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:x,~3  \" @@!"\$4XB@54 BS`	(@
X@4X"0S$X$!&@4 <~Q<~
3Jp2Lp*|5<,'	(Q"E
\"=,2\"=,N\"=,8\"=,@\"=,C\"=	*D*,G\"=4@#O@S$X$@@4!"\$4QZ$=@@	"E*"A4 54\"=\"><\"G@@ 
N**	 N	((T*,W,~0x
X*w|**w~O@,~\"]	"@"(3 N,W,~
1J'+f0J,+jO`p,~\"m N,W,~0x	(ED;+r@@ uO@,`+x HpO@,~\"{,w,~ JpO@,~\"	"PD,w,~ Jp JpO@,~\" N,W,~  &J+(D	 (*L> DpO@,~\" N,W,~0x+O@@@ u,`+& Hp	"UO@\"),~  0@@)4ad+6 
 8B/8 >	 ]1N,~0N1N+\+
+b/.N1N+0.0n/,~4Za	 f0.0n-,~0n0. +a,~
+p0/.+k(Pl0 	 @n.08.N1N+0.0n/,~4Zj0.0n-,~0n0. +j,~	* w N,W,~ 

0L+y@@l!" 54`b@+>Q& 
*+\"@<+\"F<+Z"U$@@<<<lspecify several parameters
of the A	 (PLSF system.  The defaults for each question appear in
parentheses, and typing just 	 1a carriage-return will take the default.
   APLSF must be in your connected director	 9y under the name APLSF.EXE.

`Now read the distributed file APLSF	 B.DOC for installation instructions.

Installation name, max 24 SIXBIT ch	 Jaracters
(DECSYSTEM-20 APLSF): xH% First 24 characters used.
	\"O	 G S * 
? Only SIXBIT characters are allowed.
\"V	 @[Z"  +'In a clear workspace, should the automatic save facility,
.BXAUS, be 	  denabled? (NO): @@pO,~? Please answer Yes or No.
\"gZ"  	(l+2Name of billing file (ACCTSF): ? Name too long.
\"pZ"  +8	 uH? Only A-Z, 0-9 allowed.
\"uZ"  +8Dir for the billing file 	 }(<SUBSYS>) type <DIRECTORY> : Dir for the library area and the HI file (<SUBSYS>	 )
type <DIRECTORY> : Default setting for the maximum workspace size, in pages (40	 ): ? Invalid decimal integer.
\"Z"  +GDisk structure for the li	 brary area and the HI file (PS): ? Structure name longer than 6 characters.
\"	 Z"  +N? Invalid structure name (no colon allowed).
\"!Z" 	"( +N% You must now be CONNECTed to this structure for proper generation.
B? String may be a maximum of 132 characters.
\"1Z"  +W? No 	 9such directory, or ambiguous directory name.
\"8Z"  +w? Cannot f	 Aind the .EXE file on your connected directory.
? The .EXE file is not the distribu Jted version.
bf:}@i eej eep	D" efk efm}B`!a!bPIZR0tCgR0tRTcON	"RF0q@hX Z5HYzB#+H#RM	tG+T2MR/Q	Dbh#ll	r`b	KHY4b	LSHR@B	"
k[Ll	<P$EgP$TT	{zJw^^`ey^b:
3uIP3{g|	'$)1122M4G8M4%LJ5	M4^C7M4^EcM4^KXM4&e(,)))q|
:P@7.B}Z2	D"Fvy@Fv ACG	7	NKfpGLsOY8N$bk'V|AO[PHheO/L`\B:/OOqh OOrc HVB=MO~x8 ( N0