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	%TITLE'EDT - STARTUP MODULE'MODULE EDT (IDENT = '1-005',! File: EDT.B36 Edit: GB1005MAIN = EDIT$,VERSION = '1(34)'! EDT's version number) =BEGIN!!  COPYRIGHT (c) 1984, 1985 BY!      DIGITAL EQUIPMENT CORPORATION, MAYNARD, MASS.!ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.!! THIS SOFTWARE IS FURNISHED UNDER A LICENSE AND MAY BE USED AND  COPIED! ONLY  IN  ACCORDANCE  WITH  THE  TERMS  OF  SUCH  LICENSE AND WITH THE! INCLUSION OF THE ABOVE COPYRIGHT NOTICE.  THIS SOFTWARE OR  ANY  OTHER! COPIES  THEREOF MAY NOT BE PROVIDED OR OTHERWISE MADE AVAILABLE TO ANY! OTHER PERSON.  NO TITLE TO AND OWNERSHIP OF  THE  SOFTWARE  IS  HEREBY! TRANSFERRED.!! THE INFORMATION IN THIS SOFTWARE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE  WITHOUT  NOTICE! AND  SHOULD  NOT  BE  CONSTRUED  AS  A COMMITMENT BY DIGITAL EQUIPMENT! CORPORATION.!! DIGITAL ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE USE OR  RELIABILITY  OF  ITS! SOFTWARE ON EQUIPMENT WHICH IS NOT SUPPLIED BY DIGITAL.!!++! FACILITY:EDT -- The DEC Standard Editor!! ABSTRACT:!!This is the startup module for EDT!! ENVIRONMENT:Runs on TOPS20!! AUTHOR: Chris Gill, CREATION DATE: 13-Jun-1983!! MODIFIED BY:!! 1-001 - Original. This module was created by combining MAIN and STARTEDT!  both modified for TOPS20 operation. CJG 13-Jun-1983! 1-002 - Move EDT$$PA_CMDLN to INIT to prevent parsed data being lost. CJG 27-Jun-1983! 1-003 - Deal with the CREATE command (EDT$M_NEWFILE). CJG 12-Jul-1983! 1-004 - Add EDT$$GET_LOGDIR so that we search the login directory. CJG 7-Oct-1983! 1-005 - Add a VERSION parameter to the MODULE declaration. GB 19-Jul-1984!--%SBTTL 'Declarations'!! TABLE OF CONTENTS:!REQUIRE 'EDTSRC:TRAROUNAM';FORWARD ROUTINE    EDIT$;!! INCLUDE FILES:!REQUIRE 'EDTSRC:EDTREQ';!! MACROS:!!NONE!!<BLF/FORMAT>!! EQUATED SYMBOLS:!EXTERNAL LITERAL    EDT$M_NOCREATE,    EDT$M_NOJOURNAL,    EDT$M_COMMAND,    EDT$M_NOCOMMAND,    EDT$M_NEWFILE,    EDT$K_OPEN_IN_OUT,    EDT$K_OPEN_INPUT,    EDT$K_INPUT_FILE,    EDT$K_JOURNAL_FILE,    EDT$K_OPEN_OUTPUT_NOSEQ,    EDT$K_COMMAND_FILE,    EDT$K_CLOSE;!! OWN STORAGE:!!NONE!! EXTERNAL REFERENCES:!! Inside the routine.!-%SBTTL 'EDIT$ - set up and call EDT'ROUTINE EDIT$ ! set up and call EDT    =!++! FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION:!!The main entry point for the editor.!! FORMAL PARAMETERS:!!NONE!! IMPLICIT INPUTS:!!NONE!! IMPLICIT OUTPUTS:!!INP_NAM!OUT_NAM!CMD_NAM!COM_NAM!JOU_NAM!LASTMSG!CMD_BUF!CMD_END!! ROUTINE VALUE:!!Normally 1 or EDT$_EDITORABO!! SIDE EFFECTS:!!Performs an edit.!! NOTES:!!OPTIONS!bit 0 = /RECOVER!bit 1 = /COMMAND!bit 2 = /NOJOURNAL!bit 3 = /NOOUTPUT!bit 4 = /NOCOMMAND! bit 5 = /NOCREATE!bit 6 = CREATE command!