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 	\`B	\e1	\eE	\xQ	]	]$/	])g	]6$	]7	]K		]L	]PG0(|,H @n	 VMS incompatibility:Extension to FORTRAN-77:VMS and FORTRAN-77 incompatibility:	 "", g:@H^,	ShHa,
	[(He,M@Hf,i&h	(@Hj,-gVhHm,]h	 @"Hn, a8Ho,%	   *E2XHs,)a Hw,-G	"3H{,1GH,-K	 D@ ;H,:cV(H,=S?0	"DH,BM?0H,EMVpH	(L,IMSH
H	 ""],K>0
H ,a	  fe;
	"n H),lo

H1	(w,sM`


	H@	"]X$,I`Hb,#kx1He	@@*,G3Hi,'eKxHk,.	   2MKxHn,2G'yHr,5e2	";zHx,9]N zH|,<M{H~	"" C,@E3P{H,DS|H,G	 LSh|H,KBpH,OS	 @ T}H,SgxH,X	 ]S0$H,\W/H,+eI	 DDexH",dBpH,g]yH'	"""n,kihH),nGH.,r	 vGH2,ua>H(H6,yG0)	(H:,|SVpwH?,G HB	 @,GX"HE,G "	(HG,
HX,"CO8xHZ	@),&kO8xH^,*]HHb	"0@2,/SCHe,2i60Hh,6	H:]NHHj,:SHk,=	C]GHo,GHs,EG^`	DDKHv,JS20Hz,MSH}	"""T,QI20H~,TSJH.,BkRx0
	(AH1,g3 02	(@@ H;,C3 03HB,!m:p0HH@	("),%]0HK@,)]K0HN@,-	 1S2p0HP@,0S30HU@,4G0	(@@:HW@,7eB(0H@,;g;00H[@,>	  B]30"H^ ,B]0*H`@,ESO	 DDK0*Hc ,Ig;0+Hf ,MSO81Hi	"""S,PO81Hl,TS>(1Ho,W	 \[(1%HpInternal FOROTS error at $PError in memory management at 	 d$PMemory full$EFOROP function code exceeds rangeCPU time $Y   Elapsed time $Y	 m$D$3T$A$A$A$U$F$D pages allocated but not deallocated$D blocks allocated but n	 uot deallocatedDeallocating more pages than allocatedCan't create page $O (PAGE. er	 ~ror $O)Can't destroy page $O (PAGE. error $O)Enter correct file specs$AInput	  integer overflowInput floating overflowInput floating underflowOutput field wi	 dth too smallFormat and variable type do not matchAttempt to WRITE beyond fixed-	 length recordReading into FORMAT non-standardAmbiguous repeat countEnd of fil	  eBad format binary fileRecord $R has not been writtenIllegal record numbe	 (r $DRecord length negative or zeroAttempt to WRITE beyond variable or array	 1Record size different from that specified in OPENFound unexpected continuation LSCW	 9Can't backspace image file with no RECORDSIZECan't skiprecord image file with no	 B RECORDSIZENon-digit in record delimiterRecord too large - memory fullBLOCK	 JSIZE ignored: device is not a magnetic tapeCan't queue file, QUEUE. error $OGalax	 Sy version 2 not supportedUnknown $A keyword $O, ignored$A in CLOSE is meani	 [ngless - ignoredNode name ignoredCan't rename file to$F: $JCan't delete fi	 dle: $JUnsupported /DISPOSE:$A for RMS filesCLOSE failed $JRandom IO requi	 lres /RECORDSIZE/RECORDTYPE:FIXED requires /RECORDSIZE/CARRIAGECONTROL:TRANSLAT	 uED illegal with this /RECORDTYPE/RECORDSIZE larger than /BLOCKSIZENo such device 	 }$ABLOCKSIZE must be specified for RECORDTYPE='FIXED'BLOCKSIZE must be integra	 l multiple of RECL/ACCESS:$A illegal for this device/MODE:$A illegal for this devi	 ceCan't OPEN file: $JIncompatible attributes /$A$A /$A$ASame device open on 	 unit $D