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?p@   	`	?x+'	4Ijhy&VhH'S        E    +    H    (VT61 y`T    -    W    F    R     "`VT52 VT52 ('        UPTIME    IDLE   CACHE   OVER',' UUOS DBLS CTXS CSWP PAGS FRECOR')(26X,'HIT    HEAD  SEC  SEC  SEC  SEC  SEC   USED')(F5.2,'%')(I5)Hf+ -<C<,?_C<,) @0 $ D8 $ D92@e3@^++ $: D8 $5 D9C<L,(C<L,C<L,C<L,DC<, ,$C<,C<, ,$C<,"& $ FD DO/$ DRC<
,XOOfI@f9:O;KD+@d1D<D9C<L,O@d4DBZDOC<,67D<+E.N.D4:O;B+$DHC<,R"&$FADO/$DRC<,c@85@&O&3F8+*H0f+)92F5+*&3FIOf8@fI"I.. F1"A.FI &P/FH6F8+1"&.O FRC<z,E O7F9+t 5/f94FtOfI 1/fB5&7@fB //FL A/F6 I/F1 4/F< ;/FE 6/F> 5/FO"&.O FR 9&& FRC<x,o"$.O DR O 9&& O E& HRC<v,o"$.O DR O O <$(2&9 HRC<t,o"$.O DR O 9&& O >& HRC<r,o"$.O DR H&$t DRC<p,o"$.O DR O O B$(2&9 HRC<n,o"$.O DR O 9&& O O& HRC<l,o"$.O DR O 9&& O L& HRC<j,o"$.O DR O O 6$(2&9 HRC<h,o"$.O DR O O 1$(2&9 HRC<f,o6D8+ $.H DR OC$9 DR OC$B DS OC$L DS OC$< DT OC$E DT OC$> DU OC$O DUC<`,E O0D+d@$H DOC<, C<,#jC<],DO DN7D9+C<[,o 5&& 4& DNC<, C<,#j 4/d17F9+ 9&(& DNC<, C<!,#jC<Y,o 4 D1 $.H DRC<V, $.DH O 5 F9 1 FB / FL A F6 I F1 4 F< ; FE 6 F> 5 FO:O; A+ C<L,jC<U, @94@H2@c++C<L, 92Da+-C<L,. 92D`+0C<L,< $2$G+3 93Db>G G0$+6 93DV:G 92DY+9C<L,+& 92Da+<C<L,+& 92D[+CC<T,yC<S,LC<L,9C<R,@C<L,>C<Q,} 92DY3DX+F+HC<P,LC<L,!+'C<N,fC<M,@+C<L,>,x@Gh@W@W@Wx@Wx@:x@x@Zx@:x@VX@K@b@H@c@Rh@\@V@Nh@]@V@NX@K@d@H@d@H0@W@R@R@S@H@S@T@T@U@Uh@`@R@Rh@@R@Rh@^@R@Rh@]@R@Rh@[@R@Rh@Z@R@Rh@Z@R@Rh@X@R@Rh@W@R@Rh@V@R@R0@R@H@5@1@H@/@4@;@6@5(@R@5@I@.@4@/@;@6@5@H@Ax@@H@<@/@/@N@E@/@/x@RX@0@W@X@\@XX@0@W@W@\@Wp@]@xx@VhBd\@NgBD0hBd\@NpBD0hBd@NvBDKp@(OhBd@NwBDKp@$NhBd[@NwBDLp@$N[Mc@b"y((' CPU',I1,I4,':',2I1,':',2I1,F6.1,'%',8X,F6.1,'%',4I5)(I9,':',2I1,':',2I1,F6.1,'%',F7.2,'%',F6.1,'%',4I5)(' CPU',I1,I4,':',2I1,':',2I1)(I9,':',2I1,':',2I1)I>~]D \/ p @/ p B+ p B- p D% p F, p F) 	p H) p J$ 
 L. -&& -& D, -&& )& D*4 pC<, C<,#j+td,$z D+C<	, C<,#jC<~,+{7$/+yC<, C<,#j+tC<, C<,#j+t / + Ap,~X@0@0@+@1@+hBd1@N2BH0(@$/@D0@0@&@(.@((@$%@$*@$.@$,hBd1@N8BH0(@D0@0@&@(.@(+@((@$%@$*@$.@$,hBd1@N>BH0X@$/@D0@0@&hBd1@NBBH0`@D0@0@&I>~]bE
DSK  SEQOUT    ASCII('SCREEN.',O3)(16A5)H"H#H%g4Z:, \ C<?,yC<@, C<B,#jC<D,l"&
 $C<G,"*  J5*: H C<H,#j:; +7 H,$.$8&3 DC<J,O:  ,~x@:hBd!@N&BPp@$XGD"APBZ+@z)@Z*p@ 
@N(p@$ 9xGD"g4Z:bJ.0    1    2    3    4    5    U    O    C    H    I    S    J    F    D    Z    L    UP   *TRACKING*

(PDSK  SEQOUT    ASCIITRKOUT.CPU(A2,I1,I7)(I3)(I2,'%')(14X,'UUOS/SECOND')(16X,'OVERHEAD')(8X,'CONTEXT SWITCHES/SECOND')(12X,'CACHE HIT RATIO')(16X,'IDLE TIME')(9X,'SWAPPING PAGES/SECOND')(10X,'CACHE SWEEPS/SECOND')(9X,'MONITOR FREE CORE USED')(9X,'DOOR BELL RINGS/SECOND')(12X,'CACHE LOST TIME')(13X,'SWAP LOST TIME')H?H@HAHBG>dXznC"t B6 \6 p @ p BW p BN+u 6,~7D9+|5@yC<h,C<j,#j4@|C<l, C<n,#j $3D+ W &3F +6 "(7 .(( Q/N.&(.& F50&+ ( H5 51f+	 & F5 W.8 F7(C$ D7C<e,1+6+aC" B6 \6+ 6,~ $ DM.$ D(@d8"& $ F' D&6F/:8 < & (/($(.Q HQ6b&0b+#+@#@(@#@(@(@#@#@(@#@(@( &( &(.C<p, C<r,#j+- &( &(.C<t, C<v,#j*dZD/6b&0b+5+/@5@7@9@;@=@?@A@C@E@G@IC<w, ,$+KC<y, ,$+KC<{, ,$+KC<}, ,$+KC<, ,$+KC<, ,$+KC<, ,$+KC<, ,$+KC<, ,$+KC<	, ,$+KC<, ,$:&; '++6+R]>ZMC"Q B6 \6+R 6,~ M D(:M1d+U & FM:(1d+X & F("& $ F& D&(C$ D7C<b,1 &(C$ D7C<_,1"& $ F% D/ DM &(C$ D7C<\,1:/; %+a:&; &+Z+6+mOJ5}:iC"l B6 \6+m 6,~@d5 D "& $ F% D&7F/+|5fw6D +| $ D  &(C$ D7C<Y,+|6D5+| $ D5 &(C$ D7C<V,:&; %+p+6+e6>(8C" B6 \6+ 6,~C<U, @"& $ F$ D& 2F+ /1F+66&/+
C<S,u &7d/+C<P,u"$.D8 &@f/+6:&; $+"& $ F$ D& N2F+@f +6:&; $++6+C>(8C" B6 \6+ 6,~C<O, @@d5 D  D/ >7F/+%5f$ & F +% & F5 3FZD/*d!ZD&7D/+3 /0F+66F5+- & F/+/6D +/ /Of/ /6D/:8 80D+3C<M,u+6"& $ F. D& N2F+8Of +6:&; .+5+6+?iJ
@ND`@$@$W@$NhBd9@NFBDp@$QhBd9@NGBDp@$QhBd9@NHBD	hBd9@NKBD	ThBd9@NMBD
%+  # @.	`
	`&+ @. @',~,n6@*
&'	b+" !`iSH:*
2,~ (	`',~++Zpl 	`+ ,~ p>$p.p>& .!pP6 pb,~:,@**6@
    Character	Action

	F	Decrease wait time ( 1 Sec min. ) "Faster Chipmunks"
	S	Increase wait time (60 Sec max. )
	R	Refresh the screen
	H	You're lookin' at it
	E	Exit (Yes James, ^Z will do it too)
	W	Write current screen to file SCREEN.nnn (Incremental numbers)
	T	Track all data points to file TRKOUT.CPU

	+ or -	Change graphs being displayed
		Follow with ID for graph affected

		U	UUOs per second
		O	Overhead
		C	Context switches per second
		I	Idle time
		S	Swapping Pages per second
		J	Cache Sweeps per second ("Jim's graph")
		H	Cache Hit Ratio
		F	Free Core Used
		D	Inter-processor Door Bell Rings per second
		Z	Cache Lost Time (why "Z", I dunno)
		L	Swap Lost Time

To add a graph, there must be room. Only 2 graphs on the screen at a time.
