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 #2No memory at BUFERR:(SENVAX)	(1H.occurred while opening the linkH3occurred while sending th	 ":e sender's nameH7 
p+r "+:p+3 `H>+ p	"B1"2+b Np+< "+Ooccurred during recipient validationHEoccurred w	  Khile sending the To: listHJoccurred while sending the SUBJECT: lineHN	 ASoccurred while transmitting mail fileHT L8Z8+Coccurred during reci \pient confirmation of recieving mailHZ	D",*i(aF(aDDBDD+JDeIDoX[Dq]	@ 2]p8r+R87&8A7z#,REz. j`HUnPKVHd	D"RL3>BM7;:M@uMs,Mb<P/@O6FJlR\}	*w"	DR&6:@-$KalAybRg{4	}\g+bs|v]fBS
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