Trailing-Edge - PDP-10 Archives - BB-4157F-BM_1983 - fortran/ots-debugger/formsg.rlr
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 4	\Zu	\[	\^x	\aM	\e	\e*	\e@	\eA	\eG	\e{	\f`	\h?	\k;	\m	\m	\mc	\n	\n#	\q}	\r	\r.	\s\	\t4	\t>	\tC	\x	\x	\xQ	\z	\zf	\zx	\{	\{	]
B	]
K	]
L	]
i	]
k	]	]	]	]0	]@	]N	]w	]
#	]
$	]
&	]
8	]
<	]
I	]
[	]
_	]
d	]I	]K	]$/	])g	]*	]*2	]*9	]+F	],=	],K	]2/	]2t	]8=	]8T	]?S	]B~	]D	]D	]Dg	]Dk	]Dn	]E	]E1	]E>	]EO	]ID	]Jd	]K		]K	]K
hH, g:@	 DDH,S:HH	,
ShH	""",[(H,M@H,	 i&hH,-gVhH	(",]hH,"S*(H	 *,-KH,*cV(H ,.	   3S?0H!,2M?0H#,6MVp	";H%,9MSH',=MZh#H*	(D,@KR`~H.,De&0$H2,GCJ	 DDL
H:	"" U,Re;
H@,Y	   ]g2p


HS	("n,kk6xHv,	e:hHx	( ,
MH{,Sp&Hp,	   _B(H,CCH,eK	"!xH,eIxH
,#]N zH	" @*,&S|H,*Sh|H	(2,.aBpJH,2S}H	"" ;,6g:hH#,;gxH(,?	 CS0$H.,CGHH0,G	  La>H(H3,KG0)H7,OS6x	 DAT)H<,SSVpwHA,Ve	(@@]HC,ZUN(H,^UNHF	(e,aKO0xHG,eIR`
HJ	"@n,jKHQ,wG^`HT	(,{S20HX,I20H[,SJ	DD"S>`(~Hv,%	g`)S70(Hx,)S/0(%Hz,,I2`(	"2"H|,0SH(!H,3S^H(#H	""":,7S((+H	,;S2h0H0 ,mSO81H3,qO8	 DDv1H6,tS>(1H,xIF(1'H9	" ~,{KR1'H<Can't get DBMSDBMS not loadedInternal F	 OROTS error at $PINQUIRE not implementedFOROTS internal error in memory manageme	 ntMemory fullFOROP function code exceeds rangeCPU time $Y   Elapsed time $Y	 $D$3T$A$A$A $U $FInternal FOROTS JSYS error at $P - $JEnter correct file specs	  $AInteger overflowFloating overflowFloating underflowOutput field width t	 )oo smallFormat and variable type do not matchAttempt to WRITE beyond fixed-lengt	 1h recordReading into FORMAT non-standardAmbiguous repeat countEnd of file	 :Bad format binary fileRecord $R has not been writtenIllegal record number $D	 BRecord length negative or zeroAttempt to WRITE beyond variable or arrayRecor	 Kd size different from that specified in OPENFound unexpected continuation LSCWCan't	 S backspace image file with no RECORDSIZE$J trying to set tape $ABLOCKSIZE ignor	 \ed: device is not a magnetic tapeIllegal attribute $A for unformatted file - ignore	 ddDISPOSE='SAVE' assumed - device is not diskUnknown OPEN keyword $D, ignored	 m$Z in CLOSE is meaningless - ignoredNo filename specified-- DISPOSE='RENAME' igno	 uredCan't CLOSE file: $JCan't rename file to $F: $JCan't rename to $F across	 ~ devicesIllegal generation number $ACan't OPEN file: $JCan't setup to append to 	 magtape file: $JRandom IO requires /RECORDSIZERandom IO requires RECORDSIZE 	 specifier in OPEN statementNo such device $A/ACCESS:$Z illegal for this device	 /MODE:$Z illegal for this deviceError translating PPN to DIRECTORY: $JIncompatib	  le attributes /$Z$Z /$Z$ZNo filespec information allowed for SCRATCH filesSame 	 (device open on unit $D with conflicting specifiersIllegal value for $ACan't	 1 do $A I/O to $A fileIllegal for DIRECT (RANDOM) filesCan't determine whether f	 9ormatted or unformatted $AIndustry tapes must be opened MODE='IMAGE'Illegal un	 Bit number $DREREAD not proceeded by READ$J - $Z$A keyword value /$Z$Z$A st	 Jring too longError in $A string - $JError in $A string - $J - $ZCan't $A an $A-	 Sonly fileCan't write a file with MODE='LINED'Illegal character in formatData 	 [in IO list but not in formatIllegal repeat countIllegal Hollerith constant	 dIllegal field widthUndefined data type or internal FOROTS errorReading into charact	 ler format illegalIllegal character in dataUnit not specifiedWrong number of	 u argumentsBad IO listIllegal MTOP valueIllegal keyword valueDump mode 	 }IO list too longIllegal DUMP mode I/O listIllegal to initiate another I/O sta	 tement while processing $AIllegal length for character expressionUnexpected MTOP	 R% error: $JVariable $S not in namelistFound "$C" when expecting "="Missing ri	 ght parenVariable or namelist does not start with letterIllegal SubscriptCan't	  convert constant to correct typeAlpha string too longSign with null value	 (Null string illegalFound "$C" when expecting ":"Illegal substring descriptorStrin	 0g not within single quotesCan't switch to input: $JCan't switch to output: $ 9JDisk full or quota exceededPlease EXPUNGE, then type CONTINUE	D"	\Zu	\[K	\^xR	\aMr	\ek	\e*T	\e@O	\eAG	\eGw	D"	\e{	\f`		\h?{	\k;	\m	\m0	\mc{	\nz	\n#j	D"	\q}r	\rn	\r.*	\s\N	\t4e	\t>	\tCD	\xg	\x	D"	\xQ	\z6	\zf=	\zx9	\{	\{@	]
B*	]
Kv	]
LC	D"	]
i6	]
k;	]3	].	]	]0
,	]
#>	]
$M	]
&Q	]
8S	]
<)	]
	D"	]
[x	]
_%	]
d2	]	D"	]Ia	]K^	]$/	])g"	]*	]*2f	]*9F	]+Fb	],=J	D"	],K&	]2/	]2tt	]8=K	]8T2	]?S.	]B~Z	]D	]DG	D"	]Dg	]Dk
	]DnU	]E[	]E1#	]E>	]EOd	]ID?	]Jd]	D"	]K		]K;	]KB	]b`	]d"P [hP [|P
w2@	ShYZ	Z[PbKUV;/VKP@W.GPyPRGg?%v	@gA^gD|gD1ggGh(H|>TW~@hH|>p~@0H|>T~@(H|>p~@ H|>TW~@H|L?~@@H|L?~@H|>TW~@H|ZM