Use "-x" to remove one then "+y" to get the desired one on.@
  "1  "1`1 7 "1`-1  7 "1`=1 07 " Cp0 00`=1/ (@G),~ p ' B' !pQ I'4B+(BG)B+$H)H+H-H/H1H3H5 p p(@q(Bq0@1B+43@+51`=1 07/ 1b=1"07/"2@g  ,~7@o,c p4B8  ,z[ Cp4B+ !pl A`,>  ,z4@@@) ."Bx+= !pl A` @x p  ,z4@F@) ."Bx+C,^x p  
,z Ap  ,z.Ap  
,z Ap  ,z.Ap  
,z Ap  ,zA (@ Ap/ap,~ :,r+S_#`$" :,r+V$ '& Ap,~ p@@5B+,>,> ;,r+bZ."# ,z d3F+b  ;	`&+ +7@o,c p(B <.,r+ Ap <.,r+ Ap =.,r+ Ap =.,r+ Ap >.,r+ Ap >.,r+ Ap ?.,r+ Ap ?.,r+ Ap @.,r+ Ap "P Cp p7 +6@,	@@C @*"K " BC BG pQB= BD A @	`9O@$"X  Q C* $g  ,~,>,>,>,>,> BH BC$"Q" X"C*"G A	b9+J@b&F ,@
b,>,>I@b ,@
B,^,^b Ep,^,^,^,^,^,~<CC$ G(B7@o,c,>,>,>,>,> :,r+P _#`$  @b@@b %p>l$@Z,z3@B+C!(@  *
4L[4F[,_g:=jX*bU6@,_ b$ '&b+.Fb2gp p:,~ (. d @p(@{Z@q E	`  @. (@{ @o E	b2+F G.Bq=`i G,r,~.pQ  @q,~6 7@q+H,>,>Z q[`"J4By0`+y. ,z:,^+1 @7@p+J.p ,~ p %pQ$A`4@@) ."B+,~Zp,~[p,~ pQ 	`+ ,~
    Character	Action

	nnnB	Set cache size to n blocks
	E	Exit (Yes James, ^Z will do it too)
	H	You're lookin' at it
	I	Toggle incremental display
	M	Toggle hits/misses display
	P	Toggle performance blocks/second
	R	Refresh the screen
	nnS	Set sleep time to n seconds
	W	Write data into CSHDPY.DAT

GF-52 VFieldTMustTbe1FullFieldTis0RequiredLettersnot*AllowedNumbers not allowedInvalid CharacterEnter One of:Can't Back Up Any More@ 7,r@+90H	(Px008hx88D;AP6@,@+\PHp@@p,~		`,~:x,~6$	`
% m-

(((((((((((x7x7x7x7x7x7x7x7ppp						xIx=x8x8x xx x x x x@@> 	*"f 
 B{O@O@!"@ B p4`
,>,X p6@ !"z2@K*b25"
ZB,>V,>\,^,^$"`lB,`7@D,`,>,~,^,~-H6+Ap,,Ap-N,~@@+K,p(@q,~- H7Qp+K,'40\+0V$4,$2.2QX^"`.2P4r* HX @HQ"HX#H* P-0V,(,>,6,g x,Aa,-=pY,^+K,$2.2f12+,4f14+c027H# BP>=	7@0H@@6wp2v0\+K V6up2t0V+K T p p2.0n(+K2r0V 0V R 0\3.  R"
 0&0//.B@&"@$B@>.+@+%O@C7>C+Zw#` "2 ,	- H6@+%   @ @ 0V @ 0\ @  ( @O@P6@C+*[pA p #p1@PZ1@PQ0A`6@CgX0,'  6,#6@D,2t+K 0V,#0v(9-3v6@(@q,b6@B@2v ,i0@+>7@0g+7@D VD1B91`7@E VE VE91@@D7@E+E,> E,g:EO@F,g@@E,^6@Bg"3@91,g (#,A+ `A ?,0 :917@CO@@C- N7@G,~@@G7@D+Z,> "
@Q*A` " B><(] B? 	b'
:?+Z,^,^,^,~,^,~@@D,>(,>6@F+3X+t6@0w+28+o (,Aa,-l.9i /0bW+ (,Aa,-l.=i3Z+1V+{ /#`6@0w1b7+363b+}  ,0l. :2z0\+ 3b+ (,Aa,-l. =~3Z+`n, (#,A+ ,09 (w,A+,-  W (},Aa,0   (},Aa,0  l.,^,~>@*E4B D26+2"+ /2`  @D /#`3`D 2v0\+,g (g,Aa,-@@D9`  g$ (. o&  ..PT,~  W$ (. &  2.PT,~l.5x`7@0w+* 8,~ 8 : (a,A,~Q A` @FF4@`,0+.6@G+5,>  @G  y @G@@H * y,^> G+,N+0,>  ,-  P,=  ,0  X,=,^  $,~& QBx6@,=[x. +0.(0
 #`+(G  :x,~Z
&&	b+W! M	`++V @?   @> 	`'@!"z2@Q*b]6 g K,~,> ",x+U B@ "  ,{+U ",x+i BA   ",{+U+m "	,x+U BA   "	,{+U,^,~,~,N6@D,~7`?,~ " @,{+  " A,{1,~ "	,{+ ,~ B> )	b',~:x,~." B> @? 	b',~+C,>,>*
 (#@`z,A+ *
,^,^,~ p Hz,~*{,"z*{,~*{,Bz*{,~,>z."w6# Bz,1:,^z,^x,~,S,~,>,Y+"  ,-   ,-+",~37m31m32m33m34m35m36m37m,S,~,>,U+  2,- x,]+'  ,-  H`J  H,-+',S,~,>,U+$  2,- x,]+'  ,-  *,- xA @ @z,^,~**++,-./001234567889@,S,~,>,UA(+'   Q,-+-,S,~,>,U+B  ,-A(   G,- x,]+'  ,-  H`J  H,-+'11m10m0m7m,S,~,>,U+MA(   Q,- x,]+'  R`J  R,-+'GFqp A(@2Hz:x,~ A(@ *
,fa:x(Hz,~ A(@ *p,fa:x(Hz,~ A(@ *@,fa:x 
(H|,~7H,~A(@7@ z1@aH G,~AA
z2H:x,~ A(?0(,~A @. ,~   @> )	`'+    @> )	`'+ 4@p1@+p1 +u(@G9 Ap,~ p @?   @> 	`'+ ,~,>,>*
,^,^,~HKJoY. BIM
F(0G)0h?@{  O@+.0O`,~ hz (l,A+K,-+K- N+D- N+x`+> >>8@@F+},*+i 0\l.+~ +HHH@G,~[?CANNOT SET TTY NO CRLF IN "DPYINI"?CANNOT FIND TERMINAL INDEX IN "DPYINI"?DPYPAK NEVER INITIALIZED>m;1m;4m;1;4m;5m;1;5m;4;5m;1;4;5m;7m;1;7m;4;7m;1;4;7m;5;7m;1;5;7m;4;5;7m;1;4;5;7m(B(A(1(2    ,@8+>),@+?pjhy+hH'	0GC(O@g+	+7@g+	@@gC#/" Bf+p7@9++
6@h+C"`b+ 9,)+8 Bg,+O@h@SgX$+
QgC>ha~Q>~,>:,>C#/" Bf,?[,?Y,?Z,),=C<5>X@?Y@HX@:@;@fDo you want to close all files? (Y or N):Can't map up section 0
7B* "7Z1D/,~Q"X Bh "/XB*,~+$ ":x,~ gl" Bk " Bj ;	b2+8,~
20B,1B<+4+@h	b+3C>ha~Q>~,>:C<=,3+@h	`
&!	``hgR~ Pj<,~S:NC@	`, ] B BC#p BuC#p Bv@6Ap."6Ap." Bv waB+JC#x/" BsC"s Bs+KC#p Bs@@ 
 ^*"!8C"MRB"9C"w Bw "? B"< "~ B"<,],AN,(|,],\" Br\"} Bp ^ BqO@ E!"q $ D Y*bX,x+HJ@k@_@l@l@m@m,~@	b Bo _	b@ Bp\"	b@ab`l"``bl"@ Bt\".	b@ B \"/	b@ B \"/	b@ B  B !$}\"2	b9o4Bm B *dl@@  " 6@  B @@ `*"  " B `	b$,/ aO	b,/ D,~!"~ Br\"	b@ab@gO Bt	b
,~	b+~7@a,~ $ & ( a	b2+.&=h,~1B+l& a	b2++
&b+~ ,Z2&,~Z5F	@,~6@ F,2@@ B@@%:@@%;@@%<O@ F,^"; @w f* ,";S<w*<,~ ^"; w ^!9@@":R2@"9O@":5>,3>g+- pa`p+$``+ a@x+(6@":+  @x!9.<*~++X x!yl d  @x!9C!p @x!y.<*~++4@&Z@x!yX x!yl  @x!9.<*  @x!9.<*~C<!9@ ";,~ ";,HK_w#(B."3b G+5 B G6B G,  G,i+g B G,HP w _ GX G.>_w#. G.  @": pa`p+E``+@a@x+J6@":+@ @x.<*~:+MX":l d  @xC!p A":.<:":*~:+M4@GZA":X":l  @x.<:":*  @x.<*~:  G9, ^"; w4>O7Bp+S3Bh+S/>9PS w p p+COPYRIGHT (C) DIGITAL EQUIPMENT CORPORATION 1984U*Q"UU*U*
