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 	]Qp	]Qq	]Qq	]Qv(J"DV"mWQ^D|GpZJq~uJr\z0(JH @]d	"@U(,C" B,~,^,@@+,^,C"86@C"	*U(Q" B+,^,C" B  N% 8 D" D! 8 D# D"C"8 Bt 8	"
`b@, 81B, B&0B++7 #7B 4BC#  x Bx>	*QU ,
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O@,~,^%,	*D*U*; $ B %  D"  D#,h,]C" B+Z,^% ^%, % 	(U*E(D D"  D#@@$@@,h,]C" B+Z[RD\G,^% ^%, %  D"	"*U*L  D#  B,h+R,w+S,p+T+[,V,]+Z,V+Z,V	*U
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 6 B& "w/d B', 8`b+X`b+W`b	*f+~ r1B +,~ %7$,~0$,~: 1F,~ "1" H#	 (Qn2h:x,~7@:x,~6Lp7 ",~  " Cp $ Cp # Cp5q	(@"E"w7""+1"j7L:x,~7"",~1"x7L
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N8$3,{4FL<T dnt>|PV	*U"A(*2B$K,.DFLY77 "56`&7 ,~ "8,N / &5R	"P  2 P+7,5"7,> ",,^# &+R,0"5,> "/,	 Q**;,^." 5,A 
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?x[bxiYd9	 @2%)5?~2~4f;h~C"Hz(Mbz>Q~|HL unit [Mc@ at 	 : in  (PC "
PUnknown FILOP error, code Wrong direction for deviceNo su	 Cch fileNo such directoryProtection failureFile is being modifiedFile alrea	 Kdy existsRIB errorDevice is not availableCan't OPEN deviceDevice fullDevic	 Te is write lockedInsufficient monitor table spaceCan't write a directoryDirec	 \tory is not emptySearch list emptySFDs nested too deepAll structures have 	 eNOCREATE setCan't update fileLocks still setNetwork fullTask not availa	 mbleNo such nodeSFD in useFile has an NDR lockMonitor use count overflo	 vwCan't rename SFD downwardDevice is downDevice is restrictedDevice mus	 ~t be mountedDevice is assigned to another jobIllegal data modeFunny space ful lToo many open units	"Q"A
, ",N  7@# B#S
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 ,+ D|C& F|."3"~+:x |d"@ | },~ 4$m	 D@d$@&$4Dl0F+&$0&0f+5D,~IO error P"
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~4&4$ (', card too large	 +nonbinary cardchecksum errorwrite lockedparity errorrecord exceeds BLOCKSIZE	 3EOTblock incompletechar lostnot assigned^C typedecho checktape full	 <improper mode (whatever that means)data errorblock too largeend of fil	"De*quota or storage exceededXEquota exceededXIstructure fullXK	* M*@,RIB error@N@.device error$$PL, CONI H,He@$S$7T	 U($O)$18T$[$[---$25T$S$1O$36T($L)$50T$D$56T$A$S$7T($O)$18T$[$[---$25TERRSET subroutin	 ^e call$50T$D$56T$AName   (Loc)      $[$[---  Caller     (Loc)        Args  Types&@f[Mc@PuHu....gR~ ?6+k:]mw	D"`$3G`$4`$Lbu+)0O{D
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