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W8w]8xa*^,,	 @	`MVC Number of variables  the number of constants in DATA statementCUO 	 Constant underflow or overflowCTR Complex terms used in a relational other than	  EQ or NEDXB DATA statement exceeds bounds of array CNMCharacter and non-ch	 aracter variables ACB Argument out of range for CHAR, high order bits ignored	 "COS Extension to Fortran-77: Comment on statementDEB Extension to Fortran-77: 	 *DEBUG linesLNE VMS incompatibility: Logical and numeric variables EQUIVALENCE-d	 3MLNMixing logical and numericNEC Extension to Fortran-77: Numeric expression i	 ;n character contextNIS Extension to Fortran-77: Non-integer subscriptNSCNon-s	 Dtandard character in column 1SBC Extension to Fortran-77: Substring bounds not cons	 LtantSMD Extension to Fortran-77: Single subscript with multi-dimensioned array 	 ULNCNon-numeric operand in numeric contextNLCNon-logical operand in logical cont	 ]extSOR Subscript out of range for array MBD IMPLICIT NONE -  must be explicitl	 fy declaredEXB EQUIVALENCE extends COMMON block  backwardsMCE More than 1 COM	 nMON variable in EQUIVALENCE groupIED Inconsistent EQUIVALENCE declarationVNA 	 wSubscripted variable in EQUIVALENCE, but not an arrayCER Compiler error in routine	  ISD Illegal subscript expression in DATA statementIXM Illegal mixed mode a	 rithmeticAWN Array reference  has wrong number of subscriptsVSE EQUIVALENCE sub	 scripts must be integer constantsSOR Subscript out of range for array PTL Progr	 am too largeNCC Can't store numeric constant in character variable CSS Can't	 ! split string across numeric and character variablesSNC Substring of non-CHARACTE	 *R variableICN Illegal combination of character and numeric dataIOR Substring 	 2bound out of rangeNWB Numeric variable must be aligned on word boundaryNWW Numeri	 ;c variable  must be aligned on word boundaryIBD Illegal substring bound in DAT	 CA statementZLD Zero-trip DO loop illegal in DATA statementSSC   illegal in 	 LSAVE statementLSC Length star concatenation not yet supported in this contextNLS 	 T may not be declared length starSSC  EQUIVALENCE-d to COMMON is illegal in SAVE 	 ]statementFOO Illegal operator for type characterIAN Illegal assignment betwee en character and numeric datab^LqZ^,,