+c( @FRSpx H? Insufficient memory for initialization
xx,/+>)7P@ D">4BY,m,~ xQD+HJ "BO@"D7( +n4H~Z [1&+n1f+x/&QF.&\HZDZFXF  D"B "+y\H H"B " "> D!$X$0h*$'C": @+HJZ"B H"B;`"D+n> B~Z"B7@+7`+[/"
 , .)L{/,8,K+Z "0(BZ"B6  Z 
+ "(B{ B,1+[ )B.$Z"B (Q& F XH\B"B B"BZHXB  &"BZF & /& $ ~>~+r6@ D,~1B+\?  @+\ZZZ0H+\Z0H+\7 Z6`ZZFXD3$"B3f"B+$ D"B/&QF5fHK,/ P H">+(@@">* B"> D"= F"=,j,~ "=S"=X&.$*&*"= D"=, "= "= ">+HJ,H8 
"</, . ",}cB"E+;=,3 
"</,? "0."?3b"<,~ ",}cB"E+;=,6,~,M,~ "0G"D+HJ,H=
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A,5p ",}cB"E+M,~.N @,H= 00 ] ",},V+R5p`R,Y+T5p ",}GB"E+HJbB"E9HKP"S PH"T.0*rHK/2ZR"T ^	r2+] ],~ "T+^1R+HJ0R+\6@"S+HJ!  @"S ]P@H"T*rb6@)+Z>
O@x .`N~+n!,X,8	l2,/`l9f _ ,l.	r2+n;`x9f(N68
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 ] Q, L"T.,<nw*bt/"ZB"T ^ "T	b2+b5ns
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 Bx&,	(N(B8 $0 +(B5B x.$<.+A~+:~
>~+HJ>Z"B7d+[[0H+.&QFZXDXB+[(1(+d~4H1h.(/& 4fQF.&ZDXB/(QHXFXF@ZDxZZXHXF 3B"B H"B[.$)B{,I6Bx+>,~,H=C$[(D D"DC"( B"WC"n B"V@@"CC""C B"B\B"B@@"U@@"S7@-5O f B"E g*""S@@"A7@'+4Z'3c"W+1Z&4D0[&/$A$~Z'2"+4Q"W B"AZ''/2c"W C"WQ' B"A 
7 . "0,O,r ",}BB"E9
7(B{(D{3l3,+HJ,~  B"@,~,~Q"	b2,/`b:x,~,H=7P"U,u "U=2`3%"W+HJ B"X D"X,"V,~ "X "X ..dZ
G2-"W=]XN@ O"W..(N{ N"W[
@Z@1.9T0l+HJ &8/& F"Y0L+i0N+h,$C"+HJQD@C"+HJ0N+lXB@C"+HJ,)XB@QD@C"+HJ "X 
"W .(N{/.04NHJ4.s,K,~+HJ.
#,p+HJ> ",i+g 0 P"U@@"U@@G " B"V>,~,H=7P"U,~ " $7"U.0<2Z
G[@1.+0l,~0L+0N+Z@,$XDG+HJ0N+	QB@+HJ,)QB@XD@+HJ2e"W,~/0Z
@0l,~0L+XD@+HJ,)SB@XD@+HJ,H= "W7P"U,~ "U<2[
@Z@/.01.9 "0,~Z
G3M"W[G,~,H31$0+ [
>"U L"X,"V+  
"X M"W.,(L{ L"W,~>?b"U+0."U!$@X$@0b*$+0>:"U2b"V,1."U $/$@4$0Q"X",B4"/>,~> "V & F"V "U.&.$/"/0,'+g.0." B"U "U>,~C2|G,T p,mO B"Y4"HK QD,~I|G,T p5C2G,T pbBh+E,FO B"Y,~5BH r(`H,~"&!$(DcDr,~BDr+HJIG,T pbBh+O,Q7i@ B"Y,~""!$(DbDr,~GDr+HJ,^"a @"Y i* "a,"aS<"Y*<,~@f@g@@@@@@@ @!@%@&@&@'@-@2@?@I@K@S@SMVt=,T6cp0b
XOAp,~ p7ep+zab+lRC(jR2F+X ".`d+X"?,R+U+p+T7@"A+V6@"U+u,u:"U "A B@+w["AZ"A,|,/@@"A"?,R+U+V+T9DX $"b,R+U+p"b,|,/ "b "Y Ep.$,R,/,/+T6ep`d+X,.`d+U,R+U,/ Cp+T p7ep+Xab+RC(R2F+X ".`d+X,|+U+T@,F+U Cp+T pcBh,Q+U+T6cp`b+X,m+U Cp QD+T6cpab+RC(R2F+X ",+T o Cp+T   Cp   Cp   Cp+T,,+T@Ap+T7cp+X."(B{bBj+X,1+U(B Cp+T p7ep+X.$(B{(D{cBjbDj+X,I+T6#p+4,C+V0"+X7D!#+72D!+U6ep0d+X p (6@u (p`f +X Cp F!#7@uQD!#6@udj+T6#p0"+X7@!#+U@@!#+T!"},F+HJ k,F+HJ,~6@!#*bF5"HJ ",~,N+X,>+U+T,N+X,C+U+T6#p0b,~7ep,~ .0f,~+HJ+X+X@Ap,~ " Cp,~ " Cp,~ " Cp,~,/
~+>~,~,/+>)x"T,/:+>),/7+>),/?+>)0B+aZ"T1B+y/,.. ]+s*U*U*(P"E,/+>)x"Z~<!#B-c@,
,T,b ",i,2d  $3QDX "`,i,2d  V F TX@@"|,T,
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c!"GBP,?_X V 5n,% 
$37L0 ,~ 07@P+,+,(+,%+,*+,-+"HbI"IbJ"JbK:x,~ V"c T"c # B"d $3   X,a "c V F "d B# "c,~ V#4 8ab,~ab+   K,~ #4 X,,~ L,~,
+"   K,~ #4 X L,~ &    L K`L:x,~"N4BHJ$N1B:x,~"O1B:x,~"O4BHJ$P1B:x,~"P0B+1$Q0D1D+HJ$Q1B:x,~,S,
 "$Q1D "bH,?_X V ,~,G,!+9 P`b,~,+9"R 

GBP,~,G,S,~,!+? P`b,~"R1B,~,+?"R 

2+G,Z+G"O0" "$"$P."7"
S+PbR,~"O$P&@@# , , $3 X  V F X,~"R$"$O."7"
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P`TMPblock size
Pdensity8Pparitydata modeACCESS:BLANK:
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,B$8>`$8+P,~6@P+[,,~1B,/n$$}0D,/kd"~/"7DP+Z0D,/}B$6+HJ7BPU"?6B$6+HJ6@P+g7"$6,~,,/kO$$}1D+e0D,/k d&~/&6@P,0  B$6,~@ B$6,~6@P+q,u70$6,~,|,/k=0k$$}0D+o d0~=k0D,/k,~7@P,~,u7r$6,~,|@=rs,~ZP^4BHK P^%P4BHK2bP^ P^"$.DP^bP^ BP^,~,4,~ P^3"P+{"P.BP^:P^ " :x,~,4,~,u P^3"P+/P BP^:P^ " :x,~C"
P^&P $80d8 $82d$6 $6 %ab+!   *0C*(f$}+$!(X(0 &0.&*(".$P.NP^.DP^.D%"$.D$6.d$85d %.B%>b%+,~ $6$P.$6 B$74BD %2B%+2$% B% " B%@@%+3"%.B% % B$87`$7+D7`P^,  P^2`$7 $72`$8 $8 @$7 b%*%  P^`$n,/ HP^"$7.B$7.BP^.b$85b47B%+Ab% B%>`%+3 $7&P$6,~,/]@@$6@@$6,~7@P+J,  $64pJ@, =pI, 	 P/P^6@P	2bP BP5nC"P BPC"y BP,~,e %1B+[ %2B%+V$% B% " B%@@% % B$8 % B$8,p %.B%>`%+V5l %2B%+_$% B% " B%@@% % B$8 % B$8,u %b% B%>`%+_5l $ $ P	f+,/	b'@ B$4 $.$ (	b'+ ,~ $ $ P	f+,/ $4	b'+ ,~7`P^,!e $8BP^:$8>P^>`$8+p,~7`P^,!e$8>P^BP^>`$8+u,~,!e5n6@P+6BP."@@$9.%, #ZP^ B$9,~"$]0B,~@@P^@@P^,~7@P6@P+ ]7D$9,/ZP^/"XB.B$9!", ZP^ B$9,~6@P+ 6@P+ 7D$9,/ZP^/"XB.$9.%5 # P.%5 #7BP^,~%P4BHK2bP^ P^"$.DP^ZP^&%  )BFbP^ BP^,~ P^%P4BHKZP^&%  )BF,~ B$:, ] $:7`P^+ "P.DP^:P^ $ B,~@@P^, ]+ $ B$:,  P^3"P+ !/P BP^:P^ " $: D,~?????Z$<@@ $PP? &$< $	b6,"
