Trailing-Edge - PDP-10 Archives - BB-BT99S-BB_1990 - 10,7/sysdpy/syshzl.exe
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+ @` !*"%D >*> "@O@+"=+=+"?U"*B?l "	b@@ BWZ`0bpcmd #	b #XByPBz $,y(bG".$ D"ZD@@
 %,} " BV "s B`	`\",y`bl4,+ ,y4B` BW ,y6`n%6 +X`T " B ,v "0b " B	b+]m4@@@ZW,l6@l4@,37@`t@@+c " B` " B.@@at`T@7ll4 & B! &*",c""' B!,h,7,h,h,7f'O@,`7@+ml4,$6 \+pd4itat +u,	6k0  ',$`t,@l!*x )1Z+*`Z :PeZ@*jx5*zZ&&%*0H8,`0F0,Z <h,$9
{,h,7dt+	at+: _,n,#757j *'l*
	j,+ *'`T@+5,#7+aT+
 +`t+f`tat; !+l+dd0*00j=7/*!"p[+0D(1D,+*b0*0j+/**
$*.j:+0*l4 +d4 7$++!,@@@@5,t@@XD`+7@
$6@;x,~6@ *,~@p
(0<0|,~$0.0wh9( h>X;YPYXc0dt8uHsJ`zNxLPK(MpO@ps@0	@ 	@Pr@hr@@O@R@P.@ @`
S@PR@7b "
`T/".B+B7b "
"`T.".B7 @@@@Z`0"r0bs,~ ,y7@ I//"	7 .B7 @@,~L@,~L@,~h,~h,~h5th@,~6B $V&"2 B7@h6@l,~,>Z0B$1B "XB,^+,k`tdt(	`"
[	j *`j+a6@
&`	`.KJOB
.	bd4,++`h,~*ht+n	j+\",y"-Bs"7@	b+ ""t B7B "t B,~d4	j(+8 "7@	b+   B,~h4,~l4,~ 0p 0$0t1p 07@@ P P,~`t,~ .*"; .*"= /	b6+7l4,~@ INXY;ggLY>8 :,@b\@@\ $,i`Z :A:?1Z9
,	I )   ,$5?This monitor does not support network statistics.
,	I )  (,$5?This monitor does not support Systems Communications Architecture.
,	I )  2,$5?This monitor does not have any CI-20 interfaces.
,	I )  :,$5?? Can't create/append log file DSK:SYSDPY.LOG[-]
This display will be automatically replaced by the normal display.
Type any command to effect immediate replacement.
,O,$,:  B7@+T +i "!$@
+i  @ /!&F+5 " (.".b(3b+^	b+> (!X&@F7+C D&//"$"l$A` 4\f\=be <\ +i  k,0,7+O,~n+	Advance screen by "n" or approximately one screen-full
n-	Retreat screen by "n" or approximately one screen-full
A	Toggle Auto roll of all jobs
C	List DECNET link status
E	List Ethernet status
F	List file system statistics
H	List this text
I	List incremental statistics (where applicable)
J	List only jobs (in multiple columns)
K	List CI network status
L	Log screens into file DSK:SYSDPY.LOG[-] (Close on ^Z)
M	List virtual memory data
N	List normal (some of everything) status
O	Toggle suppression of [OPR] jobs in "N" & "M" display
Q	List the system queues
R	Refresh entire screen immediately
S	Toggle System or expanded job statistics in "N" display
T	Topology for network display
V	Toggle cpu and core priority
Z	List LAT server statistics
nW	Set wait time to "n" decimal seconds
\	Display network statistics
n!	Toggle non-idle jobs; "n" specifies runtime threshold = n/100 seconds
#	Toggle PTY number or controlling job number
%	Toggle runtime or percentage of cpu
^	Toggle skipping system statistics in "N" display
*	List DECNET node status
^A	Toggle alarm (flashing) mode (if applicable)
^C	Terminate SYSDPY execution
^R	Toggle reverse video updating (if applicable)
^Z	Terminate SYSDPY execution
<ESC>	Freeze screen as is (any subsequent command will thaw)
SPACE	Update screen display immediately
ml,$O@d@,@@M D*"R`T+z,/E.BEat E BF E,} I BK,
X*lt+	`T,[ZJE,$`T+H,$,=UH`T,$+M,$ZNaTaT1,$,$Z	b&+ 2B+!"=+ 	b@@+  ;,ab:N`t+*abl"I:[1\MSaB+)Z(BzX(B`B>\,Q @,Q,4.PO.RP.VP,,at,?!"m``l!"=``l+Y!"}``L +Y!"h`5,Y!"- !0@aLbQE+X$U&$$& (BAV!0D;+>!0cQE+X!"@`L!"