with conflicting specifiersIllegal value for $ANew indexed file req	 uires KEY= in OPEN statementRandom IO requires RECL= in OPEN statementToo many o	 (pen unitsTape format conflicts with OPEN statement or defaultCan't do direct I/O 	 0to sequential fileCan't do sequential I/O to direct fileIllegal for DIRECT (RANDO	 9M) filesCan't determine whether formatted or unformatted $AIllegal unit number 	 A$D$I Carriage control character$I Keyword /$A$A$I Trailing spaces in output r	 Jecord$I G format descriptor used with character$I Format default width used	 RREREAD not preceded by READ$A keyword value /$A$A$A string too longError in $	 [A string - Ambiguous switch /$AError in $A string - Unknown switch /$ANo device 	 cspecified with ":"Illegal character $C in pathToo many SFDsNull SFDIllegal ch	 laracter $C in $A argumentPADCHAR must be single char in double quotesCan't $A a	 tn $A-only fileCan't write a file with MODE='LINED'Illegal character in format	 }Illegal formatData in IO list but not in formatIllegal repeat countIllegal Ho	 llerith constantIllegal field widthUndefined data type or internal FOROTS error	 Reading into character format illegalIllegal character in dataUnit not specif	 iedBad IO listIllegal MTOP valueDump mode IO list too longIllegal DUMP mo	 de I/O listIllegal to initiate another I/O statement while processing $AIlleg	 'al length for character expressionTape is not usable by your jobUnexpected TAPO	 0P error $OUnexpected TAPOP. error $O trying to set $A $A not allowed with Labe	 8led Magnetic tape files  Input/Output switching not allowed with Labeled Magnetic ta	 Ape files /ACCESS='APPEND' not allowed with Labeled Magnetic tape filesVariable $	 IS not in namelistFound "$C" when expecting "="Missing right parenVariable or nam	 Relist does not start with letterIllegal SubscriptCan't convert constant to corr	 Zect typeSign with null valueNull string illegalFound "$C" when expecting ":"	 cIllegal substring descriptorString not within single quotesCan't switch to inpu kt: $JCan't switch to output: $J$JMemory full	D"$'!$xa$%z$%*7$%@|$%Fr$%Fu$%GE$&f+	D"$'m~$(?J$-T$-{$3\^$8w$;f$Jk$Jk	D"$K~$K/Q$K0$KN[$Lm$L M$L$0$L&4$L<w	D"$L[W$Lt$MX$Mh$M2I$M4P$M?	$MX$M}	D"$d/[$j2E$j9)$jFk$kFB$kG$l=-$r4g$rtT	D"$x=y%~%i%ne%;%1d%Os%c%
dl	D"%
g%>%n%b%Np%?*5	[w#	^#"	d4	g~@	j>2	zBG	D"	zL\	ziS	z=	{K	|u2	Z`	!/	*B	K<	D"	M:	"4O	4>9	4k	5>.	9DX	A6	F'	H4*	D"	HD	\[Z	\`B)	\aM	\e11	\eE5	\ef	\eg	\eh	D"	\ej	\eo
	\r.:	\tCS	\xQ	\zE	\zfL	\zxI	D"	\{P	]
dB	]$/	])g 	]*	]+i	]1	]6$%	D"	]7-	]?S=	]DW	]K			]L	]PG	]WY	]XDP [h	P [|P
w2@ShmOP	P
PXYPYPZPZP[W.GPyPRG	`}[g?%v`~gA^gD|gD1gFQ-DzFQ11gGh{z^a?~@$XH|!~@ H{z^a?~@H|>p~@H|>T~@xH|>p~@pH|>TW~@hH|L?~@0H|!~@pH|ZM