Trailing-Edge - PDP-10 Archives - BB-F492Z-DD_1986 - 1,4/who.exe
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!etpg#	tKb(z+V3
VE@l{J+	dD
&zb	`52`etp @E|RP/xNE|RP+xNo"xu}WHOONC version 6(234) built on  22-Dec-8        
WHO version 6(234) configured on 29-Jan-86
	for TOPS10 version 703(30744), load 70300
	from file DSKA:RN255A.EXE[1,4]
	monitor is "RN255A DEC10 Development", built on 01-28-86,',J,S,],h,q,y,~a@7@H,~,!,z "<,w(,> 
M "M,x` ``D~+3!"|,x2[`/" 0b,x8,@? 
Q,x2 "N,x` "H,B,x* ",<,^- " $0,=m,~,?1LslQB,~ B? D@,@+z B? R	b',~+zQ"A`,>x4BI0B/+Hx0"00b=1/"4BI/" ,xu+C,^x,~ 'a@@3BS,~,",C,~ BA ' B@ S	b#m@,~,?1m3lUa@7@),~,",z "<,w(,> 
M "),B,x* ",<,^- " $0,=m,~+;a@7@9,~,",z "<,w(,> 
M "9,B,x* ",<,^- " $0,=m,~+;a@ 7`V,~,",=,~ $ V<(z BGX&G.FQ&	f%m +l,?1=3lX7b8,~," 80B,~,I,~ $* Z	f7,?19l],~7bH,~,",
4"z $ &
 ^	b',?1:la,~,
5x8 80B,~,",z
,2 H3DS,?1kYlf H2BS,?1{Tlm H,P,?1kPls ,7*H+Q*+ " & ( 
t	j7+
S` " $(Q$0 u	f7,?18vlx*j,4,~+,> H,x2 "/,xu "(,x8 "y,x`,^,?k+ 5x`,> ,x2+g ",z 
``,?1tl0\+5""3BH#2BH+1,?1ZYl ",H,>,Z,^2B+: ",Hh"@hb@+:,ZZ`1B,~5J:,^[`1B,~+:""3BH2BH1,?1[l,3B
Q,~```` ,~,?1lXl1\,b1\,4Bz+z1\,21\,
;;: - TRMOP. SEND failedOz?@FRCUUO. failedTzSETUUO failedWzHCant disconnect line @|ZCan't hangup line @_No node specified for /NETWORK:CONNECTbWildcarded node illegal with /NETWORK:CONNECThNode not available; cannot connect terminalsn(@Cannot connect line @u; Action switches illegal when reading crash fileszExplicit job, name or * required for action functionsExplicit node, line, device, or * required for action functionsFunction requires privileges w,7, +"P+
P,+z, +"P+
t) 03J0+',07@0+%,0,~+'F
X*l!+zrt,{{,=\b\eH#YbH)YeH$YH)Y~H>(nH?Y.HY7H*YiHgH'b H&(H*ZoH1ZqH@B.HAF,HBF=H+]H	vH	xHZvHZxHIHJ^H|yH&ZWH|H
H2H6bH-=LiHfHjHY2HY}H>(nH?YPHY HY$H-YHYiHY7HHHHaH2-gHYeHHHHZHGWkH[kHEkHGckHIgkHIkkHHokHHskHFwkHJ{kHJkHEkHFkHLHL7#HMHMDC1J+j/*2B,~+z5bz,~1J+n0B(,~+z5bz,~3B`4Jz2B`5jz+zO & 0F +u3Hg $+@,Y+z3b,~+z2",~+z,>,,^.,>,,>,	,^.,^0D4Jz1D5Jz+zbJ[+(Jt$\3D+z$\3D+z,~2B,~+z,>,,^."3bH3"H,~+z,>,	,^."3bH3"H,~+z3B+z0J,~ 
,?2J,~+z1J+1B/:x,~0B:x,~1J+1B/:x,~5bz,~ $HQ$| 6FbF:,~."*d+z ]5H  @@,z


H@ ]5O@0p @@  ^5H@ @ @ ScF+N bfbH7,~cfcH7,~*dN*dH+z cF+U bFbH7,~cFcH7,~*dV*dO+z BB,b BAO@B ^,H,~7BB+Y8Bz3JB+z+Y  FH+FH+cFH,bHH,1+z&_0&0f+e)B5Bb,~)B5B^,~ $HQ$~ 2FbF4,~."*dh+z1J4Bz0J5Bz,~^`4*p3J:x,~"`2J:x,~[1D+vFHbBH,~+z!`Fab,~+z H&3BY,~,PQ,?1KSlb7@F,~ H&,P\5 H&5x2,z

 H&,xfZ "d7@ "e,x`7B+,x9 "g,x`dZ4B
,x9 "g,x`l[4D "hl@,x` ,x9 "i,x`aj+ "hl@,x` "j,x`aj+ "j,x`daj+ "k,x`aj+l@,xs "m,x`5x* H0\3BY,~LH5Dza`0,?1kYlr,P7+",?1lwlu,~af,?1kWlx,~ H,x2 "5xu H%3BY,~	b "1B,?1lrl|`b,?1Lrl4 TH#4T9 ",x`,8,xu H%	h "`H,x` "hiH,x` "`H,x` ",x`5x* H%5x2 H%	d`D,?1J2l	`B ,?1LRl ",x`,85x*@@H#,~``,~``+E6@x,?1Ll6`&,?1Ll6`G,?1Ll 6`v,?1Ll%7@5``7Y V2BY,?1Ll*,~6
Hzzzzzz 5$z4$z5Dz4dz00
0~T!~40~d>A<Device not a file structure @Ol_z Mount count  Mount count 0 =  active +  passiveSSL; also unit(s) in ASL in SDLNo network support in this monitornNo such node "@TTsNode not online "@TTvNo such device @W
z@Device is a spooled device @W
}@$Device assigned and inited byDevice is detached @W
@Device is a restricted device @W

@Device is free Login please to use output file specificationLogin please to use switch DPYLogin please to use switch REPEATLogin please to use switch CACHE"Login please to use switch SERVER'7`&,~,j u Bb <v,Y\3@w,?1KYl|,Yw,l } BG@@G@@I@@H@@H@@Il5%,z
1j7 "$"tl"	b,?1
$+H0"0b+AI$$.$hDI+<0"00b=1/"!$w&0B*dDI&*I,+</*5j8,~RkITAhCdDiPUOiMVHmERSWBcRR+Z-] z?l,=	b5H "FB(,~ "5: "5:4FY FG,~ "5:1F7
"u,~De,j <
&y "j0l"	b+;
Type one of the following characters

space	Update screen now
nn+	Scroll display up n lines (default=1 display page)
nn-	Scroll display down n lines (default=1 display page)
A	Toggle access table display (implies DDB display also)
C	Toggle channel display
nnC	Set screen display to n columns
D	Toggle DDB display
E	Exit now
H	Help text
I	Toggle incremental vs total statistics
M	Toggle mapping to alternate mode
O	Toggle program origin display
P	Toggle performance display
R	Refresh the screen now
S	Toggle normal/slow format display mode
nnS	Set sleep time to n seconds

Wait 60 seconds or type any character to proceed
,z *,2,(,4,~+;7`&,~
"/"`Bb,j/<,Z(,Z,\"d5l7`&,~l,j,\,Z55l7`&,~@@G@@I"\B-,~4Bz,jfBJr<,Y,l,~7`&,~FI,>3"H,V,^H,~,j:I2bH5l,n5lBcDcFd<,Z(+W1B,~1B+eBG,~,T:G,n+gBcDc Fd G HI " Bd,j <,Z9,l } BG@@J *"Y,~ @Z * a,~ *  Z,~/"/H&
6b(+# "(,= B([(."0b,?1K3lQB($"Z
(.*,qE0P+5(",r"4p.1P+-P9*,qK(&F."&",>,=Q" B(Q",^.$*"  B(+;,q+ ,
TMVun O3E|QCSBkySBkySBl9SBl9SBlRSBlrU3 U>WY&mY&tPY>[B`[Z`]lP]>$P]>$[P]>$[Z_Z.*a<\Pa
9 iSHkV~0m'
3m'K{m.0oJNI9oNyoRx,b"Dx`,z $x9,n 
x*,~x9,,<x2,k,$x9,,<;,w,x9,s,x9,,4xg,Tx9, x9,E <@4,A D
xu,V<Dx2,~4<x9,	,x9,x9,It<Y>[&]>$[P]>$[ZW&
9 iSHigPkN. q7&<,  
`,u 4x9,i 
[,y ,x9+ 
a,< <x9, x9,} $x8,-!x`,e 
, 4x2, x2,A Dx9,q ,x9,P 
xu, <x2,a <x2, 
b,m ,x9G>tj3GJd`GR`I$PYYYY6Y7Y7Y7[>h]Lz]>$P]>$[P]>$[ZgB
9 _
x*, x9,K Tx`, x9, x9,# x9,( x9,- x9,2 x9,7 x9,< x9,g0
, Dx2, Dx2, D@;+ 
xu,P ,g0GJd`MJ,PMNv[1[?-m]lP^t\@g&t{gRM9+ 
x*,73Dx9,7'x9,7+,x9,7# $x2,77 l
pY>=p[J,[N,Zy[_]lP]FM7aJ,a_e&*2e&\Yg$\Yg-<`g>6Ig>6IgSXzgJ,g_k:NJ2kN,ZyqJ,q_,D% dx8,CI dx8,D dx8,C] dx8,C 4x2,C Tx9,C Tx9,C! Tx9,C% Tx9,C) Tx9,C- Tx9+ 
x*,C1DTx9,C5DTx9,C9D4x2,C=DTx9,CADTx9,CQDx9,CUDx9,CaDTx9,CeDTx9,CYDTx8,CiD4x2,CmTx9,Cu	Tx9,Cq	Tx9,DCZ4x2,C}X4x2,D`Tx9,D	PTx9,CEDx9,D>=m6[n:=]lP]>$[P]>$[Za>\X2a>\ZWa>\[ZgDYg6gB
9 ggH:i&lPkC%2m:7,>S  $x9,>W  $x9,>K  $x9,>[  $x$ "n Lx`+ 
x*,>+>dx,>?Twg,>; T?C,>  $x9,>O  $x9,>G  $x9,>c  ,x$,> !Lx`,>
x9,>	  4x8,>3  ,x9+ 
xu,> <Lx`,=wLwn,=|"dwn,>/  dx l
z+<l2,V <x2,^ 4x2,(! x9 "P
z+4l8,^xs+  4x8,Z <x2,V d
z+  x9,
z+  4x2,(& x9 "P
z+4l8,^xs+  4x8,Z <x2,V d
z+  x9,
z+l4x2,(x*+4,z+$x`".<x9,M x`".$<x9,Qx` "/ Dx9,~ x` "0 T@4,U x` "0 D
z+  x9,3 <x2, 4x2, $x8,}
z+ !x`,-
z+  <x2,a ,x9,m ,x9,q
z+  x9,6 <x2, 4x2, $x8,}
z+ !x`,-
z+  <x2,a ,x9,m ,x9,qz+  
z+x9,x*+,z+x` "=<x9,<x` ">Dx9,A x`@"> 4x9,u x` "? ,x9,y6 4x2,? Dx2, D@;,@ Dx2, D@;,"x`,F Tx`,KB Dx2, D@;,"x`,F Tx`,K x*+ Dz+  
l,77@4z+ ,7# Dx9,73 4x9,7+z+ @4
l,77@4x8,7'z+x2,DCE <x2,DC<x2,D?Lx9,CQLx9,CLx9,CLx9,C=Lx9,CALx9,CmLx9,CqN <x2,DC<x2,D?Lx9,CQLx9,CLx9,CLx9,C=Lx9,CALx9,CmLx9,Cq x*+ ,z+  x` "V<x2,C x` "V<x2,C9 x` "W  x9,Cu x` "X  x9,DGN"lMr+ /"lMr+  4
xu,Mb$Dx2,Md $x`,Mi Dx2,Mp"lMr+  4
xu,Mb$Dx2,Md $x`,Mi Dx2,Mp"lMr+  4
xu,N x*+ ,z+  x` "Z 4x8,Mg x` "[ Lx8,Mh TO
+, TO+ /,z+/x`g"\4x9, x` "^ 4x9, x` "^ x9,' x` "^ x9,# x` "` $x9,0 x` "^ $x9,+/,z+  x` "b x` "c $x9,s x` "d $x9,w x` "e,xg, ,;,} x` "g<;,/,z+  x` "h<x`,b/,z+  x` "i4
z+Dwn,=w/,z+"x` "o(DU x` "r(@6, x*+ ,z+  x` "s( L@4,[ x` "r(@6,Z/,z+  x` "t$x9,k x` "w,x9,o x` "x$x9,t x` "w$x9,x/


