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0-=h@	 pAbort Recursive Edit                    ADA Mode                                ALGOL	 y Mode                              Apropos                                 Auto Fill 	 Mode                          BLISS Mode                              C Mode         	 
                         Compile                                 Connect to Directory	                     Date Edit                               Describe                 	                Detach                                  Find File                     	 #          Fundamental Mode                        Hackmatic Terminal                 	 ,     How Many                                Indent Tabs Mode                        	 4Insert Buffer                           Insert Date                             Inser	 =t File                             Kill Buffer                             LISP Mode 	 E                              List Buffers                            List Files     	 N                         List Matching Lines                     MACRO Mode          	 V                    Modula-2 Mode                           Name Kbd Macro           	 _               Overwrite Mode                          PASCAL Mode                   	 g          Phase Of Moon                           PL/1 Mode                          	 p     Push to EXEC                            Query Replace                           	 xRename Buffer                           Replace String                          Selec	 t Buffer                           Set Comment End                         Set Commen 	t Start                        Set Indent Level                         
Set Flags                               	 Set Key                                 Set Visited File Name                   Strip	  SOS Line Numbers                  Swedish Mode                            Tabify    	 %                              TeX Mode                                Text Mode      	 .                         Undo                                    Untabify            	 6                    View File                               View Kbd Macro           	 ?               View Q-register                         Wall Chart                    	 G          What Cursor Position                    What Date                          	 P     What Page                               What Version                            	 XWhere Is                                Write File                              Write	 a Region                            XonXoff mode                            ^R Append 	 iNext Kill                     ^R Argument Digit                       ^R Auto-Fill Sp	 race                      ^R Autoargument                         ^R Back to Indentati	 zon                  ^R Backward Character                   ^R Backward Delete Charac	 ter            ^R Backward Delete Hacking Tabs         ^R Backward Kill Word         	           ^R Backward Kill Sentence               ^R Backward List                   	      ^R Backward Paragraph                   ^R Backward Sentence                    	 ^R Backward Word                        ^R Beginning of Line                    ^R Bu	 %ffer Not Modified                  ^R Center Line                          ^R Charact	 -er Extend                     ^R Copy Region                          ^R Count Lines 	 6Page                     ^R CRLF                                 ^R Delete Blank Line	 >s                   ^R Delete Character                     ^R Delete Horizontal Spac	 Ge              ^R Delete Indentation                   ^R Describe                   	 O          ^R Documentation                        ^R Down Comment Line               	 X     ^R Down Real Line                       ^R End of Line                          	 `^R End Kbd Macro                        ^R Exchange Point and Mark              ^R Ex	 iecute Kbd Macro                    ^R Exit                                 ^R Extende	 qd Command                     ^R Fill Paragraph                       ^R Fill Region 	 z                         ^R Forward Character                    ^R Forward List     	 	                    ^R Forward Paragraph                    ^R Forward Sentence      	 	               ^R Forward Word                         ^R Get Q-reg                  	 	          ^R Goto Beginning                       ^R Goto End                        	 	     ^R Grow Window                          ^R Incremental Search                   	 	$^R Indent Algol Stm                     ^R Indent ADA Stm                       ^R In	 	-dent BLISS stm                     ^R Indent C stm                         ^R Indent 	 	5For Comment                   ^R Indent For LISP                      ^R Indent Modul	 	>a-2 Stm                  ^R Indent New Comment Line              ^R Indent New Line  	 	F                    ^R Indent Pascal Stm                    ^R Indent PL/1 Stm       	 	O               ^R Indent Region                        ^R Indent Rigidly             	 	W          ^R Indent SEXP                          ^R Interpret CSI Sequence          	 	`     ^R Interpret VT100 Keypad               ^R Kbd Macro Query                      	 	h^R Kill Comment                         ^R Kill Line                            ^R Ki	 	qll Region                          ^R Kill Sentence                        ^R Kill Wo	 	yrd                            ^R Lowercase Region                     ^R Lowercase Wo	 
rd                       ^R Make ()                              ^R Mark Beginning   	 

                    ^R Mark End                             ^R Mark Page             	 
               ^R Mark Paragraph                       ^R Mark Whole Buffer          	 
          ^R Mark Word                            ^R Move to Screen Edge             	 
$     ^R Negative Argument                    ^R New Window                           	 
,^R Next Page                            ^R Next Screen                          ^R On	 
5e Window                           ^R Other Window                         ^R Open Li	 
=ne                            ^R Prefix Control                       ^R Prefix Contr	 
Fol-Meta                  ^R Prefix Meta                          ^R Previous Page    	 
N                    ^R Previous Screen                      ^R Put Q-reg             	 
W               ^R Quit                                 ^R Quoted Insert              	 
_          ^R Read File                            ^R Return to Superior              	 
h     ^R Reverse Search                       ^R Save File                            	 
p^R Scroll Other Window                  ^R Self Insert                          ^R Se	 
yt Comment Column                   ^R Set Fill Column                      ^R Set Fil	 l Prefix                      ^R Set/Pop Mark                         ^R Start Kbd Ma	 
cro                      ^R String Search                        ^R Tab to Tab Stop  	                     ^R Transpose Characters                 ^R Transpose Lines       	                ^R Transpose Regions                    ^R Transpose Words            	 #          ^R Two Windows                          ^R Un-kill                         	 ,     ^R Un-kill pop                          ^R Universal Argument                   	 4^R Up Comment Line                      ^R Up Real Line                         ^R Up	 =percase Initial                    ^R Uppercase Region                     ^R Upperca	 Ese Word                       ^R Visit File                           ^R Visit in Oth Ner Window                	 hACCEPT                                  BEGIN                                   CASE 	 q                                   CONST                                   DO        	 y                              ELSE                                    ELSIF          	 
                         END                                     EXCEPTION           	 
                    LOOP                                    PROCEDURE                	 
               RECORD                                  REPEAT                        	 
          SELECT                                  THEN                               	 
$     TYPE                                    UNTIL                                    
,VAR                                     	 ^^^^^^^^"T;^^)^^^	 ^^^^^^^^^^K^^^^QQ	 QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ	 %QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ	 -QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ	 6QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ	 >QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ	 GQQQQQQQQ"^^^^^^^^	 O^^^^^^^>^^^^^^^^^	 X^^>^^^^QQQQQQQQQQ	 `QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ	 iQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ	 qQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ	 zQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ	 QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ	 Q^^^^^^^^^^:^^!^^	 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^	 ^^^^^^C^^^^!^,!!	 $!!!!!!!!^95^5,F%&	 -ZA341ET:AB!->Y1F'	 5V[L(0X^%+3+^^^^^^	 >^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^	 F^^^^^%+3'#^^^^^^^	 O^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^	 W^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^	 `^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^	 h^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^	 q^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^	 y^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^	 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^	 
^^^^^^^^^^"T;^^)^	 ^^^^^^^^^^^^0^^^^	 S^^^^^^^^^^^G^^ 	 $         ^9CD,S&	 ,"O*.2M^^^@G^-JYNO	 56UXH@(WK^KJ,^^^^	 =^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^	 F^^^^^^^^^^#^^^^^^	 N^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^	 W^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^	 _^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^	 h^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^	 p^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^	 y^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^	 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^	 
^^^^^^^^^^^^^:^^!	 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^	 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^G^^	 #          ^?^^^,^	 ,^^^^^^^^^^^^!2^$=	 4^^^^P^^0^<^+^^^^	 =^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^	 E^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^	 N^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^	 V^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^	 _^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^	 g^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^	 p^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^	 x^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^	 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^	 	^^^^^^^^[^^=^^B	 ^^*D^NPUZ[/^O^^^	 ^^^^^^^^^^S.^^^^R	 #^^IW^\^^^^^^Q^^^	 +^^^^/R4E^^
)^^I^	 4?^^V^^^M^^L^H6^^^	 <^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^	 E^^^^^^^^L^H^$^^^^	 M^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^	 V^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^	 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^	 g^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^	 o^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^	 x^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^	 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^	 	^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^	 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^	 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^	 "^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^	 +^^Y-2"^^^^^^^^^^^	 3^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^	 <^^^^^^^^^^^^G,^  	 D        ^^^^^^^6W	 M@SLH^^^^^^^^^^M^^ U^0^K&#^,0^^^^^^	 
CFundamental                             Text                                    Algol	 
K                                   Macro                                   Pascal    	 
T                              LISP                                    C              	 
\                         TeX                                     ADA                 	 
e                    Modula-2                                PL/1                      
m               BLISS                                   	 
{Fill                               Swedish                                OverW 
> j- . 
