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alid account identifier@Directory is "files-only" and cannot be logged in to@Internal format of directory is incorrect@Invalid password@Job is already logged in@Invalid parameter or function bit combination@Illegal for created job to enter MINI-EXEC@Reserved@Terminal is not available@Unknown name for LOGIN@Insufficient system resources@Reserved@Illegal to specify job number when logging out own job@Invalid job number@Invalid account identifier@Job is not logged in@WHEEL or OPERATOR capability required@Entry cannot be longer than 64 words@Fatal error when accessing FACT file@Desired JFN invalid@Desired JFN not available@No JFN available@Invalid character in filename@Field cannot be longer than 39 characters@Device field not in a valid position@Directory field not in a valid position@Directory terminating delimiter is not preceded by a valid beginning delimiter@More than one name field is not allowed@Generation number is not numeric@More than one generation number field is not allowed@More than one account field is not allowed@More than one protection field is not allowed@Invalid protection@Invalid confirmation character@No such device@No such directory name@No such filename@No such file type@No such generation number@File was expunged@Insufficient system resources (Job Storage Block full)@Exceeded maximum number of files per directory@File not found@File already exists (new file required)@Device is not on line@Device is not available to this job@Account is not numeric@Invalid wildcard designator@No files match this specification@Filename was not specified@Invalid character "?" in file specification@Directory access privileges required@File is already open@File does not exist@Read access required@Write access required@Execute access required@Append access required@Device already assigned to another job@Device is not on line@Invalid simultaneous access@Entire file structure full@List access required@Invalid access requested@Invalid mode requested@Read/write access required@File has bad index block@No room in job for long file page table@Unit Record Devices are not available@IMP is not up@Host is not up@Connection refused@Connection byte size does not match@Invalid source/destination designator@Terminal is not available to this job@JFN is not assigned@Invalid use of terminal designator or string pointer@File is not open@Device is not a terminal@JFN cannot refer to output wildcard designators@File is not on disk@File is not open@File cannot be closed by this process@File is not closed@JFN is being used to accumulate filename@JFN is not accessible by this process@Delete access required@File is not open@Illegal to reset pointer for this file@Invalid byte number@Invalid password@Invalid directory number@Job is not logged in@Illegal to change byte size for this opening of file@Invalid byte size@File is not opened for reading@File is not opened for writing@File is not open for random access@End of file reached@Device or data error@Illegal to write beyond absolute end of file@Invalid access requested@Invalid use of PMAP@Invalid access requested@Invalid process handle@Illegal to manipulate a superior process@Invalid use of multiple process handle@Process is running@Process has not been started@All relative process handles in use@Process is not inferior or equal to self@Process is not inferior to self@New superior process is inferior to intended inferior@Invalid table number@Invalid table index@GETAB capability required@Invalid process handle -3 or -4@WHEEL or OPERATOR capability required@Invalid date or time@Device is not assignable@Illegal to assign this device @No such device@Invalid job number@Job already attached@Incorrect user number@Invalid password@This job has no controlling terminal@No such device@Invalid device designator@Device already assigned to another job@Device is not on line@Internal format of directory is incorrect@Device is not on line@Device is not mountable@Invalid terminal code@Illegal to set remote to object before object to remote@Invalid software interrupt channel number@Control-C capability required@Link was not received within 15 seconds@Links full@Device is not a terminal@Overflowed rescan buffer, input string truncated@Invalid function code@Insufficient system resources@Illegal to kill top level process@Illegal to kill self@Processes are not frozen@Illegal to halt self with HFORK@Invalid process handle@Invalid save file format@System Special Pages Table full@Undefined function code@Unassigned fork handle or not immediate inferior@Invalid position in entry vector@Radix is not in range 2 to 36 @Column