4NzA*,p7+?1Ul,?1jyl,5x2,,>,7@x+,xO,^5x2,22"+ *,x9 ",xu,5x94Bz,> "	,x`,^&"2,>,x9,@>,^ &5xM4Bz,> "
,x`,^5x94Bz,> "
5x`5"x9 "5x` 
5xu4Bz,(1B7 "!5xu 
, ",xu[(,x9[( "1".",xj9
2J,~ "(5x`,z 
7B(,~, ",xj9
),xj,@? ,x85@@ "
/Too:many:FORMATLswitchmkeywordsH x`$ (lC>(6(  User Name   Line Job  User Name    Line   Prog  State+Job  User  name       PPN      Line    Connect    Prog   Low + Hgh  OH State RD:WR:UUOS:JLT:PC: Term   Node  Lin  Term   Node  Lin Chars Sts Job Term   Node  Lin      Location      Chars  Type   Xmt  Rcv  Sts JobICC:OCC:BRK:CMD: Node  Node    Number  Node    Number Configuration Name Name     Free   Mount     OwnerName     Free   Mount     Owner      FS Name  UnitId    Free    Buf Rd   Buf Wt   Dmp Rd   Dmp Wt   Mon Rd   Mon Wt   Alt:Det:Mon seeks:Usr seeks:Mode:Addr:IPCF messages: S:R:outstanding: S:quotas: S:Defaults: Buffers:Bigbuf:Protection:Attach:Account: WTO privs:OPR privs:Batch stream:Limit:Core:Run time is Login for at Reset for Core limits:  Current: Virt:Phys:Maximum: Virt:Unknown keyword AStzAmbiguous keyword ASt}No keyword specified,^x5x2 J!"<5x2+SPY ",x`+

emhostremote)$"*# &'&!()&T$*joblz@@~@@@@)@@r,~ e,U 2,~ e,U,~ 2+z e $H5U" "N $e,A 2,~ $e5E $g5A7H $f5A $g5E7H $f5E,z

,B0@,U",~,>6B,UU*fJ5&SHU{Bi$i,=BgEi$i.$sDhli$"*&"2Bj@@j,~,?1,~.i3bh+k i$i/+k,i1,~ H:j3dj+z,>,x,^,i,?1[Sl+z,z
i:i i,I7B(+,q+ i<d.$Q"(*"<l.
i+{,~,?1)3l j$iSBh,U,?1hyl#XDh g h i7H+ HZB.$.i=f	 j$""`S"Xh,T %56[hZh,U+ ,~Hash table too bigEntry not found after rehashRedundant entry found during rehashNo core for hash table sort @ qGBm!"M Bn,T q7``@X"6@kl" Bm "GBm!"y Bn!" Bo "p Bo r Bp "GBp "m	b  r[$",=,>( B( s	b6+9,^(,;l,~XBr "m,?1y2lt`@,~ "	b`b ,~abab+B "t Bq t+C "	b n Bn "ma`,?1{lx,~a@,~ "XBm y "m	d6+ ,~e@,~ "XBm y "m	d6,?1xrlz",~ $x ad@g $ x	b`b l ,~``+X
(+Y,2c4P^1P00P1Pk0a`520P`@ +wa@,'? z+gBy,~b+e "m
B,?1}rl|[BlQ"A` Bl,~?`lgl,~g>`lBl,~@@HtA8mGdsWHO listing on file HdumH$s H
s6BH+L7BH+6@H,?1Z1lV`bp+!`,.9Q"M H2B3DK+!"M+,C BH+ W &4H0(0h
+.&'x+	 H+2B3DK+ X+,C BH+@@H++  H#2B3DK+!"+q+,C BH#!"cBH+  Hab\`HabP`aBT`HaBX` H"2B3DK+!"
+,C BH" H BH"!"bBH+& H H%2B3DK+% X+,C BH% H%3BK+0	b H% BH%	b "4B0"Y0B+0O*H% H&2B3DK+0 Y+,C BH& H+3FZ &,y~ BH, H+,y~ BH,6"H+Z H!$M6 H?2BK7 DH6 H>2BK7 DH,.,.G6"H#,.>7BH2  BH2 H!3B\ \3B] ] BH!6`HB7`H#1,?1,yla c6$H?+c f6$H>+g!"6 H$GBH' "6bH$GBH'LH65Bj,~1B6@H+,.B 
Q H#2B3DK+Q!"+q+,C BH#+Extension illegal in this contextRH]lPI5r[?-mh BH?+5_2 >dB aJN`CDJob cannot be specified with /SWAP^GBH0DGBH1DBBH+EGBH0DGBH1DBBH+G "H6 $H: &,.S+K44p6 d+:.42t{,~+t q,H B{ " $,I 46"d+,,v+l+z6Vz+y "t,< Bz 6Q"XX"XO@X*"Xt,Fab@,~,E)7`(+z!"z $W$$.}.$ '
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}., }..,2B7+,,! *0/5$ ,!0F[+,>;,>,Z,^/ D8...,*j,~ B7,,! B0@@8...,*j,~u~AEIMQU[X,X4X5XX=X>X?X@XAXBXC,z * {$""SD{,=XB{,v+4,,8k $W$$.{ B T.43t{+0 { r6`dl$,6 { B|@@|+l6"|,~7T+@,v+@:|2be,~ r.B|+z r.B|+:;BX+D X,~ ",H BX,~;BX+H X,~ ",H BX,~;BX+L X,~ "',H BX,~;BX+P X,~ ",H BX,~;BX+T X,~ ",H BX,~;BX+X X,~ ",H BX,~;BX+\ X,~ ",H BX,~;BX+` X,~ ",H BX,~;BX+d X,~ ",H BX,~;BX	+h X	,~ ",H BX	,~;BX
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,~ ",H BX
,~;BX+p X,~ ",H BX,~;BX
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,~ "
,~;BX+| X,~ "",H BX,~;BX+ X,~ "2,H BX,~;BX+ X,~ "1,H BX,~;BX+ X,~ ",,H BX,~;BX+
aX,~,"&,H,BX,~;BX+,X,~"5,H,BX,~;BX+,X,~"@,H"BX,~;BX++X,~,"",HBX,~;BX++X,~,",HZBX,~;BX+5+X,~,",H[BX,~;BX+$+X,~,",HBX,~;BX+(+X,~,",HBX,~;BX+,+X,~,",HaBX,~;BX+0,X,~+"(,H,BX,~;BX+4X,~,"9,H+BX,~;BX+8X,~,",H+BX,~;BX+<X,~,"#,H+BX,~;BX+@ZX,~,"7,H+BX,~;BX+D,Xp,~,"0,H+BXG,~;BX!+H,X!,~,"5,H+BX!,~;BX"+L,X",~,"!,H+BX",~;BX#+PX#,~,"!,H+BX#,~;BX$+TX$,~,",H+BX$,~;BX%+X,X%,~,":,H1BX%,~;BX&+\;X&,~ ";,H,BX&,~;BX'+`/X',~ ";,H,BX',~;@X(+d,X(,~44BX(,~;@X)+g5X),~,*"s BX),~;@X*+k,X*,~+aB@+o,,>,>7,^2Bg ",BX*,~;@X++s X+,~,*"s BX+,~;@X,+w X,,~,*"t,p,BX,,~;@X-+|,X-,~,[,BX-,~;@X.+,X.,~+"P,Fg,"1"4",BX.,~;@X/+,X/,~,~4B!"X",H BX/,~;@X0+ X0,~ "
"v BXK,~;@XL+ XL,~,
"v.BXL,~;@XM++XM,~,2"u BXM,~;@XN+ XN,~ "?,H"x,>,
[4F "P&"$$2&$$"2."+ " BXO,~;@XP+" XP,~,  BXP,~;@XQ+& XQ,~,b  BXQ,~;@XR+* XR,~,24"- $
 ",Il " BXR,~;@XS+0 XS,~,U"y BXS,~;@XT+4 XT,~ "P,Ic7y/" BXT,~;@XU+9 XU,~,O6@+=,[1"gZ+>  BXU,~;@XV+A XV,~,O6@+E,[1"g[+E  BXV,~;@XW+H XW,~,O6@+N,24"M ,?0B,P "+N  BXW,~;@XX+Q XX,~,27$+T "XY,P!@@XY "XY BXX,~;@X[+X X\,~,2,P) BX\,~;@X\+\ X],~,Zd" BX],~;@X]+` X^,~,Z[ BX^,~;@X^+d X_,~ "X_,FW "X_ BX_,~;@Xc+h Xd,~,>"z BXd,~;@Xd+l Xe,~,>"z BXe,~;@Xe+p Xf,~,>ab@7y"{ BXf,~;@Xf+u Xg,~,B"v BXg,~;@Xg+y Xh,~,V[7@Z (B| BXh,~;@Xh+ Xi,~,B"{ BXi,~;@Xi+ Xj,~,B"| BXj,~;@Xj+ Xk,~,B"| BXk,~;@Xk+ Xl,~,P# BXl,~;@Xl+ Xm,~,P% BXm,~;@Xm+ Xn,~,P' BXn,~;@Xn+ Xo,~,z
,v7L4J#`jp+)J+ %0B+& }@fXo@@Xp4J&$}1D9"4F" &F &D)J+,Fab7
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Xo"Xo BXo,~;@Xp+* Xq,~,z
aj+Q .
Z`J+: .	z`l@+:"&",>!"X"
,H,^.1N	;+U1N
7+N1N	+O1N
`j,^`jX.J`,J8l.  BXq,~al+: .
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+:a`+E ,J. +I""P,HD "  .
 "	,Il "4B: .Y+:7 ,J/ +: .Q`J .R`j .[`J  .{+:$,J@`L .	9+:,5B],.`b7 .,i0Bm@l
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+:,N0bX.=`1bX.9@,V0Bl,~;@Xq+d Xr,~,(,>",lg 
3GBx,^ BXr,~!$^2Bo*dm5$z +z:HIpq						
							+	2	3	4	5	6	6	7	8	8	9	9	:	;	;	z