! 69 #/0  H:,	 @ RZQz1|x,X>x,,, x X
4,X>hYz ,~	 D*
RZQz1|x,X>xSX"h*"h,,,, x X
;@tj,Z$h""T,,,,, x X
<,,,	Z$
X>hYz,~  RZQz1|x,
X>hYz,~ !NYI? Function is Not Yet Implemented    @`@l!	 
>(T548	"Q-Z4hQ"X4Z8`QX8X8
QX4X2Z.z8b	*U 5ls}
*>"XBB`8*v>/8Z8`QX8Z6XQX6Z4PQX4@8`	 ] @	 e@ @	 n@  v`@@@	@|T@$V@|X@TY@<[@\@<^@	$`@tb@
w@4x@\z@|{	 *U|RZQz1|x,&X>x Dh 3 X : VK D
= RP
 0 P
=,%X>hYz,~	 "RZQz1|x,~X>xSX"h*"h h(X58
 ` @
> Z4
> P @X 2 R
=,%X>hYz,~	 *@RZQz1|x,X>x Dh  X D ZXh `, h 
,| h"Z$,X>hYz,~	   RZQz1|x,X>x Dh  ` Vh@rh 8 h3V@ h0T@	(D(4X- h2PX++ Vh+, X Xh+%5T.Z$,
 h XhX>hYz,~ 1NSB? No such buffer                     @`@%\1	 5RZQz1|x,!X>xSX"h*"hZ&, DhZDh  X  V Dh	 =, h x VQ8hX8*8 8 X	@t
@@@t 0 , Lh Ph"(F2ph+I h.0`@t@
:h+F  h V` W VhX>hYz,~	 @MRZQz1|x,6X>xSX"h*"h Fh  ` Vh@rh 8 h3V@	 AV h0T@4X^Z$h Z&, x5V\ h Xh+^ h ` Vh+T(^5Tc hB84XaZ$,
Z$h,5 x Xh h XhX>hYz,~ fNSB? No such buffer                     @`@,
f	 @jRZQz1|x,OX>x
 ,,+t	  ArZ$hZ&hZ(h
,, h
5Vw h Xh+zZ$h h,M x XhX>hYz {,~	 T {RZQz1|x,kX>x,tZ$ Z&Z(
<,t,~ 8 X
=X>hYz,~XRenameBuffer:ZXh `,, x4@`@/l	$URZQz1|x,}X>xZ$,,Z$,,, $, $, hZ$,
 $, $, 6 2	  ! Rh Vh2vh+. h `
?8d1X+- h 
$$	 "* h/6&6.$XZ"
?$d, :h+"$,-$,/$,0>hz`		("@(24V6,ux,Z$,+7Z$`,5,means buffer needs saving)          Char Eacters                             @~@1,<@1D@@6LD	 P"HRZQz1|x,	X>x  Xh  Vh 5TQZ$ &,M x,+R"Q , h X h VX>hYz,~ UW2                                      @`@9dU	  YRZQz1|x,JX>x Dh ZXh `.4` P
 Th4Dc `.0 ,., b& R`X>hYz,~	  dRZQz1|x,[X>x Dh ZXh `.4 0.0& V`.6` DX
X>h mYz,~	 nRZQz1|x,fX>x\$m Dh $,Y h x Dh Fh, h h x E v/,  ` T ^ VX>hYz,~	 {XoXo ZQz1|x,oX>xZ$hZ&h, h h/&,X>hYz,~	 "RZQz1|x,~X>x, 
;0v+(Z$,, $, $,
=	"@
?,	 8 6 Vh Xh2xh+ 040t+&4 P
>(TX7	"
E@54 $$Z$
>4XZ$,,| $, $,	(Q

 Z$,,| $, $,   `	B64V' Z$,  `
(Q*&4V'Z$,$++ $-,!Z$
7,',| $.,(X>hYz,~	 -AMIS                                    Def                                     (RO)  5                                   @~@A
-@C$1@Dl5 "9RZQz1|x,X>x Dh D
> 8 X
=X>hYz,~@?RZQz1|x,:X>x,,X>hYz,~	1DDRZQz1|x,@X>x+Dh&80$0d?+K&$,
X>hYz,~ y@`@NLy yXoXo ZQz1|x,sX>xZ$,
X>hYz,~ CFD? Can't find documentation           @`@OT	 XoXo ZQz1|x,|X>xZo:`
Zo `
3t`+Z$`, xZo	"@  
,V`56Zo V`
+X`*/0&0.0XZ"@2L,RhX>hYz,~	 RZQz1|x!,X>x
@rh, x Xh 6 Vh
4Xd@th h1X+*:h0t+(/4	 
&&4.Z"Px\,\xhXh+",hxXh,xXhh.4h0	 D. Ph
,Z$h,&x.VhZ2Vh	(E@(?,1:h+; $,?,7 8 Xh
4XS h, x4XH, x Xh	(
H+D 8 h1V@ Xh
 h1X+O ,A, x Xh+K, x	"("P Xh, x Xh,B+C,R+d 8 Xh
4Xd h,E x4XZ,	 @
Y x Xh+V 8 h1V@ Xh
 h1X+`, x Xh+], x"a Xh, x Xh+U+!, x,qX>hYz,~	 (PgRZQz1|x,X>xh j+z@th+|Q6`X7h *6P i Wh@rj	 PU"p 8 Xh+|Q6`X7h *6P i WhQ8dX8`*8d i Vi 8 Xj Xh*Px+|klq1x187+dyX>hYz,~	 A~RZQz1|x,iX>x Dh&$ Fh h X Xh0X^+0& 0f-+&&	  (F 7@5&
.6 Vh h0200r=+&2 H(RP7@52	   /6 Vh h04+06+.6.6  Vh+.6  Vh X Rh h Xh X>hYz,~ ?|@@x@`l@aL	 RZQz1|x,X>xh h,~ x Xh0X>+,Z$hZ&h, 8 h	 
%0V?@ h12@0r@4X* HK Xh+,&6@ ` Xh h0XN+.	 @ - 6 Wh0X,+0 6 Wh h4V50XO+3 4	 Uh0X6+5 4	 UhX>h 6Yz,~	 @7RZQz1|x,X>xh Z ^ h5v<+/6&6.6Z"X8d Xh	"@?>h5tA+<Z6QX6h*6h h000p?+G&0.0h @(PH7@	(H50U h h/4&4.4` 2Z"P4\040t?+P&4.4h P(TX7	 
