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End_cycle p
Save_cycle pSave BUGcheck pSAVE_USAGE_DATA p

@@1@@1@@;,>",>#,!H,+aB+!,Z0B+> ",~	?Reading file:  p#INFO -  p%cannot find input file p'@b ( 
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1@,+%+HZ^0BA+*!" B2@@2,>#,>v+E0B@+lZ_ o @>   @=!  @2@@2 o0@+2,>#,>w+E p0@+5,>#,>w+E p0@+8,>#,>x+E q0@+;,>#,>x+E q0@+>,>#,>y+E r0@+A,>#,>y+E r0@+D,>#,>z+E,>#,>z,>{,>#,>{,hG>}+l0@ +X:5@@4@@5,>|,= B8 ] @8 3 @+@@xZ\  \Q `,>,>|,
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">},~STOPCD*OTHER*Unknown;Ha> .3b*+ . B*6@++ * B+Z25B!" B2@@27@.+,>#,>)+,>#,>*,>{,>#,>*,l>}Z15B",>#,>+,>,>#,>*,l>}:; + B "* Bx " BH,>,,@@x,>T,>T,
">},~HIm#J 	K:87 ,>2,>,~R,~COMGEN p3Init_OP_Scan p5Gen_Results p7Move_Mon_Info p:Log_Reload p<Test_Cycle p?Fix_Overlap pAFix_Time_Lines pD79<>ACF,>S,>T,>T,
" "3 B_ "* B`,>U,>S,!H>|,~	*3KSPRCOM.SPE pUSPRCOM.SPE Load:	 pY Crash:	 p[ Reload:	 p] Run		 p_ Down		 paDebug - Adjusted Data p
c`aabcdbcdeeffgghhiijjkkllmmnnooppqqrrssttuuv ,>,>,>,>,>,>,>d,2;,>d,>e,2<@@Z "bB[+,),@ " B[,K@@D@@D@@L@@I@@P@@x,
 BM BJ BQ@@Q@@N@@K d BR BN BK BB@@I@@J@@P@@M!" B^@@_,>U,>S, G> BcaB+ ,>T,>U,>T,
,>T O,>,>U,
 3 B  3 B  4 B  <2$2d+: +=2$2d+=   <2"2b+@  +B2"2b+B  / /3d3"+G44G52H>}++ / B[ / B\, ,n,t <2"2b+P B+R2"2b+R B B < 2"2b+V B B+X2"2b+X B / B[ / B\ B2b  BB  BC D3  B3  B4 "cBZ+q,>U,>e,=,>f,>f,=,>g,>g,= | B } B ~ B,>[,= B,>\,= B,>h,>h,>i,>i,>j,>S,3$>y [4b}.BI,>J,>,
 Bx,> Bx, BJ [3"K K BK:J [2bK K BK> \4b
 Bx,> Bx, BM \3"N N BN:M \2bN N BN>aP+:D \.BP,>Q,>\,
 Bx,> Bx, BQ \ 3"Q Q BQ4d 2bR R BR:P " Bc Db>+ "bBZ+ \4b Bc " Bd,>j,>|++ C/B B> I.L B= J FD = 
D4J( & BO+( HO4F* I&++ I BL M4F. L&+. L BO P4F3 & BS P&+4 HS P BR K3Bd@@K R3Bd@@R N3Bd@@N4h>,>P,
 Bx, BE>~6`I+@7`P+E,>P,
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mbc+  m B "QB!@6`= $@6`> "A>{,^,^,^,^,^,^,~$#@WX|3}4~f2cP` q B` 8 Ba 8 Ba,~:RELOAD_REPORT pq,>,>,=,>U,>e,=,>f,>f,=,>g,>g,=,>[,= B],>\,= B] }3B~+,>,2c>>{,~8{N ,;"BUGHALTSTOPCDS..HALTCRPARITYHARDWANXMHUNGCMLOOPPOWERSTATICOPRPMNEWSCHEDSAOTHER,>,>,>,>,>,>,>,>S,>S,>,oS@@\@@Z@@x,>,>,
" _ "  ( 
bg 61V+ "   ( 
bg 81X+ "   ( 
bg <1\+ " ! ( 
bg 81X+0 " ! ( 
bg <0\+3 \ Be " Bf+ " " ( 
bg <0\+: \ Bf " Bg+ " " ( 
bg <0\+A \ Bg " Bh+ " # ( 
bg <0\+H \ Bh " Bi+ " # ( 
bg <0\+O \ Bi " Bj+ " $ ( 
bg <0\+V \ Bk " Bl+ " $ ( 
bg <0\+] \ Bj " Bk+ " % ( 
bg <0\+d " Bm \ Bl+ " % ( 
bg <0\+k " Bn \ Bm+ " & ( 
bg <0\+r " Bo \ Bn+ " & ( 
bg <0\+y " Bp \ Bo+ " ' ( 
bg <0\+ " Bq \ Bp+ " ' ( 
bg <0\+ " Br \ Bq+ " ( ( 
bg <0\+ " Bs \ Br+ " ( ( 
bg &0F+:I " Bt \ Bs+ \ Bd " Be " B\>{ \,^,^,^,~@;W^m#`		

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	"b	+  	" BU "QBX "SXBU!"GBY "b	 ,>	#,>	!,>	!,RJ>~`B+r "rXBU!"GBY "b	 ,>	#,>	!,>	#,RJ>~ "b	 ,>	#,>	!,>	$,P@>~aB+x!" B@@ "b	 ,>	#,>	!,>	$,P@>~aB+@@x,>	$,>	%,>	!,>	%,l>~!" B@@!" B@@!" B@@!" B@@ "b	 ,>	#,>	!,>	$,P@>~aB+@@x,>	$,>	&,>	!,>	%,l>~,>	&,>	&,>	',>	!,>	#,^*>}aB+@@x,>	',>	(,>	!,>	%,l@@x,>	(,>	),>	!,>	%,l@@x,>	),>	*,>	!,>	%,l>z!" B@@!" B	@@	!" B
!" B@@ "b	 ,>	#,>	!,>	$,P@>~aB+*@@x,>	$,>	*,>	!,>	%,l>~@@B,>	*,>	&,>	',>	!,>	#,^*>}aB+: " BB@@x,>	',>	+,>	!,>	%,l@@x,>	(,>	+,>	!,>	%,l@@x,>	),>	,,>	!,>	%,l>z "b	 ,>	#,>	!,>	$,P@>~aB+K@@x,>	,,>	$,>	',>	!,>	%,q B?@@x,>	-,>	$,>	',>	!,>	%,q B@@@x,>	-,>	$,>	',>	!,>	%,q B@>x@@A@@> "b	 ,>	#,>	!,>	$,P@>~aB+Y@@x,>	.,>	$,>	',>	!,>	%,q B>@@x,>	.,>	$,>	',>	!,>	%,q BA>{ "b	 ,>	#,>	!,>	$,P@>~aB+l@@x,>	/,>	$,>	',>	!,>	%,q>}aB+c@@<+l@@x,>	$ "},>,>	!,>	!,>	!,>	%,j|aB+j { DT,>	/,= B<>| "b	 ,>	#,>	!,>	$,P@>~aB+@@x,>	0,>	$,>	',>	!,>	%,q>}aB+w d B<+@@x,>	$ "},>,>	!,>	!,>	!,>	%,j|aB+} z DT,>	/,= B<>| "b	 ,>	#,>	!,>	#,UU "cB>+	
@@x,$ B} "},>,= Bx,= B<O@x,><,= B<> "cB>+	 "cB@+	,$ B} "},>,= B<@@x,><,= B<>@@X,	7 >FA@6`X &A ?.@.@@1D "A Bc>} c>~,~@$YST`UcPcxZm#YZ[^	
stuvwxTycannot parse IN_FILE_SPEC p
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T,>hG>{>x"S,^,^,~$~${$${6$w	Sm#pTUVCOMRPTp
From:TmprTo:piod length (HRS):	 p, usage cycle =  p pSYSTEM Availability % :	 p
USER Availability %   :	 p
 p" p#Total Reloads		 p%	MTB Reloads	 p( p*Total Crashes		 p,	MTB Crashes	 p/ p1 p3Effectiveness	Six minutes	Thirty minutes	One Hour	Four Hours p4	 p<	 p=	 p?	 p@  factor pB pD		Run times	Down times	Crash times pE	 pJ	 pK	 pMTotals	 pN	 pP	 pR	 pSMeans	 pU	 pW	 pX	 pZMaxima	 p[	 p]	 p_	 p`Minima	 pb	 pd	 pe	 pgStd. Dev. ph pj>,> ",>,=,> "~,>,=,>,>S,3 BG,>,>S,3 BG,>,>S,3 BH,>,>S,3 BH J4B Bx,>L,
 Bx, BW>~ M4B Bx,>O,
 Bx, BW>~ D4B Bx,>R,
 Bx, BX>~@@x,>,>,>,>,>,3$ w BY w BZ,>,>,>,>,>,>,3$,>>,= B\,>=,= B],>,>	,>	,>
,>,3$ E B_ F B`,>,>,>,>
,>,3$,"bBA+6@@x,>b,>O,=,Bc,>,>,>,>,>,>,>,3$>y@@x,>,>,>,>,>,3$@@x,>,>,>,>,>,3$ G Bi G Bj H Bj H Bk,>,>,>,>,>,>,3$>} "bBA+|@@x,>,>,>,>,>,3$>}@@x,>,>,>,>,>,3$>},>I,= Bo,>L,= Bo,>P,= Bp,>,>,>,>,>,>,3$>},>L,= Bs>,>O,= Bt>,>R,= Bt>,>,>,>,>,>,>,3$>},>K,= Bx>,>N,= Bx>,>Q,= By>,>,>,>,>,>,>,3$>},>K,= B|>,>N,= B}>,>R,= B}>,>,>,>,>,>,>,3$>} W B W B X B,>,>,>,>,> ,>,3$>|@@x,> ,>,>,>,>,3$>f ">,~BC48 XYZ[\]#^`$+abc2def4;CgikEIPmopVrsu]vxyc{|~jkReport file name:  p	  p#cannot open report file p%SPRCOM.SPELPTHEADER p*SUBLPTHDR p,LPTSUB1 p/LPTSUB2 p1LPTSUB3 p3LPTBADHDR p5LPTMONNAME p7LPTRELOADDATA p:LPTGOODHDR p=LPTMONNAME p?LPTRELOADDATA pB "XB!"GB# "GB#@@( "b&,>&,>,>',RJ>~aB+S ' B,>,>(,>(,>),>),>,3$>+U,>*,>	,>,>*,9\,>+,>+,2<,>,>,,=,>,>,,=,>-,2c,>,,>,,>,