#&)+/13568:=>@CDFHJLOPSTWZ]a5cdfhkmnoqtvwxz}~	@      ;@Xr+W Xs,~,24"Y,Gu+Z " BXs,~;@Xs+] Xt,~,24".",H1 " BXt,~,z *2j+j,R6@`b+jQ"!`,H[`"`,> "?,Hd"|,^.+o "?Q"(,Hd"|5Bo "Q"(,H[`4Bz,~$"t&,~@20`4
$$$F>dB CD6:D>
0Alter UFD waitBackground batch running in PQ1Background batch running in PQ2Core allocation waitCore block waitDECtape controller 1 waitDECtape controller 2 waitDECtape controller 3 waitDECtape controller 4 waitDECtape controller 5 waitDECtape controller 6 waitDECtape controller 7 waitDECtape controller 8 waitDisk allocation waitDECtape/magtape data control waitDisk input waitDisk output waitDisk I/O satisfiedDisk I/O waitDN60 event waitDECnet event waitFront end event waitIPCF waitTape kontroller waitTape labeler event waitDMR event waitNetwork event waitKDP event waitENQ/DEQ resource waitMagtape rewind waitEvent wait satisfiedDTE event waitExec virtual memory waitEvent waitGETSEG UUO in progressHibernating for conditionHibernate with sleep timeRunning in HPQ 1Running in HPQ 2Running in HPQ 3DAEMON waitLocked in coreMonitor disk cache waitMemory management waitNapping (short sleep)NullOperator waitPaging I/O waitPaging I/O wait satisfiedRunning in PQ1Running in PQ2RunningRUN UUO in progressSwapped out and fragmentedSleepingSwapped outTerminal input waitTerminal output waitTerminal I/O wait satisfiedTerminal I/O waitWaiting for inputWaiting for outputI/O wait satisfiedStoppedDAEMON DCORE waitOutput stopped with ^SCommand wait H!$cDH+76BH+;7BH+,6@H,?1Z1lE3BG+,3BGS	`bp+%!`,.9Q"M H2B3D7+$!"M+,C BH+,	b H H2B3D7+)!"M+,C BH2BH`B+,[`Q"M BH,.,.G6"H#,.> "6 H BH>6"H+I6bH+O H3BW@@HLH24B6 "H2 $H4 &	,.S,~ H2B3D7+:!"M+,C BH+1B6@H+,.B 
Q`H2B3D7+A!"M+,C6BH+Extension illegal in this contextBggI6GSHY>h H?2B3D7+L H+,C BH?+1q7&<Ke6<K H2B3D7+R M+,C BH H2B3D7+V N+,C BH+2]>tP44[6 d+.43t~+c,~  ([H0F
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=j / ,~,>+ ,>,>,>   D G D  D!$(X$ D,^,^,^x+ 7@  ,~,x* "  ,x`,~7`8,~,z,x* "7`( ",x`,@& statistics for MAP % 
 (,x "6@(	,x`6B(	,b,x*,@&   Cache data:  (,x9,@& pages,  (	,x9,@& searches,  (
,x9,@& collisions,  (/($"2&(,x9,@&% hit ratio,x*,@&   Paging data:  (,x9,@& page creates,  (,x9,@& destroys,x*,@&   Simulated/Actual UUOs: ,@& GETTAB:  (,x9 ",xu (,x9,@&   JOBPEK:  (,x9 ",xu (,x9,@&   PEEK:  (,x9,x*6@(,^+ ,~&"2&"t,>&",>&",>5Bg5Di+l@,wu,xr7@ x,wu,xr@7@ ,wu,^x,^x,@>,^&"0$." $5wu@8@Login please to use switch MONITORtLogin please to use switch CRASHzStatus of CP\Report from crash file CQD0$ monitor  crash Failed to reserve a page for SPYing	11
,?hIncrementalAccumulated; mapper runtime is 6BH+'7BH+%6@H,?1Z1l1`bp+ !` H2B3D&+ &+,C BH+% H H2B3D&+# &+,C BH H BH,.G,~]>$P1B6@H+,.B 
R H2B3D&+, &+,C BH+Extension illegal in this context-4466 d+P.42t,~+: "? B " $,I 46"d+B,;+2+z6V+> "1,< B 6Q"XX"XO@X*"X1 "P5P,~,z * $""SD,=XB,;+J,,8k $W$$. B T.43t+F  z6`dl$,6  B@@+26",~7T+V,;+V:2be,~ {.B+z {.B+P;@X+Y X,~,PZX! BX,~;@X+] X,~,PZX! BX,~;@X+a X,~,PZX" BX,~;@X+e X,~,PZX" BX,~;@X+i X,~,PZX# BX,~;@X+m X,~,PZX# BX,~;@X+q X,~,PZX$ BX,~;@X+u X,~,PZX$ BX,~;@X+y X,~,PZX% BX,~;@X	+} X	,~,PZX% BX	,~;@X
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 D	B T	A $
"D	A,I,HK,?1[Rl	,.[.$Q"	B*",~!"6@7!"6@G!"l",~@8h!,8RD\@  +fH)X	AUnexpected NODE. UUO failure ,#``+ 
6JH6,t *,~bJ0,0*l *l 5x*!& 2JN  x v  8@ V@ 3 4 5KLLL( 6 70!
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 ",xj`J7"q ""r,x`aJ+ E!,}dcJ4 K+ D ""sl@,x` 4 N,xf 4 N2B"t+ DR,x2*l >+ F,@&none,Bab@5x*,@& (unspooling allowed)
,~GGaSa3 YC ,j,> ",xj,@&GALAXY operator:,^,
 ",xj,@&Watch:aj~+ _!,{cJ4 j+ ^,xu 4 o,x`*l \+ a,@& none,@&  Message:aj`+ h!,~cJ4 s+ g,xu 4 u,x`*l d5x*,@& default
,~@ @ "t"u"v"v"w"x"y"z"z"{"|"},F $"~5 y,B $#5 y,z 
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###pDt####@# ###0\,~,@&     User name: ,,> ,xO,^,xO5x*,z "",w(,>!*r , ",xj 8,,!9,,!F "/,xj1L,#.,*j!10L,x*,x*,^-,~R MW>n%}ix4UH2P/7Z*(s-!a!b!a!v!b!f!b!a!a!k!f!a!b!a!b!f!r!o!a!a!a!a!a!a!h!f!o############# # #!#!#"###$#%#&#'#'#(#(#)#*4B!d+!c5B!dZ,!T5x`,@&NoZ,!T5x`,>Z,!T,x`,^5x9,>Z,!T,x`,^5x25B!bZ,!T,x`,d4Bz,@&:DEFER,~,>Z,!T,x`,^Z
A5x94B!a,4B!bZ,!T,x`,xr,5x94B!a,>Z,!T,x`,xr,^5x9,z ,[ 8d@ #+ B	 "" 0`d "",w(,>+@0Z0, 
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,x`0J1J4X"1N+""#,/"`1J"#/,xj.,a@@=n!{5x*(B5xj9"1B4Xz.8B	,~97`H,~,z
,@&     DSK/E:,M,>,Q,^.$"t,> ,"c,@&  DSK/C:,^ ,"c,@&  UUOS/E:,~$"t ,"c,@&  UUOS/C:,~$"t ,"c,@&  CPU/E: $"2 ,"c,@&%
&,,@&     O/I:,<,>,A,^,"c,@&  OCC/E:,A ,"c,@&  ICC/E:,< ,"c,@&  CMD/EM:,y ,"c,@&  BRK/EM:,u ,"c5x*,~,~,z
,@&     Cached:,C! 
,C)7L+"W,@&   Rd H/C: ,x9 ",xu ,x9 ",xu$"2,"c ",xu,C5 
,C17L5x*,@&   Wt H/C: ,x9 ",xu ,x9 ",xu$"2,"c ",xu5x*,z
,x90j1,~,@>0j+"j $"2& $5wu $"&5x9
pLered spooling: "oSpooling: , GCONTEXTSDAYRUNWAITREADSWRITESVERSIONMTAFILEPREFIXFIRSTCONTINUATION     Capabilities:     Privileges:      DEC: ~4!4BState: Actively $00Unknown!!#	
0Being IPCFDPRMETERPOKECPUHPQUSPLENQRTTRPLOCKTRPSETSPYMSPY ,,x* "5xj2741AltmodeAPLAutoCRLFBlanksColumn:CRLFDebreakDisplayEchoFill:FormGagHDXLCLines:PageRCVspeed:RemoteRTcompSlaveTabsTapeTidyType:Width:XMTspeed:H
B0$60>0z"xj60L\M@]?X6g2~pm=M'@M2|E2i&lPG?PoNygRI o$:]lPMVun aSHI';wG>ui1]<sY>em}SB`C:2Ii:SB`I'0[$\@a>\PGC(QCk;wK;eS&,Y>0iK9:gCLgCM[w*@.T"E"M "U$A&A,A"I"a$Q(a2YKc$Kc$ eVpG6&x4[>t\YY>0g^U=I~) Cx4q>uN IN\m6C%Rg^Y>0gR~eVpKZ-mS?<:g2,\M?9 M' S8W C2`oRx]>tPC}7C%RCC[RCW%yE$:E
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J7QCR&t;S:)6S:5|VS:NJ0S;]U>UO$Y Y>Y>[[&{ [>$P[>u[?-m[B.)W]lP]>]]>N ]>$HY]>$P]>$]]>%6U>]>5]><R]>DR]>mw]>v-:}|]?N ]?X6]?&;@]?&N ]K&99B.(:W&
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.+m80,,4,>U.1P,,4N,^+m80"+,!0!"+,!0",z*,qE000p5q+,p{"8,.9P,0,~0,pl#0"+nP..+m80x.20,qE,q?1P1+m8/0`bpP+,,,q*0,H DH ?7 H? DH? 7 H DH6@H+,S  DH  DH Rx "H,-,4,~+,F "7 F7 f1 BF6"& BG6"& BH %1" " B%7`e+,`6@),?1:4l0- 0. B),2,,c,45-#+,a7"H+,e`b+,g6bH`b " t-: BH,~``51% "x $N,k0!"M7@x Bx7@yO@y /7@y ByU"Lz7@z Bz /7  B 0/ $m 0/ (t,y,?1mwl04!"z Bt,~d "wa` B-,;,? 05@@x*"F "F BU@@V5-  "x $N5-
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KEY:[A|D]:[number]CN[RI[Rt00keywordsleep-time:repeat-countTerminal specificationiSHaSHI Decimal number (max=3)Forced command nameHL-<xDuplicate keyword specified0!Double switch illegal O$0&/STAMP illegal with /INITIAL0*
m	`x@pNo wildcarding output specification00/y6
HIllegal TTY format06TTY number out of range0:$Non-numeric TTY specification0>$Job number out of range0CDot (".") specification illegal when reading crash files0GDot (".") specification illegal for server requests0OHHNon-numeric NODE specification0V/SETUUO keyword:value,.iToo many SETUUO arguments0_t.|t/Protection out of range0d~Buffer argument out of range0it/t/Limit out of range0nIllegally formated limit switch0r</4d/Bd/LUnknown keyword E{l0xAmbiguous keyword E{l0|No keyword specified0Switch keyword required1"",Ic52M A$ 5,H2B52MS`	d"+ !"	b+ ,152l ,1,S[ 5,gd,,h,',17,z
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HaB@,3,~+3u!"XRARn,~75kl5k+3{+3~+3,x2 "5n,x` 5x9WHO server connect,~WHO server error,~WHO server disconnect "J B> 5o B> 5p@@?*"M "4,w( BN,~>`>B>,~ N,w(,~IRl5p@H]FED4+kO5s@8`FG,43al5dFF44,g
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5*j4},x*5x*4+$$61X~o"y\reZ. XN/yo"x$	`x@p		WHO server log file	Server:	 running System:	File:	gR-Starting KK|@Failed to start serverG>ui1 running in sequence #I';wem}Remote data~4G>mX7No such node "F#,5 Node not online "F#,5#Network node type and connect type mismatch5&Task open failed5,Connecting to server, F@L50Output error to serverF#54Task protocol error; O
58Input error from serverF05<|
RPW0T$WHX T:xX; ZServer command buffer overflow5DNo next server buffer5IIPCFANF10DECnet$$6Can't turn on/off PSI; PISYS. error O
5R3"3Qpo"xo"xB,~HggI6o"~<[P Send to [SYSTEM]INFO failed5]P	Receive from [SYSTEM]INFO failed5b3M"3MHS`!h!H!3}"3}Type:  Node:  Timeout:H?Gp?Packet transmitted at User  in sequence System is IPCF process-ID ANF10 node/task DECnet node/task ModeCommentI/O errorFormat error %>}{woTOPS-10 %H{HL-<KP]H7,>6QZp"Q"X#p p,z5"z &1f,~(_
( (`d,6O 
( (`d,6L (., * ^'+6,^Z,[
 &( (0 ( (+6!2N+6 3p+6!.&+62.+62N +6$20 +6%/(+6!3n +6#0f +6** * .&/(0f +6*+6 " /"( $0/$2"+610&0+60 "0Q",> , +640* +63 " Q"(,> *1*0+62^'+6 
( (`d,6L 
( (`d,6O 
(7(,6<,~6?6?6F6?6C6I,~(!`)"w(*j6B*j6?,~()"	!`(*j6E*j6C,~()"w(*j6H*j6F,~()"	(*j6K*j6I,~!"FB(*j6N*j6M,~L@(*j6P*j6O,~-|p6Q6@H,?1Z1l6r!"bBH+6Y6@H,?1\sl6w H,6i+6d7BH+6a`bp+6!`,PM,?1wl6{ BHO@H+6d H3D6|,6i+6d7BHL+6d HL DH3D6|,6i HL2B3D6|+6g 6}+,C BHL H BHL,~ BH@* &)BmBd=f6k BH H,~Extension illegal in this context6nMultiple structure names given6sIllegal structure number6xgSXzkJ(4476 d+7.42t),~+7 " B) " $,I 46"d+7
"',<bB)@6Q"XX"XO@X*"X&"P5PM,~,z *3)$""SD*,=XB*,7+7,,8kP$W$$.*iBT.43t)+75*77B6`dl$,6* B*@@++6~6"*,~7T+7!,7+7!:+2be,~ 7C.B*+z 7C.B*+7;@X+7% X,~ "P,PM " BX,~;@X+7) X,~ "P BX,~;@X+7- X,~,7;  BX,~;@X+71 X,~,7;7b " BX,~;@X+75 X,~,7;  BX,~;@X+79 X,~,7;  BX,~;@X+7= X,~,7# BX!"X"X,Gg BX "X BX,~@7S7g7o7{7~;;D;S;f;k:+7"f,~1B5t7C,z *+@,8k ,9~1f+7P.&(F.&,9~$,9~.",q+ :,~,ZZ0B:-,F`b:,ab;0:1,21":-,e0B:.,(";o0BQ1B
gWkWoW$sW,wW4{W<WDWL,73.B=,7/6@:=,~,~,~7"f,~6`F,x*,z *1J5t7F "",w(,> 8 ,8!,x`/8,8 tRH,x` "9,xu,x* 8 ,8!,8/8,8 tRH,8,xn,x*, 
 8 0/" &+@,94,8 0  &,xA,x**l8*l8,x* 8 ";p,x`,8 + &,xA,x*,^-5 ,:G/"`5xjQ"A`,>x4B8 0B ",xu+8,^x,~;q;r;s;t;u;v;w;y;z;{;~;<<<<<
<<<<<<<<<<<< <"<#<#<#<%<&<'<*<-<-</<0<0<1<2<5<6<7<8<9<:<:<;<<<?<?<B<C<E<F<G<I<J<<K<L<M<<N<#<#<#<N<P<6<Q<R<R<S<T<V<W<Y<Y<[<\<]<^<"<#<#<#<#<<`<b<d<f<g<R<h<i<"<j<k<m<o<q<s<u<v<x<z<|<~=======
======<"=====7="=#=%='=(=)=+=,=.=0,$,e,z,	,,;,o,~,,k,,w,s,,(,,	,I,,Q,(,f,,u,i,y,(,$,<,,},e,,,,A,q,P,7,a,,m,,,F,K,,w,c,W,s,,,,,,o,k,g,,{,[,Z,7+,7+,7#,77,D%,CI,D,C],C,C,C,C!,C%,C),C-,C1,C5,C9,C=,CA,CQ,CQ,Ca,Ce,CY,Ci,Cm,Cu,Cq,DC,C},D,D	,D