`+X0DJ 1D`+C0DJ +F V,M!0DJ +X+X1DJ  W1D` W,H+X0D+@+K$X4DWeDm
.$)B+W0D]`+X$X1D!"Z`1D!"\@1D!"[1D!"[@0D1D!"Y@1D!"U@1D!"Y1D!"Y  0cQE+X!"\`+X:Q:Q:R`t+],al+] <,R7AA+j,(7@+Y4"d,> 
6E@+e <  >`d+i+i <,R+j ? <3D* <'3D* <'3D) <,R,^,( "7`d@|2P! <+,R ;at =aT+s F D ,|,*1,EaT+|,Q <at =,\,Q <at >,\,Q C, 6CC, ,$d4*j~,(`T,~+gab,~S $(F)D5F2$
	d,~(D{A$4DQ.,,AZ,(0B(*d,^7 :x,~O@T,> >`d.PL,^,~6)>+(Z3HR+2HS3HS:x,~[!4b"!2cSH.!GSH."A0.PN,~ /;7 ,~6@l47@<6@<,~l4,~ @/=5"- @@A=@A=@A>.C= B; Bd"`/=.C= B< Bd"`/>.C> B<,~@0[,(4b:Z*
ab+92[+:[A/*Q R!0[ab2\Q R"0\ P"0].P"[!["4bE/I6AH+D.!."gZ!;H@."A0."A2,~ G.",l4BL`b(D(DRd",~ G.",l4BQ7 (D(DRd",~,>@al+W0].".PO "07!A "9@,>,( ,^+c,>Z
 >a|+c0]*/I H.I*
1\.PO1B9@+c "07!A "9@,^!0B,,^6@,R+Q,,r,$`T@+f,x  ^,$ E,E,$ ^,}+_ B#/" B$ a,y B$ a,y0BgO @&0B1BO@&  b`t,$  b,$  e6`$,$  f6@&,$,$O@#:
 f.,} g B(',@ g.,y0b  h i.,y`b  j`b@  l`b  n`b  o @('4@,$+; q.,y/(-.B(-at (- B ,Q q.,y/(3.B(3 B  r.,y/(-/(3.B(-at (-,x,a,Q r.,y/(3.B(3at (3,x,a,Q  at (3,x,a,Q  ,E,Q s.,y/(9.B(9at (9,,`,Q s.,y/(?.B(?at (?,,`7@$+1,Q t.,y/(9.B(9at (9,,`7@&+;,Q t.,y/(?.B(?at (?,,` u.,y&u1"@ B(W,$+|,  v,$O@#:
6@('+> (',Q y.,y/(E.B(Eat (E,,_,Q z.,y/(E.B(Eat (E,,_,Q z.,y/(K.B(Kat (K,,_,Q {.,y/(K.B(Kat (K,,_,Q {.,y/(Q.B(Qat (Q&"@,,_,Q |.,y/(Q.B(Qat (Q&"@,,_,$+>,  | @%O@#:
6@('+d .,y5"d .,y4Bdab~+dSB%6@%,$@@% (', 
,+d,   @%O@#:
6@('+s .,y5"s .,y4Bsab~+sSB%6@%,$@@% (', 
,+s+.,S"0.%X"(,5$)z)z#((`t#((atBb(W@bb)&0f.$ ,Q,h*l5$0]0^0}0~000=0>0]0^0}0~, ,y4B$  ,$/.Bat ,  ,$ 	,y/.Bat ,  	 
,y<,,$,6@&+O ,y4BO  ,$@f,l7J+1.",l,>.",l.,^.",l. ."+),>,>,
,;Z#0Z`+; 0#
,; # .Zx #!.Z*l5,^/.Bat ,  ,$,^/.Bat , 
@.",l0,R,u <,R,$, ,y4Bc  ,$/.Bat ,  ,$ ,y/.Bat ,  ,$ ,y/ .B at  ,  ,$ ,y/ .B at  ,,$,  ,$ ,y/!.B!at !,  ,$ ,y/!.B!at !, ,yB  ,y".    ,    , <,R,u <,R,$ ,y4B	  ,$/".B"at "$", ,y   ,  ,$ ,y/".B"at "$", <,R ,y/#.B#at #$",,$ ,v BK B ,v BL ,v [(C// ,v/ ,y4B/ ,} "V.+ ,v/ DL  (Q, L3BK2B1+   (Q3BK,$2BK,   P,    Q,   Q,   R,,$  ! O,   P2PO,  ! P/O.O,   ,v ,  ",$ N L(C$02&,h,$ #	p@(P,>  $, $	p@`"`$0H,>  , <,R,^ ,^,| <,R,$O
