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          Following is  a  brief  synopsis  of  each  article/file  that
     appears  in  the  SWSKIT  documentation.   Please note that many of
     these articles are preliminary functional  specs  and  discussions,
     and   may  contain  some  information  that  is  completely  false.
     However, the material is provided to be used  with  proper  caution
     because  it  does  provide  information  not otherwise available in
     useful form at this time.  Over time, many of these documents  will
     be replaced by SDC-type materials.  For other items, these articles
     may be the main source of information for quite a while.

                  TITLE                 DESCRIPTION

          HANDBOOK            This document is the  latest  revision  of
                              the TOPS-20 Trouble-Shooting Handbook.

          ACCOUNTING          This article describes the changes made to
                              allow  the  billing rates for system usage
                              to  change  during  the  day.    It   also
                              explains a feature called disk accounting.

          ACCOUNTING-TABLES   This  file  documents   the   formats   of
                              SYSTEM-DATA.BIN   and   CHECKPOINT.BIN  in
                              tabular format.

          ARCHIVE             This  document  describes  some   of   the
                              functionality of archiving, and how to use

          BUGS                This documents describes the TOPS20 BUGxxx
                              macro changes.

          CI-INFO             This document  contains  files  describing
                              the  implentation of support for the CI-20
                              (KLIPA) I/O port for the DECSYSTEM-20.

          CFS-INFO            This document contains descriptions of the
                              implementation  of  the Common File System
                              (CFS) for TOPS-20.

          DDT-INFO            This document describes the  changes  that
                              have  been  made  to  DDT for versions 41,
                              41A, and 43.

          DDP                 This document discusses  some  aspects  of
                              DDP   (Distributed   Data  Processing)  on
                              TOPS-20.  (Very early paper.)
                                                                  Page 2

          DEBUGGING-GALAXY    This document describes  how  to  build  a
                              private  GALAXY  system for debugging, and
                              gives   hints   on    debugging    various

          DX20                This document gives a brief description of
                              the  configuration  requirements for tapes
                              controlled by the DX20.

          EAPGMG              This    document    describes     Extended
                              Addressing   on   the   DECSYSTEM-20   and
                              programming in non-zero sections.

          EXECUTE-ONLY        This  document  describes   the   changes,
                              restrictions,  and  implementation  of  an
                              execute-only file capability on TOPS-20.

          GALAXY-TABLES       This document is a  collection  of  tables
                              for GALAXY version 4.2.

          GALAXY-V5           This document contains discussions of  the
                              changes   to  GALAXY  for  version  5  and
                              specifications of the QUEUE% JSYS.

          GETOK               This document describes three new  JSYSes:
                              GETOK,   RCVOK,   and   GIVOK.    It  also
                              describes the SMON function.

          HSC-INFO            This document  describes  the  programming
                              and  use  of the HSC-50 storage controller
                              by release 6.0 of TOPS-20.

          IO                  This  document  describes  some   of   the
                              aspects of how IO is done by TOPS-20.

          KFS                 This  document  explains  the   functional
                              specification of the RSX-20F KLINK link.

          KLCOM               This document  describes  the  KL10/PDP-11
                              DTE20  protocol.   It explains such things
                              as the protocol messages, error  messages,
                              and bootstrap procedures.

          KL873               This document describes the  functionality
                              of   all   the   revisions  of  the  BM873
                              Bootstrap ROM for  KL10  based  on  PDP-11

          LABELED-TAPES       This document describes  TOPS20's  support
                              of   labeled   tapes.   It  also  gives  a
                              description  of  the  monitor  calls   and
                              support routines that are used for labeled
                                                                  Page 3

          LP20                This  functional  specification  describes
                              the interface to the LP-20 from the KL-10.

          MONITOR-ADDRESS-SPACE This document describes the changes made
                              to  BOOT  and  DDT  to enable more address
                              space.  It also explains about PSECTS, and
                              overlapping  BGSTR  to  build monitors and
                              the  write-protecting  of   the   resident
                              monitor  and  the parts of the Release 6.0
                              address space project, moving  things  out
                              of section 0/1.

          MONITOR-TABLES      This document displays most of the  tables
                              in  the  monitor.   This  is a best effort
                              based on the  ED  SERVICES  materials  and
                              will  doubtless  be not as complete as the
                              eventual ED SERVICES document.

          MOS                 This document describes MOS memory and the
                              TOPS20 monitor support of TGHA.

          MSCP-INFO           This  document  contains  the  design  and
                              functional  specifications for the TOPS-20
                              implementation of the Mass Storage Control
                              Protocol (MSCP) server and driver.

          PARITY              This  document  describes  some   of   the
                              changes  made to the way parity errors are
                              handled for Release 5.

          PERFORMANCE         This    document    talks    about     the
                              interpretation   of   some  of  the  WATCH

          RSX-STOP-CODES      This documents  a  list  of  RSX-20F  stop
                              codes,  stating  their  meaning,  and  the
                              module that contains the stop code.

          SCA-INFO            This document describes SCA,  the  Systems
                              Communication  Architecture  protocol used
                              over the CI bus.

          SCHEDULER           This  document   describes   Working   Set
                              Swapping,  and  Release  4 and 6 Scheduler
                              changes (Class Scheduler, SKED%, etc.).

          SPEAR               This document discusses  how  to  run  the
                              SPEAR program.

          USEFE               This  document  outlines  how  to  use  FE
                              device and program.