.,>>,= B,>I,= B,>L,= B,>-,2c,>K,= B,>N,= B,>.,2c,>K,= B,>N,= B,>.,2c,>L,= B,>O,= B,>/,2c7`D+,>/,2C,>0,>,!H,>0,>, G>aB+7`+r,>0,2c>,>,= B,>,= B,>,= B,>,= B	,>,= B,>,= B,>,= B
,>,= B	,>,= B,>1,2c>{+r>~ D/D4b!,>1,2C,>0,>,!H,>0,>, G>aB+!6`7`+,>2,2c>,>,= B
,>,= B,>,= B,>,= B
,>,= B
 Bx,,>, B~,>?  },> <x,s	 @x,>E,>|,^,^,~x,>,>>,>~,>|,
 Bx,,>,>|,>{,> Bx, B~,>?  },> <x,r|>} >,^,^,~RDFILE pMGET_VALID_REC pOGET_FULL_FILE pQGET__VALID_HEADER pTREAD_BLOCK pWRESYNC pYSKIP_ENTRY p[GET_ENTRY p^QSVY[]_FATAL - Bad date in period arguments! pdMinimum Time:	 piStart Time:	 pkStop Time:	 pnMaximum Time:	 pp   Additional data: p	sFATAL - Error opening input error file! pvSTATUS:         p{2ND Code:       p~IOB Status:     p   Additional data: p	Date / Time:    p             =  p
BufOIndex:rtingep p,>,>,>,> | } }  h"h$2b+!  ah"h$3"+!  ah"h$3b+.,>x,>a,>y,>y,9\ F1B+&2Bz+- a Bd Vd Te a Be,>y,>z,>{,>{,>|,>|,3$>}>~ "+t =3B`+a = B`!"GBp "GBp "bv,>,>|,>},RJ 0X+8@@p+E,>x,>a,>y,>},9\ F1B+=2Bz+D Xi p Bj"w Bj,>~,>~,>,>,>,>|,3$>}>|+^ \x,>,i 1X+K0X+J "+J >~+t Y h"h$3"+Z> F1B+Q2Bz+` Y Bn Y Bn p$w/$ Do,>~,>,>,>,>,>|,3$>}+` \x"x,>, 1X+>} +t>+E>+g,>,>,i 1X+g0X+f "+f >+t  Yh"h$3"+o \x,>"x,>,K > +s!"GBp "bv \@@x,>,UU ">~,^,^,^,^,~$p$@p$YNhubdfcxzhikYlno\cPERROR.SYSERROR.XERROR.X.X  pINFO - Proceeding to read entries from p,>,>,>,>> | |,>,>,i Bq  2@q+ Xx,>| k,>,K Bq> q1B+0B
+f6@s+)C.-,>l,>,>m,>|,>|,>|,>m,oS>|`B+)R. ,>l,>,>n,>|,>|,>|,>m,oS>|aB+f6@s+?e` @r.,>l,>,>n,>o,>|,>|,>m,oS>|aB+<I"-Bse"btfBt "XBs,>o,>o"~,>,>|,>|,>|,>|,j|aB+; { Ds>|@@ @x,>p,>|,>m,l>~:s,>p,>s,>o,il,>q,>q,> <,nf@@ @x,>r,>|,>m,l  `l X@@x,>r,UU  uX@`  qX@`! G@`  G@` r @`  `l X@@@@x,RJaB+\ .  @z,>l,>s,>s,>t,>t,>l,3$ `! `B@U B@>}+e>z@@s  qX@`! G@`  G@` r @`  `l,>,>|,>|,RJ>~+h>{+g>+h>+ q>,^,^,^,^,~$X$`vm#wxsqpyucP
CHECK - Event file corruption detected - Attempting to RESYNC pHDR_WRD_0:        pLast Date/Time:   p               =  pRecord Seq Num:   pFile Location :   p"   Additional data: p	%CHECK - Premature EOF detected in error file! p(HDR_WRD_0:   p.Date/Time:   p1          =  p3Rec Seq #:   p6File Loc.:   p8   Additional data: p	;SYNC_WORD:   p>HDR_WRD_0:   p@File Buf.:   pCFile Loc.:   pEComp Code:   pH2nd C Code:  pJIOB Status:  pMINFO - RESYNC values! p
OCHECK - Premature EOF detected in error file! pSHDR_WRD_0:   pYDate/Time:   p[          =  p^Rec Seq #:   p`File Loc.:   pc   Additional data: p	e,>,>,>,>,> | } pZp/$&w2&+q4Bq$n5Dt,>, 0V+Q> p$w.$dwZp"w.  B`"nh"3"r+~"o4B~"o1B+~"o0B+7"o1B+0B+
@@`,>,{ 0V+ p$o/$do0V+,>x,>b,>o,>r,9\>~+,>x,>b,>o,>s,9\ F1B+2Bz+ ` B	 ` B	 ` B	"p B	 p$p D	,>s,>t,>t,>u,>u,>|,3$>} \x,{ >~1V+> +k pZp/$&w2&+"4B"$n5D$ \x, 0V+Q p$w.$dwZp$w .   D` F1D+,2Dz+6  D	 ` D	 F	$p D	 p B	 p B	"w B	,>v,>v,>w,>w,>x,>|,3$>}>+x@+X . pZp/$&w2&+>4B>$n5DS,>, 1V+S0V+Q,>x,>b,>o,>x,9\ F1B+F2Bz+P ` B	 ` B	 ` B	 "p B	  p$p D	!,>s,>y,>y,>z,>z,>|,3$>}>~ "
+R >+k> p$w.$dwZp"w.  BH.4"n34+8"o0B%+\ "$bo"nh"3"{+b"p4Bb p .$ `+d p .$&q.&fq&q.&fq"qh"3b{+j"q/"Obq+f ",^,^,^,^,^,~0
`6$`$0l``l@@(			R			Xh			!@@OFATAL - Read request with input file closed! p{CHECK - Error reading AVAIL file! pCHECK - Input file is not a valid Event file! pCHECK - Error reading input event file! pSTATUS:      p2ND Code:    pIOB Status:  pFile Loc.:   p   Additional data: p	,>,>> } " B`!"bBp+&,>x,>b,>y,>u,9\>~ "+q "@XBp "bs "bv,>,>|,>v,P@ 1X+.0X+a6@p+7!" B~@@~,>~ "},>,>l,>|,>|,>v,aaB+6 { Dp>} p$n5D]Zp&s0F+I p"t1B+I "@XBp "bs "bv \@@x,>v,P@ >aX+F p$t.$dt+:,>x,>b,>o,>w,9\>|+pZp@ w3F $ p@(u5HN "A0B+R p &fn+` p@(u1H "A0B+X p $dn+` p!$`BD,>x,>b,>o,>x,9\>| "+q$t.$dt $?BD>~ "+q1X+p,>x,>b,>o,>x,9\ F1B+g2Bz+o X	& p B	&"w B	' p$p D	',>y,>y,>y,>z,>z,>|,3$>}>~>~ >,^,^,~$$p6$DDDcxcP 	$	&	(,>  p$o.$do,>,0B+ pZp(/(h>,^,~$CHECK - EOF encountered while skipping an entry! pHDR_WRD_0:   p
Date/Time:   p   Additional data: p	,>,>,> } `<w.~Z`3<+0 Z`/ .<,>, 1V+/0V+-,>x,>c,>o,>3,9\ F1B+%2Bz+, Y B	+ Y B	, \	,,>~,>4,>4,>5,>5,>|,3$>}>~ "+. >+1>+ `|w ",^,^,^,~
	*	+	-CHECK - Premature EOF detected in error file! p5HDR_WRD_0:   p;Date/Time:   p>          =  p@Rec Seq #:   pCFile Loc.:   pE   Additional data: p	H,>,>,>,>,> | |@@`O+p . pZp/$&w2&+V4BV$n5Dk,>, 1V+k0V+i,>x,>d,>o,>u,9\ F1B+^2Bz+h Y B	1 Y B	1 Y B	2"u B	2 p$p D	3,>s,>v,>v,>w,>w,>|,3$>}>~ "
+j >+r> p$w.$dwZp"w.  BH.838}+P ",^,^,^,^,^,~l[;J	.	1	3SPRCOM pwCompute_Main_Routine p
yCMD_File_Valid p}Build_file_list pFind_AVAIL_files p|SPRCOM.SPE% Warning: no data for selected period p	% Warning: file scan / table load failed p% Warning: Invalid command file pO@d!"BBd "bB	6,w " B	6,<v!" B@@,>E,>E,>F,>F,>F,>G,a@b ( 
GbC+  H B "QB!,_aB+>,aB+= "XB!"GB# "GB#@@( "bD,>H,>F,>G,RJ,>I,>I,2<,aB+8 B B< C B<,l,E "bBA,N+B@@x,>J,>F,>F,>F,>F,3$>}+B@@x,>J+?@@x,>K,>F,>F,>F,>F,3$,w>z,~@$#cP`CRLSPRCOM.SPE,>,>,>>,>F,>B,= B,>,>C,= 3x~+{@b ( 