 %,y4BC  %1"  &#p, ",y  '6P, (,y  (,y  )7P6@,  6P, ),y  *6P, *,y  +6P, +,y4BU  ,Z,  [, $,yA"  ,6P,0*,$  - M, M/M4P]  &, -,y5B` I/"   , I/03p+d  ,  . N,,$6"\0b
+v,@@a *  /,$=jj,$ * a	b+u4Bu Ba Bb 1	d+u,Q f,U,Q c,U<Jk,Q+l0J,$6"\0b
+	,*J%%,}+	ab+	[ " ,l `B`b +	 #y,l  " ,l[1V
%,Q0z4P4,U,Q < `D,R <$`D,R=j	,$m
,Q " ,l+{0J,$,~,$  5,Q,-,6,B+	,>  7,D,?,^,~@@a@@ ;*"	 a	b+ 4B	J Ba Bb,F 1	b+	J  ;,D f,G,I c,G,? i Bb 1	b+	 Bb,L i60n6@b1 B@,F  1,D6@b7< h,F  =,D d7@b,G,I q,N q,N r,N r,N s/t/u,N s/t/u,N,?`T@+	Ed4Rbd"4B	@!&x7 ,	s(B*f	>!&w[
d4*f	@dt,?6Bm3Bb+	H i7@b Pb+	&@@b6Bp+	&+	,?,B+	P,>  =,$,=  o,D,?,^,~@@b!(x7B +	e Bb,F 1	b+   1,D6@b7< h,F  =,D t,N t,N u,N u,N6@b+	a g v`T(B B /b,O,?6Bm3Bb+	e i7@b Pb+	R@@b*h	Q ,y4B	r ,?  @,D[,N  BdH,D  BdH,D  CdH,D  CZdp7 
7A,~,L,L,L,Dl4,~l4,>/\1A,JDmt,D,^,L,D5Gl4,>/\1`	,JPDmt,D,^,L,D7@@	w@	w@	w@	w@	w@	w@	w@	w@	w@	w@	w@	w@	w@	~@	~@	~@	~ U,yaB+  U,Q,:  W,$ 
,v 0,q  X,$ Y,v 0,q  Z,$ [,v 0,U,$,	#	0A@@C@@D  [,$!*| (g,$ j,v."(!"X"0,v/(#.B(#at7(# .PDaJ"PE,q k,v."(!"X"0,v/((.B((at7(( .PCaJ"PD,U,$*j
/,	$%	0B  k,$!*|X* (z,$ ~,v."(!"X"0,v/(-.B(-at7(- .PE,q ~,v."(!"X"0,v/(2.B(2at7(2 .PD,U,$*j
C,	#+ :  ,$ D,q  ,$ D F&V&,>,U <,R,^$02&,U  ,$,$  ,$ ,v*"`!*(X*@p#`EQ"(X"0,v/07.B07at 07$"2&EX00 <10,R,U,R  <10,R,U <,R4B
q,Q."( <,R=b
b,	$%+ ?  ,$ C,q  ,$ C F&V&,>,U <,R,^$02&,U  ,$,$  ,$ ,v*"`!*(X*@p#`DQ"(X"0,v/0=.B0=at 0=$"2&DX00 <10,R,U,R  <10,R,U <,R4B,Q."( <,R=b,$.,*j,~  ,Q,: 
,}15B,	I )  
,$+?at@@+,>!$x J	b+!d"`D." B*d "XB,^b7p+$,D+=p#,$O@7`+(,	I 6+),	I 1  ,$7 \,~,D+",l, <,R0,k  o,$,Q@7`006@, 2F+2/" B,Q"4B;..,lA" 0,k,Q06@,U,Q0,q0,q0,q0,q0,q0,U,$+*$4D  0f  & "(	 ,l B*F9H8888(80888@8H8P8X8`8h8x88 #,yaB+&@@$; $*"% ^,}+$"
S` L$;@Z(B.&,y6@: 'l' X$? "$?	bE7( $? B0$<*lY4P/  (,Q  *,$!,x,RZ,b*lc,$ 
$;7 0$<+x  ,7@
