Trailing-Edge - PDP-10 Archives - BB-BT99S-BB_1990 - 10,7/sysdpy/sysvbx.exe
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+c@`*"&b>*>@O@/+"=+=+"?U"*B?l 	b@@ BuZ`0bpcmd 	b XBtPBu ,}(bG".$ D:"ZD;@@( ,z`bO@( , " Bs "	 B~	`\",}`bl4,( ,}4B` Bt ,}6`n6 +X`T " B1 ,z "0b " B1	b+]m4@@@1Zt,p6@l4@,I7@}`t@@+c ", B~ "{ B.@@| "	b+ at`T@7ll4 ! B !*",""' B>f"O@,,~7@,+ll4,(6 y+od4itat +t,
1,$d\+<A<?1<++<\<`X\<\\ZD8Q$$\B.$*$7mT<+ <+ <+Z185\,~at+: },,;75*7j9 *'l*
	j,' *'`T@+*5#,;7+*aT+'
 +*`t+h`tat; >+l+fd0*00j=7/*!"p[C0D(1D,+6*b-0*0j+4/**
3$*.j3:3+#0*l4 +#d4 7$C+9,@@3@@35#,
$6@|;x,~6@| *,~@p
8H	b`fxdhc(epg@p	@0	)@ 	)@P@h@@e@h@PD@ )@`
i@P@Xh@$7b3 "
`T/".B-+Z7b3 "
"`T.".B-7 -@@-@@/Z~0"0b	,~ ,}7@ g/-/"	7 .B-7 -@@-,~L@/,~L@2,~h,~h,~h5
h@,~6B3 3$s&"2 B27@h6@l,~,>Z|0B<1B& "*XB|,^+|,`tdt(	`"
x	j *`j+y6@
&x	`.KJOB
.	bd4,(+`h,~ *ht+\",}") B4 "7@4	b+ ""t B}7B9 "t B9,~d4 "7@4	b+  9 B9,~h4,~l4,~ 30p 0$0t1p 07@3@ P9 P9,~`t,~ )*"X **"Z *	b6+Ml4,~@ INXlXYggLY>8 :,)@bz@@y $,m`Z :A:?1Z9#4B#*,)=b!*,):z18$+ :,) :,)@bz:y18
+,~?f++Zf,~ have either PEEK or SPY privileges.
, 6,(5UThis monitor does not support network statistics.
,>,(5UThis monitor does not support Systems Communications Architecture.
, H,(5UThis monitor does not have any CI-20 interfaces.
,P,(5U? Can't create/append log file DSK:SYSDPY.LOG[-]
This display will be automatically replaced by the normal display.
Type any command to effect immediate replacement.
,e,(,: - B.7@:+j :+ "!$@
+  @ +!&F+1 " (.".b(3b+t	b+: (!X&@F7+? D:&//"$"l$A` 4\|\=b{ <\ :+  ,4,;+e,~n+	Advance screen by "n" or approximately one screen-full
n-	Retreat screen by "n" or approximately one screen-full
A	Toggle Auto roll of all jobs
C	List DECNET link status
E	List Ethernet status
F	List file system statistics
H	List this text
I	List incremental statistics (where applicable)
J	List only jobs (in multiple columns)
K	List CI network status
L	Log screens into file DSK:SYSDPY.LOG[-] (Close on ^Z)
M	List virtual memory data
N	List normal (some of everything) status
O	Toggle suppression of [OPR] jobs in "N" & "M" display
Q	List the system queues
R	Refresh entire screen immediately
S	Toggle System or expanded job statistics in "N" display
T	Topology for network display
V	Toggle cpu and core priority
Z	List LAT server statistics
nW	Set wait time to "n" decimal seconds
\	Display network statistics
n!	Toggle non-idle jobs; "n" specifies runtime threshold = n/100 seconds
#	Toggle PTY number or controlling job number
%	Toggle runtime or percentage of cpu
^	Toggle skipping system statistics in "N" display
*	List DECNET node status
^A	Toggle alarm (flashing) mode (if applicable)
^C	Terminate SYSDPY execution
^R	Toggle reverse video updating (if applicable)
^Z	Terminate SYSDPY execution
<ESC>	Freeze screen as is (any subsequent command will thaw)
SPACE	Update screen display immediately
ml,(O@,d@,@@j @*"o`T+,{/c.Bcat c Bc @, g Bh, "
X*lt+`T,kZJA,(`T+30C,(,A`TD`T,(+H,(3BJaTaT1,(,( 83B#+M3Bx+O,c,U7B}+64"5Z	b&+62B~+4!"=+6	b@@+6 3,ab:k`t+@abl"I:[1\MSaB+?Z(BzX(B`B>z,U 8,U,J.Pm.Rm.Vn,1,5at,C!"m``l!"=``l+o!"}``L +o!"h`5,o!"- !0@aLbQ=+n$Q&$$& (BAQ!0D;+T!0cQ=+n!"@`L!"
