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?p@`?x+\E)DW   This program allows each installation to specify several parameters
of the APLSF system.  The defaults for each question appear in
parentheses, and typing just a carriage-return will take the default.
   APLSF must be in [1,2] under the name APLSF.EXE.

1102l(l(6$(Now read the distributed file APLSF.DOC for installation instructions.

Installation name, max 24 SIXBIT characters
(DECSYSTEM-20 APLSF): 8H8% First 24 characters used.
& * 
j+3(;H:? Only SIXBIT characters are allowed.

2+.If two PPN's differ only in the project number, do they
belong to the same programmer? (NO): ? Please answer Yes or No.

2+9In a clear workspace, should the automatic save facility,
.BXAUS, be enabled? (NO): 
2+>Name of billing file (ACCTSF): ? Name too long.

2+DH? Only A-Z, 0-9 allowed.

2+DDir for the billing file (5,31) :Dir for the library area and the HI file (5,31) :Default restriction on the maximum workspace size, in K (20): ? Invalid decimal integer.

2+QDisk structure for the library area and the HI file (APL): ? Structure name too long.

2+X? Invalid structure name (no colon allowed).

2+XUnless otherwise notified, answer <CR> to this question.
terminal codes (36,4): ? Invalid terminal code.

2+^What is the standard protection code for permanent files
3 octal digits (000=system standard): ? Invalid protection.

2+hWhat is the standard protection code for libraries
3 octal digits (100):
2+m? String may be a maximum of 132 characters.

2+r? Invalid PPN.

2+? Cannot find the .EXE file on your connected directory.
? The .EXE file is not the distributed version.
? Unexpected error.
E+DXOv9@:x,~	` a
&a@@Oj2	j&, J1 * J1 
|	j',`J+ * J1 
|	j',@@2 
}	j6+B`7+ 
`::[(0V~1V+6}8~:~.1:0*j *0/
.(VXB`7+"X <aQ<~
**: ,r,~0x
**< @@,+Q*:X*w}**w~O@,~
& ,r,~
&* ,r,~
&4 ,r,~0x+: ;O@,+? HpO@,~
&@,,~ JpO@,~
&D,,~ Jp JpO@,~
&I ,r,~ 8,,0L+R(J> JpO@,~
&T,r,~0x+]O@@@ ;,+c HpO@,~
&e ,r,~ 8,,0L+p, ,,0L+p,^Q
&r ,r+m 8,0j+~XJpO@
& ,r,~ 8,0j+QJpO@,~@@ 
(4X:0xB+ *J+
+/.N1N+0.0n/,~4Z0.0n-,~0n0. +,~ ,r,~ 8,,0L+,>,,0L+,^Q
BaD ++
|	j'+	`