,U  -,$!&x,R -l. B$?ZF$? 8$?	xEg $@dbm" l"dBm!lZ$?3X0$< .[,RZ,R*fl,$*lf 
$; &
$&0SX"# B$G / B$G!"uX"$G6 0$<	b9O@0$<*ly,E  /,$ 
$;7 0$<+
$&0  ,6@
,U,Q $L`t/%,\,Q $L`t/% F&V B ,,Q $M`t/%
,\,Q $M`t/%
,,Q $L`t/%,R,\,Q  7,$081P+9,b,$*l
$;7 0$<+
0 &
$&0  ,6@
,U,Q $I`t/%,\,Q $I`t/%,\,Q $J`t/%	,\,Q $J`t/%	,\,Q $K`t/%
,\,Q $K`t/%
$;d47 0$<+
D &
D  Bmt,$  ,6@
,U,>!,y 8$G.0
F0.8?:`t/ 0
2 D*"%D,~$HH$HH$HH$H	H	$H	H	$H
`,$00,U,Q8a `
,Q,Q 0`t/(#9,\,Q 0`t/(#H,\ 0 P(#9 0 P(#H8
,Q,Q 0`t/(#9,\,Q 0`t/(#H,\ 0 P(#9 0 P(#H8
p,^ ,$  a,$,$ ,
,R,R^0,,$0j,U  j,$0k,U ,
,Q 0`t/(#9,\,Q 0`t/(#H,\,Q 0`t/(#W,^ 0 P(#9 0 P(#H 0 P(#W8
X,~ l X"K 8 :"M"L5
"L5o X"K 8
F:#"L5"K"8S:#"L5,>pQ8B,>x,Q <,R>`+
hZ,$,^al++}@} ~~  ,Q,S  ,$
#f#g@@#h 8#f	xH,~[#g&8"S`X&#u,$
#g\8X#h8#f	xH+8Z#k <0X+<,R  ,$ <,R  #n,$  
,Q0,\*l.&*f,$,:,6  B , 7D+*,+-!0m P *0~,++-,%+-2D
+ &~[Z1P"+%  Q A` 2P+$ 0\+$``+!,0?`~+'.+ ~`p+,7+,~,> ,y B,^6D+  5$,	I :  ,$,s,R,x,	I N  ,$,	I N  X= 8=	xC,~ 
4l   >4XP X"@  X"? 8"?	xC+P8 `T@4XP`T+! "@,,Q0$7 "A,^,Q0$,`,Q0%,`,Q0 6@+%,Q "A&"4B( ,a <,R ,_,Q7@"B+)  "B,$,$:=,9,~,~,	I :  +,$,s,R,x,	I I  .,$,	I I7L@@S` L"D 4 P"D 0"D	pC77@"D,~aT+`Z"F1B=`+Z_
"D7 +6 ,U7@"H+f  7,$ "H,k,Q7B"E+8,,QZ"D,`,QS"F,R,,Q["H4Pm,^,QZ"H4Po,^,Q["EA0,z,QZ"EA0,z,QZ"G,`,Q["G `,$,QZ"G `,$,$+Z@1p @1P  :1P=  :1Pd  ;1P  ;5@$,R5U<<==>>??@@AABBCCD<DEEF;FGGHHIIJJKKLLMMNNH7HOHPHQZ 0 R	`21@:x,~Zl2 0 R	`21@:x,~,,~ R P@@
 BS	p1,~+ ,,~ 0 P@@
 BS	p1,~+ 0 P@@
 BS	p11+0P1P1,~ 0	p
+- $,y $ab $ DX S,yQ"ZBX BY T,yQ"ZBY BZ ,y B, BE@@ ",+@+@ R	b
 B[O@ T,y"U0B+E`t@+J@@ [	b&+J:!"=	b+O@ B ,y6@ B+\",v\$	dm$3D+ab7l4 DZ ,v B[ ,y6@ B) U,y B* V,y B* ,y6@ B+ V,y7@ "	 B W,yZ`,ld"pRB!$z@ "
Q,y4Bh B WQ&~1B
vZFR1B	;ZFS*fc*d` ,y BV4Bp $`b $ DV`b l4 ab+p ,y[B
ZB ,y B ,v BT_"DJZBIZB{.JZBJZB|Z( DU X"-4B"-d`t@,++dT+X XR $+ (Z XB$, I. D(3d+	d+	@d,*hxZH.J> B,~
&X	`	`"IS`7D+[. +!X$	d+*}`t  * @A;d$4D ",l C; ",l C:at + .",l`B+QC;*h 
[ ;2BZ3B[l4 [$,5D$$,"I!`Z X*- ,y B.