GbC+  H @  Q@! ~ @<,>,>},=  2b  B<  },>,>,=,>,>, <~,nf@@ @x,>,>F,>,l <,nf@@ @x,>,>F,>,l  X@! G@#  G@#@@(  `D,>H,>F,>,RJ,>I,>,2<,>,>F, ,aB+x B @< C @<,l,E,>,>t,= Bs>u+T>},^,^,^,~X	7X	
	8	6m#cPL.A,>,>,>,>d,>,il,>,>,>,>,> <~,nf@@ @x,>,>F,>,l>z,^,^,~`	:	<	;m#.LWK.SYS,>,>>@@	9Z^/  @	:!  @	:@@	;!  @	;@@	< <G,nf,>F,>,>,>F,>L,l 	:4b+XB}  Q@} "b^  @}@@x  },>,>,>F,>L,l>~ d+4 @d,,MaB+4 "bBA+2 "cB@+3,]+4 d B	9. 1`+,  b@?7@	9+9 	9 @d,,] <I,nf@@ @x,>,>F,>L,l,M`B,] <K,nf@@ @x,>,>F,>L,l,M`B,]>y,^,^,~hZ[]h	:	=	;h	:	>	;m# "XBe!"GBi "bY,>Y,>F,>F,RJ>~aB+X "bY,>Y,>F,>Z,UU ">~,~@,~$iecPXc% " Bc:X,>a,>,~	?g "	` i,$,$,$,$,$ @z%,>}	b+h	E,~ @F 
[4Bv,z ",,Z,z "1F,@B PG,~5"} 
",&#`QDx6@,}[x."0b."B:,~,j ~ P  &.(H=f@H,~,j Z HV  BW@@V1PO@V  ^U,=?W,D NG,~W? V 0
",~,j ~+,j,O* ,9 ,6+6,j,O*[.S .[,' "Z BG,~,O*,~,j ~ ,9P N *,5 Ndx$0dx. @O ( P=h.J M,6 *J * ,4+6,5,6J,~,7.0P,~,>,;,^,~,J[/(&(Z ,6@&*6$(.* "@5LB & (=
H:`HhA( ( 0F+G (aJ:/
,P)B}&,ln,~,~,j  & $^0 ^ BG,~,j@@G (XB* 	b+[ Br Bo 	b, Bs $X"2Q"	b@4Bb Bs1$9^   &4Hf.(H=fc 0P7@s+s 0-P[s,u 0PZs,u *s (4Br 0P  &4Hr.(H=fo9
l 0.P@P,~ &@,z,~,j!"X"o	b,,~,j  @@o 1P+/0P+|Z"o	b, ,~ ,~ ,~ ,~ ,~@,~B,~b,~
&$@@G,~GpHH0W0H<x.x/Can't get PPN of program "+H_HrUnable to return to top-level program "+HoCan't find the selected program "+? Monitor call failed
&(*,.02579;>@BDGIKNQTVY[ " B
[1B+p "3B
+p[,>,>q, >+j 
,~,>,>,~FOREST error in  routineFORMEM could not get five words of memoryFOREST error in  routineFORMEM did not start table correctlyFOREST error in  routineKey count in TCB too big,>,>,>>,>},"$>`B+$ ,>Z. ,>,*7 5$,>V,>W,>q,>W,>X,>X,>Y,>],>Y <,nf>~ @x,>X,>Z+ 4d",>V,>W,>q,>W,>X,>X,>Z,>],>[ <,nf>~ @x,>X,>[ <},e>{+O Z @> ! G@ [ @4x(  `U  U.  @
0D+.! G@+.dU !  B@  @ 2 +F: 
 . V @	 
. ^a@+9 +:    2@	+A,>,] B
/8 @4x@  `U+B,>,< B
+E>+F>+14xP,>V,>W,>q,>W,>X,>X,>\,>],>\ <,nf>~ @x,>X,>] <},e>| "+R ! B@ 
>,^,^,^,~2<HcPh,>  /QD   XF  Z4Dh.,>,>~,>X,# B>~+jZ` R`  B 2B+w[,>,	 B 
 . $ cD+v /,>~,>," . B>+w ~ D> $U0D+z!$GD !$bD+~$U.$dU $U D
!$ BD 
,^,~FOREST error in  routineFORMEM could not get five words of memory,>,>>,>,>+,*7 5&,>V,>W,>q,>,,>X,>X,>,,>^,>- <,nf>~ @x,>X,>- <},e>{ "+) Z @ . .| |Q@ X@[Q@XFZ.QF[.[5@"XF +0@+%! G@! b@+( +. `+> >,^,^,~$cPFOREST error in  routineAction type COUNT without preceding CHECKFOREST error in  routineInvalid item type passedItem type: ,>,>,>,>,>,>>@  /Z5@H,>,j B5TG  /X@>+I. @  .Z`   / 	0@+P {.Bp+"0@+Z "2B
 .   c@+X,>{,>,">+Y { @p { @+"0@+o> 
 . V0@+e  2 
+n,>,>,##>aB+n :+n,>V,>W,>q,>C,>X,>X,>C,>_,>D <,nf>~ @x,>X,>D <},e>|+!:+"0@
+r {GBp+"0@+x ." $2$
+w {A@+" { @+"0@+ 
 .   c@+,>{,>,">+" { @p+"0@+
Zp4@.,>,>{,>q,#,,3X+@+	[.>~+"1@+0@	+Zp4@ .Z`4@"+
 .Z,>,>q,il,>G,>H,> <,nf>} @x <|,e>{ "+? . @4X>2X+'  X@` 
+- [,>,H+/ /,>,j  / 
 . " cB+6,>{,>,">+7 { B` . . B[`5B; X@ "2B
+> Q@> 
>,^,^,^,^,^,^,~cP !8"#$
p%,>,> .~ 
 . $ cD+X $@cD+Q .<[p+S .<[p&"." B&,>,>&Zp,>,- B
Z`pR`p>~ [`QD[`. B&R`Z``  XD`Z`. B& ~QD ,^,^,~FOREST error in  routineFORMEM could not get three words of memory,>,>>,>,>X,*7 5hx,>V,>W,>q,>,>X,>X,>,>`,> <,nf>~ @x,>X,> <},e>{ "+ Z @ . .| |Q@7@|+ X@XH+  X@Z4@ .QH> >,^,^,~cP'()?DESC?INVALID DESCRIPTOR PASSED TO FORESTDescriptor Address: Descriptor Data Type: Descriptor Pointer: Please submit a QAR with the error file FOREST error in  routineFORMEM could not get memory for string or blockAmount desired: ,>,>,>,>,>> y X+ }1@+(0@+)6@`5XC  * @+,>~,>W,>q,>~,>X,>,>X,>G,>,>q,il,>G,>,> <,nf>} @x,>X,>G },>,>q,il,>G,> ,> <,nf>} @x,>X,>G,>`,>q,il,>G,> ,> <,nf>} @x,>X,> ,>X,>  <y,e>x .z .& + 
 .  @c@+J[Z +N[&" . Z &" .8[4bS,>,>Z,>,- B
>~,>,>,*7 5te,>E,>W,>q,>~,>X,>X,> ,>`,>  <,nf>~ @x,>X,> ,>X,> ,>,>q,il,>G,> ,> <,nf>} @x <|,e>z+y Z @ .y + Q@XXTX + .< . 
 .  @c@+u pO+s . . 
 J. 3 +p+y *Q*`ZX pZXb}+ >>},^,^,^,^,^,~$$`@cP+,-./0123	4FOREST error in  routineLinkage error found by SWEEP_CHAIN routineBad dynamic block: ,>,>>,>},"$> B
aB+ 0,>},"W> B
aB+ 0 ! B@,> :,$  b@
+ ),>E,>W,>q,> :,>X,>X,> ;,>a,> ; <,nf>~ @x,>X,> <,>X,>G,>,>q,il,>G,> <,> <,nf>} @x <|,e>z "+ 8 ! c@+ 0  +5@ 0,>,$% B>>+ )> ! b@+ 7Z[4D 4XD4B 5QB Z` R` 
>,^,^,~cP5678FOREST error in  routineTABLE_BUILD improperly indicated bottom of treeLevel:  Type of data: ,>,>,>,>>,>|,"$> B
aB+ Y  b@	+ P !  b@+ R,>|,"W B
>  c@
+ U  b@	,#f !  c@+ Y  c@	@@
a@+!  c@	+ o ! @c@+ o Z. @ ! @c@+ g !  c@+ gZ4@ gZ. @+ b ! @c@`+ mZ`.!  c@`+ g !  G@ [. @  ! @c@+!Z. @:  b@	+! !  b@3B+ ~Z4@ z. @+ u[. @> !  G@+ u !  c@+!@+!3 
 .  b@+!,>E,>W,>q,>!6,>X,>X,>!6,>a,>!7 <,nf>~ @x,>X,>!7,>X,> ,>,>q,il ,>G 
 .Z,>,>q,il,>!8,>!8,>,>!9,> <~,nf>{ @x <|,e>{ "+!3 
`@+! +!3,>,"1Z`.: ." . /X@ 
. c@+!/Z`.Q@,>,","
>,^,^,^,^,~cP9:;`<=,>,"$>aB+!@,>,"W>aB+!@ "U,~@,~,>,"$>aB+!G,>,"W>aB+!G "+,~@,~,>,"$> B
aB+!N,>,"W> B
,~FOREST error in  routineItem to be read is not designated as LIST itemData type:  Level: ,>,>>,>},"$> B
aB+" }/
 .  b@+!x,>E,>W,>q,>"
,>X,>X,>",>c,>" <,nf>~ @x,>X,>"
 .Z,>,>q,il ,> ,>,>q,il,>!8,>"
,>,>"~,nf>{ @x <|,e>{ "+"  .   . Z
[. $cD+"! $".
