Trailing-Edge - PDP-10 Archives - BB-4157F-BM_1983 - fortran/tools/extend.rel
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wdf.&/"4F~ E QG : @Q$l&`{4".@ * .B 	 TT,~,>,>8,^3C<	,,^7@3,~,+p,p]H8	 U"T"X@3@<@3@4@4,>,>=,^3C<	,,^7@3,~,+	(,GJH=EXTINI called in section 0 - RUN /USE-SECTION:1	",+CALL EXTINI was not done before CALL EXTENDNegative number of large 	 !arrays in CALL EXTENDMissing EXTERNAL declaration in CALL to EXTEND.P.	 *Bad character argument in CALL EXTENDIllegal number of array elements in CALL EXTE	 2ND.`Not enough free sections for CALL EXTENDNot enough OTS core for C ;ALL EXTENDEXTCan't return OTS core after CALL EXTEND	D Pb"]j[-9:9:(th2o`1Ru	R	b*	D"UD|95-	pHD87wVHl2M>EVM=Q	KHY4	D"6MG6hE6hE6hF6hF6hG6fI
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