			,|,>,,^.",~,,>,	,^.",~0B7=2 "=35x`0B7=4 "=45x`0B7=6 "=65x` 
=@5x` "=F,x` ,x9 "=G,x` +,x9 "=H,x` ,,x9 "=I,x` - $=K,@ "=J,x` -,x9 "=K,x` .,x9 "=M,x` ",xj .,x9 "=N,x` /,x9 "=P,x` /,x9 "=Q,x` 1,x9 "=S,x` 0,x9 "=T,x` 1,x9 "=V,x` ",xj 2,x9 "=W,x` 0,x9 "=X,x` 3,x9 "=Y,x` 2,x9 "=[,x` 3,x9 "=],x`5x* ~." $=_,@ "=G,x` +,x9 "=_,x` 4,x9 "=a,x` 4,x9 "=b,x` 5,x9 "=c,x` 5,x9 "=e,x` 6,x9 "=f,x`5x*,z
 + $=g,@ "=G,x`"
S`+;Z,x* ",xj7
=g ,d7@(6+;e "=Jl@,x`[(6,x9 "=h,x`Z."(S,x2 "9[(60D,xu*Jx*=l;[+;X*Jx*+;[ + $=i,@ "=G,x` =,x9 "=j,x`5x* + $=k,@,~ + $=K,@,~007tTotalAccountBatchBatch coreChargeClassCoreCurrent physical limitCTLJOBCTLPRGCurrent virtual limitAttach jobsDefault BIGBUFDefault buffersDefault protectionAsynchronous port characteristicDisk priorityFunnyGalaxy operatorHPQIPCF receives outstandingIPCF sends outstandingIPCF receive quotaIPCF send quotaIPCF receivesIPCF sendsJLTKCSLimitLineLocationMaximum physical limitMaximum virtual limitNameNodeNode numberPaging ratePCPhysical high segment sizePhysical low segment sizePPNProgrammerProgram to runProjectProgramDefault protection setReadsRemoteResetRuntimeSegmentTTYUUOsVCoreVirtual high segment sizeVKCSVirtual low segment sizeWritesWait state codeWTO privilegesAssignedBreak charsCarrierCommandsInitedInput charsJobMicOutput charsRCVspeedSlaveTypeUsersXMTspeedCard punchesCard readersConfigurationDateDDCMP devicesDECtapesLine printersMCRsMagtapesPlottersPaper tape punchesPaper tape readersRemote data entryTasksTerminalsFS numberMount countOwnerCONI before retryCONI after retryDATAI before retryDATAI after retryAlternate portBuffered readsBuffered writesCached blocksChecksum errorsCache read callsCache read hitsCache write callsCache write hitsDetached portDump readsDump writesFree blocksFree swapping blocksHard data errorsHard device errorsLogical block numberLogical unit nameMonitor readsMonitor seeksMonitor writesNext unit in structurePaging readsPaging writesRIB errorsSAT errorsSeeksSoft data errorsSoft device errorsStructureSwapping readsSwapping writesUnit-IdUser seeksExtended RIB readsExtended RIB writesYes=2NoOn=3OffIgnore=5AskUnknownHardwiredData setTSNGandalfAuto dialerMicomNRTSERLATCTERM=7=8=9=:=:=;===>=?=?=7=7LOGMAX :  assigned,  logged in, user detached,  batched
 typing in,  typing out,  sleeping,  swapped,  in core,  locked
 active:  running,  in I/O wait,  in event wait,  in resource waitline connected,  local,  dialup,  powered up,
!*,in>use,>slavednodeDwith'structure,blocksfreeunit>sO@?*"]7`(,~,z >s,H,p B?,~;@@+=~ @,~ >t,H,p B@,~;@A+> A,~,z
>@@D "B BA,~;@E+> E,~ >u,HZ` BE,~;@F+> F,~,>C,P >v BF,~;@G+> G,~,z *H >v,H B( >w,H B( "( BG,~;@H+> H,~ >w,H " BH,~;@I+>  I,~ >x,H BI,~;@J+>$ J,~ >x,H[` BJ,~;@K+>( K,~ >x,HZ` BK,~;@L+>- L,~ >y,H BL,~;@M+>1 M,~ >y,H BM,~;@N+>5 N,~ >z,H BN,~;@O+>9 O,~ >z,H BO,~;@P+>= P,~ >{,H BP,~;@Q+>A Q,~ >{,H BQ,~;@R+>E R,~ ",H BR,~;@S+>I S,~ >|,H BS,~;@T+>M T,~ >|,H BT,~;@U+>Q U,~ >},H BU,~;@V+>U V,~ >},H BV,~;@W+>Y W,~ >~,H BW,~;@X+>] X,~ >~,H BX,~;@Y+>a Y,~ >,H BY,~;@Z+>e Z,~ >,H BZ,~;@[+>i [,~ ?,H B[,~;@\+>m \,~ ?,H B\,~;@]+>q ],~ ?,H B],~Wp?@p xGvLP(0hh@Hx&XH`h@HP@+PH B` ?6*"b@@p ?6*"r xd"~ Bp:x x &  Dp.&*b?:x*?7[q1B (g,w(,>[rZ/$ Zr1H (m4H?, +?ZpQ^S,?3Xq,vY[q4D?aB+? D_ 
?7**,_*?71J,x10J,x*Zq1B (j1J:0BXB1J+?",^,w( 
?7**,~ "?8,x`,^,w( "_ B.\"	b "	b 
?7** @_ ?@* g	b+?)*^,~*^,~ &g+?.7?@ &mabl"p!$Q&}bBZB(D*f?0,~-`^q.p\[This error is not expected to occur. Please contact a systems programmer]
`j,yN[`&" ?E5x`@B@C@D@E@F@G@H @I5?g@J
AKAMAO$AR,AT4AW_2F*d?g4$?j "AY,~Z+z A[5?g
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$B,B4B<BDBLBTB \B"dB$lB*,?H+ 5x`,z 
 (Z ,?|,xuZ ,@;,xuZ(0bO 
@,x`,xu "(5@B+B,B,B-B.B/B/B0B2B3B4B5B6ab+@Z[`5w5  "5w5 $ "B8`D "B9`D "B;`D "B=`D@ "B?,x` "5@; &+@g &,>,> ,@,^ BE,x`,^5@7BG &A$,>,>,>,x9,xu,^,x`,^,^0D5x`,~Q"A`PBxx4Bz,xu+@'&"  $,wu,xr &" ,@.,xr  $5wu	b	&"j0&",> $,wu,xr,^ $5wu%BH)5@),>[`&" "BH,x`,xu,^5wa $x2+@<7BL $x8,>,@?,^,5@@ "5xu "5xu "5xu "-5xuWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySundayMondayTuesday|l?INon-existent fileNon-existent UFDProtection failureFile being modifiedAlready existing fileIllegal sequence of monitor callsRib or directory read errorNot a saved fileNot enough coreDevice not availibleNo such deviceNo two register relocation capabilityNo room or quota exceededWrite-lock errorNot enough free corePartial allocation onlyBlock not free on allocated positionCan't supersede existing directoryCan't delete non-empty directoryNon-existent SFDSearch list emptySFD nested too deepNo createSegment not on the swapping spaceCan't update fileLow segment overlaps high segmentNot logged inOutstanding locks setBad EXE file directoryBad EXE extensionEXE directory too bigNetwork capacity exceededTask not availableUnknown network nodeSFD in use by another jobNDR lock onToo many readersCant rename SFD to lower levelChannel not openDevice detachedDevice is restrictedDevice is controlled by MDADevice in use by another jobIllegal data modeUndefined OPEN bits setDevice in use on MPX channelNo core for extended channel tableNo free channels availableUnknown FILOP functionChannel number too bigChannel illegal for operationT?dJob not privilegedIllegal job numberJob swapped out or in transitIllegal addressData not addressablePage not in coreUnknown error code8@Illegal argument listIllegal node name/numberCaller not privilegedNode not availableJob not locked in coreTime out errorReserved word non-zeroI/O channel not open to or not network deviceI/O error occurredNo free coreIn use by another jobNo message availableTerminal not availableNot a legal terminalIllegal sub functionReceive buffer too smallNo ungreeted nodes?uUnimplemented functionIllegal argumentIllegal page numberPage can't exist but doesPage must exist but doesn'tPage must be in core but isn'tPage can't be in core but isPage is in a sharable hi-segPaging I/O errorNo swapping space availableCore limit exceededIllegal if lockedCan not create page with virtual limit equal to zeroNot privilegedfile???ReadingCreatingWritingUpdatingAppending toClosingCheckpointingRenamingDeletingPreallocatingI/O error Improper mode Hardware device error Parity error Block too large or quota exceeded  reading  closing  writing BBBCBD'sBGQ@WedThuFriSatSunMonTuex96@H,?1Z1lBi!"bBH+BS6@H,?1]3lBn H,B^+BY7BH+BV H3DBo,B^+BY7BHL+BY HL DH3DBo,B^ HM2B3DBo+B\ Bp+,C BHM H BHM,~ BHaB+BaO@H,~@* &)BmBd=fBb BH H,~Extension illegal in this contextBfMultiple unit names givenBkk:N@44Bt6 d+C.40t2,~+Bx "2 Bs " $,I 46"d+C,By+Bp+z6Vr+B| "P,< Br 6Q"XX"XO@X*"XO "P5Q",~,z * s$""SDs,=XBs,By+C,,8k $W$$.s B T.43ts+C s DZ6`dl$,6 s Bt@@t+Bp6"t,~7T+C,By+C:t2be,~ D[.Bt+z D[.Bt+C;@X+C X,~,DS 
 BX,~;@X+C X,~,DS  BX,~;@X+C X,~,DS  BX,~;@X+C# X,~,DS  BX,~;@X+C' X,~,DS  BX,~;@X+C+ X,~,DS  BX,~;@X+C/ X,~,DS  BX,~;@X+C3 X,~,DS  BX,~;@X+C7 X,~,DS  BX,~;@X	+C; X	,~,DS 
+C? X
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,~;@XS+ BX,~,DS  BX,~;@X+CS X,~,DS  BX,~;@X+CW X,~,DS  BX,~;@X+C[ X,~,DS  BX,~;@X+C X,~,DS  BX,~;@X+Cc X,~,DS  BX,~;@X+Cg X,~,DS  BX,~;@X+Ck X,~,DS  BX,~;@X+Co X,~,DS  BX,~;@X+Cs X,~,DS  BX,~;@X+Cw X,~,DS " BX,~;@X+C{ X,~,DS  BX,~;@X+C X,~,DS  BX,~;@X+D X,~,DS  BX,~;@X+D X,~,DS  BX,~;@X+D X,~,DS  BX,~;@X+D X,~,DS  BX,~;@X+D X,~,DS  BX,~;@X +D X ,~,DS  BX ,~;@X!+D X!,~,DS  BX!,~;@X"+D X",~,DS  BX",~;@X#+D# X#,~,DS  BX#,~;@X$+D' X$,~,DS  BX$,~;@X%+D+ X%,~,DS  BX%,~;@X&+D/ X&,~,DS  BX&,~;@X'+D3 X',~,DS  BX',~;@X(+D7 X(,~,DS  BX(,~;@X)+D; X),~,Cu,>,DG.Bx,^ BX),~;@X*+DA X*,~,DS  BX*,~;@X++DE X+,~ "P,Q" " BX+,~;@X,+DI X,,~,DS " BX,,~;@X-+DM X-,~,DS " BX-,~;@X.+DQ X.,~,DS " BX.,~;@X/+DU X/,~,DC BX0!"X"X0,Gg BX0 "X0 BX/,~@,D| EN,EBa`,~ EO,EB EO`` ,EBO@,P
 ~(B{ B (B{ /(D{"`Q B,~:@,~R{BY{CfEPRuYvfEP3B5Dp,?1
lYlEU,x*,xt "	5x`,D|AEW{Bf4Dz6,?1i:lE[,~!(~dR$D{bB+Dzl@,xsZ$D{,x`*hDv,~E]E^Ed|HE`,^"6@l @ E`,^@6@l   Ea,^ "0bl ,~,^+,~,> (BwA"PX#,Ed$X$",^,~.~d"2"2"+E,>)B{(Dr7 +E,E? ,^+z:x5EQ"	@!B	@S"PX" B	? "	?,@,~ 	@+z,T,z * (ad,E3Q"PX" $(3Jm"m" $(D
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 (,H6@(,( C(.
Ei*jEC,~e"[`,~[` ",~_"D		+EGd"nEi,~,E,~{,F{Ej{tF6pMonitor version skew; WHO must be reconfiguredHMdEP@WHO/monitor feature skew; disabling HN\EWCharge numbersANF10SMPX	(`Swapper page allocation failedEa  allocated   mapped  `uHu@vhv`wPwXxPx8y@yxzPz`{h{p|0|h}%}0%~(%~8%P%X%h%p%x%EHEGEIhEI@ 0 `EH(EG		@
(X6EG`6EG8EL8EL8EL 8EL(8EL08EL88EL@8ELH8ELP8ELX8EL`8ELh8ELp8ELx8EL8EL8EL8EL8EL 8ELQ$X$@@*$``+F` ( $ &P QB	b;1,~ QC B @@ ,~,z
 *Q*| ."P,E. , "0,E B(4Bz.,*jFd,~``+Fj	b,~+z3BQD 
,E.zp,E"QD+z""+z``+Fw	b,~/"..+z,z 
"`!`X,(,G,~,G$,>*LG!.a[<G5A"0B1B7+G4BGZ<G5 .",E <G5fQEm <G5+@ B0*LG*nG,^+z,P6,P{ (,PQ+G  
< .{$,E[+z,Q,~ 	 .{9,EZ
+z .|,E d. .{!,E7@l. .{!,E6`l. ,GZ6@l. .{#,EbB{ l.a`,~ .{6,EZ`.{,EbQF,~!" ,{# D{: ,{" D{1 D{. ,{!,GS,GT,GU ,{! D{6 D{8 D{5 @
 D{. D{4 D{/ D{9,GW,GZ ,{",G_""[,{ ,Gd,Gq " D{/ D{0 D{4 D{5 D{7 D{7 " " " " " D{0 D{2 D{2 D{3 D{3 " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " "7{= {=+GU {;,Ed"l"5E .{1,EZ`.zl5E7B{-,~.,EZ`7@,~.{85E"		S`Z.
,E3B+Gc*dG`7QDZ,~ .{6,EZ`.{,EA",> .{1,E,>Z zl,GU,^bQF {<,GUbQG {<,GUbQG,^,~7B{-,~.,EZ`4Bz.{85E``+Gw
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Q+HQ"P,^+,~``+H	b,~+z,z,P6,H,~ (4BH
,H&5BH*LH@@0*LH D( +z,H&3BQD+H
(7@,1l1,+H$"`Q,(!`E(2b+H%Q"!`,H2B(+H%6@(7OO,EQd.6@(l.(.,EX/d.+zH",~",~`#,ERX$"@Az~3b{@3"{A+H.)Az~z~(fH-(D[,~@3B{@@3B{?"",~a`,~``+H5	b:,~+z/".
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.*S`X*5*z6L0l,~7@4Hg,~ ,I,~_4Hg2BQD+HoZ4Hg+|Hq|Hs|Hu|Hz|I|I 4Hg,E B(+z,I B(+z ,E 
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X-d, X/d. #,ERX$&)F{(F)F`4FI!F(3L+I4FH}*jH}5*z@@(+z"
S` X/d. #,ERX$&`4FIQ F(*LI*jI,~;*lI@@(+z ,E4BI.w,EgQT"" B(+z 5E ,E4Bz5E  
+I 2b,~S`X"=,H (5Hz,~,I1B+z+I!,I3B+z ,E6H+I,~``+I&	b$,~+z,z,P6,I:,~bN{7QU "bn{lbn{lbN{l B0*LI8,ID B0*LI8fQU4NI9,>QC .{,E,> .{,E[gN{5NI35NI1,^ B04BI9*lI6:@@0 +z 
7@ ,1l+IB"`Q,(!`[(2b+IC.x,E +z ",~ ",~ LzmZ`cD+IR&QVfzmQ`cF{+IK@Z.{5EZ.{,E[bHzu+IRZ.zg,E .{d"5E@5Z,P{0B+I^ W+z,z!*N,Q12B(W*jIW5*z*JIY7(W "+z,P62BQD1B7{A+I^ )+z,z"
{A2B()*jI`5*z*JIb7() "+z``+If	b&,~+z3BQD 
Q.,E4Bz.v,E4Bz.w,E"QD."+z``+Ip QV	f',~ +z,z
0*0j+I| A"[w0"+JZw.",EbB{'+I|Z`,Ed"l",E+z!"y[
KYlQY,x8 "QS5x`J
J",J"4J "<J!"tJ"#
J'#J#dJ,.{:x5E"+z{,Iz+.{,E.+z {5Iz {
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5Iz {	5Iz .{,E  .{,E.5z {,Iz+ 4Bz {,Iz+ GQZ"`+z {
,Iz+ h5z7Q[ Q[,z