.. $@cD+"$$d"$ Z(.+"B$d"$ Z(. $Q$` D 
 Z/" BZ B
[ B
.."4B2 "&"EAZ5F"7!&cF+"7,>,*> [3F+"AZ[4F";QD4D"<XF[ XF QD  &XF QDaB@ Z F  D,~$FOREST error in  routineFound item other than key before end of key searchData type:  Level: FOREST error in  routineOut of items before end of key search,>,>,>,>>  @ |9#: 
.  b@+"u,>E,>W,>q,>#,>X,>X,>#
,<,nf>~ @x,>X,>#
,.Z,>,>q,il ,>,>,>q,il,>!8,>#4@"{.,>,>,>X,# B>~+#,>V,>W,>q,>#,>X,>X,>#,>e,># <,nf>~ @x,>X,># <},e>| "+# 2@+#@@
>,^,^,^,^,~cPCDEFGHIJ,> ~O5"#,>,>~,##aB+# .~5"#Z4D# +# "+#[.>+#aB+#!  /QD   . XD  ,^,~,>,>,>,> } }  
 . " cB+#N@[5B#, (+#-Zp5B#2@Z
p5J#/ "A1B+#S`H+#Q+#W "@cB+#D[Zp3"+#Q[Zp2b+#W Z. p@[O+#B 
 . (3\ +#B (  h<h43<+#Q+#W.&3&+#;+#W Z. $Q$` [ Zp 
pb#Z+#K+#Q[ Zp 
pb#\+#S+#W  h"h$2"+#RO+#W2X+#T@+#W  h"h$2b 8 ,^,^,^,^,~ `FOREST error in  routineLinkage error found by SWEEP_CHAIN routineStatus: ,>,>,>,>>  ,>q,$  b@
+#{,>E,>W,>q,>$,>X,>X,>$,>f,>$ <,nf>~ @x,>X,>$,>X,>G,>
,>q,il,>G,>$,> <,nf>} @x <|,e>z+$ 3B+$[. @ !  B@+#{ V X>>,^,^,^,^,~cPKLMN> !$@cD+$ BZ. D: Z4B$. B+$
 3B+$,>~,$>+$  B  2D+$ +$[5B$ /" B[. Bx ~5B$!" BB+$ 0B+$ ,>,$%> x B2B+$#O@+$$  B>~,~,>,> ~!$@bD+$+Z4D$+Z.,>,$D> ~2X+$2 ,>Z.$,>,>q,- B
 >+$A[`.[`."$C/"b$C ~&$D(U/f$D ~."3D+$< XF+$= XFp ~Z.[QF,>~,>+,$\> ,^,^,~$p<p,>,>  ~3B+$Z: 
 . $cD+$WZ.3\+$P,>,>X,$\ >+$L ~ Z. D~,>,>X /,>,- B
>+$Y,>,>X,$\ B}>+$F X,^,^,~,> ~Z. 4"$k 
. ( cH+$k .( 
. "@cB+$f[ +$h[ &" .&,>,>Z ,>,- B
>~,>,>~ }/,>,- B
>~ ,^,~FF_GET_SIZE p$pFF_LOAD_TAB p$sFF_STORE_TAB p$uALLOCATE_PAGES p$xCLEAN_DIR p$zTEST_MERGE p$|INSERT_POINTER p$GET_DIR p%XPORT_LIES p%$r$u$w$z$|$~%%%,>,>%,(R>aB,~ n n QH,~FORFIL FILE error in  routineDirectory page count greater than requestFORFIL FILE error in  routineFile pointers larger than request,>,>,>,>,>,>,>>,>{,>%,(R aF+%5 n n[Z2 +%5,>%[,>%[,>%,>%\,>%\,>%],>%],>%^,>%^,>%,>%_ <~,nf>} @x,>%\,>%_ <},e &>|aF+%S n.0 nZ@r .[`4@%L n[22+%@,>%\,>,>Z`,>,)- +%K,>%[,>%[,>%,>%\,>%\,>%],>%`,>%`,>%a,>%,>%a <~,nf>} @x,>%\,>%b <},e &>~>~+%L@aF+%Q[`(@.[`..61v+%8 n n  @@5F%U  G> >,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,~HcPXopqrstuvwxFORFIL FILE error in  routineIncomplete transfer of dataFORFIL PROGRAM error in  routineCannot return excess pages to free listFORFIL PROGRAM error in  routineNot enough slots in file free list,>,>,>,>,>,>,>>,>z,>'	,(R  nZ @y n[Z@aV+&! G@T  `',>'	,>%,>'
   @Z! G@T! G@T  `',>'	,>%,>'
,:i >}aV+& nZ3x+&,'# +&aV+&44x&4 n.0Z`@ .aV+&[p4B&5x& +&)[p3b+&Zp.XB[p/QBQXp,>'	[p,>,>Zp,>,)- >~aV+&([p/4x&([p(\.. 1`+&4x&4,>%[,>%[,>%,>'
,<~,nf>}@x,>%\,>'[ n n[Z2 +&[[4@&M  ,>,>'
,>%\,>%],>',>',>',>%,>' <~,nf>} @x,>%\,>' <},e 6>|aV+&[ Rx,'r`B+&[,>%[,>%[,>%,>'
,>%\,>%],>',>',>',>%,>' <~,nf>} @x,>%\,>' <},e 6>|aV+' n[/y.Xo n[X@ n n  @7`o+&t '`'  X@W@@Y  oX@V  `',>'	,>%,>'
,< ! G@T  `',>'	,>%,>'
   @Z! G@T  `',>'	,>%,>'
,:i >~+'! B@T  `',>'	,>%,>'
  mX@P  `',>'	,>%,>'
,X@b ( 
'b'+''@P( Q@S@@n>}> >~,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,~$TlU@P<4cPyz{|}p~O`FORFIL FILE error in  routineTable is too fragmented for expansionFORFIL FILE error in  routineFile is too fragmented to expand table,>,>,>,>,>> n .  n[Z/@ '
 B	,>,>,>	,(95aX+'D [.Z`+'Z,>%[,>%[,>%,>'l,>%\,>%],>'m,>'m,>'n,>%,>'n,<~,nf>}@x,>%\,>'o <},e 8>|+'Z,>%[,>%[,>%,>'l,>%\,>%],>'o,>'p,>'p,>%,>'q <~,nf>} @x,>%\,>'q <},e 8>~>}aX+'] nZ.X@@0$+'h .'

,>,>,>,> n.4 }=( .[5D'y 6+(,>,>'
,2X%[+'}6+(+.,>,>'+(>+(>.<1|+'v ,^,^,^,^,~,>,>,>,>,> | }Zp[p. * "@ .[4T(Z[.Zp3T+(Z2T+([[p.QTZ2R+( pXR+( O
+(".&1f+(3J%[0"+(6 . ..&7@+(6[Z.Z2V+(6[[.QR+(41B+(/ .6@+(1 .@@+(6 . .  R."1b+(, ,^,^,^,^,^,~,>,> } ~ ~1b6@+(I .7@+(F 
.* &+(E . .  X /&2&+(A ~. p B "+(I ",^,^,~FORFIL PROGRAM error in  routineRequested table beyond file limits,>,>> }3@n+(m } @n nZ1`+(c,>%[,>%[,>%,>)(,>%\,>%],>)(,>)),>)),>%
,>)* <~,nf>} @x,>%\,>)* <},e>| "+)&$ .)+ @n! c@U+(s n,>%[,>ZP,>,>%[,>%,>)+,q>}aB+(n "+)&! B@T  `',>'	,>%,>),,:
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1B++,,1B++,>*m,>*n,>*6,>+,>*o,>*o,>+,>)|,>+ <,nf>~ @x,>*o,>+ <},e>|@++ $  @   Q@  X@  @ ">,^,^,~cP$%&FORMEM error in  routineUnable to get memory to expand table,>,>>  @ [ @$  @' } @   &" ..  @,+T`B++A,+b1B++?,+|1B++?,,
1B++?,,1B++?,,91B++?,>*m,>*n,>*6,>+R,>*o,>*o,>+R,>)|,>+S <,nf>~ @x,>*o,>+S <},e>|O++P,>',>,>,,Y>~ .@  O++E .@@. 3 ++D  3` ++O  Q@,>  / ,> . ,>,-aBO@>~ >,^,^,~cP'() Z D."   2( ++][1H++] [[.Z H ++V[QH@  3d  "A"`B F.B,~> 4B+e B*++o [$(  &"$"."3b++k . D*++o[1"++n.(++n$( H*!" B@@x,>* ",>,>*n,>*6,>*6,>*6,aaB++v } D aF++y *&" BA&.F>} >,~Z1B+,[3$+,Z4d,!$bD+,Z++}[3$+,	Z D[ D,>,..B>,~@,~Z1B+,[3$+,Z4d,!$bD+,Z+,
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 J."3"+,h |XB "QB } Bx ",>,>*5,>*6,>*6,>,y,a|,>,>,>*o,.>~ z B>},^,^,~(cPFORMEM error in  routineTCB anchor offset is too highAnchor: FORMEM error in  routineNew offset is too highOffset: FORMEM error in  routineSize of block to be returned is too highSize: FORMEM error in  routineAttempting to remove memory twice,>,>,>> | @ Z @[$ / [
 .} |XB`\`` } .|/"@2j &@0J $A&-|0F+-1,>-},>*n,>*6,>-},>*o,>*o,>-~,>*,>-~ <,nf>~ @x,>*o,>-,>*o,>-,>,>*6,il,>.,>.+-J3h+->,>-},>*n,>*6,>-},>*o,>*o,>.,>*,>. <,nf>~ @x,>*o,>.,>*o,>-,>x,>*6,il,>.,>.+-J3b+-N,>-},>*n,>*6,>-},>*o,>*o,>.,>*,>. <,nf>~ @x,>*o,>.,>*o,>.,>w,>*6,il,>.,>.,> <,nf>} @x <|,e>{+-X2J+-Y,>*m,>*n,>*6,>-},>*o,>*o,>.,>*,>. <,nf>~ @x,>*o,>. <},e>| "+-z5H-f ! B@ [$ X@  Q@  @x  ,>,>*5,>*6,>*6,>-},a| Z`,>,.>}+-z $ ."[2 }+-j[.+-g Z.2@+-oZ.|X@+-q[Q@` }Q@ [1@+-y . Z.2@+-yZZ`.X@[`Q@ >,^,^,^,~8cP+,-
p./012345	6789,>>!"cBp+.Z.Z &3F~7} Z
O+. $8. ~4F.0F+.".V`4f.1f.\`."3"+.,^,^,^,~,> !"bBp+.'!"cBpZ`p,>,%xb.)>".),^,~&pMSGFND p.)MSG$FIND p.+CHECK_HASH_LIST p.-ID_SEARCH p.0MSG$GET p.2UPDATE_HASH_LIST p.4HASH_SLOT p.7MSG$OPEN p.9NEXT_PAGE p.;MSG$CLOSE p.=.,./.<.>Desired ID cannot be found in the text template file p.DText file:   p.JDesired ID:  p.MAdditional info:  p.O,>,> ~ BJ z4B.[7@J+.[,>.},>,>J,>.~,>.},>.~,q>}+.\@0B+.^ z+.j z4B.d7@J+.d,>.},>,>J,>.~,>.},>.~,q>}+.e@0B+.g z+.j,/ 5\.j,/!7\@@4\.k " aB+.r \z z,>,0h >aX+.r,/N 1Xx+.{,>.,>.@,>.,>/,9\ "G B~ J B~,>/,>/,>/,>/,>/,>.},3$>{ ,^,^,~m#.*.J.R}~ {,>J,>|, |.  B 4B/@@x,>J,>,>.~,>.},>/,q>}aB+/> ,~ Z D+/>@,~m#Unable to re-read a message from text template file p/Text file:  p/Message:    p/Additional info: p/@,>,>@ z4B//,>,0h>`B+//,>.,>.A,>/,>/H,9\ "G B z B,>/,>/H,>/I,>/I,>/J,>.},3$>{+/: <`X+/F,>/J,>/K,>/K,>/K,>.},>.},>/L,oS 0\+/; I."