`+n0DJ 1D`+Y0DJ +\ R,c!0DJ +n+n1DJ  R1D` S,^+n0D+@+a$S4DmeDm
.$)B+m0D]`+n$T1D!"Z`1D!"\@1D!"[1D!"[@0D1D!"Y@1D!"U@1D!"Y1D!"Y  0cQ=+n!"\`+n:n:o:o`t+s, al+s <,V7A:+,>7@+T4"z,> 
6E8+{<~7`d++<,V+8<3D"8<'3D#<'3D"x<,V,^,>@7`d@|2P?<+,h4at5aT+	cD=,,.1,=aT+,U4at6,U,Ux5at6,U,U;,$6C<,$,(d4*j,,`T,~+}ab,~S$(F)D5F2$'2$0,~/'.,#Q$.C5 B4 :d"`/6.C6 B4 ;d"`/6.C6 B5,~@0V,>4bPZ*
ab+O2V+P[9/*Q R?0Wab2WQ R@0X P?0X.P?[?[@4b[/g6AA+Z.?.@gZ?;A@.?A0.?A2,~ @.",p4Bb`b(D(DRd",~ @.",p4Bg7 (D(DRd",~,>@al+m0Y.?.Pl "07!9 "9@,>,> ,^+y,>Z
 7a|+y0Y*/g A.g*
1\.Pl1B9@+y "07!9 "9@,^!0B, ,^6@,V+U,,j,(`T@+|,q  Y,( c,=,( Z,+Z BA/" BA \,} BB ],}0BgO @D0B1BO@C  ]`t,(  ^,(  a6`A,(  a6@C,(,(O@@:
 b., b B(D, @ c.,}0b  c e.,}`b  e`b@  g`b  i`b  k @(E4@!,(+Q l.,}/(J.B(Jat (J B=,U m.,}/(Q.B(Q B> m.,}/(K/(Q.B(Kat (K,|,Y,U n.,}/(P.B(Pat (P,|,Y,U >at (Q,|,Y,U =,=,U n.,}/(V.B(Vat (V,,Y,U o.,}/(].B(]at (],,Y7@A+G,U o.,}/(W.B(Wat (W,,Y7@C+Q,U p.,}/(\.B(\at (\,,Y p.,}&q1"@ B(u,(+,  q,(O@@:
6@(E+T (D,U u.,}/(b.B(bat (b,,X,U u.,}/(c.B(cat (c,,X,U v.,}/(h.B(hat (h,,X,U v.,}/(i.B(iat (i,,X,U w.,}/(n.B(nat (n&"@,,X,U w.,}/(o.B(oat (o&"@,,X,(+T,  x @BO@@:
6@(E+z {.,}5"z |.,}4Bzab~+zSBC6@B,(@@B (D,  
|,+z,  } @BO@@:
6@(E+	 {.,}5"	 |.,}4B	ab~+	SBC6@B,(@@B (D,  
,+	+,.,S"0.CX"(,5()z)z#(&(&`t#('('atBb(t@bb)&0f.$ ,U,l*l5(0z0{000:0;0Z0[0z0{00, ,}4B:  ,(/:.B:at :,  ,( ,}/;.B;at ;,   ,} ,,(,6@D+e ,}4Be  ,(@f,p7J+G.",p,>.",p.,^.",p. ."+?,>,>,
@.",p0 P= .",p/p  	,  
 =, <,V,y <,V,(, 
,}4By  ,(/<.B<at <,  ,( 
,}/=.B=at =,  
,(/=.B=at =,  
,( ,}/>.B>at >,,(,  ,( ,}/>.B>at >,  ,( ,}/?.B?at ?, ,}_B= ,}".=   ,  
 =, <,V,y <,V,( ,}4B  ,(/?.B?at ?$", ,}   ,  ,( ,}/@.B@at @$", <,V ,}/@.B@at @$",,( ,z Bi B ,z Bi ,z [(C:// ,z/ ,}4B,/ , "V.+- ,z/ Dj  (Q;, i3Bi2B1+5  
 (Q;3Bi,(2Bi,   n,   n,  
 o,,(   m,  
 m2Pm,   m/m.l,  