 P`b@,/g+nZ$<@@ $PP? &$< $	b6,2a+nC" M BPC" ; BP % B$<,~C" M BPC" A BP % B$<,~ %/"7D%+ P2D%,2 %$%"$Q" $< B*d T,2 D$<.&?&&@$&@$P.FP,~6@P	+ r P``@,~"$]5
 [+"+!E+"+" P2bP BP6@P	+ x"$] %0@+
 c1B "5
,c+!e+!C+!e+!e7`P	,~,7m+,i7`P	,~, m5 x, m P3"P5 r:P
 s,/+ u,/,/,H3, ~
 y,/+ {,/,/,H3, ~
 P	$%3L+!."=d!"$],
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l ..NP,~,/+!,/,/ P2D$:,~=$!$%/$ DP,~ $:.P	O@,~,~,!* P.P
PG0j * " ."/"(@@1j+!Q"."*" /*4J!(Q((+! Q(~/( H$<@@$= P?X$ $&.& $	b6,2a &$< P?X$ $	b6,2a P.P	 L,~ P.P	6 ,~@@ P?X$ P.P	  $&.& $	b6,2a  .&$P
2fP P.P/&&P2fPG FPGA&4F!9"&+!9"& P?X$ P.P
 & $	b6,2a,~,H/@@P,%,!*:P=l!A,~,!R,!l5!M P2"P+!K,!l,!,!M P3dP,~/P"$.DP^,~!"@GBP,~ P
/$;.DP P/&PP $;bP^,~ZP^4BHK/P8BHK P/P
+!Z P?X$.& $	b6,2a P P(D."&" BP
ZP^/P."""S"XP/" B$<@@$= P?X$ &$< $	b6+",~ P
/P^.BP P?X$ %	b6+" P/"PP BP^,~ P P(D&&$; P
 $/$;.P3dP+!x/P/"4BHK.P/"&P P P(H.&'&&  FP
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&P""S"XP/" B$<@@$= $;$&3FP
+".& P?X$ $	b6+" P?X$ &$< $	b6+",~ P
.BP P?X$ %	b6,"
,P/"PP BP^,~aB+"$$]0D+"X% &PP?	d6,2a! @G@P,~ P?X$	 %	b6,/ d@ X$ $	b6,/ ,2a[R~@,
"& D$( $37V ,# V F X6@P	,1 $/,
"*5n%%%%%%	$`%@".@">@"H@#@#@#)@HK@#8"$]5
"?,~+"1+"A,~PPab+"F`bH,#HRP BP^@@P^@@P@@P
"J,~+"U+"L,~"$o0B,2#,\7`PP^""bP^ BP^ZP^3"P,"uZP^3"P,~"P^0"0b+"`,~ZP^3"P,"uZP^3"P,~ P/"PP,>  `$p,0,^ d3DP^+"r @+"l BP^ HP^,~@bP^ BP^5#U"$]1B+"{,#I/P4bHK BP"$],
.[:P^"P.BP^,~,#U,#U,"P^B$;bP^PBP^@@P^,~7@P+#7PP,0+#ZP^3"P,"uZP^ @d0~$PZP^/P."$P P^%P/" B$;1"@+#
![/$;,"{$;1"@+#.PP^"0@pP^ PP^,~"$]0B,~,\RP BP^@@P^@@P@@P
#,~+#'+#",~"$o0B,2#,f,#H Pl"Pd" BP,~,f,\!"@GBP,~6@P
.P,~C$,#X`B:x,~,~ $5#X $5#X $5#X $5#X $5#X $5#X $ P $	b6+#\ $ $	h6,2,~0B1B,2,2M&tC@,
B$(,;,g5$37V=,0m,VF7X,\6@$.7c$.,/r+BPl+#v,#w,$,$C+P,$,$;,$,$A,$,$9,1},1},1},1},1}7@p,~,1}C#p B%@@%$%
 D%1&+F%1D+#}7H$F%9P7f,2 F%  B%9PM&q`,7V$F,~ X+PO@$}7cp+$CB% p`B%+$@@$}7cp " B%^p B%6`%+$.< p`b~,~4BHK9$,~O@$}7cp " B% p B%+$@@$}7cp "1B " B%^p B% pab~5B$$$%
 D% $1D+$0 H H%7@$}$& ."+$47@$}$f7j,2 J%  B% & F%@@%,P9$( $~.B$>`$~+$(,~O@$}7cp+$>+$F@@$}6cp+$F "5b$F.< p`b~,~4BHK9$>O@$}7cp "+$F@@$}6cp+$F "5b$F " B$~@@$.< \$ $ p`f~+$Z4F$Z p$%
1D^p$$$% D%0D+$SC'p7d,2 D%7@$}$b B%+$W H F%7@$}$"C'p. B% & F%@@%,P.<+$H:$>`$~+$H,~.$+<P"
$X     "X6p~6p}6p6p6p~6pDP@h@ #@Ph.$/

H]0P6$,/]+HK ``<P^x$<@P*PREWINDUNLOADBACKSPACEBACK FILEENDFILESKIP RECORDSKIP FILEFIND.p.p.%b%.p,/,~+HJ,~,/,/,/,/,/,/,~,/,~,~H%H%0%<%$%@00@00(0(((( (((	 	0
 ,1a,1h,1h,1hC"(b BPC"n BPC"(  B%@@ A"(v1BO@ A+%MC"(b BPC"( B%@@ A@@ B!"@BBPC#$+3b(v1b0,1Z6D,,	%$(w D%0D+%W7F$,7  F%	  F%+%[7F$,7 $& F%	`bm"Q"A` B%,&; B%5B't,&7@ E+'t %1B,%`+'tC"H/%,i+(w C%X$Q%C2H/%.2*$H,~6B C,C" x B% " B% % B%7B%+%m  D%,+%j:%>`%+%i,~C#p,	%$(x D%0D+%x  F%_w8F%u7Gp7$ F%	  F%+%~_w8FHK7gp,~$H$& F%	`bm"Q"A` B%,&;4B&,&,&=5B(y,&5%`C#p,	&(x1F %,&;4BHK  E%56B C+&
 "@ B%,i+(w B C B%@@%
 %	 B%
"%Q2HX%/2,2(y,2%,2%,2%,2(yC"H/% B% B% B% % B%,& % % D,~@@% (z*"% " B%@@%@@%@@%,~,&7`%
+&-,(\4B&,&g , L%	7@4%,1W,&/ 4%`p,&Eap+&(6@%
,&E L%
ap,&Z:%@@%ap +&*,&H+&Z4%4P&ZD'D4B&,+&,~,&E,&j+ ,~0L,~ %
+&E,(\,&g ,1l
1,+&E,&q+&6#%&"C" x B% %%7B,~3D+&A B%+&>3F,~ B%+&> "7@%
b% %
b%,2%,2%,&Q+& $bDv,15HJ3r(z,~  C % &(F,'+(w B%* C/ C/*%/%S&.,~ %
'^ %6&%+&^$F%
2f%8+%B5FHK7@%+&ccB%<+%B,~cB%>+%B $cDv,~ %bB%@,1,~0b0/"/"5bHK@,~,2(y,2%5HJ " B%
2"({+%B$"."7x B%
,&E,>%C"H/% B%7B%
5"",2,2(y,&Q,&1%,^%3B%+HJ B%,~,(\0B'1B-+',1W B%
b%*% B%5&H@@%
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+'%0B+'? %
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5&H,(\0B&1B)+' B%
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'Q+( %(D5$(1F,1o,/Y,%7B%+(+@% B%?`%+(>`%+(,~?`%@@% ".B%+'w,% ".B%+'w7A%+( ".B%+'w"% B%"% B%"% B%Z%+
'/"% B%"% B%"% B%Z%,
'6@%,~ %`b,(2,~ %1B(0 
'k B% ",
'"%5BHK %`b,(2,~ %1B(0 
'k "+
'/ $bDv,1,~,Z+(4,97 P,~0B1B+(30B+],~! G@P,~"%@@ A1B-O@ A,~$% %,_=d(=,~7"P@ C%,~ P/P3bP P,~^% B%,~"%@@ A1B(O@ A,~$%5D(I"%5L"%1D""5I$%5D(M"%5S"%1D""5P"%5I"%5P$%4D(V %0B+(U<d(V`,_=d(S,~ % 1B,1s,/`$% %,9B=d(Z,~6B%
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 " B% ({ B% %2B%+(i$B% " B% B%+(
 %1B+(s B% " B%*% B% % B% " B%,(
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"X.$+,/+>).p,/Q0%`n5J.%,/C"% B%,~/	/
/,^%1,*@@%3+),^%1,*C")56@)DC">)7B%3+),^%1,*C">) B%3 %1N%>,8 D%: D%9,8"D%;.D%:C"87B&-+)',* %; B%<,) w x>"".B%5n6B#,6B#,@@#@@#@@#7v F,~X1b13"+?,~6@ ,~ X52 