P@04@B24RS+@>h5TH+^ h,W x4X^ h h/6&6 P(@Y.6Z"X$d,U xB84X]+S>h5VWX>hYz,~ _@?|@@x@h_@kL^	 aXoXo ZQz1|x,8X>xSX"h*"hZo `5TkQ6hX6`*6`
 4	"j T`
+~ ` Ph 8 h0t@ Xh /$&$Zo.Z"$,Y	 Pr h x Vh Xh h/$&$.Z"$,Y h h x2V@4X|"{:h+l h/6Zo V`
Zo:`X>hYz,~	 XoXo ZQz1|x,dX>xSX"h*"hSX"h*"h Hh	 Z ^@vh	 	 2 Hh
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 h	/$&$ P.Z"$,Y h
 x3X++:h	+
Z8 XhX>hYz,~@`@r\	 XoXo ZQz1|x,X>xZo 
,,6Zo+`,RhXVh	""2vh+(X/$&$Zo.Z"$,:h+"+8Zo2XX@,4	:`* X0R@G4X6Z$,&,6Zo `0Rh+Vh2vh+6:/$&$	Z83Zo.Z"$,-:h+0Zo,`0V+B/$,5.6Zo ` Rh	 @Q; Vh2vh+B /$&$Zo.Z"
bXoXo ZQz1|x,FX>x,7Zo `5VZ$,6Z$,h,SZ$	(EQ
j,iZ$,jZ$,k,iZ$,lZ$,n,mZ$,oZ$,p,oZ$	(Q
"s,qZ$,s,rZ$,tZ$,u,tZ$,vZ$,x,wZ$,yZ$	*({,z,yZ$,{Z$,},|+	 `.2 . Nh Rh2rh+/2&2  @ 8Zo.Z"HxT:h+ZoZ$,X>hYz,~	 
You are typing in the name of an AMIS   extended command.                       Use R	 ubout to delete previous           characters;                             use ^U to 	 delete the whole thing.       Typing Space or Escape causes as much   of the command 	 $name as possible to be   filled in for you (this is called       command completion).	 ,                    Type ? to list all the command names    which match what you have	 5 typed.        If completion fills in the entire name, a Dollar sign ($) appears.    	 =          You can then start typing the arguments to the command.                    	 F     Terminate them with a Return.  If there are no arguments,                        Nyou can use Return after a sufficient   abbreviation.                           @	@||
VXoXo ZQz1|x,dX>x,e _ Xh h4Xd Z$ZoZ&Zo	"(_  , x4Xc hZ$,~,~[h Xh+[ 68 4\< Th Vh	"D
g2vh+q $$Z$lZoZ&Zo  , x4Xp h$$Z$l,b,b"@p:h+g,oX>hYz,~	 AsXoXo ZQz1|x,YX>xZo@t` _ Vh h4X	 Z$ZoZ&	 D  {Zo  , x4X	 h X`Zo:X 4] Th[h Xh+x 68 4\	 	< ThZoZ2P Rh Wh2vh+	 $$Z$lZoZ&Zo  , x	( (	
4X	Zo:` ` Vh:h+	Zo `0T+	 h V`
+	,XX>hYz 	,~	 "	XoXo ZQz1|x,uX>x Dh Z ^Zo `0T+	2Z"`$,Y	 D 	 x Xh0X$+	% $7,D $9,D $2,D $9,D $:,D h0X&+	)	"	& $4,D $9,D $:,D h0X++	. $4,D $2,D $;,D h0X+	(D A	/+	2 $4,D $0,D $:,DZo@t` _ Vh h4X	= Z$ZoZ&	 D	7Zo  , x4X	; hZ$,b[h Xh+	4 68 4\< Th Vh	"D
	@2vh+	I $$Z$lZoZ&Zo  , x4X	H h$$Z$l,b:h	(	H+	@Zo `5T	K,	+	n 0 
` Lh Ph2ph+	U/0&0 h/6&6	 "	QZo.Z"X8d.Z"@xL:h+	MZo `0T+	ZZ$`,8 xZo	  	Y V`
 `.4 `
 Ph Th2th+	i/4&4Zo.Z"P6\ Vh h/2	  	b&2.Z"HvT h R` 40V@Ah4T	h+:h+	\ 8Zo2XX 	j@ X2RX
@4X	n 8 XX,X>hYz,~@`A|	i	 	pRZQz1|x+,	X>xZ$h
,@vh@rh@nh@jh 8^ Xh
 $, x	"@"	xB84X	z,, x XhZ$h &, h0X+	,t+
 $	(

,	w xB84X
,	y, x,E+
U0X	+
	 $/,E $),E+

,	(D


* h+
( $,	+
* 4	 Q*@(
# Th $,\+
* ,E+
,	*A
< h+
9 h Rh $,	 h2Vh+
6 h1r+
4 $	(T*P

4,E h5V
6,	J+
; ,E+
U0X	(T*P

D h+
D $,E+
U0X?	(D*
T h+
Q h4r
S h4r
S h4r
N	"("
O 4 Th+
U ,E h
V1X^+	w,A, h+
~@tj+ h.4 0 Ph Th2th+
^ 8.Z"Px\:h+
\ h5V
f 8 XjQ4hX4`*4d Vi+	  
g h.4 0 Ph Th2th+
n/4&4 8.Z"Px\:h+
i h.6	 
o 2 Rh Vh2vh+
q 8 XjQ6hX6`	(E
| h
  XhX>hYz,~	 RZQz1|x,	qX>x@@h,,
