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MTCOPY is a program to copy and verify unlabeled magnetic tapes.
The commands are:

BACKSPACE	Backspace the given tape a specified number of files.
COPY		Copy from the specified input tape to the specified
		output tape for a specified number of files or to LEOT.
DISMOUNT	Unload or dismount specified tape.  Assigned drives are
		not released.
EXIT		Exit from MTCOPY.
HELP		Type this text.
PUSH		Push to an EXEC in an inferior fork.
REWIND		Rewind the specified magtape.
SET		Set parameters:
   SET DENSITY	Specify the density to use for the input or output tape.
		Output will follow input if not specified.
   SET MAXIMUM-RECORD-SIZE	Specify maximum number of frames per record
		in industry compatible mode to allow some performance gains
		due to savings in buffersize requested.
   SET REWIND-AT-COMPLETION	Rewind both tapes at completion of COPY
		or VERIFY operation.  SET NO REWIND-AT-COMPLETION is the
		default condition.
SKIP		Skip forward the specified number of files or to LEOT.
TAKE		Take commands from the specified file.
VERIFY		Compare and verify the specified tapes for the specified
		number of files.


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|/mMTCOPY>BBACKSPACECOPYDISMOUNTEXITHELPPUSHREWINDSETSKIPTAKEVERIFYWITH COMMANDSBDENSITYMAXIMUM-RECORD-SIZENOREWIND-AT-COMPLETIONFH,TO REQUEST FROM MONITORdecimal max frame count20480 8H3H6Value out of range for internal buffersOF1600-BPITH=FORAV 2+R6250-BPI800-BPIINPUTOUTPUTOR UNLOADtape designator@(HI$$Device is not a magtapeDISMOUNT failed: OUNLOAD failed: RMAGTAPEDEVICENUMBER OF FILESnumber of files1 8HXHZNumber of files must be greater than zero~ 8aHXHZLEOTFROMinput tape designatorIN:@8HeHgTOoutput tape designatorOUT:@8HjHmALL 8oHXHp4+4+
[COPY Completed:   files]Copy: Input magtape device or data errorCopy: Input magtape unknown error conditionCopy: Premature end-of-tape reached on outputCopy: Output tape is write-lockedCopy: Output magtape device or data errorCopy: Unknown error on output magtapeInput magtape drive does not support requested densityOutput magtape drive does not support requested densitybase tape designator@8HHgAGAINSTtape designator to verify@8H$Hm4S+S4U+U
[VERIFY Completed:  Verify: Verify record is too shortVerify: Miscompare of data in fileVerify: Verify file too longVerify: Error on verify tape when tape mark expectedVerify: Input magtape device or data errorVerify: Input magtape unknown error conditionVerify: Tape mark encountered on verify tape when data expectedVerify: End of tape encountered early on verify tapeVerify: Verify magtape device or data errorVerify: Verify magtape unknown error condition,^	4-{+-{.Duu$$Cannot get a JFN on tape designator b.Duu

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? Nesting of TAKE files is not allowed -- command file aborted
\".,-)+.6$ZSUBS Internal Error - LUUO Out of Range-{
% @.$0$$.()B
-(PSI error - abort address not initialized
`d+.+-| -- command file aborted

[Command file completed] x.Dx.Dpx.up.; @/j-l606`0OvA+d-~z--OOrc OOqh O9RH\>Xr#eO/gOXO{O/L`iMK-
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