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08zK@ H:,	 XoXo ZQz1|x,X>x DhZo `24`+ ` 
`/,Lh	Z6`VhQh2ph+Zo`/0&0.0X4Z"@tL:h+XoXo ZQz1|x,X>x DhZo&` Dh h&` Vh0v+$.6	"""# Vh+%.6 /6 Vh , x4X, h5V* 8 Xh+, , x + XhX>hYz,~	  -RZQz1|x,X>xhh Lh.
/* Jh Hh2hh+9 h/(&(	 "6.(` 6Z" v,:h+3 h.h/6 Vh#h, x4X@ h56@ $(>, x XhX>hYz,~ @ARZQz1|x,/X>xhhZ%h ,,-X>hYz,~	 HRZQz1|x,CX>x Dh 80D@ 60D@G XhX>hYz,~	 PRZQz1|x,IX>x
SX"h*"hSX"h*"h 6 Vh	 h	/$&$.	"YZ"$, x Xh
 h	/$&$.Z"$,Z h
 x/ Xh	:h	 a 61X@ 21t@G4VW XhX>hYz,~	 gRZQz1|x,RX>x Dh@vh 2 . Nh Rh2rh+t h/2&2.2`"pZ"H6T1V+s h Th:h+m h VhX>hYz,~	 vRZQz1|x,iX>x DhZ$h h ( * ,,- 6 2 Rh Vh2vh	( +/6&6.Z"X8d1X+ h/$&$.Z"$,:h+~ X>hYz,~	 	RZQz1|x,xX>xSX"h*"h 6 VhZ$h,g h x Rh Vh2vh((D+ /$&$.Z"$,:h+ $,X>hYz,~ "RZQz1|x,
X>x $, $,X>hYz,~	 RZQz1|x,X>xhZ$h h ( * 
h,- 6 2 Rh Vh2vh	( '+0/6&6.Z"X8d1X+/ h/$&$.Z"$,:h+' 0X>hYz,~ 1RZQz1|x, X>x Dh &,X>hYz,~ 7RZQz1|x,3X>x Dh &,X>hYz,~	 A<XoXo ZQz1|x,8X>xZo `
5TCZ$`,+]Z$`,g x Vh	 E 2/ Vh Rh2rh+M /$&$Zo.Z"$,:h+G $	(
M,. 6Zo `
 Rh Vh2vh+V /$&$Zo.Z"$,K:h	(DV+P $,M h4v\ /$&$Zo.Z"$,U $,WX>hYz ^,~	 _XoXo ZQz1|x,?X>xZo Zo 
,,=:6Zo,`/	gRhZVh2vh+n /$&$Zo.Z"
,Zo `
X>hYz,~	,uRZQz1|x&,aX>xSX"h*"hSX"h*"hh Lh	 6 VhZ$h
4XZ$h,g x Vh
,q,= h
4XN,$,	Z@xB84X,,,xZXh,	,Z$,	Z$,	,,Z$,	+N0X+!	(@, h/6 Vh.6 2 Rh Vh2vh+ /6&6 4.Z"X
+NA60X(Z$h4X',,`+N	"*D(0X?+- h1t+,>h,`+-,'+N0X
+1Z$h,`+N	"
+8/4&Th,`+N0X+>	 A*"9, $, xB84X=,,`+N h0T+@,,+N0X+F $	( B,: xB84XD,<, x Xh
, h
+Q6h*6P h Uh	X>hYz,~	 SYou are entering the argument to a      command.                                Termi	 [nate it with a Return. Rubout      cancels one character.                  C-U cancel	 ds the argument. C-G aborts    the command.                            Now type the ar lgument.                  @@!TS@!dW@!|[@"
_@"$c@"4g@"Tk	 oRZQz1|x,wX>xSX"h*"hhZ$hZ&Z)hZ+h ,,uX>hYz w,~ x                                        @`@.Dx	 |RZQz1|x,pX>xSX"h*"hhZ$hZ&Z)hZ+h ,,uX>hYz ,~                                         @`@0	 *	RZQz1|x,}X>xZ$,B,D, x,^ x Xh 60X,@ 4	 
0X'@G4V ,] $,,
 8 h0V,@ XhX>hYz,~ (Y or N)?                               @`@1<	 RZQz1|x,
X>x@vh $, x Vh, h x/2 Rh Vh2vh	( &+4 , x Xh0X+- h&4$4.4 Th+30X?+0 h.4"/ Th+308+3 h.4 Th+3:h:h+& h VhX>hYz,~	  7RZQz1|x,X>x Dh,# x Vh 8 h1r@ Xh , h	 ? x0V@4XE h.$,\$,7 h,B+U 8 h04@ Xh	 @
 H h/$,> h x0V@4XU, x Vh\$,, x Vh h P/2 Rh Vh2vh+U $,:h+RX>hYz,~	 (D"VRZQz1|x,8X>x Dh4$_,: x,I x,H x4X_ $,N+Z"AE_ h5ve,Z x/$,[ x,H x4Xe\$,^+`X>hYz,~	  gRZQz1|x,XX>x Dh,` x Vh h4rz, x Vh h,a x	(D o,H x4Xr:h+n 8 h24h@ Xh ,n x,H h xB6	"xA4Xz:h+r+
 $,! x Vh h/$,u x,H x4X	"D>h+} 8 h3th@ Xh /$,~ x,H h xB6A4X