 8 Xh,	z x Xh, x4XZ8h	  h @`Z6 XGB`Z8` ` @h h(X58 h.6 Vh h58 h	 .6 Vh h,~ x Xh0XJ+Z6 X @h $!, $,@vh h	"@"0XK+!Z6
 X @h $&, $,@vh h0XK+(Z6 X @h $!	(D @$,  $,$ $&,% $,&@vh h4X $S6Z"h 5@,7@ -06@, h VhX>hYz,~ 1@ `@~A3T1A2|1A4,2	  2RZQz1|x,X>xSX"h*"h Fh@vh, x Vh,t h x3V	(;+HZ$h h ( Dh Fh Hh,7 h h h 
x Dh Fh Hh Jh,9 C 
h h h h x/
, x XhX>hYz,~	  IRZQz1|x,4X>xSX"h*"h Fh Z ^ 8 Xh,C x Vh/6	 R h.h Rh Vh36h+^ , x 060v?+[&6.6h X(V` @Z7@56] h,+>h+T@vhX>hYz,~@`A;T_	 `RZQz1|x,KX>x Z ^,P x Vh /$,\ 8 
=0V@	XiZ40V@G4XoQh/$, x0X+o+, x VhZ8hQ"
% h Rh,d h x/ RhZ$h ,I	"D
$,~ x,U x Xh 040t?+
>h 040t?+
:h 040t?+
&4	(
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 h x/ Th@@h@@h@@h@@h h	 *
0$0d?,&$ .GFZ$hZ$ ,I xB84X
#	*
 x Xh0X+
) 6 Vh0X-+
+ 6. Vh0X+
- 6	 @
- Vh0X=+
/ 6> Vh h/$,
& x3Xh+
H, $,
 x X
5 h,fX>hYz,~@`ADD
8RZQz1|x,bX>xh HhQ8X9h *8X@vh Hh Fh2fh+
I:h	"
H h /2&2.2` Rh Th ,
0 h h xZ"HxT:h(
K                                        @`AG<
9X>x	, x Xh Z4X P @h $,
6 $ ,	"(

W x,
UZ$ &,2 x4X
% x VhZ$
X,&,2 x4X
[ x	 A
`/6 Vh h,l x,Z x4X
a>h ,
a x,
b xB8	(
e h Vh,h26h+
E x,
g xB8 h24h@4X
r	" 
lZ$h h ,
8 88 6< Vh Xh2xh+
} $$Z$
?	"
yZ&h,5 x5V
| h Xh:h+
w886< Vh Xh2xh+
z x5V
@@h	 h060v,
&6 d
.GXX	Z8h	 h	 D"
f x,
PX>xCh HhZ%h &+, x,q,
WZ$,,3h	,@,x,qAh.6@	""
X,3,x,+q h4X
OX>hYz,~                  @xAX|
4X$	,+&+       @`A\<
X>hYz,~Te                 @xA^4
Qz1|x,k+,$j2VkX>hYz,~	RZQz1|x,
+$,+,x26h+R$,1|x,X>x>Dh$,x,,# x,$:h+X>hYz,~	 *RZQz1|x",X>x,
<,,,,	"(2 ,q h3V+:,
<Z$h &#,
 &!,7+=Q8hX8h	 ";*8h	Z$h
 &!,9  ` Vh@rh 8 h0V@ h3T@4XKZ8P	 
CZ2hZ  `2PH+H88=`D+H+I Th+J P Xh+?4VM 	* L,+UZ$h
,5x,Z$h&,hX6`*6`	 @T@t`	 8 X
=X>hYz,~ WFind File:                              @xAeTWAfD[	 \RZQz1|x,+X>x Dh 6 Dh Vh2vh+v $,& x Vh $,b	  d h x/ 81v@ Xh $,d h x Th Xh,
_ h h x	 
m/ Th Xh, h h x$02T@4Xu $,h x,Q+u,"u:h+`X>hYz,~	 "TxRZQz1|x,]X>x Dh j/63Vk+~Z$
<Z&l,Vh56,s	"EEVx,t+0V+
,	"E(E	 x4X
, x X
,u+ , x, l, x,X>h Yz,~	 
"RZQz1|x,yX>x Z ^ 
=``,Ph $,
=	" Q
$$Z$x4X", x/h,, x5V"++6, x	(((#, 6 h Rh Vh2vh+, 
=$$/6&6.$XZ"	  ", 6 h Rh Vh2vh+4 
=$$/6&6.$XZ"	 (A 4 x/h/h,#\$, 
= `,  x36h+=,9 x.6 Vh"A= h,,4 x.h,6X>hYz,~@`At>	 (DARZQz1|x,X>x Dh 
=`"`,Ph,",x/Vh/h/$,, x2vh+^ h,?	(D( R 
=$$Z$2 x4X^,> x/h Vh,G x,R h Dh,V 
[hx/,X>hYz,~	aRZQz1|x,CX>xh\6GVh,Z2x+Vh, h,h r h VhX>hYz,~	 QtRZQz1|x,bX>x Dh $,i x,q,e x,I x,J x4X~"P } $,\+y,y x Vh,X h x3V+ h,X>hYz,~	 "PRZQz1|x,vX>x@vh,; x3v
$,x)x.E" h,y,
 x/$, x, x4X\$,}+,
6	:@*,Vh2vh+$ /$&$Z" @' x., 8 XhX>hYz,~	 "
+RZQz1|x,X>x Dh5$5 $, x Vh ,( h4v4,n x	"P
3",+;,Nx.Vh,1,fx3vh+;,2x,4$,]"<T$,"X>hYz,~	>XoXo@ZQz1|x,,X>xZD^@vh@rh,5xVh,$xDh	"G6$,&hx.,7,Ex2Vhh26h+Y/$,xr	V@O060v+S&6X(V`7@56T:h:h$,GVx.h,I,J	D"XxVh+Kh5R[+z,~ (1@xBDB,	  
RZQz1|x,AX>x Dh,n x Dh $,l h x.,n, x	(D(P(,p x, x4X $,:+
, x Xh	"@ 
Ah4X!, x Vh $,e h x/ Vh\$, x,,? $	(
, x.h,, x.$, ,! x Vh,D h x2V+\$(',X>hYz,~	 )RZQz1|x,X>x Z ^ $, x Vh,$ x2Vh+2@vh+	"
 2 h, x0X+6 8 Xh+1 
=0X+F26Vh(Q":+B.h/6,2`xBh/4&4Z"PHRZQz1|x,+X>x Dh Z ^,# x Vh,7 x Vh 2 h Nh	 P@Q Rh2rh+k,L x 826h@ Xh,) h x0V@4X[ $,-	"P EY x,"+R,R x2Vh+]+ $,Y x,Z,[ x 826h@	""b Xh,) h x0V@4Xh $,^ x,+, x2Vh+j+]	"