,=.zo2"2"a```01+J7,E+J<,6cB{:x,~a`,>g``,>k2B:x,~ .	;3Dz} .	53Dz| .	93Dz{ .	62Dzy3Dzy .	32Dz|3Dz} .	73Dz{ .	73Dzw .	+3Dzz .	43Dzx .	:3Dzz .	83Dzx .	63Dzw .	2,~,z@j,@&     TMPCOR directory:
JT4JJo,@&     Total of  "0 $Q^,@,@& in  "( $Q^,@5x*,@&     Directory is empty
,~ Q"x $,Jy ,E
,~ "4Bz"Q" $5Jy,z
"(,ER."0,&,xAO",xjb.zq,E,xP*pK,x* QcBH6 H?1+K .zq,E
 Q_@@*"(!*| ,KV,H B(*jK "/``,E " B# "/``,E " B# ,xf ,x2 Q`,wF7@#+K+,xu #,x7@#+K+ ",xu #,x,R 
4JKR,@& + 4*KIaj+KF!*~,R!"X,KZ,H B($*jK0,R!"X" ,H,Q`(L "0``,E # B(6B%`b+K?a`+K? * $% "(,E B4BK?.$9
K<!*| (2B($+KB4BKM*jK?+KM $,xf7B$+Qa,x2 Qc,wF+KM,@&(not shareable)+KR,@&SPY(,RA"~,x$,@@+KR,xu6B(3B#1,x6@$+KR,@& (superseded),x*d,K_,Khd@,x*,~.//23344
,>Z,x8,xn,^[5x8,	4Bz,>l,@&     DDT: ,^,K[,
l@,x*,@&     PFH:  ,K[ "(,E,~4Bz`b,~,>,@&  ,^,x "(,E,~`b,~&"2,>,@&  PFH runtime: x,wn,@& (,A,> "(,E,~&"2,^/,^$"2,"c,@&% of CPU runtime),~ :,LT,~ QcbDHcBzk1+L,M+L,@&     Job search list:  d,z T	=,Z B	=O@	> Qd,H+L 
	>3JQD+L "Qdl@,x`5JL Qe,x2+L ,xf 
	? "Qe`j,x` "Qf`j,x`+L5x*S"PX" B	K Qg,I$,~,@&     Path:   Qh,wF,z 
	K "QC$Qh1D "Qi1D "Qj,x` "Qk`J,x` "Qk`J,x`5x* ,E
@*,E,@&     Logical name definitions:
",xj,x`x"0,E{,x` "Qmbl{,x`,@& = ;,xs "0,E
L15ZLVQ"hB+L^?`+Lg .zt,E
,~[4Zz7.zq,E,.zp,Eq "P5x9,z 
H-4Jz:,LT,~ab+ME.zq,Ez+Lk,B .zo,E1,M/ Qt6BcDH,~5M,z * ",xj,@&Size written:  .zh,E,x9,@& allocated:  .ze,E,x9,@& Created:  .ze,E[`$Qt(D .zg,E,>"QuF,wg,xu,^"Qu,@05x*,z .{%,E
",xj,@&Density: .{$,E
MS,x`,@&  Track: .{(,E
Qw,x9,@&  Mode: .{$,E
MV,x`,@&  Labels:,>4BQx .{),E
MZ,x`5x* .zq,E(Bt0Bv5x*,@&  Job: .{%,E[`.x,EZ`.zp,E"QD,x95x*QyQzQ{Q{Q|Q|Q}Q}QRRQ}RRRRRRRR
R,=1Bh7RZ",~,"7~ ",~,.zq,E
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,@&node[,PR,x2[,@;,@&Oline@"(5x8O"R5x`,@&node  .zr,Ed",>,P R,x2,^,@;,@& unit  .zp,E"QE5x8`@+Oa@,~,@&SLA:Z{."h,E {ARX"5x8,O,~,>,@&SLA:,^"R5x8 .v,E4Bz (.{	,Ecb{,~ " .{,E+z`@+O%a@,~,@&DLA:Z{."h,E {ARX"5x8,O,~,>,@&DLA:,^"R5x8 .zr,E
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O<1BQ".0"5xu,>Q"/,xu,^."5xuO.zp,E,x9,@& running ,^,x2,n4"O],@& in stream ,n,x9,^5v .zn,E4BOc,x2,@> .zn,Ed,x2 "R ,x` .z,Ed",x9 "R!,x` .{,Ed",x9,~,z .zo,E 
!"X``j!"H`,x2"R"0b " 
P,x`"R#0" " 
P,x`,@&  Ctr: "R#`j "R$,x`,@&  VFU:"R$0""" 
P,x`,@&  Chrs:"R%0""" 
P,x`aJ,~,@&  Name:Z5x2R%R&R&Q}R%R'R'R(R(QCR)R*R+R,R.QCR/R07@a` ,~,z:"
S`,< BX
 $SX">,H B(.$*jP,~ B	A " B	A R15HK,z 
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P;,^:(,~ R3,Hd")Bs(D{." BO." BO R4,H[B;ZB< ; 
 .<,EZ J8< L8)[`5BPG+P>,P63b{@3"{A77B),~+z,P6"{@S`X{A2B)*dPS5$zZ+z,P6,PQ,~ <.{$,E[`!$N2B	*dPY5$zZb+z,z
@l,P6,>@t	=@@	=O@	>+Pf "Q,Hab@+Pn T	= "Q,H B	=O@	> Qd,H+Pm6B	>+Pi!`l3BQD+Pm2B+Pf:7@l.dN!`349P` ( .
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.{8,E B8W J8	7B{-+Q.,EZ`7L+Q..0n2,Q.{8,E B8W L8	Zy.,E[`..0n2,Q5BQ 
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Q5NQ,~,P{,z!*N2B(W*jQ 5*z +z,P{1"27BW,~+z7B	,~.{9,E[`!$N2B	*dQ(5$zZ+z6D{-7B	,~.",EZ`4Bz!$N2B	*dQ.5$zZ+z,>)Bt0B	1B	 "	T)B
,^,{:x,~cBR8,~ ()B}(Dq/$)D~=hQ:Z+z`b,~ ()B~(Do.$)D}=hQ? +z?????$$,6$x$$x$x@(6$HY$$HYIllegal NODE. UUO argument blockQJNODE. UUO function I
tQO not simulated~xTRMOP. function I QWcb{'cb{0
""+MGdefault20055680016006250NoneDEC core dumpIndustry core dumpSIXBITASCIINo MDABypassANSIANSI(user)IBMIBM(user)Leading Tape MarkNonstandardCOBOL ASCIICOBOL SIXBITUser EOT>}{woA+I.UFD,>,xu,^,@:+N)
)*)!o,]:}i$ OFL SEL STD UNS BOT REWnot connected|.44H   In: Out:0
???OptD/A6495128Var  BA10  LP100  CFE-LP20  ANF-LP11  ANF-LP20  LP05  LN01	AGvLP`)P	0
hWUnit table fullR5Q"E
~6RBLlW26~BpqA7S;T!T"T"T#T$T$T&T(T*T,g " B
P	`  O@
 T.,SH,SL,, "z,?+ "sKl"0,?- "_,?,,vy,fZ0Ba+Sw,=l,Dp,S[,1 T/,gd,Ss,2G t+5,h.O@
,- t+7``,i7@e,T/,Dg,A,,E,,h,,V,Q,,,Ri,K,=,2M+R_ "_ B-,Kd,1v+Rq,=l6B),!z,S?,,S,Ry6B',!z,,,R7`G,~7`&a@1,x*?@H,~`@ a@,K G,7+Ri,2,S w6BC,!z,4,~ + w0b6@C+Ry,x*+Ry,. w T1@@+*"=,@6BHC,!z,x,,',S6@++T2!" cBH+S
bBH,~+S "T71\5x`6@,,?1QlT8,?1mlT: tRK5x` tRH,x` "T;5x`OO@	,tR<,~,+S,7H, 
,S+S7`(,~,tR>,26`H+S,4,~+S tRM5
R>7`H,~,>,>,>F " BF,tRF,^F,^,^5,c,,e0\7T> ",xj5 
,7t,~ <,v,~5S",274,~ <,d,~5S",z, 
 <O,W,~,3B,S"+S/,7#,PU,~ < ,By,~,S" ,Q*+S9 ,By+S9,S" ,Q%,~+S4,D1,PQ,~ < ,7,~5S",27hHB+SF $T>,H1H0"1 "1H1b1 "#BH#,4,~+S@ TA@@
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R\",G~`bl @`b l  \",G~ B
R3Bl \",G~`bl \",G~`b@m 1+So"",Fg "4bSoQ"!`,G~3Bl ,z0bl \",G~`bpl ,~0B1" "1B " <,~ TP@@
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xp(08@H,>,+T:,^/TW,~.TX,+T:~/TX,~.TX Fx,~+T:~ x/TY,~.TY~,~+T:}~/TY,~joblinenodestructureunitJob not assignedLine not connectedNode not onlineStructure not foundDisk unit not found|
R4+,j],,5kU8,Total of ,77`g,~ "T1,x` + tRH,@5x*No one
All J2T8J1tT*s rejected by constraints.0
sCan't initialize the PSI system; PIINI. error O
TA$SPFatal error in jobTHFatal error in WHO serverTL/x0(DT
RunlinkageOfailureJ@DTR$forXd(,>,UX7@,U4,^,~,>,Us6@:,^,~,>,V#6@:,^,~,>,Uq6@:,^,~,>,V#6@:,^,~,>,V,6@:,^,~,>,V6@:,^,~,>,V.6@:,^,~,>,W6@:,^,~,>,Ux6@:,^,~,>,V 6@:,^,~,>,W6@:,^,~,>,V+6@:,^,~,>,V36@:,^,~,>,Vj6@:,^,~,>,W7@,U4,^,~,>,W!7@,U4,^,~,>,W27@,U4,^,~,>,W87@,U4,^,~,>,W@6@:,^,~,>,WF6@:,^,~,>,WW6@:,^,~,>,W]7@,U4,^,~,>,Wb7@,U4,^,~,>,Wf7@,U4,^,~,>,Wn6@:,^,~,>,Wt6@:,^,~,>,Wz6@:,^,~,>,W}6@:,^,~,>,X6@:,^,~+X,>,+U7+U7:,^/X,~.X,+U<+U;:~/X,~.X Rx,~+UA+U@:~ x/X,~.X~,~+UF+UF:}~/X,~ #xZ,^xgO,~:x,~,>(B7,>,>  "5URaB5UJ,>,>@@<BUV."1"+X"Q`:*$,^,^5UJ X#@@
,W,^+V	0N+XA,W7@+XE,^+V	XK9$GD5UJG`D+V&@@5UJ,U5 .,V:
,X\$VE[30+V;QYD8Z`3P5UP,>,>./P,Vj,^,^5UP,00p+VH7D@Vj: B5UJ? 
2Pl2=0X=	n2+Xu@@*P>2+W (N 8 X= 0 l2	n275UJ,UH4 Xv@@
.BUJ,>,Wb4@W4,WF5@W3,^.V3.$bXw*  ,X5UJ,U9,Wn4@WC5W8 ,X4@X]@@ 5W8,U=,X4@X]7R,UH43R@@"Xw$Xx4BWN4DWQbXxdXy B@+WT4DWSdXybXx,WT@@@5UJbXzdXy B@+WT@@@@@@"Xz/2 ,Vj 5UJ,U5 ,X4@X]7@+W] "Xy7@,UH4+Wx,U5 ,X4@X]"X{7@,UH4+Wx,U5 ,X4@X]"X{7@,UH4+Wx,U9,X4@X] $X{7$X|7@,UH42D+Wj D5UJ,U5 ,X4@X]7B,UH4"X|7@,UH4+Wx,U5 ,X4@X]7B,UH4+Wx B  5UJ,X4@X]7D,UH45UJ,X4@X]7D,UH4$Xw/$5UJ,X4@X],U57N,UH4 N 5UJ,U97B8+X
$XydX}pXybX}4DXpXx P85UJ"X~pX~bX}4BXpX|7pX~ P85UJ6 2"
?MEMUFR Unexpected FALSE return from GLXLIB call