overflow@Fork(s) not frozen@Radix is not in range 2 to 10@First nonspace character is not a digit@Overflow (number is greater than 2**35 )@Invalid displacement@Invalid number of words@List access required@Invalid displacement@Illegal to change specified bits@Write or owner access required@Invalid value for specified bits@Command list error@JFN is not open in dump mode@Address error (too big or crosses end of memory)@Access error (cannot read or write data in memory)@Files are not on same device@Destination file expunged@Write or owner access to destination file required@Quota exceeded in destination of rename@Illegal to back up terminal pointer twice@Time cannot be greater than 24 hours@Time zone out of range@Time zone must be USA or Greenwich@Invalid date format@Invalid time format@Year out of range@Month is not less than 12@Day of month too large@Day of week is not less than 7@Date out of range@System date and time are not set@WHEEL or OPERATOR capability required@File is not on multiple-directory device@Insufficient system resources (Job Storage Block full)@Directory requires numeric account@Write or owner access required@File is not on multiple-directory device@File expunged@File is not open@File is not on multiple-directory device@No used page found@File(s) not closed@Illegal to read directory for this device@Table address is not greater than 20@Illegal to save files on this device@Page count is not less than or equal to 1000@Entry vector is not less than 1000@WHEEL or OPERATOR capability required@WHEEL or OPERATOR capability required@Read access failure on monitor page@WHEEL or OPERATOR capability required@Illegal to change number of old directory@Insufficient system resources (Job Storage Block full)@Superior directory full@Directory name not given@File(s) open in directory@WHEEL or OPERATOR capability required@Invalid directory number@First character is not blank or numeric@Number too small@Number too large@Invalid format@Column overflow in field 1 or 2@Column overflow in field 3@Invalid format specified@Undefined clock number@Not a multiple-directory device@Invalid directory number@Unknown host number@No number for that host name@No string for that Host number@Invalid receive JFN@Receive JFN not opened for read@Receive JFN not open@Receive JFN is not a NET connection@Receive JFN has been used@Receive connection refused@Invalid send JFN@Send JFN not opened for write@Send JFN not open@Send JFN is not a NET connection@Send JFN has been used@Send connection refused@Insufficient system resources (No NVT's)@No string for that Host number@Invalid network JFN@Local socket invalid in this context@Invalid message size@Insufficient system resources (No buffers available)@Illegal to specify NCP links 0 - 72@Invalid header value for this queue@IMP down@NET WIZARD capability  required@Insufficient system resources (All special queues in use)@Link(s) assigned to another special queue@Special network queue handle out of range@Special network queue not assigned@Invalid network JFN@Invalid or inactive NVT@Destination file is not closed@Destination file has bad page table@Source file expunged@Write or owner access to source file required@Source file is nonexistent@Source file is not closed@Source file has bad page table@Illegal to rename to self@Internal format of directory is incorrect@Undefined operation code@Undefined JSYS@UUO simulation facility not available@Logical name is not defined@Index is beyond end of logical name table@No such logical name@Lock facility already in use@Too many pages to be locked@Page is not available@Illegal to remove previous contents of user map@Display data area not locked in core@Invalid string pointer@Area too small to hold process structure@Invalid index@Invalid terminal line number@Invalid job number@Length of packet descriptor block cannot be less than 4@No message for this PID@Data too long for user's buffer@Receiver's PID invalid@Receiver's PID disabled@Send quota exceeded@Receiver quota exceeded@IPCF free space exhausted@Sender's PID invalid@WHEEL capability required@WHEEL or IPCF capability required@No free PID's available@PID quota exceeded@No PID's available to this job@No PID's available to this process@Receive and message data modes do not match@Argument block too small@Invalid MUTIL JSYS function@No PID for [SYSTEM] INFO@Invalid process handle@Invalid job number@Invalid software interrupt channel number@[SYSTEM] INFO already exists@Invalid message size@PID does not belong to this job@PID does not belong to this process@PID is not defined@PID not accessible by this process@PID already being used by another process@Job is not logged in@No more files in