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 	\`B	\e1	\eE	\xQ	]	]$/	])g	]6$	]7	]K		]L	]PG0(|,H @d	 VMS incompatibility:Extension to FORTRAN-77:VMS and FORTRAN-77 incompatibility:	 "", g:@H:,	ShH=,
	 [(H@,M@HB,i&h	(@HE,-gVhHH,]h	 @"HI, a8HJ,%	   *E2XHN,)a HR,-G	"3HV,1GHZ,-K	 D@ ;H^,:cV(Ha,=S?0	"DHa,BM?0Hd,EMVpHf	(L,IMSHi,LMZh#Hl,PKR`	 DDU~Hp,Se&0$Ht,WCJ
Hx	 ""],K>0
H|,a	  fe;
	"n H,lo



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	H@	]X,I`	DD!H<,G3H>,eKxH@	"""*,'MKxHD,*G'yHH,.	  2e2zHN,1]N zHQ,5S	"A;|HS,9Sh|HW,=Bp	(@ CHZ,AS}H\,Dgx	"ALH`,JS0$Hf,#eIx	(@@THi,RBpHZ,U]yHm,Y	   ]ihHo,\GHu,`G	"eHy,ca>H(H},gG0)H	" @n,jSVpwH,G H	(v,rGX"H,vG "H
H	(@,
CO8xH,kO8xH"	""I,]HH&,SCH),	!i60H,, ]NHH-,$S	")H.,']GH2,G	(D2H7,/G^`H9,4S20H=	""":,7I20H@,;SJ,lSR(0%Hm,pkR(0		(vHp,,kRx0
	(A~Hs,sm:p0Hx@,]0	(H{@,]K0H~@,S2p0H@	(,
S30H@,G0H@,eB(	HDD0HD@,g;00H@,]30"H,,O81	"1H,/S>(1H,3[(1%H	 :Internal FOROTS error at $PError in memory management at $PMemory full$EFOROP	 B function code exceeds rangeCPU time $Y   Elapsed time $Y$D$3T$A$A$A$U$F$D pa	 Kges allocated but not deallocated$D blocks allocated but not deallocatedDeallocati	 Sng more pages than allocatedCan't create page $O (PAGE. error $O)Can't destroy p	 \age $O (PAGE. error $O)Enter correct file specs$AInput integer overflowInput	 d floating overflowInput floating underflowOutput field width too smallFormat and	 m variable type do not matchAttempt to WRITE beyond fixed-length recordReading in	 uto FORMAT non-standardAmbiguous repeat countEnd of fileBad format binary fi	 ~leRecord $R has not been writtenIllegal record number $DRecord length negati	 ve or zeroAttempt to WRITE beyond variable or arrayRecord size different fro	 m that specified in OPENFound unexpected continuation LSCWCan't backspace image fil	 e with no RECORDSIZECan't skiprecord image file with no RECORDSIZENon-digit 	  in record delimiterRecord too large - memory fullBLOCKSIZE ignored: device is n	 (ot a magnetic tapeCan't queue file, QUEUE. error $OGalaxy version 2 not supported	 1Unknown $A keyword $O, ignored$A in CLOSE is meaningless - ignoredCan't	 9 rename file to$F: $JCan't delete file: $JCLOSE failed $JRandom IO requi	 Bres /RECORDSIZE/RECORDTYPE:FIXED requires /RECORDSIZE/CARRIAGECONTROL:TRANSLAT	 JED illegal with this /RECORDTYPE/RECORDSIZE larger than /BLOCKSIZENo such device 	 S$A/ACCESS:$A illegal for this device/MODE:$A illegal for this deviceCan't OPEN	 [ file: $JIncompatible attributes /$A$A /$A$ASame device open on unit $D with co	 dnflicting specifiersIllegal value for $ARandom IO requires RECL= in OPEN st	 latementToo many open unitsTape format conflicts with OPEN statement or default	 uCan't do direct I/O to sequential fileCan't do sequential I/O to direct fileIlleg	 }al for DIRECT (RANDOM) filesCan't determine whether formatted or unformatted $A	 Illegal unit number $D$I Carriage control character$I Keyword /$A$A$I Trailin	 g spaces in output record$I G format descriptor used with characterREREAD not	  preceded by READ$A keyword value /$A$A$A string too longError in $A string -	  Ambiguous switch /$AError in $A string - Unknown switch /$ANo device specified 	 (with ":"Illegal character $C in pathToo many SFDsNull SFDIllegal character $C	 0 in $A argumentPADCHAR must be single char in double quotesCan't $A an $A-only 	 9fileCan't write a file with MODE='LINED'Illegal character in formatData in IO	 A list but not in formatIllegal repeat countIllegal Hollerith constantIlleg	 Jal field widthUndefined data type or internal FOROTS errorReading into character fo	 Rrmat illegalIllegal character in dataUnit not specifiedBad IO listIlleg	 [al MTOP valueDump mode IO list too longIllegal DUMP mode I/O listIllegal to	 c initiate another I/O statement while processing $AIllegal length for character e	 lxpressionTape is not usable by your jobUnexpected TAPOP error $OUnexpected	 t TAPOP. error $O trying to set $AVariable $S not in namelistFound "$C" when expe	 }cting "="Missing right parenVariable or namelist does not start with letterIlleg	 al SubscriptCan't convert constant to correct typeSign with null valueNull 	 string illegalFound "$C" when expecting ":"Illegal substring descriptorString not	  within single quotesCan't switch to input: $JCan't switch to output: $J $JMemory full	D"$xa$%z$%*$%@j$%F`$%Fc$%G/$&f#$'m~	D"$(?4$-;$-a$3\^$8w$;L$Jk$Jkl$Ke	D"$K0E$KNB$LS$L 7$L$
$L&$L<^$L[3$L_Z	D"$M>$Mh$M2%$M4,$M?p$MXn$M}h$d/6$j2!	D"$j9$jFY$kF$l=$r4U$rt/$x=g%~%P	D"%ne%%1R%Os%c%
dl%%\	D"%I%NW%?s%l%"p	K4	V*.	[w 	^#
	D"	d4	j>*	zB9	zLN	ziD	z'	{=	|u	!	D"	*,	K5	M$	"4A	4>1	4k	5>'	9DJ	A 	D"	H4	HDw	\[Z	\`B)	\aM	\e11	\eE5	\efr	\eh	D"	\ejv	\eo{	\gD
	\r.:	\tCS	\xQ	\zE	\zfL	\zxI	D"	\{P	]
dB	]$/	])g 	]*	]1	]6$%	]7-	D"	]?S=	]DW	]K			]L	]PG	]WY	]XD|P [hP [|	P
	PXYPYPZPZP[PbK8V;/VK	P@W.GPyPRG`}6g?%v`~wgA^gD||gD1g	DFQ-DzFQ11gGhH|>p~@H|>T~@H|>p~@H|>TW~@H|L?~@xH|!~@pH|ZM