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2BF+1  "G B,>1S,>1S,>1T,>1T,>1U,>1S,3$@@x,>1U,>.},>.},>.},>.},3$>z | " .2O+19 |. 4\1/Zp,>,>1V,>.},>.},>1V,a| 1W B} \H "},>,>1V,>.},>.},>1V,a| >{+1% |.@@ "
2BF+19 X {.  D,>/,>1W,>1X,>1X,>1Y,>1S,3$>}.838+1# |4b1HXB "QB | BH ",>,>1V,>.},>.},>1V,a| |XB} "QB} { BH "},>,>1V,>.},>.},>1V,a|>{!"cBP+1O!"BBO "b0c,>0g,>.},>1Y,:
>~+1O">,^,^,^,^,^,~111[RELTEXTFILE p1^WRTINIT p1`WRTHEADER p1bWRITEMESSAGE p1eTYPEPAKNUMBER p1gDISPLAYERROR p1jMOVEFILLLINE p1mCONVERTVAR p1oCOMMAPRSNT p1rZEROCHECK p1tERRORMESSAGES p1wSTKERROR p1y1]1`1b1d1g1j1l1o1q1t1v1y1{STKERROR called$STKREMOVE operation failed$STKTOP operation failed$STKINSERT operation failedInvalid STACK operationRE-initializing stack,>,>> <2),eO2@}+2 <2,,e6@}+2 <2/,e  2@}+2 <22,e }3"2:+21b+2 <25,e <28,e |O2@}+2#@@+2$   @ |@@ |:>,^,^,~XcPXXcPYXcPZXcP[XcP\XcP],~,~ XB^ "QB^  B^,>2B,>2B,>2B,0*>~,~^,>   B@@ 4B2H,>,2c>,>,.S B 4\2R \x,=2XBp XB& "b2T,>2T,>2B,>2U,V",/N B>~+2I> ",^,~$#cPMSGWRT can not output all variables p2UMessage ID:      p2ZVariables left:  p2]Additional info: p2`,> @@4B2h @@,>,2c \> " BT  ." BU  FU U  FV " BV,>,.S B` "bB,3
 "bBT7@`+2w,>`,4 BT,/N B`>+2r7@V+3,>3,>1,>3,>3,9\ |  Da V Bb,>3,>3,>3,>3,>3,>2B,3$ " BT>{> T,^,~1[2Y2b`abPACKET .:!" Bo 3 Bo "
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3ob3l+  3o B "QB ";XB "b3m,>3p,>2B,>3p,RJ " Be>~ "cB}+3;,>2B,>z,>3q,>2B,>3q,l>+3@ e {XD $d3n,>,>2B,>3p,V" y4x3c "~ .6O+3b "bB{+3H@@x,>3r,>3q,>2B,>3q,l>~ z.  D9@@x,>9,>3q,>2B,>3q,hG x.,> x.,>,>3r,>3s,6CXBz "QBz 3s BX@@x "z,>,>3q,>2B,>3q,hG "bBu+3a e $9XD $d3n B@@x,>3p,V"!" B9 3n B: " B:>>z.<3<+3C "cB{+3j e $9XD $d3n B@@x,>3p,V">>},^,^,^,~@$ $`cP9m#<f3#e0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000\`#%! p3x<>0~-+ p3z#%! p3|\><0,~+,,,\~\>\+\-\0##\,>,>,>,>,>,>,>> w  b@=+4! | @m@@n@@n,>6,>6,>6,>2B,>2B,>6,a   @=>}!  @ C 6 @ DR` D[P`6  `6 P @ E PX@ EZ` E!  @ F 6 @ F   @ G@@ C@@W@@@@  c@W+4"   @T+4(,>6,>6,>6,>6  |,>,>2B,>6,oS`B z BT>| "2BT+6 "bBW+5@1T0 " @1T. " @1T " @1T " ,>2B,>6,>6,>2B,>6,hG G B| "bB|+4>,>6,>6,>6,>6,>2B,>2B,>6,oS+50P+4EZ D."b E B E[ EZ D.."QB E "XB D+50R+5,>6,>6,>6 ,>6 "y,>,>2B,>6,oS`B wZ D0B+50V+4P 6  B A 6!+4X0V+4S 6  B A 6!+4X0V+4V 6" B A 6"+4X0V?+4Y 6  B A 6# B B+4c0V+4^ 6  B A 6# B B " BW+4c0V +4b!" B A@@ B " B C+4c!" B A@@ B,>6$,>6$,>6%,>2B,>2B,>2B,>6,oS BT "2BT+5,>6,>6,>6$,>6,>2B,>2B,>6,oS,>6%,>6,>6&,>2B,>2B,>2B,>6,oS>|aB+4z,>6%,>6,>6&,>2B,>2B,>2B,>6,oS>|`B+4z " Br+4z@@rOb E B E!".B E "bBr+5Z D."XB D>|>|+5 "XB D>|,>6%,>6,>6',>2B,>2B,>2B,>6,oSG G,>6%,>6,>6',>2B,>2B,>2B,>6,oS GZ D1"`R+5 " Bu+5@@u>v "2B1P+5+5,>2B,>6,>6,>2B,>6,hG>}+5| "2BW+5@,>2B,>6,>6(,>6,>2B,>6,q aX+5$Z Db E B E[ EZ D.QB EZ EZ D/+5%  EXB D,>6%,>6,>6(,>2B,>2B,>2B,>6,oS BW W`D@@W A0B+57Z D/"XB D@@x,>6,>6,>2B,>6,hGZ Db E B E[ EZ D.QB E "XB D+5?aD+59Z D/"XB D@@x,>6,>6,>2B,>6,hGR` DQ` EZ Eb E B E>w+5| "2B C+5J  E "b E B E  EXB D,>6,=2XB EZ E/"XB ER` DQ` E X E>+5|@ U V.,> U.,>,>6),>6,6CXB C,>6%,>6,>6),>2B,>2B,>2B,>6,oS>|aB+5`Z DZ C3b+5`Z DZ C/ B~XBz "QBz 6* Bz@@x "z,>,>6,>2B,>6,hG  >~`T+5s@@x,>6*,>6,>6,>2B,>6,q>}`B+5k@@x,>6+,>6,>6,>2B,>6,q>}aB+5o@@x,>6+,>6,>2B,>6,hG+5y`@+5q,>6%+5s,>6%,>6+,>2B+5u,>3,>6+Z D,>,n@@ Bx,>6,>2B,>6,hG>:V?`V@>|`\+5J,>6,>6,>6,>6 "{,>,>2B,>6,oS`B y+4',>2B,>6,>6,>2B,>6,hGZ F4`6	  b@ C+6	,>6,=2XB F>@@x,>6,>6,>2B,>6,hG  b@ C+6  mX@&  `2T,>2T,>2B,>6,V"R`m>~>{ T>{,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,~$$ D6$ DmcP=p D3zm# F3} G p3~3 p344 A3| H I J K L M= N3s O P C/-/--/0123456789 0123456789: . no.\><0~ p62\##,,0,,unk..BTT t.b.s., MSGWRT: Unsupported variable type p69TYPE:   p6=Additional info: p6?,>,>,>,>,>,>,>> x!  @! 8y @!  z @!!  @! y  gQ ` @!   @! x <"6Z1"	+
6Q+6Z+7+7A+8+6c+87++89+8+8A+7{+8{,>8|,>2B,3$@@T>{+8n,>X,>8|,%  ,>6,>8},>8},>8},>2B,>2B,>8~,oS,>6,>8},>8~,>8},>2B,>2B,>8~,oS>y= 6eZ![!.X@!  Q@! 8y @!,>6,>8},>8,>8},>2B,>2B,>8~,oS !`8s  `8t ! @!,>6,>8},>8,>8},>2B,>2B,>8~,oS !`8t  `8u ! @!	,>6,>8},>9,>8},>2B,>2B,>8~,oS !`8u  `8v ! @!
@@x,>9,>9,>2B,>8~,l k0@+7@@x,>9,>9,>2B,>8~,hG>~+70 0`+7@@x,>9,>9,>2B,>8~,hG  2@i+7 <8w,nf@@ @x,>9,>2B,>8~,hG+7Z!/ X@!@@x,>9,>9,>2B,>8~,hG>>|>r+8n,>3 ,>X,>2B,il@@ Bx,>9,>2B,>8~,l  2@u+7@@@x,>9,>9,>2B,>8~,hG>~+7@ X5@720\+7.,>2B,>9+7/,>2B,>9,>9,>2B,>8~,l+8,>3 ,>,>2B,il,>9,>,>9 <,nf@@ @x,>9,>2B,>8~,l>~+8,>9+7<,>9,>X,>2B,il@@ Bx,>9,>2B,>8~,l>}+8n[XZX@@@t y X@![`8x  `8x  @!!  @!  gQ ` @!  z @!Z!4`7S,>6$,>9,>9,>2B,>2B,>2B,>8~,oS BT  3@T 4>|,>2B,>9,>9,>6,>2B,>8~,q>}`B+7^,>2B,>9,>9,>6,>2B,>8~,q>}`B+7^`T+7q4p7h,>9,>,>2B,il,>3,>,>2B,n,>9,>,>9 <,nf@@ @x,>9	,>2B,>8~,l>z,>9,>,>2B,il,>6%,>,>2B,n@@ Bx,>9	,>2B,>8~,hG !X@!>+8,>6%,>9,>9	,>2B,>2B,>2B,>8~,oS>|aB+7~   @,>6%,>9,>9
,>2B,>2B,>2B,>8~,oS>|aB+7~   @,>,>,>,>,>9,>v,>X,9XB!>|+8n1\6@X+8	,>2B,>9
,>X,>,  X@!>+8n0\+8 X+8< +8< X $Q$` ,>9,>,>2B,r5,>,>,q{XB! v *Q*`Z! Z!b8y+ >}+8n!  @~@@~,>X,	 ,>X,>,
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 @!! }R`!"[`9G  `9G  @!" X@!#Z`!#Z!# {a@+9= "cB|+9=,>6,>9H,>9H,>9H,>2B,>2B,>9I,oSZ!",>6,>9H,>9I,>9H,>2B,>2B,>9I,oS,>6,>9H,>9J,>9H,>2B,>2B,>9I,oSZ!",>9J,>q,>,il,>3,>,>2B,n ,>9J,>o,>,il,>3,>,>2B,n,>9
,>,>9K,> <,nf@@ @x,>9K,>2B,>9I,l>o+9Da@+9?,>9J+9?,>9,>~Z!#,>,il@@ Bx,>9K,>2B,>9I,l>}Z! ,^,^,~$$!"6$!"!"!#m#!$!%!&! ?SPEAR  Program error in module   -- Routine %SPEAR  Event file error detected in module  -- Routine %WARNING from module  --Routine -       ,>,>,> }0@+9b,>:,>:,>{,>:+9h0@+9e,>:,>:,>{,>:+9h5@9m,>:,>:,>{,>:,>{ <~,nf@@ @x,>:,>2B,>:,l>| 8! b@#+9s,>2B,>:,>2B,>2B,>2B,>2B,3$>}! c@#+9z  b@#+9z  !'X@&  `2T,>2T,>2B,>:,V">~,>9
,>:	,>:	,>|G<,nf@@+@x,>:,>2B,>:,l>|=89m ",^,^,^,~`!(!)!*!+!,!-!'m#cP!.!/,>,>,>,>>{,.4,P,.6!"cB`+:&!"cB`+: "XB l"	b6+:& "	XB <+:& "XB l& 	b6+:& (	XH 	b6+:% :; B P Bx ",>,>:;,>:<,>:<,>:<,a|@@P>} "+:% "!