this specification@Invalid function@Level number too small@Request and lock level numbers do not match@Number of pool and lock resources do not match@Lock already requested@Requested locks are not all locked@No ENQ on this lock@Invalid access change requested@Invalid number of blocks specified@Invalid argument block length@Invalid software interrupt channel number@Invalid number of resources requested@Indirect or indexed byte pointer not allowed@Invalid byte size@ENQ/DEQ capability required@WHEEL or OPERATOR capability required@Invalid JFN@Quota exceeded@String too long@Locked JFN cannot be closed@Job is not logged in@Invalid page number@Page is not private@Illegal to move shared page into file@Illegal to move file page into process@Illegal to move special page into file@Disk quota exceeded@WHEEL or OPERATOR capability required@Invalid function@.SNPLC function must be first@Only one .SNPLC function allowed@Invalid page number@Invalid number of pages to lock@Illegal to define breakpoints after inserting them@Breakpoint is not set on instruction@No more breakpoints allowed@Breakpoints already inserted@Breakpoints not inserted@Invalid format for program name symbol@No such program name symbol@No such symbol@Not enough free pages for snooping@Multiply defined symbol@Invalid index into system PID table@Breakpoint already defined@Disk quota exceeded@Input deleted@WHEEL or OPERATOR capability required@Invalid function@Invalid function@Invalid function@WHEEL or OPERATOR capability required@Device is not assignable@Invalid job number@Device already assigned to another job@Invalid function@Argument block too small@Invalid device designator@WHEEL or OPERATOR capability required@Illegal to specify 0 as generation number for first file@File still mapped@Invalid function@Device assigned to user job, but will be given to allocator when released@Argument block too small@Invalid directory number@Invalid access code@Invalid function@Invalid process handle@Time limit already set@Illegal to clear time limit@Data page is not private or copy-on-write@File not found because output-only device was specified@Logical name loop detected@Invalid directory number@Internal format of directory is incorrect@Maximum directory number exceeded;  index table needs expanding@WHEEL or OPERATOR capability required@Invalid directory number@Internal format of directory is incorrect@Invalid function@Device is not assigned@Argument block too small@Invalid device type@WHEEL, OPERATOR, or MAINTENANCE capability required@Invalid channel command list@Illegal to do I/O across page boundary@No such device@Unit does not exist@Subunit does not exist@Unreasonable SYSERR block size@No buffer space available for SYSERR@Invalid function@Insufficient system resources (Job Storage Block full)@Monitor internal error@Invalid hardware data mode for magnetic tape@No-wait dump mode not supported for this device@Dump mode not supported for this device@Function legal for sequential write only@Device still active@Record size was not set before I/O was done@Function not legal in dump mode@Invalid record size@Invalid magnetic tape density@Device is write locked@Undefined attribute in file specification@WHEEL or OPERATOR capability required@WHEEL or OPERATOR capability required@LOG capability required@WHEEL, OPERATOR, or MAINTENANCE capability required@Insufficient system resources (Job Storage Block full)@Directory area of EXE file is more than one page@Table is empty@Table is full@Entry is already in table@Internal format of table is incorrect@Record is longer than user requested@WHEEL or OPERATOR capability required@Invalid job number@Job is not logged in@Invalid function@Invalid magnetic tape density@Invalid magnetic tape data mode@Invalid TMON function@Invalid SMON function@Invalid job number@Job is not logged in@WHEEL or OPERATOR capability required@No such job@UUO simulation is disabled@RMS facility is not available@Invalid COMND function code@Field too long for internal buffer@Command too long for internal buffer@Invalid character in input@Invalid PRARG function code@No room in monitor data base for argument block@Invalid string pointer argument@Problem in indirect file@Error in command@PRARG argument block too large@File is not on disk@Invalid job number@No such job@Argument block too long@No interrupts in progress@Job is not logged in@File name must not exceed 6 characters@File type must not exceed 3 characters@Confidential Information Access capability required@Downtime cannot be more than 7 days in the future@File cannot be expunged because it is currently open@System scratch area depleted; file not deleted@Directory symbol table could