Trailing-Edge - PDP-10 Archives - BB-F492Z-DD_1986 - 1,4/trdump.exe
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(	?FD  ?FDt ?FDe ?FDtyRD10lRM10BNXDO NXDreRP01XRP02aRP03 ?NXD'MD(2)MD(1)?NXDb?NXDgRS04f?NXD/?NXD?NXD RP04qRP06iRM03rRP??a?NXD ?NXDr?NXD7?NXDUR(I7UW3,'MR,I2MW:',Y9C<~NJ2DyG @nJC<?	TTY:,,TRACE:DSKFIL.BINW+IMAGESEQINASCIISEQOUTP (',OutputtoC(Blanks=CTTY:):A',$)(6A5)('3Sequencehlimit (0=allentries):',$)(I)(',Starting;sequencenumber:',$)('CDoyouwishtoCselectany<diskparameters(Y,N):B',$)(',%PleaseEshiftCtoUPPER6case'/)(',GiveCunit,nameC(e.g.DSKB1)forselection.Q(B','lanks.=allDunits):sC',$)(',Programname(5$chars)forselection.W(B','lanks+=allprograms):',$)(' Minimum transfer size (blocks) to report:  ',$)
S2J+m O3(B+m M&(K` HH"$(K`.M HI&( HD"$(.hI&( H0"$(.I HF Q(.Q  1 HI N  ? HC O HC O HG P HDC<W,:C<X,A ]_DGZDF FC<_,A:F; G+,B E3$W+m+C<`,:,BC<b,7C<c,7C<d,:C<e,AC<,C<,Ex@1x@V`GD\Jz8BZ9@Z:p@ @Ngp@ B p@ ~@Nl`@D[@X@Jp@ @Nmp@ ~@Nqp@$Wp@ @Nrp@ ~@Nqp@$Ep@ @Nvp@ ~@Nlp@$Bp@ @N}p@ @Np@ ~@Nlp@$Wp@ @N	p@ ~@Nlp@$Hp@ @Np@ ~@Nqp@$B`GDYJdJBZ;@Z<p@ @N@@D[@X@J@DY@X@V@$1h@ AA.`@D^@X@Mp@ @N$p@$Ep@ @N) @$E@$H@$D@$0@$F@$A@$I@$C@$C@$G@$Dp@$Lp@ @N3xGDYxGD\p@ @N5p@$EO@ +k+h7@ +k@@ C#/" B +p7@+u+m6@!+rC"n`b+u ,
Q!C>!a~Q>~,>,>C#/" B ,_,[,\,,%C<}54X@[@_@@@ Do you want to close all files? (Y or N):Can't map up section 0
7B* "Z1D,~Q"X B" "XB*,~+ ":x,~ !l" B$ " B$ 	b2+,~
20B,1B<++@"	b+C>!a~Q>~,>C<,8+@"	`
&	``!gR~ P$6BY,~ ^Z\"	b@aBg $ "1	b+ Z U	b+0[dl/"4 BY,~
&U	`ggM?t(S:NC@,SM?\G,S_B-c@,SG2~9',SKbND',SS8p,S_W!`,SeR`,SoR`,SK:`,SI`,S]2I`,S]2y`,SS>f=,SM&q`,S[R~@,SM&tC@,SKbNC@,SC2|G,SI|G,SC2G,SIG,SiJ
c@,S*x.Y*x,~p ?Cannot find base address of FOROTS
,~@@]@@^,~7@b,~@@b@@c@@b,~I$P6@,3,>,>C#p	b&".$&$7@"$  (@. &"* z)@
(@ $ &$.$.&(D(F..."  0@+w   p*`+ +xp,^,^,~-Jan--Feb--Mar--Apr--May--Jun--Jul--Aug--Sep--Oct--Nov--Dec-.pH@i&lP6@(,3,>,>,>	b	&"j0 D&&" D' ( @'-&# "B' '-&# )0@+   (p*`)+ + & Ap[w0F+! ( @' "B' &&"t D&-&# "B' &&$2 $D' *0@+    (p*`)+ +! & Ap,^,^,^,~&" "B' $D'+H&.p@.p,5G0!H,5G!H,5G@!H,5Gx#H ,5S>(1H$,5]?H$,5S(
:HZ,5[b H],5o:
>H$I Intrinsic routine $N invoked incompatibly$I FORTRAN-10 supplied routine $N invoked$I Overlap of character assignments$JERRSET: error number out of range - ignoredDIVERT: illegal to divert to unit $DDIVERT: unit $D is not openDIVERT: unit $D is not open for FORMATTED I/ODIVERT: Can't write to unit $DConcatenation result larger than expectedIllegal length character expressionNo character stack allocated - compiler errorFirst argument to SORT must be a quoted stringSubstring range error $S($D:$D)
	on line $DSubscript range error - subscript $D of array $S = $D
	on line $DToo many arguments in call to SORTCan't get pages 600:677 for SORTMissing EXTERNAL declaration in CALL to $NWrong number of arguments in call to $NArgument to SECNDS not floating pointCan't return pages 600:677 after call to SORTCan't preallocate pages 600:677 for SORTIllegal page number $OInternal FOROTS errorNot enough memory for creating character stackNot enough memory for expanding character stack$N: Argument less than or equal to zeroa.3@O@I+	gR~@@@I,>,>,>
8+ @6 w+!"J0B+7@I+,>C<L,:,^+,>C<N,:,^ pl" BG,>!" BF!" BGC<G,A,^+& p7@I+,>C<Q,:,^+ ,>C<S,:,^,>C<U+&7@I+1,>C<V,:,^,>C<X,B,^7@I+1,>C<Y,:,^,>C<X,B,^,>C<\,9,^,>C<U,A,^(Bqd0B,+3,>C<X,E,^1B#+80B*+&,>C<^,J,^+&,^,^,^,~(' Type G to Continue, X to Exit, T To Trace.'/2H *,$)(A1)(' PAUSE',/(1X,A))(1X,A)(' PAUSE ',O6)(1X,O6)(' PAUSE').ph@$J@D@@dKh@$J@DB@dMh@$J@DC@dPh@$J@DD@dMp@$h@$J@DE@dMh@$J@D:@dX~h@$[@D?@d[x@P@b@c@c@d@d@f