,-U L%? B%=  B%<@@%1,)e,)/C") B%27@%3+)V,)V+%36@ B+)Z %= B%1C$/* D%>,)Z@@%1 %1 B%>O@ B5)Z7 t+>)O@"|,~,^%>,* %= B%1 %>  D%:  D%;,)e,)ZC") B%2+)V,^%> ^%?,* %>  D%:  D%;@@%=@@%1,)e,)ZC") B%2+)V[RD\G,^%> ^%?,* %>  D%:  D%; v B%2,)e+)N,)s+)P,)l+)Q+)W,)R,)Z+)V,)R+)V,)R,)n+)W 
%?,-U B%= B%1  B%< L%?,~,)v,)n"".B%S%*<,~ %>,*6@%1,+,* +@ B%@ "w/%} B%@,5 8`b+,d`b+,c`b+-
1B +~,~ %>7$,~0$,~: J 1F,~ %:1" H%;2h Y:x,~7@ w:x,~6L w7 %:,~ %2 %: Cp %= Cp %; Cp5 w7"%:+HJ1"7L h:x,~7"%:,~1"7L h,~ L%2 %2 %: Cp %= Cp %; CpC=%2,%2,~P@%3@%4@%4@%5@%5@%7%Z% B%  .+@*   .@%,~,* &
0B-+*	,".,+"@B%~,~C08X8`pm0Q0A` +@ B%~ "w B%}C"8 B&
1B  ",,]4BHK0B+*@0"0b+*$$.$h+* D&
,Y*4$*0,+4,QL*9T+)d*vt*;|*W*^*/*?$,V,*+D*NL*a7+A"5+"6`AF7$3,~ "+A,,Z $3 &5*Y P
(~5,Z %<4DHK@)B."0B,+"+*;,+$ +B4D*D 4DHK@)B.",+"+*A +C&7@ &$& d$pl$P`d+*KC"*IabP+C4BHK.",+"=f*K,~,+$,>[,*Y ",+",^ "5*Y,+$4BHK,>1"7+D ",+",^#+*Y6@&
+*R,+$ &)Bn(D'"4B*],>,*Y,^ "5+" %? /"7@"9 "5*Y,+$."&"&"2,>,*h ",+",^&".",+" "5+"&"4B*s,>&"4B*n,> ,*3 ",+",^,*pa,*s ",+",^&$ ",+" "5+"&$ "0B,+" "5+",+$ B&,-}7B&+*z,+ &5*S 
%?@@&,-U4L*~2$&2d&+*{ D&+*{7L&7+
 B&,-}7B&++,+ &,*S "+E,,Z &,+ "+F,,Z[%14B+,*Y ",+",+"Z%1,*Y "5+" 
 7++ &/,*S5+
,+$4BHK,>:",+",^ +G5D*D&"4B+,>,+,^4DHK "0b."0b-/"1B"++":&3 "
+?5,Z "+H,,Z % 5*Y "+K5,Z6$
+9"H?xccqy	dY %I=?~4~6!n=h/~E#I0OcFS~|H%e unit H<
H[Mc@ at  in  (PC H"
PUnknown FILOP error, code Wrong direction for deviceNo such fileNo such directoryProtection failureFile is being modifiedFile already existsRIB errorDevice is not availableCan't OPEN deviceDevice fullDevice is write lockedInsufficient monitor table spaceCan't write a directoryDirectory is not emptySearch list emptySFDs nested too deepAll structures have NOCREATE setCan't update fileLocks still setNetwork fullTask not availableNo such nodeSFD in useFile has an NDR lockMonitor use count overflowCan't rename SFD downwardDevice is downDevice is restrictedDevice must be mountedDevice is assigned to another jobIllegal data modeFunny space fullToo many open units,H8 ".;,,Z % 7@%; B%;S
,*Y % Pd,(.<1Hd,".<1B ( 0%@+,%D
<.=n.A &  .A".B0B*d,!4$,$G&+,! ,0(l,,0.B ,%A7.C ".D7N0+,,,,Z0.,86B,,Z9
,'?"6@%A,+"RP?X$.&.FQ.H@(.IP .KX .Lx(.O@@.OP@.HY .Q@8.RH8.TP0.UX0.Q,DP.K,>@.IP.KX.VGx.Wp,LWp.[p.]gp.p.O7BPX+,C B%D .`	b+,C .d7`%D .f7`%E .h,~7BPX+,K B%D .h	b+,K`b@+,K PL .iaB .j,~ .k,~@ ".k,,Z".m	b,~,> ".m,,Z,^5*Y,+$4bHK7T,~ ",+" .n,y "%E5,Z &
/&,+"=d,X,~,+$Q"A` 4BHK,+"+,[4B,b,+" tab~+,b[8Q"lY,*?=",+"@@&v &#/&7`P+,q,9,,v=f,n,,5-1B?""1B "1"+,{B%~:%},~1B?""1B "1"+,{B%~:%},~:& $/D%~." B%~ ".B%},~@B%~ .o B%@ %} B%@55 .o &<f-@``.o,/ "/B@B .o B%@ & B%@55@@%} %	/%
 $0d $ D&/" %	/&0f# &# F&b% B%~ .o B%~ &<f-%~,,r=f-%~,,v &/&%~,,v=f-,,5-,)>iIH.B,)>iIH.p&&&&&&&,)>iIH.u&&&&,)>iJH.{iJ
9' ^%?,*@@%1 
,-U4L)W L& B& D& F&  F&C"- B%>,)ZC"-* B%>,)Z 
&,-U L&,>,>,> &/ H&1L7/  H&@@& /*"& / B& &_"H&7J&+-I1j+-D * / H& /"/&" 
-S$$( @8=j-EC"- &C&)}3DC"-$ B%>,)Z,^,^,^ B& D& F&  F&6@&+-6C"- B%>,)Z+)WILIUFUOSDIOGXCUH4LHK 03B/+-r7@"9d"/" B&RB&,-t=
-U &[d0Dap=
-U `f+-iZP&`fC%[0Fj+-iZ 2H/+-i  +-iC$/  `h+-qZP&`hC'4F-q!0(0h5H-p=
@ s &.C,~`b~,~R "Z3b+HJZ&4DHK0b,~[&/$d0":x,~@@&@@&@@&6B',AL4B.,.+. B& D& F& &/& B&,~ B&. D&@@&@@&@@& &3b&+._1$`D,~ `h@,~l(@. D&C$~ 3F+./$2$&+.+. afP3f&3&&+. B& F&d(@ H& H&+.7B&,~_. B&3D/	+.."3"&+. &+.) 8 D& B& B&O@&0H+.$ &+.)3d&3d&+.' D& B&.&=h.$:x &,~ C$3d&3d&+./,.4+./ D&C& F&@@&."3"&+.):x &7@&d"@ & &,~ 4$HKd$@&$4DHJ0F+HJ&$0&0f+HJ5D.8,~IO error P"
P@ @
~4,14$ (.C, card too largenonbinary cardchecksum errorwrite lockedparity errorrecord exceeds BLOCKSIZEEOTblock incompletechar lostnot assigned^C typedecho checktape fullimproper mode (whatever that means)data errorblock too largeend of file%Dquota or storage exceededX.aquota exceededX.dstructure fullX.f%D@.HRIB error@.i@.Idevice error$$P?, CONI H%EH%@$S$1T($O)$31T$[$[--$36T$S$1O$1T($O)$71T$D$75T$A$S$1T($O)$31T$[$[--$36TERRSET subroutine call$71T$D$75T$A      Name (Loc)               $[$[--       Called From (Loc)          Args  Types[Mc@ah&H&....gR~ ?6+k:]mwH>VMS incompatibility:Extension to FORTRAN-77:VMS and FORTRAN-77 incompatibility:,)> g:@H2h,)>ShH2k,)>[(H2n,)>M@H2p,)>i&hH2so,)>-gVhH2v,)>]hH2w%?$( F,)>a8H2x,)>E2XH2|,)>a H3,)>GH3,)>GH3,)-KH3



H3P,)ENHi#,)I`H3l,)kx1H3n,)G3H3r,)eKxH3t,)MKxH3x,)G'yH3|,)e2zH4,)]NzH4,)M{H4,)E3P{H4H42,)GH48,)GH4<,)a>H(H4@,)G0)H4C$(,)SVpwH4I,)G H4K,)GX"H4N,)G "H4P,)G8#H4T,)G $H4Y,)eH4\,)KO0xH4,)IR`