&X	` (?
?MEMAZA Attempt to zero the ACs

&X	`Px$$&?
?MEMPEF Page existence check failed

&X&	`?
?MEMCAC Count of Available Pages Confused

&X,	`?
?MEMRZP Request for zero pages

&X2	`9V?
?MEMASE Addressing space exhausted

&X7	`>
?MEMCCP Cannot create page

&X>	`?
?MEMNFP No free pages

&XB	`?
?MEMCFC Count of Free Pages Confused

&XF	`?
?MEMPAF Page access check failed

&XL	`?
?MEMRNF Received non-existent page

&XQ	`?
?MEMRNW Ridiculous number of words requested

&XV	`,VW@@
?MEMZWR Zero words of memory returned

&X^	`?
?MEMFCN Free count negative

&Xd	`?
?MEMFCE Free count exceeds FREINI

&Xh	`?
?MEMBPN Bad page number ^O/S1/

&Xm	`?
?MEMPKF Page kill failed

&Xr	`ThHO$HHH@$H@HOH$HH$HHG$HGH8$H8H19  H19A VT52 VT61 VT100VT101VT102VT220VT240VT125VK100PEHPELmQ* mQ2mQ
% m-

 p6@ !"z2@
Y,^`7B,\2,^,~-b[|$tl"	b+ ,~ ]B @
+Y|+Z p(@q,~- [|7Qp+Z,[[40Z 4Y
 (YF,> 6,[ x,[ta,[`=pZ
+Z,[[,[,[S p4 Z',] (YW,[t+ @A ?,[c:7@
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l@4Y[@Ap9#p1@PZ1@PQ0A`6@A ?,[c :9Zd7@
Q*A`" B
:[,^,^,~,^,~@@[",(YF,[ta,[`l.9[ /0bW+]L (Y6,[ta,[`l.=[3Z+[D1V+[. /#`6@4Y+1b7+[;363b+[0  ,[cl. :2z4Y+]M 3b+[6 (Y;,[ta,[`l. =[23Z+[D`n,[S (YW,[t+ ,[c9[6 (Y+,[t+[B,[`  W (Y0,[ta,[c   (Y0,[ta,[c  l.,^,~>@*
\,~ W$ (. &  2
\,~l.5x[7@4Y++[^8,~8 :(Y,[t,~QA` @$,~& QBx6@,[q[x. +[c.(0
 #`+,[z  :x,~Z
&]Z	b+\!M	`++\	 @
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,^,^,~,p,H,],~37m31m32m33m34m35m36m37m,],~,>,]	+\O;$\e,[`lx,]+\[]Q,[`\{`J\|,[`+\[,],~,>,]	+\X[$\e,[``x,]+\[,]Q,[`	$\],[`QxAA@@$\z,[` x,]+\[  ]Q,[`  \{`J  \|,[`+\[11m10m0m7m,],~,>,]	+]A(  $],[` x,]+\[  ]`J  ],[`+\[GFqp A(@2H
,]a:x(Hz,~ A(@ *p,]a:x(Hz,~ A(@ *@,]a:x 
2H:x,~4A(?0(,~A@.@,~ A,@ p @
,^,^,~HKJoY. BIM
MAP %2(56) DECsystem-10 page mapper
MAP version 2(56) built on 22-Dec-85MAP %2(56),c~ "R@@!$X$*$	+d,c~ "   B  B   B  ,_a,e 2D ,e3D +d  ,d`W,~:Y+d,c~ ,^,~ B+dm8d8,_a,e  :X+d,c~ ,^!7:x B,~ B7^`1B6_7.1,^+^& B7"^0`x0" " B8Z71D6 ",
^-78+^,5B^& 7,e!:Y+d^2^5^:^@^I^Q6$70
7$7H7 7Z1D	b>x:Z+d_7$^06 2b,~$^1.,^,~+d_73Be" #6 2b-,~$^1.,^,~+d_73Be" #2Be"+^E 2.#,^,~Z`4Bd
6 2b.,~$^1.,^,~+d_73Be" #6 2b-,~.3,^,~4Bd
Z`$^1.,^,~+d"^0$^00D+d.2,^,~ B8_^_73b3",~^71D6+^\$^1.,^,~+d 8+d,>,>: e#@@R*"`,^:,^O@~,c~,^l+^j,a#,a(+^j,c,d`S+^j,a< 
'@@',aG+^j,^w+^j,^}:x "R B,~ ", BR e# BS  Ae$Z0b,e$7B "
6F+^t &`/& BU B' FV7" " BV+d X#:Sl8 ",_`7#+d@@Sdx,e%+d`x,~@@5	b
 B#@ _&6@_'._',^+_	 C_'.$1$	+_[/Z/1BY1$+_	 0`bO@.ZBT+_
 e&,_,~ BT@@0@@.7BT,~ $0B1B+_0B7@.7e' $1B $ DT6`0+_ e',_,~ B0+_l8@ $_/,^!+@$_0+@$_0.(1(9_#`. -.B. e(,_@ B5,~6@5+_# $? D5,_#7:x@@5,~l8,^!,~+dd8,~1%////0/0/1H% "? B5P% "@ B6X% " B6h,~ZB-h,~_B.(,~ZB3P " B4`	,~ZB2`	,~ZB2	,~ZB3	,~ZB4,c~ Z1Fax7+e) B"ZB![ B!Z B",_H,~+d "`b+_R`b+_Y+_L:Z+d"e+,`,~ !,_|,e, T! "!,`
6@+_L+_K`b,e-[`A",`,~ ,_`,e, B! "!,`
6@+_R+_K`b,e."e+,`,~ !,_v,~ T! "!,`
6@+_Z+_Km8d8dbQVax,e%ax,d`Z+_i,e,`,~ ,_|,~ :X+d 
(J{ J0,d`T,~:W 
0(JA"G:X+d226226,e/ B, T 
y*,+|~P~P@@,,e   (F{ T,$`,~ +d``,`7 0 l8 +d2b-,e0,e	.4,^,e,Z4Te2(T +d7J,~1j+,e2+` 
/J.J.J,~ .3ad,^,e,[3d+`(7B4+`"..-,^@4Be3[e ( .3.-,^,e,[.& 3d3$,e/7 (d"/.",_`,e,+dex +`/1$@+`41$,e/&e4.,)F.",^,e,ah!`"e4(Bge57.",_`,e/+d"( H,[0h,e/." 07H,+`=.,."@:,,_`,e,:`,+`D(e5+$`@`F`F`L`O`E`E`E`EA$."+d,e6,e7 `b,e8A"(B7@,+`=A&."@+`=Z0B,e9.O@,+`=(e:Z0B,e9.." O@,+`=`\`la`]`oa
 0 0,b[,~ 0l"`xl" B0+d,e
!$cD0,~ 0,bV,~!$BD0+dg $ e=`x	b&,e>+d,~ax@,e< 7b,e0 B#+d`x,~,e
!"bB0+`u!0,bP7+`u,bV,~!$GD0S#X",B$+0Q0(B6B$3"$	b!,e>,`}+~+d,e	!"BB0+dax,~S#l(X( H$!( X H$ ($	h!,e>+`},~  ,bc,e?ax@+d,cB,e?+d,e!"`xGB0d8 0,bT,~!"GB0 0,cW,~(Bax.",c,~ 0(B/"Q"~ B:,c
' ,bP7,bV+ .*=la$,~ 
V(J J% 
'(J J%.
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& J&dL.,(L{ L(/
%.* J( J(/,=la= *( J) J* J( J) 
( '!0 L( P( (.*.,=naD,~7 ,eA,e	 /'4Bd5baL,a\8"aK+aN,aO,eB=baL ' BU+d 
& &!0bP0+aT.,/.5naQ,~BP0:' ( 8 L( L8 N0 P0@@0 * 8 L* L8 N0 P0+d 
* 0 0 N@ P8 0 0 N@ P8 0dn,d`V+ l. N0>',~ %(P 
(N %.08 
:\ax7eC eC N'!.3P0,~ 
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,^ 0 J0 J@ L( P( 
+ax3L),~00N@P8)8bL)bL8N0P0,~91Bb"1b=1"07d,~7@9+eE>`9B9,~Q"A`,>x4Bb,b+b,^,~eF,>eF@,bK1B+b7,a1B+b6@x5Bb+b,a1B+bL@x6@x+b0"0b0"0b-+b`d+bb`D+b5,~ =,b ",b C,b ",bRC,b "-,b7"W+bC[`,b& ",bZW,b&+bC,b &W7@+bG ",b ,b9bD ".+b6@Q"A` B9 D9,~,a1B+bK,~ 9.eG7`/eG B9"9,~ B$Q"	b2Oab:x $,~,bP+bV+dl" B$ " B$ eH	b2,eH:x $d",~SB$XD$ " B$ eIaxg $	b2,eJ:xd8[$Z%,~,c,~`xax@7,e< "`x "`x "l" B< "`x l" B= "B B? " BB eK B?6@WZBB eK B@ eL	b6,e> <AeL B:,bt+d V B= "b~6@[7@+bz[Z6H H9bv@@] eM*"e "] $*,bH,b8,~+8=+@C+HC+PW+XW+`X+hX+pY+xY7B:,~G"	 B< eM	b6+ @@:,~ B= "+c
 B= "G: B< eN	b6,~+d7eN "@@;G: B< ": B= eN	b6,~+dU$,bH@@< eO*"A@@B eO*"U@@V eP*"Z	b
+:B`d8,b	5Bc!1D+c$0D-1D+c'1D+c,bM+c<lx,ePZB=+c1D+clx,eQ+BC+clx,eR,b	RBC+clx,eS,c+,~0D.1D+c+c,bK1B+c9,bM,babS`abP`GBW`B+c50D,eT,b`b[`aBX`GBW3(WQ(}0D+d,b	4BeV+B*hc6,eWO@V,eK	b$,eX,bK+d!"Luax B=ax+dax@+d!"^ax BC+d ",c,~ ((D D; @@< ; <0(',eY(H{."'Q"~ B: "(B{,bT,~,c
+cx,~ p,^+cx ,~ p,^+cx ,~ #p,^]+cx,~ #p,_@+cx,~_w2be"+c{ #pXBx,~
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 X# eb*  ,^xO@~7 :x,~!$	d*4Dd
@*/.F[,~ #x ,^x7@e[BePx*x #/" B"eb6@0b 7,dE,d,~@@f ec*"r7Fe,~Rd3[Bf "f $;,bHZd3,b0F+d' "ec,b^,b& "ee,b_,b&+d30F1F7+d-1F ,> "ef,b,^,b/+d30F
+d3Z0F+d3 "eh,b  6@] "],b+d3,~E$eiG64ekGKeoI4eqILetILevILeyIBLe{IZle}K4fKfK&,fOV4f
f:a:f=aN,f?g'fAg:$fDkBfF,d\@@r fI*"~ "r $;,bH ",b ,b "fJ,b"fK1b1"7 ,b& "fL,b ,b/ "fM,b ,b,b- ",b "^,b "fM,b  #/",b/ "fO,b d`Y,b "fP`x,b,~ fR ffR3D+da.fS*bd^ fS+df  &fK1f1&7 [3F+dg*bdd7fVZ D F,~	`6M&e|~Tdp	`!U>	5Dd{	`2a<S@d	`$a%@e	`&a>\S@lefW
gBf,>,7:,^/gF,~.fS,7:~/gG,~.gG Fx,~7:~ x/gG,~.gG~,~7:}~/gH,~,>,7:,^/gF,~,d$d
cN0bN0 J0+ax
",~HF$,dbZH$,dbaPVP[X<xP]<<'H=( B*`V,d,d
?Unhandled MAP error: 
