Trailing-Edge - PDP-10 Archives - BB-D480C-SB_1981 - forhak.rel
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 0(Z&H	 A "`B+ "`B+Z/"SBSB  B 	b2+	R`
&	"E	b+
&	b+

&	b+8
Ready to ssave
	 ?Can't create high segment
[Type .E 1 for PAGE. error code]
?PSECTS F.CODE and F	 .DATA must start on page boundary
 Fix /SET switches in LINK command file and relink ".
	D}K	`c5 ?c6E=`
+S(Z&P [h	DP [|S>?S>?	u^v
&J^	`2YPbK
+h8 ( "