 ,z ,  ,( l i(C;$02&,l,( 	p@(P,>  ,  	p@_`"`$0H,>  
, <,V,^=,^, <,V,(O
  ,}4BY  !1"  "#p,	 ",}  #6P, #,}  $,}  $7P6@,  
6P, %,}  %6P, &,}  &6P, ',}4Bk  'Z,  
[, ,}A"  (6P,0*,(  ( k, j/k4Ps  !, ),}5Bv g/"   
, g/03p+z  
,  ) k,,(6"y0b+	
,@@~+*[*,(=j	,(`*`~	b+	4B	 B~ B,-	d+	,U ,N,U ,N<J	,U+	0J,(6"y0b+	), * JB 
B,U0u4P/,N,U < `D,V <$`D,V=j	&,(m
,U " ,p+	0J,(,~,(  1,g,-,:,F+	0,>  3,H,C,^,~@@~@@ 6*"' ~	b+ 4B	` B~ B,J -	b+	`  7,H ,K,M ,K,C  B -	b+	2 B,P 606@1 B@,J  -,H6@78 ,J  8,H 7@,K,M ,R ,R ,R ,R //,R //,R,C`T@+	[d4Rd"4B	V!&x7 ,
	(B*f	T!&w[
+d4*f	Vdt,C6B
3B+	^ 7@ P+	<@@6B+	<+	2,C,F+	f,>  9,(,A  j,H,C,^,~@@!(x7B +	{ B,J -	b+   -,H6@78 ,J  8,H ,R ,R ,R ,R6@+	w  `T(B B=/b,S,C6B
3B+	{ 7@ P+	h@@*h	g ,}4B
 ,C  <,H[,R  =dH,H  >dH,H  >dH,H  ?Zdp7 +,,C,~  
7A,~,P,P,P,Hl4,~l4,> |/z1 ,N  @mt,H,^,P,H5Kl4,> |/z1 	,N  @mt,H,^,P,H7 +5c,~RHBOFLHWPSWPSAFPRFNNAAWL2PTxABhCpDEFG G`HXIPJhK(L8L0MHN@O@
"P,}aB+4Q,g,:S,(",z"0,i(T,(tU,z0,iJU,(V,z0,N,(,,z/(F.B(Fat7(F .PaaJ"Pb,N,(*j
E,  g,(!*|X* (u,( y,z."(!"X"0,z/(K.B(Kat7(K .Pb,i z,z."(!"X"0,z/(P.B(Pat7(P .Pb,N,(*j
Y,  z,( a,i  {,( a c&s&,>,N <,V,^$02&,N  |,(,(  },( ,z*"`!*(X*@p#`bQ"(X"0,z/0U.B0Uat 0U$"2&bX00 <10,V,N,V  <10,V,N <,V4B,U."( <,V=b,(.,*j
x,  ,(+a,i+{,(!a c&s&,>,N.<,V,^$02&,N  |,(,(  },( ,z*"`!*(X*@p#`bQ"(X"0,z/0[.B0[at 0[$"2&bX00 <10,V,N,V  <10,V,N <,V4B',U."( <,V=b&,(.,*j,~  ,g,: ,15B0,
,p,  <,V0,c  j,(,U@7
`004,U"4BQ.5.5,pA" 0,c,U06@,N,U0,i0,i0,i0,i0,i0,N,(+@$4D$ 
0f  & "(	 ,p B6*F,9^8888(80888@8H8P8X8`8h8x88 ,}aB+<@@%Y *"&# Z,+ "
S` L%Y@Z(B.",}6@: "l# X%\ "%\	bE7# %] B0%Y*lo4PE  $,g  %,(!,x,VZ,Z*ly,( 
%Y7 0%Y+
  (7@(  (,(Z6@(,N  (,(!&x,V )l) B%\ZF%] 8%\	xEg %]dbm" l"dBm!lZ%]3X0%Y *[,VZ,V*f
%Y &
$&0SX"# B%d * B%e!"uX"%d6 0%Y	b9O@0%Y*l
,E  +,( 
%Y7 0%Y+
0 &