"	>h+ h Vh,j h x/ VhX>hYz,~	  "RZQz1|x,hX>xh, x Vh Vh 8 Xh h4r& h4X& h	(D  , x,H x4X:h+% h &, x4X% h4X!, x.h	 AE"  Vh Vh+$ h Th, x.h Vh+%@vh++:52: h4X: h	"(/$, x,H x4X,>h+9 h\&, x4X9 h4X4 h Th	( 1," h x/ Th Th+8 h Th Th,1 h x/ Th+9@vh(9+' h Vh, h x/ VhX>hYz,~	  @?RZQz1|x,X>x Dh,6 x Vh,; x Vh 2 h Nh Rh2rh	(AG+N h &,- x4XL h.h Vh+M:h:h+G h\2 Rh Vh	"  P2vh+W h\&,I x4XU h/h Vh+V>h:h+P h Vh,C X h x/ VhX>hYz,~	  \RZQz1|x,@X>x Dh,X x Vh 2 h Nh Rh2rh+m h,'	 Ad x, x4Xg:h+c h,) x,e xB84Xl:h+g:h+b	 m h\2 Rh Vh2vh+z h/$,d x,i x4Xt>h+p h/$	(AAu,h x,r xB84Xy>h+t:h+o h Vh,_ h x/ Vh ~X>hYz,~	 XoXo ZQz1|x,]X>x, xZo2V`+ 6 `1r@ Vh	(+[ 6 `0R@ `0.@4V! R` 6 Vh hZo X3rX@	(D @"4X X,q x,H x4XZo:`+Zo  &,R x4X,B	 " xZo.` V`+@vh+3rX+  X NX 
X JX 8 Xh+[@th	" ! , x 060v+'&6 X(V`7@56[Zo `.4 T`	 @ *Zo ,u x 060v.+0&6 X(V`7@562Zo:`+*	 D2Zo ,+ x,H x XhZo  &, h xG 6 Vh Xh	(;, h h xZo2RP@G4XX P4vC P PP 8 Xh+W 8	 "C Xh hZo X3rX@4XR X," x,H x4XKZo:`+RZo	 EL  &,7 x4XQ, xZo.` V`+R@vh+D3rX+W X NX	 "T 
X JX 8 Xh+W>X+[ P4v[ P/0 PP+[>PX>hYz,~ ]
@@x@T\]@Ul^	  _RZQz1|x,X>x Dh,{ x Vh Vh 2 h Nh Rh2rh+k,	 D  h xB84Xj:h+g:h+f h\2 Rh Vh2vh+r, xB84Xq" p>h+n:h+m h Vh,b h x/ VhX>hYz,~	  wRZQz1|x,aX>xh,s x Wh $, x Wh27h+ $,| @ x Wh,z x WhX>hYz,~	 
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 x.,D+,	 x:Vhh,\h+x.,VhX8YXh,x	Qh/2,RhXVh2vh+/Z,G x Xh/,v xB84X- h4X#	"" h4V! h, x,Xh+# h, x,Xh+) h4V'+h,x	"@B& Xh+):h,! x,Xh3Xh+,+h,,B+J h,HX>hYz K,~	 KRZQz1|x,3X>x Dh@vh,; x Vh, x Vh hB84X 8	"@TZ"hxZ$h &\( *, x4XZ,P x VhZ$h &  *,W	"@ \ x4X,X x/6 Vh@vh h,I h Vh h3vh+g:h\$,{	 e x Vh ,`+b@rh h,f h Vh h26h+o:h $,d x	 Q" m Vh ,h+j h,n,9 h4XsZ$,
+tZ$,r h.h,1	"D vZ$,t $, h,1 $,w h,1 $,y $,{X>hYz,~	 ~Buffer:                                 Page has                                 line s                                  @~@n$~@n<@nd	 
RZQz1|x,MX>x,+Z$,	Z$,		(T@	,Z$,	,,l//4rTh+(e040t+#&4 P(TX7@($54' 4//4?|@IQN? Invalid Q-register N :ame            @|@r)@r$-@r<1@s,5@t$7@tt8	 <XoXo ZQz1|x,
X>x,] x Vh ,3 x 6 020r	(D+G&2 H(RP7@02@ Vh h.$,A h x 020r	(@M+O&2 LE(RP7@02@ Vh h.$,J h x 020r	(@U+X&2 LN(RP7@02@ Vh h.$,R h x 020r	(@^+`&2 LV(RP7@02@ Vh h.$,[ h x 020r	(@f+i&2 L_(RP7@02@ Vh h.$,c h x0X@4Vp"o $,dX>hYz,~ q@@`@||q	 ArRZQz1|x,>X>x,? x Vh $,p 8Z"hxZ$h &  *	(E{,\ x4X~\$,o+y $,w 8Z"hxZ"hxZ"hxZ"hx	"Z"hx 6Z"hv 4Z"htZ$h & ( *,{ x4X\$|,}	"Q
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,=+ $,,= 8Z"hxZ$h & " *, x4X ,=+ h,X>hYz,~	  "RZQz1|x,tX>xh+;Q8X9h *8X+=Q8X9h *8X+=	 @+Q8X9h *8X+=Q8X9h *8X+=Q8X9h *8X+=Q8X9h	 @
U(3 *8X+=Q8X9h *8X+=&(+-0251f1&"<7+7X>hYz,~	 >DSK:AMIS.TRM[,]                         TED:AMIS.TRM                            AMIS.	 GCHART                              TED:AMIS.DXC                            TED:AMIS.B	 OHL                            DOC:AMIS.NEW                            DSK:AMIS.INI[,] X                         @Ad>A
(Tm4wMEx_D+&\	D"-?2I7/UJg_%`BV/A"7GB`
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