}@x6%hg; table = , index = ; address = ; file = Bad EXE file directoryConflicting mapping code and flagsCannot read default pathDeposit address failureDouble device illegalDouble extension illegalDouble file name illegalDouble path illegalDeposit value doesn't match existing wordExamine address failureLeft eye can't SPYEXE file directory input errorGETTAB UUO/simulation failureHash table/chunk allocation failureIllegal addressIllegal cache size requestedIllegal job numberIllegal mapping codeIllegal to write Exec Virtual MemoryIllegal to write the UPMPJob not addressableJOBPEK UUO failed to read/write another jobJob swapped outMapper initialization failureNo access to requested pageNo EPT for boot CPUNo free chunks for cacheNo room to cache EXE file directoryNull SFD illegalNon-existant address in filePage not in corePath syntax errorSPT index out of rangeSFDs nested too deepUnimplemented KL paging code(s UUO error . at PC ;  called from PC , Mode =  (physical)
diz>}{woUnknown UUO error codefTFile not foundIncorrect PPNProtection failureFile being modifiedDevice not availableNo such deviceWrite-lockedSFD not foundSearch list emptySFD nest level too deepNo-creates allowed in search listCan't update fileFile has outstanding locks setDevice "down" and unusableDevice is restrictedDevice controlled by MDADevice allocated to another jobIllegal I/O data modeNo per-process space for extended channelNo free channels availableAddress check reading argumentsAddress check storing answerNo privilegesJob swapped out or in transitData not addressableI/O errorAllocated but zero pageUnimplemented functionIllegal argumentIllegal page numberPage can't exist but doesPage must exist but doesn'tPage must be in core but isn'tPage can't be in core but isPage is in a sharable high segmentPaging I/O errorNo swapping space availableCore limit exceededIllegal if lockedCannot create allocated but zero pageNot privilegedNo such jobNumber of arguments illegalOld value doesn't match existing word (@@` sy*(  ^@@,z[,yy Fa,yyZFj`F[`F 
,yy[FmZ`,>,yy7@ & Fk4FgsSX([0f	 &	*(,yy[FnZFm,yy Fn^0O@	b
+  B`0J+gz:O@O@|O@| "7@1J BY,^,w(O@o	b
,hQBj Q( Bj\",	b7+h
+hYR((	hAsy@+hQ Bl6@,j7@+h!"K8 B,j5h, (&".$)D}=hh[,~7@a+h,
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?SCNRLF Run failure -- "E 1" for code .sO@-"sDe^Lt),z t,j]+jDO@s,qE,p1P+ji4NjJ6@g+n3,nW,pU Ng BgO@s1P+jn0P1P-+jv1P+ju1P+jq6`t0P7+jt6@t7 7+jU1P+jd1P+jD7@g,nW!&GFi &1P &1P &1P &1P &fs~ s,~@@f t-*$sO@o t*$s6@f6@7,f!"GBhGBi,~,kC+nG,q?7+j5"k`b+k7@s:s+kL4Nn55Bn46@f+n6 Nf!"BBh+jD,p,pU6@h+n7Y Nh+k6@t+nU:t,nW+jBO@t+jD,p+k!*bJi+n9GJhGJi,p
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,q*4Nz:t:x,l7+kN5bnFh.k``n`+t7h.k`,>(N,l+t8,^!"0cC0+nEQ,@@ t1b+kTZ00"f0bs7+kT2"c2bd+nE 0Z`daN7 8`d Q. N@@ t:*" 0`d+t:4,l`dQ"6@+kn1P+kg6 +kd4pkd t0F+kd0P,r+kg`d@+nRab5Bl5"m94NnK+l4BnO7 +kn ,qK,r*0H+kn@@o,qK0P,rO@5bl,q*4Nl 0,p7+ks/0 .+l5"nJ " )B!( cI0+l3Nt<+t<3Nt=+t>0BW+l,>  0,p7+l,^/0\.+l4Nl1P+l7 0P+l,q* t?,p7+nH ./.l
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hMf=(k=xp2B+i?+i:No option ]>ttt?
?SCNPDL PDL phase error
Indirect file illegal in this contextEqual sign missingDouble equal sign illegalFile switches illegal in output fileOutput switch illegal in input fileExcess arguments starting with "Kb
tIllegal character "S2t" following word "Junk after indirect commandToo many indirect files@@sO@5sfM'Wildcard illegal in /RUN specification<hg Ni Bj+k;Hi/BEFORE and /SINCE don't overlap/ABEFORE and /ASINCE don't overlap<(c;Zh.k`+nE,^5bnF+nE@H[ .8+k~]>tP!.+lC2` .+lTl
 4"lO@+l~,mr5bz4*l4Jl +l<hu 0`f+l#,i5l'+l#>PfMinsize:maxsize6@k+l/+nLExit programNam:"ASCII string"Can't write tmpfileIncorrect tmpfile argument format,la+l`% I can't help you, please read the manualSwitches are:Standard ones:
	Flags are: - :	Stand-aloneYes/noProcessor type (Max=<@,^+m"Decimal numberOctal numberCore value"ASCII string""SIXBIT string"Multi-word SIXBIT stringSIXBIT wordDate/time pastDate/time futureDate-timeFile specificationVersion expressionBlock size wordSwitch does not constitute a commandSwitch is globalOr bit values from switchSwitch value requiredZanen1B+m;4Bm;0"	+nP "(B?X+m;`j+m>,i5mk+m>0[0BaB8+mIZ`nh`B8+mI+nL,qK0P,r+kTDouble file name illegalDevice wildcard illegalNull device illegalDouble device illegalDouble extension illegalComma required in directoryDouble directory illegalRight bracket required in directoryImproper project numberImproper programmer numberImproper programmer nameSFD depth greater thanNull SFD illegalUnknown switchAmbiguous switchNo switch specifiedUnknown switch valueAmbiguous switch valueUnknown default for switchDouble switch illegalNo modifier allowed on switchSwitch value too largeSwitch value negativeSwitch value required onLength values inconsistent; specify min:maxParenthesis nesting too deepUnmatched open parenthesis=\@@8RX.+oR+oMnemonic date/time switch not implemented%x:D(afQ+oO3"+ 2b_XDate/time out of rangeNegative number in date/timeNot known whether past or future in date/timeField too large in date/timeField zero in date/timeUnrecognized month in date/timeIllegal year format in date/timeUnrecognized name in date/timeMissing day in date/timeValue missing in date/timeHH0P+p0,qE000p/+p0+p+0
$ "dv,qE+p>0P+pT,qE+pNB
Illegal character or field too large in /VERSIONB n5JH Multiple characters illegal in switchHInput string exceeds the size of input bufferH0P,~+q8Unknown guide wordAmbiguous guide wordIncorrectly formatted guide word o@@o1P 0+q~ o@@o1P^0+r^0+7@W,~Z"+r@@p+r-, ,rF,m
(,^,~6@O@,~xHIndirect file LOOKUP errorCan't OPEN indirect device:XVWildcard illegal in indirect specification,q_+s_