$&0  (6@(,(Z6@(,N,U %j`t/&),U,U %j`t/&) c&s B=,,U %j`t/&),U,U %j`t/&),,U %i`t/&(,V,U,U  3,(041P+5,Z,(*l
%Y7 0%Y+
F &
$&0  (6@(,(Z6@(,N,U %f`t/&%,U,U %g`t/&&,U,U %g`t/&&,U,U %h`t/&',U,U %h`t/&',U,U %i`t/&(,U,(*l
%Yd47 0%Y+
Z &
Z  >mt,(  (6@(,(Z6@(,N,>!,y 8%d.0
\0.8?:`t/ 0
H ?*"&b,~$HH$HH$HH$H	H	$H	H	$H
\,( 0,N,U8\ `,(,U 80,
,U,U 0`t/($V,U,U 0`t/($e,U 0 P($V 0 P($e8
,V,V00, 80,
,U,U 0`t/($V,U,U 0`t/($e,U 0 P($V 0 P($e8
,(*f,(  ],(,( ,
,V,V^0,,U 0,
,$U7@0+c  e,(0e,N  f,(0g,N ,
,U 0`t/($V,U,U 0`t/($e,U,U 0`t/($t,V 0 P($V 0 P($e 0 P($t8
n,~ g X#i 8 :#k#j5
\:$)#j5#i 8
\:$3#j5#i"8S:$=#j5,,>lQ8B,>x,J <,V>`+
hZ,(,^al+ <,V,N,^al+ <,V,N,^,~`x@y yz{  |,g,S  },(%%@@% 8%	xH,~[%&8"S`X&%,(%%\8 X% 8%	xH+ Z% <0X <,V  ,( <,V  %
,(  	,(	%
%\8 X% 8%	xH+  
,U 0,U*l!.&*f,~,,(O@,  
,g,(,:,:!-,B. *0~,A+C,;+C2D)+0 &~[Z1P"+;  Q A` .2P-+: 0\+:``+7,4?`~+=.+2 ~`p+0,;+$,~,> ,} B(,^6D(+,  5(,
-4l$-\4XfX#]X#]#8#]	xC+f8`T@4Xf`T+=#], ,U07 #^,V,U0 ,Y,U0 ,Y,U06@+!,U #&"4B# ,Y <,V ,X,U7@#+%  #,(,(:=,O,~,~,
#b7 +1 ,N7@#f+|  3,( #f,c,U7B#b+4, ,UZ#b,Y,US#c,V, ,U[#e4P,V,UZ#e4P,V,U[#cA0,,UZ#cA0,,UZ#d,Y,U[#e `,,(,UZ#e `,,(,(+p@1p @1P  51P=  61Pd  61P  75@(,V5N78899::;;<<==>>??8@@AA6BBCCDDEEFFGGHHIIJH3HJHKHLZ 0 M	`21@:x,~Zl2 0 M	`21@:x,~,2,~ N P)@@)@@* B* N	p1,~+6,2,~ 0 P)@@)@@* B* N	p1,~+, 0 P)@@) D* B* N	p11+,0P1P1,~ 0	p
+C ,} $ab $ Du O,}Q"ZBv Bw O,}Q"ZBv Bw ,} Bz,{ Bc@@z ",+V+V Rz	b
 BxO@} P,}"P0B+[`t@+`@@} x	b&+`:}!"=	b+O@ B~ ,}6@ B#\",z\$	dm$3D#ab7l4 Dx ,z By ,}6@ B" Q,} B" Q,} B# ,}6@ B$ R,}7@ "	 B5 R,}Z`,pd"pRB5!$z@ "
Q,}4B~ B SQ&~1B
vZFp1B	;ZFq*fy*dv ,} Bt4B $`b $ Ds`b l4 ab+ ,}[B'.'ZB0 ,} B( 
,z Br_"DgZBgZBv.gZBhZBwZ( Dr S"%4B"&d`t@,++dT+X XR $+ (Z XB$$ g. D(3d+	d+@d%*hZA.g> B{,~
&T	`	`"gS`7Dz+$[. +&!X$	d+1*x`t  * @A3d$4D0 ",p C3 ",p C3at +0 z.",p`B+0QC3*h! 
x 32BV3Byl4 V$%5D:$$"g!`Z X*& ,} B.