j:h+Q 6"h Rh Vh2vh+,h x Vh $,f h x2V+u	""@s\$,p x,g+w $,s x,t,n x 81v@ Xh,) h	 
E { x0V@4X\$,v x,w+w,w x5V+j, x 81v	 @E"@ Xh,) h x0V@4X
\$,~ x,+, x5V
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,) x5X $, x,	:h+m,
 x/h Vh h,X>hYz ,~@`B!D	 RZQz1|x,JX>x DhZ$hZ&h, h h,a x.6 Vh h,	"@  $, x3Vh+!:h h, $, x Vh ,!@vh 2 h	 
(&VNhvRh2rh+D,)$x"Xh+>+@h,+@h5V:,xx,C	""/x, x4X2 $,'+- 6 
@hXhx$,"x,$:h+',- x,d h,BX>hYz,~	 HRZQz1|x,X>x Dh Z ^,D x Vh Vh 2 h Nh Rh2rh	(@@P+c h,. x 60X@ Vh h,Q h x 40X@GB6	(P" Y4VZ:h+Q,N x3vh+]:h+^+ h,F $,A x.62Vh	(@ a+Q:h+P 6"h Rh Vh2vh+z h4vh>h+h+] 8 h1t	 D j@ Xh /$,U h x1V@4Xp>h+h h,^ 8 h0T	 "r@ 6 Vh Xh $, h h x.2Rh@G4Xf:h+e h {/h Vh h,pX>hYz,~@`B-z	 ~RZQz1|x,IX>xZ$hZ&hZ(h, h1v+	,L x Dh h/$	( ,H h x.,| h1v+
A,Zhhx3v+, x,ZQz1|x,X>x Dh, x Vh Vh, x Vh 2 h Nh Rh	" 2rh+C 8 h24h@ Xh ,l h x 4 000p+*&0	 ( @(PH7@00@B4A4X.:h+! h,$ x0X+>:h	""1 ,. x0X+7 h, $, x.h Vh 8 h34h@ Xh	""9 ,1 h x 40V@G4X0 h36h+A h,4Z$,
:h	"B:h+  6"h Rh Vh2vh+i 8 h14@ Xh /$,: h	 J x 4 000p+O&0 D((PH7@00@B4A4XS>h	( "S+F h/$,I x0X+e>h /$,T x0X+] h,@\$	([, x.h Vh 8 h0t@ Xh /$,X h x 40V@	"(dG4XV h5vh $,ZZ$@,
>h:h+E h,f h/h VhX>h lYz,~ m                                        @xB9dmB<tn	 rXoXo ZQz1|x,X>x DhZo `0t+|:` `/0&0.0X"{Z"@dLX>hYz,~	  }XoXo ZQz1|x,uX>xSX"h*"h 6 VhZ$h,	X h x Rh @D Vh2vh+
R/$&$.Z"$,s:h+X>hYz,~	Z~h/6	 " Vh h16+Z$,~Ch/6 Vh0V?+Z$,~+11v+ 	*"",s+10V+"Z$,~+10V+$Z$,~+10V+'Z$,~+1	""D('0V+)Z$,~+10V+,Z$,~+10V      Tab            	 L                         Linefeed                                Return               T                    Escape                                  @~BB
7	*(Ec,b,_Z$,cZ$,d,c,fZ$,eZ$,g,fZ$,hZ$,j	(QQ
k,iZ$,k,kZ$,lZ$,nZ$,o,mZ$,pZ$,q,pZ$	*"Q
t,r,sZ$,t,tZ$,uZ$,w,v,xZ$,xZ$,z,y,{ |X>hYz,~	 ~You are at top level.                   You are in a recursive editing level    insid	 e                                  To abort the command, type C-].  To     proceed wi	 th it, type C-M-Z.            Type a Help option to say which kind of help you want: 	                          A   lists all the functions Apropos a   keyword.   You type 	  the keyword.        B   lists basic help about AMIS.        C   says what a certain C	 (ommand         (character) does.   You type the        character.                    	 1          D   describes a function.   You type    the name.                          	 9     N   views a file of AMIS news.          W   run Where is.                       	 BQ or Rubout  Quits -- you don't really  want help.                              For a J basic introduction to AMIS, run   the program ATEACH.                     @	BKl~BL
SX"h*"hZ$hk&),1 x Vh4VZ\$,qZ$h	"D*Z &#,<,Z$,)Z$h,\,/,ZZ$h,
	 @D c Rh2rh
+i h/2&2.2Z"H$T,M:h+cZ$h,_ x Vh+a"Ek ,q,5 x,q,X>hYz,~ pViewing file                            @`B[Dp	 tRZQz1|x ,SX>x
SX"h*"hSX"h*"h Z ^Z$h, x Vh		"@ |Z"h$,Y x Xh	@th 0 ,.