@pK ~ ."  	(|." B  $aD+:F "XB  l"	b6g
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!*(Z/"G:B!2@@!2:"XB+:"!2B l"	b6+:S@+:V:*	XJZl"	b6+Z*,XJaB@+:Y"!1234567, ,],] ,>,>,>,>,>,>,>> x .0 @Z` .<";x(B ;yG Bx6@p+:{R`p  `;y  `;z@@p,>;~,>,>;,>:<,>:<,>;,a>}! @c@`+:~  +;V PXBpZP P (K 
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 J!?."1b+;Z " B x/"+
;`+;a+;b+;c`"+;d`"+;d`"XB`l"	b6g&(;}XH`aF+;j+;l5B;k"!9+;l"!~$`&`$$p6$p@$$H$$!06$!0$$X$$2`KcP
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!*(Z,/"GB!2@@!2"XB"!2B<	b6+<$+<$!." ,}Bp "cB}+<)@@p,~+<-,"	XBl"	b6+  Bp ~4B<1,>;,>p,>p,>},>~+<1 p,^,~I/O error - code ,>,>,> ~ .  <K4@<I ` @!A@@`,>|,>|,>:<,>|,cx  !
 "Q"@@@x ~@+<T/$D.&3f+<S x>,~BIN.TMPSPR.TMPANL.TMP,>,>@b@|	|
 ~0@+<b,><r,>,><r,il,><s,>,><s+<l0@+<g,><r,>,><r,il,><s,>,><t+<l0@+<p,><r,>,><r,il,><s,>,><t <,nf@@ @x,>z,><u,><u,l>{,^,^,~p!N!O!Pm#,W,><{,=XB!Q "QB!Q <{ B!Q>,~^,>,>,>=,>=,>} <,nf@@ @x,>},>=,>=,l>},^,^,~p!Qm#  %$Q@ (wA")w. ,~@  '$Q@@)w'&Q@QD!RXF!R  !R D,~,>,
 Bx,>~,~ &"Q@ &".$ &"/6b.&5"=/&$&Q@ ,~@4B= 9= ,~,>   $XD $d=/ $d=0@@,>=0,>,>=1,>=1,>=1,>=2,a p { "Q"@ &.$D=&=,>},^,~$$6$cP  XD!S[d=> $d=>  D!SZ!S/"b!S1D+=;0D+==Z!S/"XB!S+=7Z!S,~$$!S6$!S@@!T Ip*(# ^"v@@"w,Ol[,OU F!T,OUZF!^`F[`F 
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,G5+>,G4p=v4N=u4N>1P8J=u Ir7 ,F'+>4p>1P+=}
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 B#,G@,G@ !T,F'+>O@#0P,H
>@+0d>D@l>F@|>FA$>FA<>FA,>F?n#"bB!\6U#+>T+>G:@#+?k "bB!\+>O "\`b!+?l7`"d6`"d+?l7`"e6`"e+?l7`"c6`"c+?l,![+>Z4J>Z !\aBaB+>S7 #+?jO@#:# "bB!\+>Y "\bBIu+?mL"f7@6 "f+?m,!Z,@z4,>b5p>56`"h+DE6@#,~6@!u+>!6@#+>!6@#
,OUd&/&(IF!XZJ!W[.&(!F!W,OUIF!?!b0P50>n@@##7@#!$bD!b+?i,?z4p>n5?n,Ol,>#@@#,>!d,>!d,>!b@@!d@@!d@@!b,>!cZ^!c,>"w,>"v $?4 D"w ,$ D"v7 #+? 
!f@@!f,?E+?4 J"v L!f,OU5F?\&	f+?5afp+?56@!u+?5 F!_7 #,A$ Iv*""]@@"^ Iv*""gO@"c Iw*""f,?{,@F7@"v+?.:@"v>"v>@"v:"v *80?.Op!c@@!d,G  !_`bp+Iwh"*b?!2N*b?!5"?'7@"v1P+?$+?)6@"v0P+?',G 3N"v+?)4p?,GT+?'O@4p?0P1P 00P+?n,A-+?) !c+?)5J?4 "v6 #4N?4 Iz,IeaB+?3 ,N
,N,DG,I,^"v,^"w,^!c,^!b,^!d,^!d,^#@@!_,~INXg^NHtS:O@@#@@# x D"w ^"v !b0D5$?C7 #@@!b+?C#`#6`#@@##`#,IP $ !c6 #3PIs $7@!u6` $.Dx7`@@!b^!d6` D!b2PIsOp!c4B?][,OU F!T.&Q& F!U,OU[7@7I{Q( H!VZ7@7I{Q( H!V,OUZ7@7I{Q( H!U,OU2FI{+?\\&	f & F!X7`!c@@!d@@"hO@"v,Os6 #,A$7 #,A(@@"g@@#,Ow,~^0 P!c7@!^7@!u5I],I,~
2	b+?h-"I-SLI-"I-KNlJ-"I-I
7J4J,>d,Ie5,^aD+IA,N:,,MP6@#7@"w+?x "J,N: "w7$# ""w, ",NQ+IA,@+5"@ "7@!u B"L7@!u P"L7 \06@"I,I "!u $	,@z7B!wU"8v B!w7@!vO@!v7B!vS!^ B!v7B!u+@	b`b O@"K? "L+@
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l" J* +Z	`+ 	b
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?SCNRLFRun"failure--"E71""forcode".!fO@-"I:e^LJ,Oc""g,@F+@-O@"g,G:,F1P+@S4N@36@"Z+D",DG,FD"N"Z"B"[O@"g1P+@X0P1P-+@`1P+@1P+@[6`"h0P7+@^6@"g7#7+@>1P+@M1P+@-7@"Z,DG!&GF"\ &1P &1P &1P &1P &fIu "g,~@@"Z J$*$"gO@"c Iw*$"f6@!Z6@7,!Z!"GB"\GB"\,~6@!+@>,A-+D7,G57+?n5"@y`b+@z7@"g:"g+@zL#4ND$5BD#6@"Z+D% N"Z!"BB"\+@-,F,FD6@"[+D&Y# N"[+@y6@"h+DD:"h,DG+@+O@"h+@-,F+@y!*bJ"\+D)GJ"\GJ"\,E|,FD0P+@g6@#+D'BJ"\,G:+@w`b4.J$0P+D'6@#`n`N+D,RN"]RB"],E|,FD6@#`n`N+D.YN"]YB"] *"]0P+@w.*0*"c+D2O@!e,F@@!e,FD N( B(4ND4+@p0P.1P75pD*5p@-O@"g+@.1"0+@{ &A6@"g7 # &A,0d
|J*,>7 "h,A$,^,~ "\d&DGF "\d&GF (w0h ("`S` 	3FI{  "c F	:*hA ,~O@"V J-*""Y@@"h6@!Y,!Y@@"O@@"O,>"O,>"O@@"M J.*""U,^"O,^"O!"BB"OBB"O,~,Of,G 4NOr:"g:x,Ay7+A85bD6h.k``n`+J.h.k`,>(N,Ay+J/,^!"0cC0+D5Q,@@# "g1b+A>Z00""Z0b"f7+A>2"!W2b!W+D5 0Z`daN7 8`d Q. N"w@@"x J1*"# 0`d+J14,Ar`dQ"6@#+AX1P+AQ6 #+AN4pAN "g0F+AN0P,H
+AQ`d@+DBab5BAu5"C$4ND:+Ar4BD>7 #+AX ,G@,H
O@#5bAu,G 4NAo 0,F'+A]/0 .+Ar5"D9 " )B!( cI0+Ao3NJ4+J53NJ6+J60BW+Ao,>  0,F'+Ao,^/0\.+Ar4NAr1P+Ak7 #0P+Ar,G  J7,F'+D8 ./.AvA.+Ar,^2NJ85ND8 .!$ bE0!. 0h"`ib`5BAu+C$,+C$+CV "]<s_0_8 * !T,F'+J8 ,!U 