--    BEGIN    EXTERNAL ROUTINEEDT$$SYS_EXI,! Return to system (with status)EDT$FILEIO,! Perform file ioEDT$$EXE_CMD,! Execute a commandEDT$$TERMIN_RCOVMOD : NOVALUE,! Handle end of journal file during /RECOVEREDT$$INIT,! Do the initial processingEDT$$TERMIN,! Do the final processingEDT$$FIOPN_ERR : NOVALUE,! Print a message about a file error, with file nameEDT$$TY_CURLN,! Type out the current lineEDT$$FMT_MSG : NOVALUE,! Format and print a messageEDT$$GET_LOGDIR : NOVALUE,! Get login directory and deviceEDT$$SET_COMFNAM;! Open and close command files    EXTERNALCMD_NAM : BLOCK,! Command file nameOUT_NAM : BLOCK,! Output file nameINP_NAM : BLOCK,! input file nameJOU_NAM : BLOCK,! Name of journal fileCMD_NAM_DEF1 : REF BLOCK,! First default command specCMD_NAM_DEF2 : REF BLOCK,! Second default command specCMD_DFLT : REF BLOCK,! Alternative form of CMD_NAM_DEF2EXITD,! Did we exit with the last command?RCOV_MOD,! do a recovery flagEDIT_MOD,! Current editing modeEDIT_DFLTMOD,! Default editing modeFNF_MSGFLG,! File not found message flagIOFI_NFND,! 1 = open failed due to file not foundOPTIONS : BITVECTOR [36],! Options bitsLASTMSG,! Message for change mode to printCMD_PTR,! Pointer to current location in command bufferCMD_BUF,! Command bufferCMD_END,! Pointer to end of command bufferCC_DONE;! 1 = control C actually aborted something    MESSAGES ((COMFILNEX, COMFILNOP, COMFILCLO, NOJNLFIL, INPFILNEX,ABOBYCC, CTRC__IGN, EDITORABO));    LOCALSTATUS,PRIMARY_FILE_CONDITION,STRING_LENGTH;!+! Do the initial processing.!-    PRIMARY_FILE_CONDITION = EDT$$INIT ();!+! If initialization failed, abort right now.!-    IF (.PRIMARY_FILE_CONDITION EQL 3) THEN EDT$$SYS_EXI (EDT$_EDITORABO);!+! If /NOCREATE was specified then exit if file was not found!-    IF ((.PRIMARY_FILE_CONDITION EQL 0) AND ((.OPTIONS AND EDT$M_NOCREATE) NEQ 0))    THENBEGINIF .FNF_MSGFLG THEN EDT$$FMT_MSG (EDT$_INPFILNEX);EDT$$SYS_EXI (-1);END;!+! Open the journal file.  If recovery was specified, open it so we can read! from it.!-    IF .RCOV_MOD    THENBEGINSTATUS = EDT$FILEIO (EDT$K_OPEN_IN_OUT, EDT$K_JOURNAL_FILE, JOU_NAM);IF ( NOT .STATUS)THEN    BEGIN    EDT$$FIOPN_ERR (EDT$_NOJNLFIL, JOU_NAM);    EDT$$SYS_EXI (EDT$_NOJNLFIL);    END;END    ELSE!+! We are not in recovery mode; just open the journal file for write.!-IF ((.OPTIONS AND EDT$M_NOJOURNAL) EQL 0)! NOT /NOJOURNALTHEN    BEGIN    STATUS = EDT$FILEIO (EDT$K_OPEN_OUTPUT_NOSEQ, EDT$K_JOURNAL_FILE, JOU_NAM);    END;!+! Make sure the journal file was opened.!-    IF (( NOT .STATUS) AND (.OPTIONS AND EDT$M_NOJOURNAL) EQL 0)    THENBEGINEDT$$FIOPN_ERR (EDT$_NOJNLFIL, JOU_NAM);EDT$$SYS_EXI (EDT$_NOJNLFIL);END;!+! Execute the startup file, if one was provided.  The startup file is always executed! in line mode.!