. &,>,>,>[A"?1B6@!+v_
8+ O@!,vu,xu,vm ,^abS``H,x2,^`FaH@+vi ",xuZ,x8 ",xu,xuZx`H,x`,^A(X,~\"	b "ab`l"`fvu(B}D [`G d"`Bl7@l,~c,z 
vy	j'5x*,~vx,> "( B! w% B",^,~6 7w& ",>,w,^,xu5w,z,w6B++w\"	b@ B+,x2,z6 7w& ",xu5w "@@,,w!	b'+ ,~	b+,~:x+w	b+,~:x B,5vy?`!,wB"0B,~,> "B"7@,+w " B+ "" B, w'	b'
&",^+vyg " B, "!,w!	b'+ ,~ B, "6 ,.",w!	b'+ ,~ B+0"0b7w' w'7@,O@,,~H"++*-,~,z 
7B(+w-,x2 "/,xu (,x2 ",xu7B(,~,x2R((B}l"`,x27@(,~ "(5wFZ8  ,x2,xr  [ 1DYR5bxx,x2 ",xuR ,x2 " 5wF 7B +w?,x2,xr  ,x2R !$bD bD 4FwE ",xu ,x2 " l" 7B +xy`h+wJ`b5x. ([/",>Q(} "-,xu  2Bx|4"x|6 x+x},x5*HwT6 x:7@ +wT,xs  ,x2+wP,^x+x1!`)"w,>!`,wY,xs,^iB5xq  & ")B5Bw^=fw[ ")B."`d ",xu=fw],~,y9."z3bx+wd.$/x,> ,wg,xr,^5wn	b,z&"  " $,wu&( ",x,x` "  &"2"5x9	b	&y  $,wu,xr &"j0 ,wt,xr &"t $4"x90b5x9*,xu "5xu0"+x!${Px
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 (5"xD/&l(#&" QDx/&0B,xD5BxK4fxJ "`h?"y,xu=fxI`h,xn[x."0b."5xu7y
 (Q(5xB &  ")B.",xu=fxP,~,>,>!$A`+xW,>,>!$B,x[.4BxY,xu+xW,^,^,~,>*.C&x\`fl"*.XD.*,^,~Q"A`aB,~,>x4Bx-,xu+xb B-@@. "-5x`,x25xr,>,xo,^ &,xN5xp,> 4dxm,xu=xk,^,~ "5xu "5xu "5xu "5xu "5xu "5xu "5xu "aB,~6@-5-
",~,x.+w:[1D7@ ,~+wJ,x2+wP  ,wU+wPL\-Jan-Feb-Mar-Apr-May-Jun-Jul-Aug-Sep-Oct-Nov-Decmn@0$$B
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.y7ny8L6NL5NzzN6Nh`N,~N.y8(N S* X* **  N  *!,}X, 7N(+y, N0L(5Nz.**ly( .  N[
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,^O@: `f+yt(FFdA4Fz+ywF4FzA5Fyw :*byoZ4Lz ,~<$yz7 &:,~>  F:,~ "!$pbFG(D}5Dy,~	b
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` +zQ?$x+z:` `B+z["
"+z=-"zIIOE I/O error reading help file-"zINHF No .HLP file on SYS:
&z]\$	d $ad`l$``dl$@`d 
&za /zb,^ZB([+ + ,^,^,^,~@Q3z/z0z0zE:"".Bx+z=%HLR; I'm sorry, I can't help you
? SAVE. UUO failed.
@ @|

@$""##		ooo

1rp`5x2etpo"xKb(P5~@4p 	WHO % for TOPS10  monitors	   Once-only initialization codeDo you want help
In  the  following  dialog,  all  numbers  are  decimal   unless
otherwise noted.  Default responses are surrounded by [].  Lists
of legal responses are surrounded by ().  "/HELP" may  be  typed
in  response  to  any  question.   It  causes the question to be
re-typed in the next longer mode.  At any time, the  dialog  may
be   restarted  by  typing  ESCAPE.   Typing  Control-Z  to  any
question will cause immediate return to monitor level.
Questions may be asked in three different modes.  The modes are:
	SHORT	only asks for input.
	PROMPT	lists default and legal responses.
	LONG	lists help text, default, and legal responses.
aJ}\Monitor file
WHO must obtain monitor symbols in order for  it  to  examine  a
running  monitor  or  a  crash  file.  The extracted symbols are
often used whenever an offset, monitor address, or byte  pointer
is not available from the monitor via the GETTAB UUO.
Preserve DDT
Normally, DDT is not included in a production  version  of  WHO.
For   ease  of  debugging,  however,  you  have  the  option  of
preserving DDT.
o"xo"|IPreserve symbols
Normally,  symbols  are  not included in a production version of
WHO.  For ease of debugging, however, you  have  the  option  of
preserving the symbol table.
Save file
When the once-only initialization  proceedure  is  completed,  a
runnable  production  version  of WHO will need to be saved in a
.EXE file.  Although this file usually resides on  SYS:,  it  is
recommended that WHO be tested before it's put on SYS:.
Default internal parameters
Normally,  the  standard internal defaults will suffice for most
installations.  You have the option of changing  these  at  this
time.   Internal  parameters  are  those which do not effect the
user directly, but instead control how WHO  will  get,  process,
and display data.
sDefault user parameters
Normally, the standard user interface defaults will suffice  for
most  installations.   You  have the option of changing these at
this time.  User parameters are  those  which  effect  the  user
interface directly, such as switch and keyword defaults.
		Internal parametersCharge number typeout
Charge numbers are set in the  monitor  by  the  LOGIN  UUO  for
accounting purposes.  The TOPS-10 monitor, however, makes no use
of the charge number.  Therefore, the format was never  defined.
Usually, it is a sixbit number.
g'D*:Record mapper runtime
MAP, the page mapping subroutine package,  has  the  ability  to
keep track of it's own runtime.  The accumulated runtime is made
available to WHO for displaying the mapper performance when  the
/MPERFORMANCE  switch is used.  Answering "YES" to this question
will cause two RUNTIM UUOs to be executed on each  call  to  the
mapper.  Doing this could possibly cause excessive overhead.
		User interface parameters/SERVER legal when logged out
The /SERVER switch allows access to remote WHO servers.  In some
network  environments, this could incure a substantial amount of
runtime and tie up remote server tasks for extended  periods  of
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