h	 Lh Ph
2ph+ /$&$	 P .Z"$,Y x2Xh	+ 6 h	 Rh Vh
/6./$	,Y Xh
/$&$.Z"$,Y h
 8 Xh+:h
+X>hYz,~@xBcBbl	,"XoXoCZQz1|x,uX>x DhZo `4V#Z$`,{+% $,gR$	($,#Sh16+)Z$," h/6 VhZ$h ,+@	(@": P2Xh+?&4@A4B44T? h,:h+9 6 2 Rh Vh2vh+H(D@C X2Xh+G06@+G.6 ,:h+B hB8 XhX>hYz,~	 PKRZQz1|x,3X>x,^Z$Z&hZ(
<,,M@vh 88 4\< Th	 A@
S Xh2xh+` $$Z$lZ&h,t x4X_ 8 Xh h$$Z$l,+,|	 EQ"\Z$ h,2 x4X_,[:h+T h4Xc,^Z$,[+eZ$,bZ$h*d,c,aX>hYz,~	 gApropos:                                  which can be invoked via:             (Done o)                                  There is no match for the substring     @@BidgBkDkBloBl4s @wRZQz1|x,LX>xZ$h &,Z$h,RX>hYz,~	 E }XoXo ZQz1|x,xX>x Dh0D^+Z$,d,e+ 80D]@	 ** 60D]@G4X
Z$,,+Z$,	 h$$Z$l,,	X>h Yz,~	 is not used.                            runs a user defined keybord macro.      runs  the function                       @~Bp,Bq
@,RZQz1|x,X>x,PZ$,	("$,
 ,Z$,+,,, x Xh ,
$,hXXh0X^+A06X0v-+7	5&6hX(V`7@56: h.6 XhXh+Aeh0600v=+>&6 X	A=(V`7@56Aoh/6mXsXhZ$h,-Z$hch,command) and   dispatches	 X on it.                       Type a subcommand to document:          ?| a@@`BslGBt<KBu
cRZQz1|x,X>x,Z$,,0,	p x Xh $$Z$l,X>h kYz,~ lDescribe:                               @`B|dl @pRZQz1|x,dX>xZ$h &,zZ$h,RX>hYz,~	 
wRZQz1|x,rX>x,eZ$,f,	p x XhZ$,D h$$Z$l,} A
Z$h,2xB84XZ$,,-X>hYz,~	Wherexis:Y x Xh	"  0XThe+function Vh h0X?+" 6( Vcan beinvokedvvia h0X	**   can be invoked only with M-X            @@B$BL	B|
&+),Z 8 Xh+:0X ++,K+:0X!+-,w+:0X!+/,+:	"Q(T*/0X"+1,c+:0X'+3,p+:0X++5,w+:0X(+7,
W+:,y" 7 h,$Z$, 8 Xh+X>hYz,~ <Doc (? for help):                        is meaningless here.                   @xC$<C
@	 @DXoXo ZQz1|x,X>xZo ,a xZo XX:XX>hYz,~	 (MXoXo ZQz1|x,GX>x,EZo ,/ x4XT,E+QZo `	" @U0V+X 2 Rh+0V+Z 2 Rh+ 40V@ 20V>@G	(@*^4Ti V`,EZo `0V+b,E,E 8Zo X2TX@ 2 X3.X	 Af@G4X_ 0 Ph+ 42V`@ 2 `3n`@G4To 2 Rh	( o+Zo `0V+r,E,E 8Zo X0T@ 20T@G 2	 w0T@G 20T>@G 20T@G 22TX@G Xh 	(,R h xG 6Zo P3pP@G4Xo>P 0 PhX>hYz,~	 XoXo ZQz1|x,OX>x,M x VhZo ` Rh1V+/ `4n	(D" + 
`5J>`+1v167	( D"+\Zo `5T h,j,	Zo `54/ h+' 
`	(*@ "5L$:` h T`+):
`+)!$1p107+D$Zo `5T+"* h,Zo `0T+/ ` P` 
h L`X>hYz,~	 P1RZQz1|x,X>xhh 
=$8Z"` h Th h Ph,	 @ 9 x Vh,/ x Vh@rh@nh@jh,	 h Wh h Sh4rB h/$,+	"D B h4VK/6 Wh h4rJ h,I x, x4XI:h+E h Wh+K"J@oh+L@shX>hYz,~	  MRZQz1|x,2X>x Dh  Xh h `3Th+V[h Vh5VVZ$,
(V+Q[` X PhX>hYz,~ YMAIN: ZeroChar list skrewed up.         @`CTY	 ]XoXo ZQz1|x,OX>x 8Zo X12@ ...3.@4Xr	 @"f X0X]+m 4] TXZ&,9 Dh _QYh X P `QX D_ X12( n+q/2 X XH+r X XHX>hYz,~	 "@
sRZQz1|x,`X>x Dh,7Z$,9,	p,x+Xh h3T+|,^+,,$	(
 , x Vh ,~ x0X(+
,(x.8,XhZ$,,Fx4XX>hYz (,~?Put (RZQz1|x,!X>x $ on key:                                 Go ahead                                @pCtC$CLC 4C!,	 "RZQz1|x,uX>x 
xVhh,Ex,Fx4X1:h+-"1h,AX>hYz,~	3XoXomZQz1|x,*X>xSX"h*"hZ$h,{qxVh,9xVh	t"<@rhZ$hh,2wx4XI,:x,-x,NxXh,?x/h/$(@D,@x,N hxA4XI 8 Xh h,1X>hYz,~	-PKRZQz1|x,6X>x Dh,B x Vh,(,N x36h+@vh $,+	"(T x4v~\$,S x,I,(,\ x Vh@rh 88 4	< Th Xh	"" \2xh+h h 020r	+b&2.2X
C.C.LC.|	  DRZQz1|x,MX>x $, $ ,
W x,@vhZ$ &,2 x	(@"@(#4X% $,} x Vh h,  6 
= ` Vh2vh+/ 
=$$/6	+T(+&6.$XZ":Q6`X6h*6hZ$h &),W	 (@ 4 x VhZ$h &",[ h5V9,l x V
<Z$h, $,-Z$h,Z$h	(D<,9Z$,< $,:Z$h,Z$h,= 6 
= `, Rh Vh2vh+I 
=,"E$$/6&6.$XZ",~ L-*-                                     , Edit by                               @xC4LC7TP	  TRZQz1|x,X>x Dh,|Z$Z&hZ(h,O,WZ$h h, x,q	"
Q"\ h4Xa, x4Xa, x,H+]+e,] x4Xe,_ x,$+a A"e, x,q hB84Xi,Z$,X>hYz,~ kList Files:                             (Done)                                  @xC:|kC=
o	@"sRZQz1|x,UX>xSX"h*"hZ"h8Xhh0V"+{|4TtX>x,YZ$Z&hZ(
<,YZ$h,sX>hYz,~ Flag vector:                            @`CA	 "XoXo ZQz1|x,X>xZo `2T+,	Z$  (,j x	"  Xh+ ,  x Xh,P x Vh h4X$  \&m,\$m, Q#\$m &,w, x,d h,&X>hYz,~ (?Insert Buffer:                          @xCBl(CC)	 "-XoXo ZQz1|x,X>xZo `2T+6,Z$  (,j x	"E5 Xh+8 ,  x Xh  ,:, x4XQ,2Z$, hZ$	(Q"D>,<Z$,>, x4XQ  ,9  XhQ6
4, x	 @EF XhB84XK $ h , $P 1,IQ8hX8
5 $ h ,K	"T"QO h4XQZ$
4,  ,B h2X+X,;Z$,?Z$  (,j	"(U
W x, h2X+[Z$,
