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X680.DOC -- Version 1A
April 1971

Copyright (C) 1971,1973,1975,1977
Digital Equipment Corporation, Maynard, Mass.

This software is furnished under a license for use only  on  a  single
computer system and may be copied only with the inclusion of the above
copyright notice.  This software, or any other copies thereof, may not
be provided or otherwise made available to any other person except for
use on such system and to one  who  agrees  to  these  license  terms.
Title  to  and  ownership of the software shall at all times remain in

The information in this software is subject to change  without  notice
and  should  not  be  construed  as  a commitment by Digital Equipment

DEC assumes no responsibility  for  the  use  or  reliability  of  its
software on equipment which is not supplied by DEC.
X6801A.DOC                                                      Page 2

X680.DOC -- Version 1A
April 1971


Version-1  Update-A

The restart procedure has been changed:

If for any reason X680 needs to be initialized (e.g.,  after  a  halt)
with active users connected, perform the following steps:

     1.  Press STOP to stop the 680I.

     2.  Put 0001 in the switches and load address

     3.  Put 5405 in the switches and deposit

     4.  Reset the switches to desired starting address and continue

NOTE -- Users of P680.PAL versions before Update-A will also  have  to
deposit 200 in location 0005 after the deposit in location 0001.


Version-1  Update-A

In the configuration file  (see  680DES.RNO),  do  not  specify  Modem
Control  (MODCON=1)  unless you actually include some lines with Modem
Control (Remote or Modem) in the lines element.


     1.  M680.MAC and configuration file must be assembled with  MACRO
         V.44 and loaded with LOADER V.52.

     2.  Always use Image Mode (PIP switch /I) when transferring  .BIN
         or .RIM files (e.g., L680.RIM).

     3.  X680 will  run  with  all  PDP-10  monitors  subject  to  the
         following considerations:

               X680A    L680

         4S72  (1) (2)   (3)

         5S01  (1) (2)   (3)
X6801A.DOC                                                      Page 3

         5S02  (2)        --

         5S03   --        --

         a.  These monitors do not support data-set control, therefore
             if  you  have data-sets, use the consol TTY to enable all
             data-sets (7777A) and run  with  Modem  Control  disabled
             (Switch-10 = 1).  Note -- There will be no auto-detach on
             data-set disconnects since this is again  a  function  of
             the PDP-10 monitor.

         b.  Restarting or  reloading  the  PDP-10  monitor  does  not
             restart X680 with these monitors.

         c.  These monitors do not support image-mode teletype  output
             and  therefore  the  PDP-10  to 680I loader mode will not
             work.  The ASR-33 mode will still work but it is the same
             as the standard binary loader.

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