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A4y&Bb	Kyd S^n39	99o5*3,h,^2^I_* _)&^H,	_+2363%=3&?4
_S	 @	`CUO Constant underflow or overflowVND FUNCTION return value is never	  definedCOS Extension to Fortran-77: Comment on statementDEB Extension to Fo	 rtran-77: DEBUG linesNSCNon-standard character in column 1EXB EQUIVALENCE ext	 ends COMMON block  backwardsIED Inconsistent EQUIVALENCE declarationVNA Subsc	 "ripted variable in EQUIVALENCE, but not an arrayENF Label  must refer to an execu	 *table statement, not a FORMATMCE More than 1 COMMON variable in EQUIVALENCE group	 3LNI List directed I/O with no I/O listMWL Attempt to define multiple RETURN withou	 ;t FORMAT label argumentPTL Program too largeDDN DO loops too deeply nested - r	 Deduce nestingLSC Length star concatenation not yet supported in this context"