 2Xh+]  V 2Xh+_@t h ` h X T` h YX  , hZ&,X>hYz,~	 g?Kill Buffer:                            Buffer                                  	 ocontains changes. Write them out        Killing currently selected buffer;      Selec xt which other buffer:              KCB? Killing currently selected buffer  @CI,gCF4gCGDkCGloCJLsCJ\wCK${	 "XoXo ZQz1|x,/X>x,TZ$Z&hZ(
<,,,Z&,i Dh Q8hX8*8 Dh, h x V _QYh D_X>hYz,~ Function name:                          @`CP<	 Q"XoXo ZQz1|x,X>x  `3T+Z$,
,Z$,U 	"QP$$Z$l,,? x4X*\$m\&m,!,n,$ x Vh $,Y x Vh DD$ /h,1\$m,"\$m &,$ h,d h,&X>hYz,~ +NTB? Not This Buffer that was changed   Undo last                               @xCS
+CS$/	Q3XoXoZQz1|x,X>xZ$hZ&h,~,$$,,A $,B, 	"QD x,D x, $,C $,G $,H,D x,? $,I@vh,	"@M x4vS,I x$62 Vh Xh,L h h x& Vh h,JZ$,(D U,P x,T $,K $,WX>hYz,~ Z% of                                    @`CZLZ	 ^XoXo ZQz1|x,6X>x,N x Vh $,)@vh 8Z"hx:h	 @g h Rh,b h x/ Rh 81r@ Xh4XpZ$h &  
,F "o x XhB84Xf h,d,8Z$,U h,VX>hYz,~ vPage                                    @`C^4v	 zXoXo ZQz1|x,aX>x,rZ$Z&hZ(
<,.Z$h &QDhXFh,U  h h x,
=X>hYz,~ Write File:                             @`C_l	 XoXo ZQz1|x,}X>x,~Z$Z&hZ(
<,Z$hZ&h,Z$hh" h,                 @`Cb4	 EXoXo ZQz1|x,X>x Z ^ 
=$8Z"` $,$ x	 @"& Vh ,r h Vh\2 Rh . Nh $,% x,',h x4vW\$	(@A/,+ x,,Z$hZ&hZ(hZ*h,1 h5VJ h.$,0Z$ & ( 
	(@  7,o x4X; h.6 Vh+IZ$ & ( 
,7 x4X@ h.6 Vh	("@+IZ$ & ( 
,= x4XF h.6 Vh+I h4vH Vh+I h	 A("H.2 Rh+W h0R+V,(,- x &, x Xh,L x,E h	 (Q x 42Vh@G4XT+,O x Vh+W+T h,5, x Vh"Y h,W $, h,X>hYz,~	 ^LAMBDA                                  DEF                                     LET   f                                   @@Cf\^Cg4bCh
fCjl+	  jXoXo ZQz1|x, X>x,T x Vh 
=$8Z"` 2 Rh	 
 r@nhZ$hZ&hZ(hZ*h,1 h4v{,m x,P x2Xh+{ $9 ,N	" @"{ h4v $,/ x,Z,v x Vh, h x36+Z$,
Z$h	 (AZ&hZ(hZ*h,1@vh h4r,~ x,w x2Xh+ 8 Xh $9 z(E"
,z h4X $9 ,
+{ h,}X>hYz,~ ?UBP? Unbalanced Parentheses in S-expr   @xCqdCp$	 XoXo ZQz1|x,lX>x $,| x,\$, x Vh, x	" Vh, x Vh $, x Vh h h h 
, h,X>hYz ',~	 (XoXo ZQz1|x,X>x $,Y x Vh $,Y x Vh $,Y	 @0 x Vh, x Vh 2 Rh . Nh * Jh & Fh Fh Rh2rh+J	 9.2 6 Vh Rh2rh+I h. X. H. X.3vH+H h	 A. X Vh h h. 8. NH h h. RX:h+;:h+8	 J h.  h.  h.   
(,% h h. X	 R..H h./H h./H Vh h . 8/. NH h	 D [ . H/h. RX h,& h,d h,d h,dX>hYz,~	 cXoXo ZQz1|x,*X>x,1 x Vh $, h x. Vh 	(@@l,^\$,i x.h Vh ,l\$,m x.h Vh ,o $,p @t x.h Vh h  h 
h,P h,sX>hYz,~	 *{XoXo ZQz1|x,fX>x Dh, h4X Z$Z&hZ(
<,+ Z$	"U
" Z&hZ(
<, ,,,: x4X , Z$,s Z$, Z$, 
,	"E 
;x4X$P,Z$h&,`	@t`	   hB6 V`
 4 T
=,~X>hYz,~	  Visit File:                             Read File:                              Buffe  !r                                  contains changes.  Write them out       ?@pD
 D4 D !D, %D\ )	 ( )XoXo ZQz1|x,}X>x
Q8X8h*8h,g x Vh,(, . x Vh	( 2,X x Vh $,! x Vh h, x,. x4X 9:h+ 5 6 Vh	" : h, 6 x Xh h,N xB8 h0t@4X J/4&4 Th	 Vh	 h	( @* C,Y h	 h	 x.Z"Px\ h.h, ; x Xh:h+ < 
=Z6`	 A K @h@ph 28 .	< Nh	 Rh2rh	+ ^020r	+ T&2.2h H(RP	 @
hT7@52]8Z6hh$4Z4PdZ	X2RP+(\88=`hX+h\@	P\GhrXh:h+hOh4Xf\$,4x,,(+8Xh	,2h	 x2th	Te@	Xhh4Xoqh/Qz1|x, ,X>x, c x3v
SX"h*"hh.(? Hh,!Z$h,@,! 	( !",!! h h Rh Vh2vh+!S&6 Xh h+!/ h @ Vh+!1 h @	"*!* Vh+!1 h @ Vh+!1!'!)!+1t147+T!- 8 h0V^@	 A
!3 40V^@G 40VQ@GB84X!R h0R+!;Z$,!!+!O0R	(Q
"!;+!=Z$,!:+!O0R+!@Z$,!<+!O0R+!BZ$,!?+!O0R!O02+!N $/,! h	"D T !L.$ ,!K+!O ,!M $, h$$Z$l,!I,!":h+!$ h1v?+!V"!U $,!NX>hYz,~	 !WBackspace                               Tab                                     Linef	 !`eed                                Return                                  Escape    	 !h                              Space                                   Rubout          !q                         @D!WDD![Dl!D!cD<!gDd!kD
!o	 !sXoXo ZQz1|x,!X>x Dh 8Zo X3R@0r@ 42R!y	 !|@0$0d+"&$ 
@@hh0$0d	(@ P",
>DBZ$,+"@@h h0$0d,"&$("
>GBZ$,X>hYz,~ "?@`D<"	 A*"RZQz1|x,!vX>xh Fh h2V+" 2 Rh:j D^+,U 
;0r	(Q"""+"Z$,
, Z$, ,  x4X"! 8 X
6 X
6,"+,W $,|+,W	"T(Q*"$ $,|+,W,K+,W $,!t+,W $,|+,W $,|+,W,"!, , 	"@", x4X"5 Z$ & Dh
, h
x,, $,"3	(D P
"5 Z$ 
<,Z$h,+x,q+,W,	*T*N"=+,W,c+,W,"+,"2,+,W,*+,W@$,|+,W 83F"@1f@	"("F 42F"D@ 
"WZ$,"N+"YZ$,"W+,W,+,W,! x VhZ$h,;Z$h,!Q,"[ x	(T
T"_,d h,!+,W,"?Z$Z&hZ(
<,,"a,"?,"^ x,VhZ$h,&,,W,.+,W $,|+,W,+,W $3F"S@,T	(E