not be rebuilt@Directory symbol table needs rebuilding@Internal format of directory is incorrect@FDB formatted incorrectly; file not deleted@FDB not found; file not deleted@Process page cannot exceed 777@Invalid directory number@Insufficient system resources@Internal format of directory is incorrect@File is not open for write@Page table does not exist and file not open for write@Cannot receive into an existing page@Number base out of range 2-10@Output still pending@VFU or RAM file cannot be OPENed@Data too large for buffers@Input error or not all data read@Argument block too small@Invalid software interrupt channel number@Illegal to save files on this device@Device does not have Direct Access (programmable) VFU@VFU or Translation Ram file must be on disk@Invalid unit number@WHEEL or OPERATOR capability required@Illegal to load RAM or VFU while device is OPEN@Device is not on line@No more job slots available for logging-in@Invalid operation for this device@Argument block too small@Insufficient system resources@Channel number too large@Unit number too large@Invalid function@WHEEL or OPERATOR capability required@Argument block too small@Insufficient system resources@Drive is not on-line@Home blocks are bad@Invalid structure name@Could not get OFN for ROOT-DIRECTORY@Could not MAP ROOT-DIRECTORY@ROOT-DIRECTORY bad@Could not initialize Index Table@Could not OPEN Bit Table File@Backup copy of ROOT-DIRECTORY is bad@Invalid channel number@Invalid unit number@Invalid controller number@Invalid structure number@Bit table is being initialized@Bit table has not been initialized@Bit table being initialized by another job@Invalid function@Insufficient system resources@Invalid function@Insufficient system resources@No such user name@Insufficient system resources@Invalid directory specification@Invalid structure name@Monitor internal error@Insufficient system resources@Invalid table entry location@Invalid software interrupt channel number@Process has not encountered any errors@Illegal to swap same JFN@Invalid software interrupt channel number@Illegal to open a string pointer@File is not a directory file@Directory file is mapped@End of input file reached@Invalid terminal type@Illegal to map file on dismounted structure@Invalid structure number@Structure is dismounted@Invalid address type specified@All units in a structure must be of the same type@No more units in system@Unit is already part of a mounted structure@Data error reading HOME blocks@Structure is not mounted@Illegal to change specified bits@Invalid terminating bracket on directory@Could not write HOME blocks@Password is required@Function not allowed for another job@No function specified for ACCES@No such user name@Directory is not accessed@Structure is not mounted@Insufficient system resources@Quota exceeded or disk full@Insufficient system resources (Swapping space full)@No such directory name@Ambiguous directory specification@Invalid PPN@Structure is not mounted@Insufficient system resources@Invalid directory number@No directory to write spooled files into@Structure is not mounted@File expunged@Internal format of directory is incorrect@Insufficient system resources@Illegal to perform this function@DEC reserved bits not zero@No free pages in file@Second JFN cannot be wild@Time has already passed@No space available for a clock@User clock allocation exceeded@No such clock entry found@No system date and time@Invalid function code@Terminal already in use as controlling terminal@Illegal to redefine the job's controlling terminal@SC%SCT capability required@File expunged@Write or owner access required@No such user name@Illegal to overlay existing pages@File is not open@Invalid password@WHEEL capability required@WHEEL or IPCF capability required@ENQ/DEQ capability required@Confidential Information Access Capability required@Invalid function@Illegal to change specified bits@Argument block too small@Argument block too long@Invalid page number@Invalid job number@No such job@Invalid byte size@Invalid access requested@Invalid directory number@Invalid process handle@Invalid software interrupt channel number@Insufficient system resources@Insufficient system resources (JSB full)@Monitor internal error@Insufficient system resources (Swapping space full)@Invalid account identifier@Job is not logged in@Write or owner access required@List access required@Device is not assignable@File is not on multiple-directory device@Password is required@Invalid argument block length@Invalid structure name@No such device@Invalid directory specification@File expunged@No such user number@Illegal to dismount the Public Structure@Invalid number of swapping pages@Invalid