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	35*3,h,^2^H^I"_*&^m,^0	^l5^ 9^Z>2VD*^,,b^LqZ^,,
qI	 @	`GMVC Number of variables does not equal the number of constants in DAT	 A statementCUO Constant underflow or overflowCTR Complex terms used in a r	 elational other than EQ or NEDXB DATA statement exceeds bounds of array EXB 	 EQUIVALENCE extends COMMON block  backwardMCE More than 1 COMMON variable in EQUI	 "VALENCE groupIED Inconsistent EQUIVALENCE declarationVNA Subscripted variable	 * in EQUIVALENCE, but not an arrayCER Compiler error in routine ISD Illegal su	 3bscript expression in DATA statementIXM Illegal mixed mode arithmeticAWN Array	 ; reference  has wrong number of subscriptsVSE EQUIVALENCE subscripts must be inte Dger constantsSOR Subscript out of range Kh