Q""p+,W,+,W $,|+,W $,|+,W,+,W $,!t+,W $,|+,W	 *E "yZ$h,Z$h,"^+,W $,|+,W,"d,"d h3V"o+#56#,#h Vh	(*#+#\2 Rh h, x4X#,?+#Z$,
+,W $  h3R"~@	 UE*#
, 8 X
=+,W,{+,W $ & h3R#	@,#
+,W2F#+#,"}Z$	(EE"#  (,j x,+# ,  x, 8 X
=$&	*U"*#Z&
=Z( ,,":,#+,W,#Z$ 
=Z(#,#+,W,	(Q(##+,W h R
<,#!Z$h &),3 x Vh	 E

#,Z$h &#,6 h5V#0,7 x V
< Q6hX6`*6`	@t`	 6 V
=+,W,	(U#4+,W $,!t+,W2F#+#8 2 Rh,"h x Vh,"0 x Vh ,"j h	"P#=3vh+#X /$,! x0X+#W h,#<, { x&h 60X@4V#V	 "#E@vh h/$/h,#? x 60X@ h/h3rh@4V#M:h+#F h	"#N1v+#T",% h4v#T $,!U h/h Vh+#P h/h Vh+#V>h	(E
*#V+#W>h+#< h,#A+,W $,|+,W $,|+,W,+,W2F#6+#_ 2	""#_ Rh,#8 x Vh Vh,#: x3vh+#t h,
l x0X+#s h,#X $	(#g,#O 6 h Rh
,#B h
 x&/ Rh
+#q $,#Q	"AT
#p:h+#n,#_ x Vh+#s:h+#a h,#f+,W,#'Z$Z&hZ(
<,"cZ$h	* D(#x,R+,W $,+,W,+,WZ$ &,M x, $,#t,#a x,#g	"E$Z$,"z $,#oZ$h,"]Z$h,$ $,$ $,$,!RZ$ & ,!	 $	Z$ & (,!Z$ & (,!Z$ & (,!Z$ & (,!Z$h	" *$ &,tZ$h & Dh
,# h
x,  ,+,W,4	(E(*$+,WZ$h,$Z$h,"Y+,W,+,WZ$h,Z$h,$+,W,w+,W,{+,W	*
$#,+,W83F#]@1f@42F$$@Wk+,W 8 X	 X
p, ]&2	" P($4. V 8 X
,j+,W h02+$9, y $Q h,"+,W 8 X		**$< X
 ] Th h0R+$H"	 N	, x Xh 040t+$F&4 P	 D$E(TX7@54$H $,. h060v+$L&6 \$D(V`7@56$Y 	*
$M,.h/6 V 8 X
,$@ x Xh 040t+$W&4 T$J	 *T
$V(TX7@54$Y $,$G+$H>j,+,W,(+,W $2"h,"+,W 8	( $^ 
>(T04@2F$'@ Xh
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 x Th
,#q h
|x	nE$g3T@4X$lv$,$,$ex/$,#\$,	h2V$`+$p\$,vx	*DA*$o,$+$s,
+%\$,$x$"r&,":h+$|	*( %+,W,
"h	( 
%	, h
 x.,$k+,W,% x Dh
"h,H h
@ % x Dh
"h,% h
 x.,%+,W,% x Dh
"h,% h
 x.	*(E
%,%+,W h/$,$b x,%+,W $,$ 8 X
=+,W(h,+,W, Xh,% x Vh\$m Dh
 $,Y h
 x Dh
,%$ h
	 D %+ x/,' $,Y x Dh
,%) h
 x/,%\$m,&\$m &,%,	" Q%3 h,% h,%+,W $3F$y@,+,W 
=S4Z"`%;@54%<	**%<, * 
>(X58%>,y"h,\+,W,: x,%4\$, j $ &, x	(*(%D,$o\$ &,%C x,%D+,W2F%6+%K $,$q x,%G+%N,
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**** *S*T*U*V*`*o+++ +"+%+'*U ,R+)++,W+X+[+t+u1d^1$7++vX>hYz,~	 ,Y?ATL? Already at top level               Abort this recursive edit               	 ,aConnect to Directory:                   Hackmatic mode on                       Hackm	 ,jatic mode off                      Using tabs                              Not using 	 ,rtabs                          Insert File:                            CPC? Couldn't P	 ,{ush Command level        Select Buffer:                          New comment end:    	 -                    New comment start:                      New File Name:           	 -
               View File:                              AMIS Command Chart Buffer     	 -          AMIS Command Chart (as of               Non-Control Non-Meta Characters:   	 -     Control Characters:                     Meta Characters:                        	 -%Control-Meta Characters:                Control-X Subcommands:                  Using	 -. flow control                      Not using flow control                  @	 -6M-X                                     *** Mark set ***                         	 -?`@(No changes need to be written)         Comment column =                   	 -G     Fill column =                           @You are typing a character as 	 -Pan        argument to a command.                  The command is ^R Visit in Other Wi	 -Xndow:Find buffer or file in other window.    Follow this command by B or C-B and a   	 -abuffer name or F or C-F and a file name.We find the buffer or file in the other windo	 -iw,                                 creating the other window if necessary. Now type t	 -rhe argument.                  ILO? Illegal Option for this command.   ?|	 -z@UUK? UnUsed Key                         ILC? Illegal Command      .               @	E:\,YD#D,YD#\,]D'
,qD,$,uD0d,yD2$,}D3-D3l-D4|-	D>d-A\-%DA|-)DE4--DEL-1E2$-5D4-6E"t-:E->E|-?ET-?Et-@E<-DEL-HE0t-LE6\-ME6l-Q@|E7-UE7-YE74-]E7D-aE7\-eE7l-iE8-mE8$-qE:t-uE<l-yE=\-zE>D-|E>\.		A(.RZQz1|x,"X>xDh,,h4X.,Z&,DE@X	E(.	(D.A,	 x4X.GZ8h  @`Z6 XGB`Z8` ` @ (X58.J h.6	"@" .J Vh 58.M h.6 Vh@@ h X] h P Vh0V^+.c 00 0p-	( .R+.U&0 @(PH7@50.W.4 Th 0000p=+.[&0 @(PH7	".[@50.]/4 Th08+.b04+.a.4.4  Th+.b.4  Th P Rh T^ .c h VhX>hYz,~ .f@?|@@~EhL.fEj<.fEk.h	 
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