number of Front-End-Filesystem pages@Illegal to log out job 0@More than one ;T specification is not allowed@Invalid terminal page width@Invalid terminal page length@Specified unit is not a disk@Could not initialize bit table for structure@Could not reconstruct ROOT-DIRECTORY@Disk assignments and deassignments are currently prohibited@Invalid disk address@Address cannot be deassigned because it is not assigned@Address cannot be assigned because it is already assigned@Invalid default string@Incorrect Bit Table counts on structure@Illegal to lock other than a private page@Requested page unavailable@Attempt to lock too much memory@Illegal memory read@Illegal memory write@Memory data parity error @Reference to non-existent page@Structure already mounted@Structure was not mounted@Structure is unavailable for mounting@The STDIR JSYS has been replaced by RCDIR and RCUSR@The CNDIR JSYS has been replaced by ACCES@Illegal page state or state transition@Requested physical page is unavailable@Requested physical page contains errors@Cannot delete directory; file still mapped@Cannot delete directory file in this manner@Account string does not match@Invalid function code@Area of code too large to test@UTEST facility in use by another process@Invalid DTE-20 number@Invalid byte size@Invalid network file name@No more logical links available@Invalid object@Invalid task name@Object is already defined@Invalid network operation@Link aborted@String exceeds 16 bytes@Line is not active@Invalid protocol version number@Insufficient system resources (no resident free space)@Invalid unit number@Invalid CMRTY pointer@Invalid CMBFP pointer@Invalid CMPTR pointer@Invalid CMABP pointer@Invalid default string pointer@Invalid help message pointer@Invalid byte pointer in function block@Ambiguous@Not a switch - does not begin with slash@Does not match switch or keyword@Null switch or keyword given@Invalid guide word@Not confirmed@Invalid character in number@Invalid device terminator@Not a quoted string - quote missing at beginning or end@Does not match token@Does not match directory or user name@Comma not given@Illegal to request multiple specifications for the same attribute@Attribute value is required@Attribute does not take a value@Unit is write-locked@GTJFN input buffer is empty@Invalid attribute for this device@Remark exceeds 39 characters@Directory still contains subdirectory@Request exceeds superior directory working quota@Request exceeds superior directory permanent quota@Request exceeds superior directory subdirectory quota@Invalid user group@Account validation data base file not completely closed@Cannot get a JFN for <SYSTEM>ACCOUNTS-TABLE.BIN@Account validation data base file too long@Cannot get an OFN for <SYSTEM>ACCOUNTS-TABLE.BIN@Invalid account@Account string exceeds 39 characters@Invalid USAGE entry type code@Byte count is not positive@Node name exceeds 6 characters@Item not found in argument list@Illegal to create non-files-only subdirectory under files-only directory@Mismatched mask block lengths@Invalid mask block length@Interrupt message must be read first@Address break not available on this system@Default item not allowed@Invalid IPCF quota@Account has expired@Illegal to delete logged-in directory@Illegal to delete connected directory@Protocol initialization failed@WHEEL, OPERATOR, or requested capability required@Invalid character in node name@Too many characters in node name@Working space insufficient for current allocation@Directory is "files-only" and cannot be accessed@Subdirectory quota insufficient for existing subdirectories@Superior directory does not exist@Invalid user number@Invalid user name@Invalid subdirectory quota@Invalid mode@Illegal to declare mode twice@Illegal to declare mode after acquiring terminal@Invalid event code@Invalid function code for channel assignment@JFN is not an ATS JFN@Table length too small@Table lengths must be the same@Table length too large@Maximum applications terminals for system already assigned@Byte count is too large@Terminal not assigned to this JFN@Terminal is XOFF'd@Terminal has been released@Terminal identifier is not assigned@No more error information@Invalid Host Terminal Number@Output failed -- monitor internal error@Illegal to manipulate an execute-only process@Invalid arithmetic trap argument@Invalid LUUO trap argument@Invalid flags@ATS input message too long for internal buffers@Monitor internal error - ATS input message truncated@Illegal to close JFN with terminal assigned@Invalid section number@Invalid count@Too many units in structure@Node not accessible@Previous interrupt message outstanding@No interrupt message available@Invalid argument