[*d"*h HQ`@@."*#,~ A6@aT,~ "5r8\0x9+,>,`.,^9+56$9:ABEQKNLM;Z5$ d"~,y 5U,^,^+[5U: &0Z3p+@ <,R+<Z5PU,~Z5U d"~,y: C`,~ :sP&,>,U <,R,^5U <5R <5R <5R <5R,	I ),r+S,	I ),r,R,x,R,/E.BEat E BF  \`t,$,5$0f0+` $"%."7&".,$.,0F0+],~,f <,$ < +$  ] ^ B! &*"+h , .   ^+h  _Q A`4\ ,$+i
&_,~2"X2"Y2"Y2"Z+rSn`SX2 "	b!@,~at@+uabA"3b7
	b}g,~ <5R,+|+{ H,~,@,~,,~5 H+,,~5HH+at@56a16,~ZW.6 \Z4\ 2|+[7  [<a6<pz+
8\<b1<H,~av,2.2\:x+l6@22I+7+b.+	b,~+A.[e	b,~	d,~	f,~	h,~+fg4\.<,R`vp+,~g.<,R`vp+!,~ya``Q<A`4\,R+%7<+RQ<+R$<5R&<5R,P,!"p,y,,g2 ,u<5Ra``Q>A`4\%0\+6:6@,6>@+17`,R+170\+107`1>x/015U,U.<5R1p1+r&02,<@,R5<,R,&0<@5R <,R.<1p,R5U7$02&^(R22^.05 $02&(R22.0,~$"'&&"2A,b,)+5b8J,R,$+U,+U8J,R,$5k8J,R,$+<,V"X]5	$0&(R228&0,>,,^<,R5U7]F&V*&5U75F&V*&,~$02& (R22 8&02,>, <,R,^5b,>,> n.#.#,}+".xQX".#.#,}>:,^,^,~,> "+**x@@@@@@@@,~,>\,^,>],^,~6@+/ 4" /.b5" @@,~@@ 6@ B,~6 
	`!$N@fb+",~,/+.6@+9&"P7P+@,U <",R&$ 0B,b1B,U,' 5b$"2&V3"o+L&o ,b,'&$8 ,b,'&&2 5b&"8 ,b,'&$2 ,b,) 5bA0,>(P~,U,^A05U7o . <50X,R#`&08QRx6@,X[x.<0|.<+R 5c7p p5c7q q5c7r r5c s5c .ZB&08.2QRx*bf4Ph,d[x5R5"gZ,R*bh+g ,>[x4Pn .,V,(Zx .,V,^,~+V,U+Q  s,$,R $ &   ,v,$*fw`B=t,~ ,v&" 0 ,b &" # &   0 ,,R ,v+E  t,$ F5E ,}7,~5y 04"  (p 2>d(D)BOn("`l 0(3b+//"l)B5D
(2b.0(H,~@Hhhp`xPX	8(@(he;>=gR[8I&I[RM}g2uOQC(qI,YSOE
# #!#

$6$!$$!$!$!~``h$hx L(
@P"S` Type H for HelpH$! <|+{A*&*t	j
,~< 8 0;08ggL? LOOKUP error () for help file HLP:SYSDPY.HLPZ1P+i  0,  2+i? Insufficient memory for reading help file text!