4"B J:,F'+J:6 5JB 
,In*%0r*/*+Or-",~O@,~,F\+C,Fj+C,FL+C,F}+CJ=*""u,@+J06@!]1LIn7+J=Z[06 #7@+B6@!J+B+D<,@z J@*""g5OrJA,FI6 "e3N"e+B6 #+JC N"e "g7 #0H+B N"X0P+Or,FI3."e+DC,~JD 07@O@ .,~JF,G d4NB40P+B4,>,G,^ &!$qbF"w*dB%6 >"$S`X$"w JH	f7+Or,> INX+B3!`P!^!$K8@f`+B3,^ $
J:4JBI .+BG,NN=nBG "JV,N: .,NP (,N
*jBE,N=lB@,IV+IE,Ol ,,N "JW,N:,N!$~,NO[C,NQ "JX,N:ZC,N:,N*dBO,N "JS1L "JU,N:,N,N 
J: 4JCZ/"8Z!V.1L 
Cy0L Z!V.1L 
D0L ,>,>!$~ &[CbHC,NQbHC.&*dBb,NP1f9Be (,N
 "JY,N:,^,^5dBo4DBl`h+Bo+C`h+Bn "JY+C "J[+CZah+Bs ab+C,+C[`h  !$y[C3F+By*dBv "J\+CZC,N:4HC!$~ZC3B+B}*dB{+C "J],N:[C , ",NQ+CZah+C ab+C,+C  ",NQO"J^0"0b
*pC ",NQ7,N:,N*jBY=lBS,~H TJ_H dJ`H tJbHqtJcHtdJeHuJgHs$JiHK,JkHJdJlHKlJnH!JoHeJqHiJsIbBIbBI_$FII_DB@Ju<Jy|J{4J~[06D 0`d `d +C$4BC$4.DA2n+D@,~ 0 0P
`j +Kd,6@!]1LIn+C)+Kad`l$	(K	0h+CH 0H:"6 #3BI{+C40H4BC4`j +K
O(BD"2B+D<`j0H+C<!`1Nm.`NeY`GN`N5CV[`BN5CVnO@1(bQ"g7"#0H5CVd$0$"Z0d"f+CC/$W2b!W5CV.!X.!X*&7@#+C\1P,G@1P+K0P5p?n@@#6` 0 P!cR0>"g,~C
GtD|BB	I2B<BDZB F(A@A@D@@_IaAI@$AXX*U1XX0AXX"Y1,I*1S;H6I46g^NHtiF@CJ>[2KZ-`_ aJ,j<M'=G>vJ7C&)9-"I0ItK-"I0o4K-"I-]4K-"I0I4K-"I0IDK[`-"I4GK,E|-"I4IK [`-"I4eK#aN[`-"I4SBTK'aN[``n+D1-"I4SB<K)-"I0SBtK, ."Z $-"I:g$K/-"I-]N4K1-"I0k/K3-"I0CK5-"I-]OK75"D9-"I0kO4K9-"I0CO4K; 0-"I0kK>6@!_+CV 0-"I0INLKA 0-"I0]6
[#..S`6"#0[K\,F\4.Ed0P"+E+#0P+E0n+Ef4NEg$N"y,G:000p+E",F\4nEd0n+Ef*"y0n+Ef+E%,EU+E7@#+E67#".#+EH,G E{,F'+Eh ./.Ep N"z0P+E1@n,G:000p+E*$...Gh9E'4BEi0B0b+Ei &$2&&1bO@1BO@ H"z F"{ D"{>"y>"z,ES7`#
+Ef N"y0P+E^,F\0.+Ef4.Ed N"x0P+E^,F\0.+Ef4.Ed N"x7""y "$"6 "x."x$"6 "x."x $)w'"Q@ +Or-"I-]:$Kk-"I-]B4Kn-"I-IdKs-"I-ITKv-"I-klKy-"I-S3K|-"I-ktL-"I-[$L-"I-IRlLo%i9i#.,rMJLH<g&\RgVtH<[>tH<iV.9UvX9M-0[:CC[HUVtPUVgCV>\zgI6_%xR]?4[1I[1sI9i>$ i>m|YY>=@]>}`[&%j3YVt:I&ui9$Ep~,Em,G:@n#0P+El5FO@0P00 5F5F,G:@n#0P+FS.  $,G:O@#+F%O@0P+FO@#,G:0P+F(D(Nl+F000p+F($l(N..Gh+F@@#,Fs6@O@#O@)D+F% "N
 B# " L	 L	,G=,G;6@!e+F0P+F`fpB+F,G3+L
`fp`/0`hpP.0,G:O@#+F0P+F%/0`hpP,G:O@#afp+F%B+F#7@#0$+D#5Fz,5OF,G:,G=@n000p+F.`np+FC(NpL`n,~7@#O@SU B#,~,G:,FM7@(N "Mz B#5Fz,G: "1P "1P,G: .0000+FS$...Gh,G:+FP "M| B#1P((N1P%(N1P!(N0P!1P++FZ0P(1P%7FZg,G:+Fz,G:1P5Fj,F{1P5Fo000p5Fb$...Gh,G:+F1P,G: "N B# "1P% "t1P& L1P# L$0b,G:5Fy,G:,F{,> *000p5Fp(N..Gh$*.*Gh,G:+Fl1P ,^1P5Fb "N B# "1P% "1P& "	1P# "
,G3,~3BL+GP,G@+G	,G@,G=@@"w KY*"#\"N: B# L6`!e+G0P7@!f+G,G3,~3BL+GP,G@+G-"I-_Z4L,G: . "N
 B# L	,G5+L$/0`bpP,G:+G,G: . "N
 B# L	,G3+L'/0`bpP,G:+G",G:,G=,G;5G(,G:@@"w KY*"# "N
 B# L+6`!e+G-,G3+L+1P,G:000p/+?n/02BL-P.0,G:+G+,G51P:x,~0000p=7+Or000p-,~0p00 :x,~,G@100,~1p=/0,~1P6@!e,~6@!e,~ P!e7@,~,GT7@!e0P,~,Os L	 $,GT4pGK1P+GK,G;00 0p-+GS/0`bpP+GE0P,H
,0@@!e4p1P+1P+0P1P+H	6 #+7 #0P7+L;0P+,H5pH	+ P!b5POr 0*!b,~6@#+H7 +H6@#
8+ 7  "
",~,H1P6`!e,~6@!f0,~,H'7`!f,~40Or4PH0P1P?+H1PH/3PIs,~6@!`7L@ LA+@,H8,~1P 00P1P 07@#6@!u,~7@#6@# $"ab D",Ow,Hd+Hc60"Iap`6@#5HU,HU3PIs+Hc,> "IaB+LA ",HU3PIs+Hc=bHR,^0P,~> "J+H`7@"I+Hc:"K 0G4PH\,Hd+Hc70"K+Hc0p@@+H^
` +Hc "J P"J +HU"I000p+LB@@#,~,^^0,~,Os7`#
+Hm[!0BK8+Hm LDS"7@R" LD	b+Hm$" B"J LE B"I+H~
!~+I0"+B",$	dadrg6$@"+HbB"e"(BrQ"[!T7D"gadS+(	h6(,$5HI,>( "" B(
+IuO@#-"I:SdLE^0,Ow,~[!0BK8+IQB" "LuQB!["7@Z!^P!^ B"@@"Z`"K+Hg .!uOd#-"I:S|LH0D	1D
7@"I+I",Hd+I%@b@f + +I% LKS"7@R" LD	b+ @@!u@@#  "L@@"L@@"I LL*""K,~ .!uOd#-"I:S^LLL (#5Ng7Z,> ,Ie+IA7Z (N
+I57Z (N+I57Z (N,> ,IeaB+IA,NP , +IA7Z,> Q,IeaB+IA,NP4.I@[,N,NPZ,M
6@#,I%^"7`#7@!u7 B!c,N,N !c7@!_@@!f7@"v+IO "v7 #+>n7D"w+IO Dx "7@#+?= D}X$Oo Dx+>!,I]	`7@#,~@@#,> !c6@"I+IV
66@"I5pLQ2PIs^0@@!b@@!d@@!d@@!e2PIs^0 P!c,^,~,IP,I@@#
@@#6@!a5!a,O]+Ic	`	b,~7`
&LR	`,OsZ[`6@Q"8wQ$6@!_Q$ ~Z&,LY B~,>6@!_,I,^,Ow,~,C^,Ck,Cy,D@!T,eVpgR-tIq,?c5p>.+>!6
"\Gw"Z+`"^,0"c2B+?'+?"No option ]>tIyIz?