W*d8*h4AQ`@@."*#{,~:6@aT,~"5v8W0x9A,>,`D,^9AKL(OPWX[UadbcQZ5( d"~,} 5N,^,^+[5N: &0Z3p+V <,V+RZ5PN,~Z5N d"~,}: C`,~ :sP&,>,N <,V,^5N <5V <5V <5V <5V,
	bg,~ <5V,++ H,~,@,~,,~5 H+,,,~5HH+,at@5,6Y16,~Zt.6 \Z4\$2|1+,[7  x<Y6<pu+8\<Z1<H,~av 2.2\:x+,l6@122g+,7 1+Z.1+	b,~+, .W]	b,~	d,~	f,~	h,~+, ^ 4\$.<,V`vp+!,~ .<,V`vp+%,~  ta``Q A`4\$,V+) <+V <+V <5V <5V P>,!"p =,   >,y <5Va``Q A`4\$0\+::,6@/,:> .+57`.,V+570y+,107`-1>x/0
50,.p-50,@@-+, <(aT <%5V`T+G!?.?.?A0,N5UQX"!,}A` B<QX"!,}A`XB<@@<[=4RN,Z "O+A@ @ <@? ? ?  <@<` <2`5U,> 0P&0HQP< $02,^&0HXP<,~,f `,} B,Z "c+Aa@(%; ;b  %c<` <d@X%;;e ;@`,~1ps+p&020p15N,N <5V1p1+v&02 <@,V <,V &0 <@5V <,V <1p,V5N $02&=(R22=.05 $02&=(R22=.0,~$"'&=&"2 ,Z,- 5Z8J,V,(+N, +N8J,V,(5c8J
,V,(+5(s2X=5&0,>,,^ <,V5N7= c&s*&5N7= c&s*&,~$02&=(R22=8&02,>,X <,V,^5Z,>,> f.@.@,+&.xQX".@.@,>:,^,^,~,> "/**x@@0@@,@@,@@+,~,>y,^.,>z,^/,~6@/+3 .4"$//.b-5"$@@-,~@@- -6@0 B-,~6 +,~,> +4B9@@+,,^+,,>@@+7 y+?:+ ,2<-O@++B6@/6@0+BO@0 , \-,^,~,6+E,(,,:,:,5:,^+,>+:+,~,6,~5(,6,~5 ,6,~5N,6,~5U,C,P,P,P,6,~5V,6,~5i,6,~5/, 7f <at7 y,~A<?1\+h1\+p7 z+c1\+,mA:1\ <h`\ :p2\l@|:z2x|O@z,~at,~,>,j,p,V,V,V,V,^5V <,V6 z+h { Xz | X},~ y$8$.z&8.h:,~:y3xz,~:
. Zz*{.{0x$+s X|7}:} X| `A3x{+y8 Xydt,~$8$.>&8.h,>xA<?,V6 z+,^+( z: }:}/`A,> <,V; x+,^,~:{,{"{{{({ x X{8
 X{ Xz:
. X|8 Xy8 Xz8
 X| X}+, xx
+id,~.+++6@|+1,~105N&"P7P+9,N <",V&$ 0B,Z1B,N,+ 5Z$"2&s3"j+E&j ,Z,+&$8 ,Z,+&&2 5Z&"8 ,Z,+&$2 ,Z,- 5ZA0,>(P~,M,^A05M7k . <50P,V#`&08QRx6@,P[x.<0|.<+V 5[7k l5[7l m5[7m n5[ n5[ .ZB~&08.2QRx*b^4P`,\[x5V5"Z~,V*ba+ ,>[x4Pf .,N,,Zx .,N,^,~+N,N+U  o,(,V $ &   ,z,(*fo`B=m,~ ,z&" 0 ,Z &"  &   0 ,,V ,z+=  p,( c5= 
,~5} 04"$ (p 2>d(D)BOn("`l 0(3b+//"l)B5D(2b.0(H,~@Hhhp`xPX	8(@(he;>=gR[8I&I[RM}g2uOQC(qI,YSOE
#" "

$6$$$$$X~``h$hx L?LOCK FAILED

&	`(
@P`S` Type H for Help:ukW.H$H@A*&*t	j
,~<"`V#Y0VggL? LOOKUP error () for help file HLP:SYSDPY.HLPZ1P+  +,  -+? Insufficient memory for reading help file text!
