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Beware file for ACTDAE V2 and REACT V33

 1) ACTDAE V2 must run with GALAXY V5.1 components, under TOPS-10 7.02
    or 7.03.  Also, GLXLIB %5(1445) or later must be used with ACTDAE V2.
    ACTDAE now uses RMS and some FUNC. support code has been added to
    GLXLIB (module GLXFUN).

 2) ACTDAE V2 maintains 2 additional files, SYS:ACTDAE.SYS and ACT:FAILUR.LOG.
    (See ACCT.DOC for more information).

 3) REACT V33 no longer maintains ACCT.SYS, AUXACC.SYS, STRLST.SYS, or
    QUOTA.SYS files. REACT V33 communicates with ACTDAE V2 via QUEUE. UUOs
    to modify SYS:ACTDAE.SYS, which containes the information formerly
    help by ACCT.SYS and AUXACC.SYS.
 4) ACCT.SYS and AUXACC.SYS are no longer used. All user information contained
    in these files (and more) is now contained in ACTDAE.SYS. STRLST.SYS is
    now maintained by the CATALOG application under OPR. QUOTA.SYS files
    are now maintained by the QUOTA application under OPR.

 5) In order for REACT V33 to function properly, ACTDAE V2 must be running.

 6) NEWACT.EXE is a tool that extracts information from ACCT.SYS, AUXACC.SYS,
    and optionally USERS.TXT, and creates a ACTDAE.SYS user account file
    suitable for use with ACTDAE V2 and REACT V33. (See ACCT.DOC for more

 7) Before building ACTDAE, REACT, or NEWACT, be sure to decide which
    encryption algorithm in ACTCUS.MAC you want to use, or add and select
    your own algorithm.  See ACCT.DOC for more information.

 8) ACTDAE uses the RMS library to maintain ACTDAE.SYS. RMSINT.UNV should be
    on UNV: when ACTLIB.MAC is assembled, and RMS.REL and B361LB.REL should
    be on SYS: when ACTDAE is loaded.

 9) Extensive changes were made to LOGIN in conjunction with the accounting
    changes. Please read LOGIN.DOC.

10) In order to run under 7.02, the new accounting system requires PCO
    10-702-197 to be installed in your 7.02 monitor.  This PCO is included
    in Autopatch tape #13.  The PCO corrects problems in IPCSER with the