?SCNPDL PDL phase error
Indirect file illegal in this contextEqual sign missingDouble equal sign illegalFile switches illegal in output fileOutput switch illegal in input fileExcess arguments starting with "Kb
JIllegalcharactere"S2J"!followingDwordt"JunkmaftermindirectscommandTooCmany indirectpfiles@@!fO@5I]HrWildcardmillegalBin/RUN specification+ "ZeN"]rB"]+@p*"]/BEFOREcand /SINCESdon'troverlap/ABEFORE and /ASINCE don't overlap*`"V)P"Mh.k`+D5,^5bD6+D5/"x7@6@5,AF[ .8+Ah]>tP!.+ArC2` .+ArTAv 4"A}O@+A}~,C]5bOr4*B4JB +B+ "h 0`f+B
	Flags are: - :	Stand-aloneYes/noProcessor type (Max=<@Decimal numberOctal numberCore value"ASCII string""SIXBIT string"Multi-word SIXBIT stringSIXBIT wordDate/time pastDate/time futureDate-timeFile specificationVersion expressionBlock size wordSwitch does not constitute a commandSwitch is globalOr bit values from switchSwitch value requiredZanen1B+C'4BC'0"	+D@ "(B?X+C'`j+C),!]5CV+C)0[0BaB8+C4Z`nh`B8+C4+D<,G@0P,H
+A>Double file name illegalDevice wildcard illegalNull device illegalDouble device illegalDouble extension illegalComma required in directoryDouble directory illegalRight bracket required in directoryImproper project numberImproper programmer numberImproper programmer nameSFD depth greater thanNull SFD illegalUnknown switchAmbiguous switchNo switch specifiedUnknown switch valueAmbiguous switch valueUnknown default for switchDouble switch illegalNo modifier allowed on switchSwitch value too largeSwitch value negativeSwitch value required onLength values inconsistent; specify min:maxParenthesis nesting too deepUnmatched open parenthesis+P"P.x"x8R#X.+DuR#+E
Mnemonic date/time switch not implemented%x:D(afQ+E>3"#+ 2b#_XDate/time out of rangeNegative number in date/timeNot known whether past or future in date/timeField too large in date/timeField zero in date/timeUnrecognized month in date/timeIllegal year format in date/timeUnrecognized name in date/timeMissing day in date/timeValue missing in date/timeHH0P+F,G:000p/+F+F0
$ "dL,G:+F.0P+FC,G:+F=B
Illegal character or field too large in /VERSIONB n5JH "wMultiple characters illegal in switch #H"w#Input string exceeds the size of input buffer0P+Fz,G:000p/+Fz+G0P+Fz,G:000p/+Fz+G#H"w0P,~+G-#Unknown guide wordAmbiguous guide wordIncorrectly formatted guide word !b7@!d+GV@@!b1P 0+Gs !b@@!b1P^0+Gv^0+7@"K,~\"+H@@!d+H#,#,H<,!`
(,^,~6@O@#,~x"H"Indirect file LOOKUP errorCan't OPEN indirect device)"IWildcard illegal in indirect specification,GT+IV

. &,>,>,>[A"1B6@#+L^
8+ O@#,Lt,NQ,Ll ,^abS``H,N
,^`FaH@+Lh ",NQZ,N ",NQ,NPZx`H,N:,^A(X,~\"	b "ab`l"`fLt(B}D#[`G#d"`Bl7@l,~c,Oc 
Lx	j'5N,~Lw*#,~,Oc 
7@(,~ "(Q"5MZ8  ,NB  [ 1DYR5bNT,N
 ",NQR ,N
 " 5M 6B ,NB  ,N
R !$bD bD 4FM ",NQ ,N
 " l" 7B +NU`h+M`b5N ([/",>Q(} "-,NQ  2BNW4"NX6 x+NY,N*HM#6 x:7@ +M#,NN  ,N
+M,^x+N	!`)"w,>!`,M',NN,^iB5NL  & ")B5BM,=fM) ")B."`d ",NQ=fM+,~ $+M1,O* $,>,O."z3bNZ+M5.$/NZ,^,> ,M:,NM,^5ME &+M:	b &,Oc&"  " $,MM&( ,N[,N@ " V&"2 Na	f+MD&&21B+MD$"2. 5ML (+MG	b	 (&Na*,MM,NM &"j0 ,ML,NM &"t $4"N0b5N*,NQ "5NQ0"+MY!${PMb2BMb*dMR5$MW ",NQRMb,N
 ",NQ,~." ,> "/+Ma1"+M^/",>
Mg ",NQ,^,N
C"5NQ1"05NQ/",> ",NQ,^5NQK>7K>gC3 E`iYmPMGHKN
TXzM"Nb6@,N"Nb4BMs>&"NQZ,N ",NQ$Nc4DNS ",NQ 5N`B?5N Nc+M4BN NdU$*DM~ Nd`B +N&" 7!(+,N[5NQ,> ",NQ ",NQ,^,~,> "-,NQ,^2BNW4"Ne,N ".5NQ 4DNS ")B.",NQ+N,>[,N,NN,^Z7Nf &5"N  ",NQ &#`QDx6@,N[x."0b."5NQ7Nf (5"N/&l(&" ##1&" QDx/&0B,N5BN%4fN$ "`h"Ng,NQ=fN#`h,NI[x."0b."5NQ7Nf (Q(5N &  ")B.",NQ=fN*,~,>,>!$A`+N1,>,>!$B,N5#4BN3,NQ+N1,^,^,~,>*#C&N6`fl"*#XD#*,^,~Q"A`aB,~,>7@#
&x4BN6@#,NQ+N= B#@@# "#5N:,N
5NM,>,NJ,^ &,N(5NK,> 4dNH,NP=NG,^,~ "5NQ "5NQ "5NQ "5NQ "5NQ "5NQ "5NQ "aB,~6@#5#
",~,N+M	[1D7@ ,~+M,N
+M  ,M$+ML\-Jan--Feb--Mar--Apr--May--Jun--Jul--Aug--Sep--Oct--Nov--Dec-pmn@0$$B
+N	$ ,Oi7N!.Lu N 
!,>9	laLd*@ 
+@ ,`j@!,an+Nr`Jl
.OnOL6NL5NOrON6Nh`N,~N.O(N S* X* **  N  *!,}X, 7N(+O N0L(5NOr.**lO .  N[
 ,!. bNGL[
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normal completionfile was successfully created and openedincomplete amount of data readfirst read on concatenated file was successfulfirst read on a new page was successfulend-of-file has been reachedinvalid memory addressmemory element not on a fullword boundaryinvalid argument listinvalid concatenated file specificationinvalid punctuationinvalid descriptorinvalid deviceinvalid default file specificationinvalid directoryinvalid data typeinvalid record formatinvalid I/O optioninvalid lengthinvalid file nameinvalid new fileinvalid nodeinvalid file organizationinvalid promptinvalid recordinvalid requestinvalid related file specificationinvalid resultant file specificationinvalid file specificationinvalid file typeinvalid file versionI/O channel assignment errorfile is already closedconflicting options or attributesfile is corruptedfile already existsfile is lockeddynamic memory deallocation errordynamic memory allocation errorfile is currently in useI/O buffering errorI/O errorrequired parameter, option or attribute missingnetwork errorfile cannot be accessedfile cannot be backed upall I/O channels are in usefile cannot be closedconcatenated file specification not allowedfile cannot be createdfile cannot be deleteddirectory does not existfile does not existinsufficient dynamic memoryfile cannot be openedfile cannot be readfile cannot be renamedinsufficient spacesub-directory does not existrequested function not supportedfile cannot be writtenfile has not been closedexpiration date has not been reachedfile is not open for inputdevice is not onlinefile has not been openedfile is not open for outputfile is currently openprogram terminated due to previous errorprivileged operationfile protection denies accessmessage output errorrecord is lockednew file cannot be renamedold file cannot be renamedrecord was truncatedwildcard errorinvalid account attributeinvalid attributeinvalid datadisk/tape cannot be read/writtenfree storage chain is invalidinvalid protection attributeinvalid character pointerinvalid record numberinvalid sizeinvalid temporary file attributeI/O channel is currently in usehost operating system errornetwork node does not existinsufficient stack spaceunexpected operating system errorinvalid descriptor classtemporary file not permittedforeground jobs not permittedappend function not permittedsequenced files not permittedfield is misplaced or duplicatedinvalid syntaxinvalid IOBXPORT logic error detectedprogram terminated due to program requestend of string reachedstring was truncatednot a temporary stringinvalid characterinvalid descriptor classinvalid string descriptorinvalid descriptor data typeinvalid string lengthinvalid maximum string lengthinvalid pattern stringinvalid string pointerinvalid string requestinvalid source stringinvalid primary stringinvalid secondary stringinvalid target stringconflicting string function argumentsinsufficient spaceno string specifiedrequested function not supportedtemporary string not permittednull string not permittedinteger value out of rangestring is too longXPORT string logic error detected*** invalid XPORT completion code ***@ $$.$#EZ2F5FhC [XH (hhF (hhF  H+hE."3bhG+h; ",~$$6$?,>,>,>,>,>,>,>.if@@x w,>,p`B+hP/if 0(%+iD w,>,p`B+hT/ig 0(1+iDZP V}"id0B1B^+hW+hY/ig 0(1  (+i
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z!y0comparison error:  ,>,>,>mH,o3,>},o@,>|,o9,>},o@,>mI,>mI,>mJ,>mJ,>mJ,>mK,>mK,>w,>mK,>v <|,e/mL |,^,^,~%8$^perror copying ,>,>,>mY,o3,>},o@,>mI,>mI,>mJ,>mJ,>mJ,>mZ,>mK,>x,>mK,>w <|,e/mZ |,^,^,~%$^`error appending  to ,>,>,>mk,o3,>},o@,>mk,o9,>},o@,>mI,>mI,>mJ,>mJ,>mJ,>ml,>mK,>w,>mK,>v <|,e/mL |,^,^,~%%$^error scanning  to find , spanning , stopping at ,>,>,>n,o3,>},o@ | /"+
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$^error converting  to binary,>,>,>n,o3,>},o@,>n,o9,>mI,>mI,>mJ,>mJ,>mJ,>n,>mK,>w,>mK,>w <|,e/n |,^,^,~%%
$^h,>,>,>,>,>.n`R` "bn^ "bn_@@x,>na ",>,>na,>nb,>nb,>nb,a/nb`B x`B+n& "$a+n[R`` "bn_ "^bn`@@` {,>,p`B+n-/nc 4(%+nU7B{ZXZX2r+n6 Bx,>,>nc,>nd,>nb,>nb,a/nd`B+n=/nc+n;/nc,>,>,>nc,>ne,>nb,>nb,a/nb`B+n< +nU 4+nU "cBz+n@Z`/+nD "cBz+nDZ`/&"7@ Rx,>X,>`,>,qq/nc Bx,rN "cBy+nT,>`/<,>,qq@+nR` 0$00d=+nR 
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Hts,uu:HsHu,u0a@<Hu,u]?Hu,u[@Hu$N: Result overflow$N: Result underflow$N: Imaginary part underflow$N: Real part underflow$N: Imaginary part overflow$N: Real part overflow$N: Both parts overflow$N: Both parts underflow$N: ABS(arg) too large; result=zero$N: ABS(arg) too large; result=infinity$N: REAL(arg) too large; IMAG(result)=+infinity$N: REAL(arg) too large; REAL(result)=+infinity$N: ABS(IMAG(arg)) too large; result=zero$N: ABS(REAL(arg)) too large; result=zero$N: ABS(IMAG(arg)) too large; REAL(result)=infinity$N: ABS(IMAG(arg)) too large; IMAG(result)=infinity$N: Arg is zero; result=-infinity$N: Zero ** zero is indeterminate, result=zero$N: Zero ** (negative,any) is indeterminate, result=(infinity,infinity)$N: Both parts indeterminate$N: Negative arg; result=$N(ABS(arg))$N: Arg is zero; result=(-infinity,zero)$N: ABS(arg) greater than 1.0; result=+infinity$N: Both arguments are zero; result=zero$N: Negative base ** non-integer;  ABS(base) used$N: Zero ** negative exponent; result=infinity$N: Second argument is zero; result=zeroCMATH: Complex overflowCMATH: Complex underflowERRSET: Error number out of range - ignoredMTHOP: function code exceeds rangeC"x B%WC"%" B%!RB%V,~,^%,u) % B%! % B%: %  D%  D%,u$5u",^% ^% ^%!,u) %  D%  D%  D% 
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