Trailing-Edge - PDP-10 Archives - BB-4157F-BM_1983 - build/lnklog.rel
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(<0(<H+U\+++++@+@++!+7+9+<	*U(U"*+=+,+*
+7 +* aB+*"+{	 Q**0"+$+|3$0$+*,+n,*,+i,+* "6 W, ".+*"+|	(*E*2"1B7+*5Z`
 7b	+*,@@	:+ $, @	*U T*"Q[!B\@@[@@[\"*(6 W\"*.+,*@@	+*&[	Please retype the incor	 **rect parts of the file specification]
[ Please retype the incorrect parts of the fi	 @*3le specification ]
 }1B, "*L6@
,&",>!*xZ	b	*AA *;4B*@ (HZBQ[0BK8+*@Z,+ *j*:,^ "$+{cB1$	` B	*@(U *D@@
@@	 PZ1B,	` 
26@C+*\",E6 W\",I	b+*I	 (A(*L	[End of log file]
O@"+|5B*S,^b+|1B "b+|,+>++Z,+i	*Q 
*U,*8++,^ `jp+*_  H^0d $[,#`h6`1[,"f+}&+|	 E
+*_l*p,+>++Z,+i,*U,+i, X
 H^(0d,*l7"	"@**fA"GB	Z,#`h6`1Z,",+i,*aZ,+i,+~+*,> ",+i,*	"(U*n,^,+i, $,~,^,+>++Z,+i,*j Z H  @@ ,+i,	(U
**w,+i,+*,^,+>++Z,+i,*s ",+i,*n ",M,+i,*{S(B	(*Q**G,N+@Z,+i, ",N,+i,*~ Z H+*kaj+*"+}: b+}	*TE*+6`++
"+|6Zaj++*,+i,+++,+i	*U
(HZ,+i,+~++,+i,*|++."	"U
+D",+i,++Z D/"XBl*++.XB$+} 
d+}++ ",P	*Q*T"+!6@
,+7@	7`
7++6 	++&,+*++ 
,*G,>,+*,^,+'++	*U P+* ",Q6 W ",Q++"/i4",R.X
 (,+i,+6"(+ab++.*6"(	"*E*+2`b?++ (,+i,+/7B(++,+i,+4++1+@++:++7@
++7@		*E(A
1B++B $d+|"+|3"	*T*U+C++M6@	+,R7@
++M " B,+u"+|3"++R 
,+),>,+`,^,+I	*T*U
++R"+|3"+,T " B6@	++RZ,+KZB	,+` ( B	 "	,+q	*(E"+T,++ aB++X "	,+n,+T aB+,U ",+q,+ aB7,V "	* +],+n,+Z.*6`:x,~$+| "-0$ "2$ "@@W1B-++e
6+ 	*(+e,+] aB,~O@W ",V++W6 
,+Q*x+A,^:x	**@"+n++k6@	,~6`
++_,>++k7@	7@
++_,>+A,^++_,,*b,+u	(
@+v"+| $,,+v,+x"+| $,+w ",W++h8.$.$(   	*+,+6,*w  ,+R   `d4B,l("},, "  `d+ .,W	( ,+,   ,,,+  ,,	R l("},,
-"+,FEEENTER-error	-,FLELOOKUP2errorFRERENAME	errorGSEGETSEGIerrorNEDNon-existent device	,OFDOPEN@failure forZdeviceEIFErrorforinputfileCNWCodeUnotyet wr	U*U*,!ittenat},X},Zq},\q},q},dq},fq},i},m},p},s},u},x},{},}q}-	*U*U*,)q}-}-BTINUE for more 	 ,Kinformation ]Status 
@ for file 
\+w"B++R	*P,TO@++^@@++^LNKY0C(2)directoryfull(0)Illegalfile name 	 ,\(0) file was not found (1) no directory for project-programmer number (2) protec	 ,etion failure (3) file was being modified (4) rename file name already exists 	 ,m(5) illegal sequence of UUOs (6) bad UFD or bad RIB (7) not a saved file (10) 	 ,vnot enough memory (11) device not available (12) no such device (13) not t	 ,~wo reloc reg. capability (14) no room or quota exceeded (15) write lock erro	 -r (16) not enough monitor table space (17) partial allocation only (20) block	 - not free on allocation (21) can't supersede (enter) an existing directory (22) 	 -can't delete (rename) a non-empty directory (23) SFD not found (24) search list emp	 - ty (25) SFD nested too deeply (26) no-create on for specified SFD path (27) 	 -)segment not on swap space (30) can't update file (31) low segment overlaps high	 -1 segment (32) RUN not allowed when not logged in (33) file still has outstandin	 -:g ENQ/DEQ locks (34) bad EXE file directory format (35) EXE format files mus	 -Bt have .EXE extension (36) EXE file directory is too big (37) network capabil	 -Kity exceeded for TSK: (40) task is not available (41) undefined network node fo	 -Sr TSK: ) Unknown cause a@Detected in module  from file Error detected   -\in module  link number 7@- name 	j. 6~D HvdKHw
2+T2+_MR/Q+_,ROS+	ROT
wRPaNHRwnRw6nRwl:	9	`biF
oI*Zm*qoow*V	L2z*Oov%*S	D"	L3s*xp"*	K*+	K/+9
@d(	K"+	K!++<	K!r+	K0Q+	DG.*k	KHY+Rt*lP	KSxRm-*_	KV+,Ru)+1	KaD+!V=!+&	D"V=!+*	Kb+=	Kf3+
]m		Ky;*]*]`*]a*]a*	D"
^37+	K{d+	K!+	L+	LS+7	LK*5io9*:	io9*@K?*KOrK^QKvYKKDKK3	K)dK-!K0KLS}K	`H
/`:@8PK\	D@y^[K[L2*LKS*:S1,HSy\w (Tv
@#\'+	C8K`PH
	0_Y4Q_YY&HHT	"HUHMT()}vd(
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(QK+q(QK	`
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)e,MTo;H65KJ 	D?D2* ;m/Q*G&H;2H;3
H;4H;5H&wMH;<	D"H#2#
6s&+}Y	"YZZ
rQ"*uHNH'MkVKko&+{}y&+}	O-yRz4LX*	PLwO@WC7eT*PM$KWA{WE!"PiR 	D"PiY@t,t(d,t.3,t/?,t07,t6k,t`3,tfg,	D"x@,Cx64,4xI,,<xUT,8xs
,@g[l+*EPI0KW=BW:r.	D"ghD2* gk*+egk1d,	gk2`+gkD@+;glUD+<glke+zglkt+gm,