Trailing-Edge - PDP-10 Archives - BB-BT99T-BB_1990 - 10,7/daemon/daemon.exe
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+e,^!$  & 2P,~+,>(.d(3d+	d+O@AxZxQ$!`*%(,^+xP}@]**H+Hgg>9ZR $Unprivileged job x4 attempted to run DAEMON6,j06	b
,j098.A`Wrong version of DAEMON run; Invoking SYS:(=.EXE as system DAEMONB8pGh(PCan't SPY on the monitorxGCan't get core for NUMTABxJH0Can't get CTY line numberxO~RSETUUO to set DSKFUL ERROR failed(UXCannot become system DAEMONxYDAEMON already running in job x]P; cannot become system DAEMONa Can't get core for clock tablexeDetachingjDETACH failedxkFailed to get JBTSTS in DALOKJ loop(mJ/COMJOB mismatch in DALOKJ loop(r
[DAEMON shut down: please SAVE, then start a new DAEMON]
Necessary GETTAB failedx|Error returning values from DAEMON UUOxUUOFNC=, SAVXWD=^PuError reading arguments for DAEMON UUOxJOBPEK failed with unexpected error code(
Code=, JOBPEK wd1=, JOBPEK wd2=Job=, JBTSTS=, JBTADR=Error intercept count exceededxError intercept @PC x0
(6$( (GSystem error block was truncated(#
GSystem error block length inconsistentx'$G@KK|@aV+R+[

6$GpG `IXp$
GUnable to resync sequence number from error file(5Computed initial value-1 is (;Unable to initialize error file sequence number(>Resyncing sequence number to 1(DToo many error files foundxH ?0B5	 $+x@@B0?,^(,~*
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&Message from DAEMON[DAEMON: "88X