  4+? I/O error reading HLP:SYSDPY.HLP
  ;+m(kJob  Who  Where What  #     Virtual          Physical       PGR   State Runtime     Reads   Writes    Userw?/  M, +.wN-I^ O, +.*|i_%I^%S>Mkz4<=,V+$*U?U@*%@$>*?U? UP:` "6@( "+x0 (+)	ID	OV	LS	 UPTIME	CTX	UUO	DBL	CSH GC+p	(Not Running)p	(Not Scheduling)	(Suspended (???))	(Detached)	(Removed)(Px800hh!	DSKI	DSKO	SWPI	SWPO	MTAI	MTAO
HPX``h	CH0	CH1	CH2	CH3	CH4	CH5	CH6	CH7
@@	PI0	PI1	PI2	PI3	PI4	PI5	PI6	PI7
@NX0ANF In:	Out:`0	Cor:0<DCN In:@<$D	Blk:/0AETH In:8A	Dgm:@AHATTY In:@H	Cnk:IPCF S: 	W/P:`h@`P8PMem: Shr: JRN:Use: Swp: ASR:0FRU:hKSYS:+KSYS:-HDE: (STP: MPE:`RIB:POK:SCH:Job:@ Det:Struc  Mnt  Free    xDev   By How	Det	  /,(+	$Disk Status forUnit or F/S	Free	BR	BW	DR	DW	MR	MWsx  Mnt:8qc@)	Swap Unit	SR	SW	PR	PW	Used(Swap errors:  CHK DEV DAT   Lost:    Errors:HDEV:HDAT:SDEV:SDAT:RETRIES:SER:RER:CER:PHUNG:THUNG:NTHUNG:SHUNG:LBN:1CONI:2CONI:1DATAI:2DATAI:ANF Statistics forNTCOR=	NTMAX=	0NTBAD=	0Unnumbered CTL	XMIT'ed	RECV'ed
0 DAP/DATA	1 ACK	2 NAK	3 REP	4 START	5 STACK	6 NODE ID	Z\]^_`a80 0Numbered CTL	XMIT'ed	RECV'ed
0	 1 CONNECT	2 DISCONNECT	3 NEIGHBORS	4 REQ CONFIG	5 CONFIG	6 DATA REQUEST	7 STATION CTL	jklnoqrt@0(0XMIT'ed=Average=/sec 2**N	0%   20%  40%  60%  80%  99%
H06$RECV'ed=00ANF Topology for(The T command can only be executed if:
1.The requester has SPY or PEEK privileges.
2. And the monitor was built for network support =603
,;+),~aP`,VaP|,V,c9, [%Y "6@( "+m 
CI Status of
Open Paths:
CI Node CPU    6
Packet counts:
	     XMT	 Avg/sec	     RCV	 Avg/sec	Discarded	    Node
      %kALL  4,(+
	   A ACK	   A NAK	   A NRS	   B ACK	   B NAK	   B NRS

\H&#CRC:MVRPAR:CBUSPAR:REGPLIPE:DATAPLIPE:/MCHN:CoEBUSPAR:SPRCHN:CBUSoAVLTMO:pbSPRRCVFATTN:?-SPRXMTnATTN:m-XMTBFRnPAR:XMTTMO:EtherneteStatusiofh0Chan/Kont	State	erE-Net Address		  DgmXmtted  DgmRcvETH-F#iProtocol	State	Kont	ll User	  DgmXmt	  DgmRcv    FQESystem  b,(+
%P%Queues for #~+? Queues cannot be listed
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