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COPYRIGHT (C) 1969,1974,1979,1980,1982,1984 BY DIGITAL EQUIPMENT CORPORATION,  " 
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218+1+13@  "9 $24, "9 $24`b+Z,+3\"L,,~!"@ B>\"C B@\"E BA "9 $24`b+	 DG\"M,+
!"@ B>\"E B@\"F BA "9 $24W`b+	 DG,+
 G 4W\$@4W G $4W,^+ @/"2"@+% @4B1,f+67B? @A" B>." B>[
0*~0j~+;1J~+G1J~,m+U:@+RSG !&4W 4N[0D~,~Z B@ " B@:@+&" /=7@+ D= QG $!&4W+@@< G\$A@4W\$P@4W >.$\@4W,Y >.$[4D} \$Q@4W (D{/$ &J4W >."  B? >Z>.0"+V B>[>7@+T1J~+]1J~+V1J~+1J~+01J~+1J~+91J~+H1J~+91J~+V1J~+,\"_ "   &J4W\"a "  > &J4W+\"|\$c 
?1L~+1L~+1L~+@@<\$A@4W\$c@4W >.$\1J~\$d@4W,Y``+,@@<\"|4W4D':<+% <2b=+e.< B<3b=+fl @@?+d  G\$|@4W J?+ G\$A@4W\$g@4W >.$  &J4W,Y J?+ G\$A@4W\$i@4W >.$ ,`+j $4W >.$\@4W 4W,Y J?+@@< G\$A@4W\$l@4W >.$ ,`+m\$o@4W >.$  &J4W,Y J?+@@<@@?7@?+ ?,~-<q >.$ 4D` \$t@4W !&@H4W,~-<q 4Du@)D4De.$4W+b,~\"N,,~,,~<+0\"O,,~,,~!"\$v4z |4W BH H\$p &( (4v " \$p &( (4W+p H
4Wad+W " \$p &( (4W H	4W,~\"Q,,~,,~,\"|,~\"R,,~,,~,\"|,~\"T,,~ "9 $	24W`b+	 ,,~ H=,~ "9 $	24ab+,Z,~\ "9 $	 .( F 24ab+,Z,~:x,~,~ G	4 G	4,~ " $Z`6@\"	,~5 xBxHxHdx\d> 09:9f9 i9(~9098(
?%ACTDMP>ACCOUNTS-TABLEBINDUMP-OFACCOUNTING-DATA-BASEDUMPEXITHELPPUSHTAKEWIDTHfileinto fileout of ACTDMPwith ACTDMPto new EXECcommands fromof lines in lines in output file,\"A,^<+Y,\"A+^,\"B " U$@+ + ,~|p x - "",Z\"\"\\"\"A+3@,Z,~ G	4W@|G,~ G	4W G	4W@~G,~; This file was generated by ACTDMP?Invalid hash table in file: @,\" "  G@
4WO @4W G	4W G	4W,~%End of hash table@,\""O @4WO $@4W G	4W G\$A@4W	4W,~:@+R?Unexpected error after call to ACCMAP,\"2,~?Unexpected block type at: ,\"8 "  =$$.> &J4W\"A+[?Hash table encounted in middle of file, aborting...,\"A,~?Unexpected error in routine HSHMAP, aborting...,\"I+WACCOUNT  /CLASS:%End of account,\"R\"A+V?Hash table encounted in middle of account, aborting...,\"W+V?Unexpected block type:  at location  , USER *l @@?+ B<+,GROUP /USER:DIRECTORY  $4W+@GROUP  $4W+O/DIRECTORY:,>,pa:,^,~ /EXPIRES:+HLP:ACTDMP.HLP?No help file available,\"w,~%Not implemented yet...Maximum # of characters per line in output file80 8HH	@
6		6`		`z!Oa~OSK~ORA~O(w~O:YN,`7vGAQgE1>;K1=1<AF/ {ZA\N9rll,l%l
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