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0]u60 @	
A4y&Bb	Ky(^n__	^m^42T2W%3$)5*3/,h,/39/*^,,	 @	`4CUO Constant underflow or overflowWOP Opt - warnings given in P	 hase 1.  Optimized code may not be correctVNI Opt - variable  is not initialized	 AGA Opt - object variable, of assigned GOTO without optional list, was never as	 signedDIS Opt - program is disconnected - optimization discontinuedIFL Opt -	 " infinite loop.  Optimization discontinuedICD Inaccessible code.  Statement delet	 *edIDN Opt - illegal DO nesting - optimization discontinuedITL Illegal transfe 3r into loop to label b]u1Z^,,