for attribute@KMC11 not running@Line not turned off@Another line already looped@Byte count too small@Invalid node name@Maximum applications terminals for job already assigned@Failed to acquire applications terminal@Invalid device name@Invalid server name@Terminal is already released@Illegal function@Request denied by Access Control Facility@Prior structure mount required@Illegal while JFNs assigned@Illegal while connected to structure@Invalid PSI channel number given@Invalid host name@Invalid segment type@Invalid segment size@Illegal tape format for dump mode@Density specified does not match tape density@Invalid tape label@Illegal tape record size@Tape HDR1 missing@Invalid tape HDR1 sequence number@Tape label read error@Logical end of tape encountered@Invalid tape format@Illegal to swap ATS JFN@Tape write date has not expired@Tape is domestic and HDR2 is missing@Tape has invalid access character@Invalid class@Cannot change class@Request canceled by user@Labeled tapes not permitted on 7-track drives@Unknown density specified@Unknown drive type specified@Unknown label type specified@Set name illegal or not specified@Illegal starting-volume specification@Attempt to switch to volume outside set@Illegal volume identifier specified@Density mismatch between request and volume@Drive type mismatch between request and volume@Label type mismatch between request and volume@Structural error in mount message@Setname mismatch between request and volume@Mount refused by operator@Volume identifiers not supplied by operator@Volume-identifier list missing@End of volume-identifier list reached while reading@Requested tape drive type not available to system@Structural error in mount entry@Mount requested for unknown device type@Job has open JFN on device@Terminal is not open@Unknown error received@Receive error threshold exceeded@Reply threshold exceeded@NAK threshold exceeded@Terminal protocol error@Intervention required at terminal@Powerfail@Data pipe was disconnected@Dialup terminal was attached@Julian day is out of range@Structure name not specified@File already has archive status@Cannot perform ARCF functions on non-multiple directory devices@File is not on-line@Files not on the same device or structure@File does not have archive status@Invalid parameter@Archive not complete@File not off-line@Archive prohibited@Archive requested, modification prohibited@Archive requested, delete prohibited@Archive system request not completed@File has archive status, modification is prohibited@File is off-line@File has archive status, delete is not permitted@File has no pointer to offline storage@File restore failed@Migration prohibited@Cannot exempt offline file@FDB incorrect format for ARCF JSYS@Retrieval request cannot be fulfilled for waiting process@Migration already pending@File is offline@Offline expiration time cannot exceed system maximum@Directory too large@Invalid record descriptor in labeled tape@Dismount refused by operator@Illegal to dismount connected structure@Structure not found@Too many user labels@Undefined record format on non-TOPS20 tape@Tape mounting function disabled by installation@METER% not supported on this processor@Connection not accepted@Resource allocation failure@Destination node does not exist@Node shutting down@Destination process does not exist@Invalid process name@Destination process queue overflow@Unspecified error@Connection aborted by third party@Link aborted by process@NSP Failure - Flow control violation@Too many connections to node@Too many connections to destination process@Access denied due to unacceptable user name or password@NSP failure - invalid SERVICES field@Invalid account@NSP failure - invalid SEGSIZ field@Process aborted, timed out, or cancelled request@No path to destination node@NSP failure - flow control failure@NSP failure - invalid DSTADDR@Disconnect confirmation@NSP failure - image data field too long@Structure is set IGNORED@Cannot overwrite volume - first file is not expired@Cannot overwrite volume - write access required@Tape label format error@Unit already online@Unit not online@Invalid operation for this label type@Invalid NSP reason code@not available on this system@Two colons required on node name@Invalid class share@Invalid KNOB value@Class Scheduler already enabled@Null device name given@End of tape encountered while searching for file@JSYS not executed within ACJ fork@Tape position is indeterminate@TTY input buffer full@Channel table crosses section boundary@SIR JSYS invoked from non-zero section@RIR JSYS incompatible with previous XSIR@Level table crosses section boundary@Insufficient MOUNTR resources@Attempt to delete a section still shared@