  9+i? I/O error reading HLP:SYSDPY.HLP
  ?+iYPMJob  Who  Where What  #     Virtual          Physical       PGR   State Runtime     Reads   Writes    Userw?/  Q,+wN-I^ S,+*|i_%I^%S>Mkz4DE,R+j$*UFUH*%H$F*FUG UP:` "6@
 "+nx0 (+)	ID	OV	LS	 UPTIME	CTX	UUO	DBL	CSH GC+p	(Not Running)p	(Not Scheduling)	(Suspended (???))	(Detached)	(Removed)(Px800hh!	DSKI	DSKO	SWPI	SWPO	MTAI	MTAO
HPX``h	CH0	CH1	CH2	CH3	CH4	CH5	CH6	CH7
@@	PI0	PI1	PI2	PI3	PI4	PI5	PI6	PI7
@NX0ANF In:	Out:`0	Cor:0<DCN In:@<$D	Blk:/0AETH In:8A	Dgm:@AHATTY In:@H	Cnk:IPCF S: 	W/P:`h@`P8PMem: Shr: JRN:Use: Swp: ASR:0FRU:hKSYS:+KSYS:-HDE: (STP: MPE:`RIB:POK:SCH:Job:@ Det:Struc  Mnt  Free    xbDev   By How	Det	  3,$+	Disk Status forUnit or F/S	Free	BR	BW	DR	DW	MR	MW`  Mnt:8qc@)	Swap Unit	SR	SW	PR	PW	Used(Swap errors:  CHK DEV DAT   Lost:    Errors:HDEV:HDAT:SDEV:SDAT:RETRIES:SER:RER:CER:PHUNG:THUNG:NTHUNG:SHUNG:LBN:1CONI:2CONI:1DATAI:2DATAI:ANF Statistics forNTCOR=	NTMAX=	0NTBAD=	0Unnumbered CTL	XMIT'ed	RECV'ed
0 DAP/DATA	1 ACK	2 NAK	3 REP	4 START	5 STACK	6 NODE ID	_`abcde80 0Numbered CTL	XMIT'ed	RECV'ed
0	 1 CONNECT	2 DISCONNECT	3 NEIGHBORS	4 REQ CONFIG	5 CONFIG	6 DATA REQUEST	7 STATION CTL	ooqrtuvx@0(0XMIT'ed=Average=/sec 2**N	0%   20%  40%  60%  80%  99%
H06$RECV'ed=00ANF Topology for(The T command can only be executed if:
1.The requester has SPY or PEEK privileges.
2. And the monitor was built for network support =603
,7+,~aP`,RaP|,R,k9( G8$< "6@
CI Status of
Open Paths:
CI Node CPU    6
Packet counts:
	     XMT	 Avg/sec	     RCV	 Avg/sec	Discarded	    Node
      $MALL  9,$+

	   A ACK	   A NAK	   A NRS	   B ACK	   B NAK	   B NRS

Hp%CRC:MVRPAR:CBUSPAR:REGPLIPE:DATAPLIPE:/MCHN:CoEBUSPAR:SPRCHN:CBUSoAVLTMO:pbSPRRCVFATTN:?-SPRXMTnATTN:m-XMTBFRnPAR:XMTTMO:EtherneteStatusiofh0Chan/Kont	State	erE-Net Address		  DgmXmtted  DgmRcvETH-F"LProtocol	State	Kont	ll User	  DgmXmt	  DgmRcv    FQESystem  g,$+
#hP#hQueues for [~+? Queues cannot be listed
  DECnet Node Status for System Node	 Delay	Hops	Cost	Links	Address	   Circuit F"@F"A$D"A8 4XP8!4XP+@H"A$$"@H"@0!4PH,_+H     ',$+L  7,$+O  DECnet Link Status for System Job	 Node	Chn	State	  XMIT	  RCVD	DOBJ	SOBJ	Seg	XFLOW	RFLOW@NRTSER  5,$+c_  --  8,$+hDTRPSTMAIL **ANYFALURDATSCTSTCVOSINRM70G80G90GTPSRDAT2THT2RSTCV2TLKRTLNICEMTPHNCTNRTCTHLBMERCVVPMUFTSPHONDDMFX25GUETPVMAIX29SCALX25ASNAGSNARCTRM None Seg  Msg @ P%X%P0(`XH0~8.?Need More Core
GSH~h06$(+) ~@~~~~6$W0
6$"`. HaR++(a"@H = ?{H%VM(MAX=,USED=) PGR.USER= PFC:NIW= IW=X
~ HPX`hppThis isUP: 2 %A%A4
H$H$H$HH(H $H"0       8>9