H5;,)]3 02H5?$(,)g3 02H5D,)C3 03H5K,)m:p0H5R@,)]0H5U@,)]K0H5X@,)S2p0H5Z@,)S30H5_@,)G0H5a@,)eB(0H5@,)g;00H5e@,)]30"H5g ,)]0*H5i@,)SO0*H5l ,)g;0+H5o ,)SO81H5s,)_O81H5v,)S>(1H5y,)[(1%H5yInternal FOROTS error at $PError in memory management at $PMemory full$EFOROP function code exceeds rangeCPU time $Y   Elapsed time $Y$D$3T$A$A$A$U$F$D pages allocated but not deallocated$D blocks allocated but not deallocatedDeallocating more pages than allocatedCan't create page $O (PAGE. error $O)Can't destroy page $O (PAGE. error $O)Enter correct file specs$AInput integer overflowInput floating overflowInput floating underflowOutput field width too smallFormat and variable type do not matchAttempt to WRITE beyond fixed-length recordReading into FORMAT non-standardAmbiguous repeat countEnd of fileBad format binary fileRecord $R has not been writtenIllegal record number $DRecord length negative or zeroAttempt to WRITE beyond variable or arrayRecord size different from that specified in OPENFound unexpected continuation LSCWCan't backspace image file with no RECORDSIZECan't skiprecord image file with no RECORDSIZENon-digit in record delimiterRecord too large - memory fullBLOCKSIZE ignored: device is not a magnetic tapeCan't queue file, QUEUE. error $OGalaxy version 2 not supportedUnknown $A keyword $O, ignored$A in CLOSE is meaningless - ignoredNode name ignoredCan't rename file to$F: $JCan't delete file: $JUnsupported /DISPOSE:$A for RMS filesCLOSE failed $JRandom IO requires /RECORDSIZE/RECORDTYPE:FIXED requires /RECORDSIZE/CARRIAGECONTROL:TRANSLATED illegal with this /RECORDTYPE/RECORDSIZE larger than /BLOCKSIZENo such device $ABLOCKSIZE must be specified for RECORDTYPE='FIXED'BLOCKSIZE must be integral multiple of RECL/ACCESS:$A illegal for this device/MODE:$A illegal for this deviceCan't OPEN file: $JIncompatible attributes /$A$A /$A$ASame device open on unit $D with conflicting specifiersIllegal value for $ANew indexed file requires KEY= in OPEN statementRandom IO requires RECL= in OPEN statementToo many open unitsTape format conflicts with OPEN statement or defaultCan't do direct I/O to sequential fileCan't do sequential I/O to direct fileIllegal for DIRECT (RANDOM) filesCan't determine whether formatted or unformatted $AIllegal unit number $D$I Carriage control character$I Keyword /$A$A$I Trailing spaces in output record$I G format descriptor used with character$I Format default width usedREREAD not preceded by READ$A keyword value /$A$A$A string too longError in $A string - Ambiguous switch /$AError in $A string - Unknown switch /$ANo device specified with ":"Illegal character $C in pathToo many SFDsNull SFDIllegal character $C in $A argumentPADCHAR must be single char in double quotesCan't $A an $A-only fileCan't write a file with MODE='LINED'Illegal character in formatIllegal formatData in IO list but not in formatIllegal repeat countIllegal Hollerith constantIllegal field widthUndefined data type or internal FOROTS errorReading into character format illegalIllegal character in dataUnit not specifiedBad IO listIllegal MTOP valueDump mode IO list too longIllegal DUMP mode I/O listIllegal to initiate another I/O statement while processing $AIllegal length for character expressionTape is not usable by your jobUnexpected TAPOP error $OUnexpected TAPOP. error $O trying to set $A $A not allowed with Labeled Magnetic tape files  Input/Output switching not allowed with Labeled Magnetic tape files /ACCESS='APPEND' not allowed with Labeled Magnetic tape filesVariable $S not in namelistFound "$C" when expecting "="Missing right parenVariable or namelist does not start with letterIllegal SubscriptCan't convert constant to correct typeSign with null valueNull string illegalFound "$C" when expecting ":"Illegal substring descriptorString not within single quotesCan't switch to input: $JCan't switch to output: $J$JMemory full %0B+6,6, & B& & &3b+6/,I &+6 & & & ,=7B&+6+@& B& >`&+5~7B&,~+@% B%"&.B%.B%,~,60 &2b& & B& 6f C% &1d+5~ %af+6/$C(d6g+5~.$Q&.&*&+5~ %1B+6&0B+6%,6, & &3f+6/,h &+6 & & ,m7B&+6!+@& B& >`&+67B&,~+@% B%"&.B%.B%,~,60+6 %`bm"Q"A` B%@4F6+96) D%+6 % B&,66 % B&  6g B&,~ %$" B&,66 %`bm"Q"A` B&  6h B&,~ %5B67 & B& %2B%+6G %1b+6G %1d+6G2b  B&/" B&$% B&.% B& &2B&+6E &$b& B&@@&@@&,~ % B&,~@@&@@&@@&@@& % B&,~,6b %5j6L * /((5(6O.
