMON when attached to a terminal could cause a restart  and
         the job would be detached from its terminal.
SYF2.DOC                                                        Page 5

     4.  Unexpected receive  errors  were  reported,  which  were  not
         receive  errors,  but  request  errors to be processed by the
         code making the IPCE request.

     5.  Pages sent  to  [SYSTEM]INFO  caused  an  unexpected  receive
         error.  Currently all pages sent will be ignored.

     6.  The process of deleting data belonging to a job doing a reset
         UUO  or  logging  out, will not be aborted due to error flags
         returned by IPCE requests.

[End of SYF2.DOC]