-    EDIT_MOD = LINE_MODE;    IF ((.OPTIONS AND EDT$M_NOCOMMAND) EQL 0)    THENBEGINIF (.CMD_NAM [DSC$W_LENGTH] EQL 0)THEN    BEGIN!+! No command file name was provided, use the default.  Note that there are! two default names; if the first is not found we try the second.!-    STATUS = EDT$$SET_COMFNAM (CMD_NAM_DEF1);    IF ( NOT .STATUS)    THENBEGINSTATUS = EDT$$SET_COMFNAM (CMD_NAM_DEF2);IF ( NOT .STATUS)THEN    BEGIN    EDT$$GET_LOGDIR (CMD_DFLT, CMD_NAM);    STATUS = EDT$$SET_COMFNAM (CMD_NAM);    END;END;    ENDELSE    STATUS = EDT$$SET_COMFNAM (CMD_NAM);IF .STATUSTHEN    BEGIN    IF (EDT$$EXE_CMD (INP_COMMAND) EQL 2)    THENBEGIN!+! The startup file was terminated by control C.!-IF .CC_DONE THEN EDT$$FMT_MSG (EDT$_ABOBYCC) ELSE EDT$$FMT_MSG (EDT$_CTRC__IGN);CMD_PTR = CH$PTR (CMD_BUF, 0, BYTE_SIZE);CMD_END = .CMD_PTR;!+! Make sure we stay in line mode so the message is visible.!-EDIT_DFLTMOD = LINE_MODE;END;    ENDELSE    IF ((.OPTIONS AND EDT$M_COMMAND) NEQ 0)    THENBEGINEDT$$FIOPN_ERR (IF .IOFI_NFNDTHEN EDT$_COMFILNEXELSE EDT$_COMFILNOP, CMD_NAM);EDT$$SYS_EXI (EDT$_COMFILNOP)END;END;!+! Make sure the command file is closed, and the name is null.!-    STATUS = EDT$$SET_COMFNAM (0);! Close the command file    IF ( NOT .STATUS) THEN EDT$$SYS_EXI (EDT$_COMFILCLO);!+! Use the default mode setting.!-    EDIT_MOD = .EDIT_DFLTMOD;!+! Give an error message if the primary file was not found or does not have standard format.! unless we are about to enter change mode, in which case defer the message.! The message is not needed if the original command was CREATE.!-    IF ((.OPTIONS AND EDT$M_NEWFILE) EQL 0)    THENBEGINCASE .PRIMARY_FILE_CONDITION FROM 0 TO 2 OF    SET    [0] :IF (.EDIT_MOD EQL LINE_MODE)THEN    BEGIN    IF .FNF_MSGFLG THEN EDT$$FMT_MSG (EDT$_INPFILNEX);    ENDELSE    IF .FNF_MSGFLG THEN LASTMSG = EDT$_INPFILNEX;    [1] :BEGIN0END;    [2] :BEGIN0END;    TES;END;!+! If we are in recovery mode, execute the remainder of the journal file.! (Part of the journal file may have been used to respond to SUBSTITUTE/QUERY! commands in the startup file.)!-    IF (.RCOV_MOD)    THENBEGINIF (EDT$$EXE_CMD (INP_JOURNAL) EQL 2)THEN    BEGIN!+! The recovery process was interrupted by a control C.  Bail out.!-    IF .CC_DONE THEN RETURN (EDT$_ABOBYCC) ELSE EDT$$SYS_EXI (EDT$_CTRC__IGN);    END;EDT$$TERMIN_RCOVMOD ();END;!+! If we are in line mode, then print the current line.!-    IF (.EDIT_MOD EQL LINE_MODE)    THENBEGINEDT$$TY_CURLN ();END;!+! And execute the main stream of commands.!-    EDT$$EXE_CMD (INP_TERM);!+! Do the finalization processing.!-    EDT$$TERMIN ();    RETURN (1);    END;! of routine EDIT$END! of module EDTELUDOM

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