,98(6N@f)F,9G=j6O)F(H H`X,~,6b@ %`X%(F`X)D5j6Y * /((5(6\.
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4r7n,8;,8A=r7j,854f7y,8A=f7l+7y,8;4h7q427q5f7q,8A+7q,89,854f7y4R7x#12+7v0R 2/24R7x/&H,89=r7w4f7y,8A=f7x ""`x ""aX ,_5*7}l,8: &N`X .( #+8C4r8	,8;,8A=r8,854f8,8A=f8 ax,~ %1H (.(,87=h8,~,8;4h8,89,85.5&8/"@528,8998,8Od `)^,7|#3.GR,~/.#&.$.4,8,8/,@,~,8"*(.,@,~@d@h`<GSd<GS+8<GS.&@,8"l `d8Pd"d`+8!l .,[<GRZ
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 <F5 <Ft.&@l"`d."eb. ``,~)/,,~`X@,~ "5_6@ B,~ "5_ "+_ "+8>dX,~ "6@ A "dX "1B7@ B5_,~4n89/. @."9_ *& ,>4@8F9
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&:,9,:0 L&:7@&)cL&7,~@@ F5n,9:! @G@P " B%5=|,95= % B&/Z% B&3 % B&0 % B&/ % B&8,~,H=,9:! G@P "@ B&7 > B&8 "  B&9 &-  B&',;#,;:,: &',9,+9@@&*,:bL&7+9+7@&*+9*,:& &*aL ,2.,9F@@&)@@&*@@&9,:0cL&7+9!+9+,;:cL&7+9*5;C$`dm$PQ$A@5D99,HK`bm"PQ"A@,>@6@992,^@d &C(&*`hm(PQ(A@`>5HT,HP5HJ2B&*,~5HJ!"@BBPC#$.$> 5D9=  B&-@@&57B&6S"A` B&7@
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  F&*,~7@&),:H7"&",~4B:6 &31B+:;2B&2,:v&. &0+@::O@&9,;G &/.B&/>`&8+:0,~+  C&/&/ &52B&6,;L7@&)+:0 &20B,2V &5 &67F&; &07H&: &/`>$a@O@&9,;G?`&8,~@@&:@@&; &/b&/ B&/+:0@@&)@@&2 " B&3 " B&),:V7`&",~,;0B,~ &21B6@&N+:V " B&3,:w &.4":V#B&) " B&3,;:@@&95:V,2D6@&#,;,;O@&27`&",~,:j $;Q,:raL +:d .,]@@&'@@&'O@&#C"&' B% <;T B&21B@ B%+B<;W,;(bL&8,~,1vbL&97@&9+:h@@&"@@&8@@&),~ &30B,1v,2V@@&!aL+:q1BL@&!,;+,;7`&",2H`L+:k $;Q,:raL ,2H,~ &7@+:ucL9:rl
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;;$;D;\;d;&'&.,~&#&L &$ B&MC"&. B%5D%C"&. B%5D%&#&L &$ B&M &  B&LC"&. B%5DC"&. B%5D&# &$ &  B&L+<&L &M4h<@af+<2D>%9<!$.(0h+<)B 7 &L" B&.,~U"7 &L" B&.,/K,~&#&L &$ B&M &  B&LC"&. B%,D&%&L && B&M &! B&LC"&. B%5D &7  B&.,~&# B&L &$ B&M &  B&LC"&. B%5D1 &7&.,~,2A@@&5,;: &4,;:0B+<0,;+0B+<5=.<4,>@,<A .,^+<0B&7+<- &4/7@,2K B&5&P B&54D<::&5/P/P.5.<=,>",<A,^ "B&78$<> &6 B&7 &5 B&6,~ &4Z&6,<HZ&6 B&6Z"/$".D&7 &4 F&4/& ,~4B<O ((H.(&P & .&&P,',2d$PQ"A`Q$A`,~.&H&P "$P,>,i,2d,^Q"A` ,~,;:,;+`L+<X,],C+<X,<i&L B&# &M B&$ &LF&! B& ,;0B,1vO@&9C"&( B%,;`L+<b,],C+<b,<i,;0B,1v,;+&L&% &M B&& &LF&! B&!@@&!,~,E/@@&L%5"<l"O@&L&>& F&Md"~)&L,~,8Q P``@,~,;0B1B+<s,~,:e &N B&*,~,;:5E/,CZ&N5bHK@@&'@@&',] " B&258Q,9:! G@P " B%,=|,={ ",_ &- B&*  B&*,=h, ".B&*6C&*3B=+=,9M " B&4,=x,=h ",_@@&",=O@&" ".b&* &)4D=7 8." B&*+=,=|,={ ",_ "",_ "',_ "",_,+n7@&8,~O@ B@@ A &31B+=' 
 B&46@&",=u,=x@@&",=X &)0b,=rC"&' B% &3 B%,
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&0&/0B+=Q,=$>&0",=z ",=~,=~=j=L ",=~O@&"7@&8,~ &)>$&/b&/ B&/ B%+== " B&) &31@+=b@ &0+@>&' &/.B&/?`&8,~@+@>3B&'2D&',~:&)+=\?`&8,~ &/ & &/b% B%  `>',~:&)+=b " B&) >" B&'5B=n &*`bm"PQ"A@ B&' " B&)&'4B=q.",_>`&)+=n,~C"&) B% " B%,D_ "5_,=.&4$>&1b:x,~ "6@&",_,=u, "5_,=1B,~5:&<$>&2$&<+_,>,=z " B&<,^+=~@D_@8l@D_@>@6j@>@EL@>@6j@>@EL@6j@>@>@>@="+  &/&/ " B% ",_,6j " 
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~-6@@D+:@,-.O@D+>-KbNC@,"@ B( " BkC<Z,d6B @,//6@ E+>B@	b/Bo >R	b@/p%"t >S	f &(F.$(F'",/ !"q7D J+>B &>S0D &>T6H
>C,/%*b>>	`>T>V>Y>[>^>`>b>d>g>i>l>o>p>sp sInteger overflowInteger divide checkInput integer overflowInput floating overflowFloating overflowFloating divide checkFloating underflowInput floating underflowLibrary routine errorOutput conversion errorFORLIB library routine errorI/O warningBounds check warningOPEN/CLOSE warningM?|. >x1`?+>w+?Pl +@?@?@?@?@?H@?/@?0@?0@?4@?:@?;@?-@>w@?<@?A@?D@?	@?
@?@?M@?@?@?@?@?C  J @C  Y @C  h @  ,~C  w,~ B"< B"<,~ B"< B"<,>C<?S,c,^6@&<+?3,~,~O@ E,~@@ E,~5%f B F,~C  H @,~S%:X%;7@%<@ @C %e7@%<C ?V``m Q A` @ %; @,~4"?%0b1+?',>,>  4B?( &?W0F+?)&?W0F1F+?* B I+?+9B?'@@ I@,~ ",~ "+?, "+?, "+?,@,^,^,~7B I=?/[,~5%o5&  4B?3 4B?3 ,~" ,~C "V @C "W @C "W @C "X @C "E @,~C r,~O@ E,~1b13"?X+?37B +?3 7B?+?3 ?X,~1b13"?X+?3   C ?,~!"N7@ +?G*b?E+?3  ,~,> ?Y	d@4D?L[d  D,^,~  F6@C  F @,~,/+HKSRT@ X@?Q@?Q@&<@?R@?RNo errorD@|$$p ,~@@&=@@&=,~7@&>,~@@&>@@&?@@&?,~KK9:6@&B,?y  C"&@,>u @&AC"?b`b7&B!"GB&@GB&@GB&ARwO@ p*H?j p*H?jC'p7@+&C2$&A+&D  5$?m &A@ .	&@ I&@ G&A8=`?m,~,)FG0!H@[@`,)FG!H@`@e,)FG@!H@`@e,)FGx#H@f@`,)FS>(1H@j,)F]?H@j,)FS(
:HA ,)F[b HA#,)Fo:
>HAH$I Intrinsic routine $N invoked incompatibly$I FORTRAN-10 supplied routine $N invoked$I Overlap of character assignments$JERRSET: error number out of range - ignoredDIVERT: illegal to divert to unit $DDIVERT: unit $D is not openDIVERT: unit $D is not open for FORMATTED I/ODIVERT: Can't write to unit $DConcatenation result larger than expectedIllegal length character expressionNo character stack allocated - compiler errorFirst argument to SORT must be a quoted stringSubstring range error $S($D:$D)
	on line $DSubscript range error - subscript $D of array $S = $D
	on line $DToo many arguments in call to SORTCan't get pages 600:677 for SORTMissing EXTERNAL declaration in CALL to $NWrong number of arguments in call to $NArgument to SECNDS not floating pointCan't return pages 600:677 after call to SORTCan't preallocate pages 600:677 for SORTIllegal page number $OInternal FOROTS errorNot enough memory for creating character stackNot enough memory for expanding character stack$N: Argument less than or equal to zero]#C",~C"ANRB&Gab+BzC"AS B&E Bz B&E+
&E B{	b+AY "1B+AY B{ B&E B}	b>+AY,~ "A[ZB* "$	b,~+A\&I + @&E+Ap+A^&I7@&G+ApC 5@Ab &GX Ab++&F &E @&F/  Y@&FZ@&HRd p(@ @&Hd 5@AkZ&H0`+AlQ +AmC!e`G&FG&HP@&H &IC!&H @&G+Au &ER@&FZ@&F/  Y@&F ! @&G+Au&I ^%? &F/  @%=6@ C+B~[&Fde@p+A|0@Z+A|&I+&FO@ C&J"B0" 0b " &""BY4BB.$B1dC$&I D&I &G1dC$&I D&G0B+B"B1B+B1B+B
 &G A&I "+B &J&J &GC#1bC"&I B&G"C0"0b
 "."x&""BY4BB.eB@+B &G A&I+B&I&J &G6@&G+AeC#1dC$&IY@&F B&G+Au $(D~A$+@BZ%5R&Fa` +B@d+B+``+B!a`@+B3+B#6A&I+B#@d+B+aB``7&I &GdB@h$4$B'C+B+a`@+B*"C`B$C+B+C%7,B5%7(B~A"+@
B]&J!"@0Bb&F@@ CR&F4@B2&I+
&FPB&F&I+&F@@%7@@%8,B5+B.	&FhZa`~+B>$A$(D%5@&F``l``l``@l+@Ba,~`@X@&F,~vv@p.+JrH(JDQ(JDQ0La0La(JDQ(JDQ0La0La
B7 &I&I &G&G &I&I E&I&I E&G&G,C,C,Be,Bh``,Bl,Bo,Bs`,)7S?0HC,)7SHC,)7M?0HC
,)7MVpHC,)7i HCAS0+A^-&E
&F6$??@ E&I E&G,~&I&G,~Integer overflowInteger divide checkFloating overflowFloating divide checkFloating underflowTrap occured during trap processing %4BC1B+C 
H1B+C,C5D,C5D%,C5D1,H=@@&L@@&M@@&Md@@&L@@&K@@&N %@d@l@5pC$O,8z+Cd+C%4PCd(Lq,94BC*0"0b+C1/"G, 
4CG(,~ .0+@<C+=C#G,+C(+C[+C^G8+C<+C_=C#O@&LO@&K=C;+CE+C[1BG,1BG,0B1BG,0B+C6G,\`&N0B"1B"+C:0B21B2+C:+C(G,\`&N+C(:&N5DC?2fCD+C?$&.=C#2dCD9CD$$%&. l&.ef.$=C#3Le\`&NG8$*.
(!(&(&((2PD=40Cd6@ H+Cb,1v,~40Cd=C#@40Cd7@ A=C#(Lq+C'<pC|,9+Cb`X+Cf %/^%aX/6@&K"`. ,#5@Ck*/,4@C| (fCm)'/,'4RC{0r#+C~32D>+D,D%LF5   LFt.$%l(.%LF5mh. .eb9Cx``+Cz)/, LG3.
&L L&M,~&L@@&M,~U U"6@&L &L  6@&K" @&M,~,/R@@&L@@&M@@&L,~ &L4@D 
&Ml . @dd`+D).*l 0*@+D3*D>+D.*@)|jD?7 &L" A%,~ % @%5U  @%7,/O %7+D % @%5@@%7,/R %7+DU U"%7,/O%7+D/@@%7@@%8,/R%7+D/#1n,~).,(&.
&Ml l"."@eb. d`+D,).*l 0*@+D3*D>+D.*@)|jD?7 &L %,~&L4@D< 
&Ml l"."eb. d`+D8).*l 0*+D3*D?+D.*)zjD@7 &L %,~~]@6$|00,H/ 
% %@j@5fDEO,8z+DY+DF4FDY,91b1"+DMl$A" %(l*.
dj4HDMl$.(=DE5BDO4&DS=DE1B "0B+DT4&DS7@ A=DE+DH5$DE+DW4$DW1Bm$1Bm$+DW=DE2FE-4&DY,1v,~ad+D]U" B%7 % B%5,/K 
 J0,~ "7@% B%7f% & % 
Dc+Dn+Dn+De%d"4@Ds5`Dh3@E.4BDh &N*(bDj* E	3 G+Dm2@G+Dv3bH
/$+Dv@6#%+Ds2BE.+DsE.&N E+Dx#&N(bDu+E E3"H
/$7a%+Dx7@ A+E1f+E	 %0(+E	1$  $  D&O/&4FD~7@ B,h "6!% ",_+E1&+E	 %0h+E	1$  $  D&O/&4FE7@ B,h&N6F&O+~,~+8

:&P=E45BE;4&E?=E41B "0B+E?4&E?7@ A=E4+E75$E44$EC1Bm$1Bm$+EC=E42FEb4&ED,1vad+EG(4JEGl* &P1N+EJ0b 
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