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     The formal requirements for the certification  of  file
transfer  and  other  DAP  based utilities are good, but not
good enough.  So, before NFT/FAL is ready  for  the  SDC  it
must  pass  the  following  tests.   These  tests  are  more
complete  than  the  Certification  group  requires  in  the
following ways:

     1.  All record format, record attribute,  and  datatype
         combinations  are  tested,  not  just  the 4 record

     2.  The          conversion          of          record
         formats/attributes/datatypes  is  also tested where

     3.  A     test     of      copying      all      record
         formats/attributes/datatypes  from  a  remote which
         can't be created at the local  node  to  the  local
         node is tested.

     4.  Typing or examining files  created  at  the  remote
         node  is done in addition to comparing copyed files
         at the local node.  This insures that the  file  on
         the remote node is usable or meaningful.

     5.  Wildcarding is tested for every command.

     Checking copyed files at the remote node cannot be done
in  a batch or command procedure.  Checking to insure that a
remote file has been printed or submitted for execution also
cannot  be  done in a canned procedure.  These tests require
some manual intervention to make these determinations.

     Note that an effort is made to check all file types and
modes in both directions on all systems.

     Each test can be run in batch mode  or  in  timesharing
mode  using  any MIC like utility (I use DO).  Each NFT test
has a single control file:  [remote-system.ctl] and there is
a  common group of data files for all tests.  Before running
any NFT test, make a copy of the control file and edit it to
make the following global changes:

     1.  LOCAL-USER

     2.  REMOTE-NODE

     3.  REMOTE-USER

DECnet File Transfer Certification Procedures         Page 2


     Then insure that the appropriate data files  have  been
created  on  the remote node.  Following the running of each
test, perform the manual steps outlined in the log file.

                    The Tests for NFT-20

     1.  20.CTL

     2.  VMS.CTL

     3.  RSTS.CTL

     4.  10.CTL

     5.  RSX.CTL

     6.  RT.CTL

     7.  IAS.CTL

                    The tests for FAL-20

     1.  ?

                        Common Files

     1.  NULL.BIN - A file with no content, no byte size  or
         byte count.

     2.  HOLE.BIN - A file with holes.

     3.  PAGE.ASC - A one page 7 bit byte stream  file  with

     4.  100PAG.ASC - A 100 page 7 bit byte ascii file  with

     5.  512BYT.ASC - A stream file with  512  byte  records
         (514 with CRLF).

     6.  STRMCR.ASC - A small stream file  of  small  7  bit
         byte  records, with no line numbers and appropriate
         carriage control.
DECnet File Transfer Certification Procedures         Page 3

     7.  STRM.ASC - A  stream  file  of  7  bit  byte  ascii
         records with no carriage control.

     8.  STRM.BIN - A stream file of 36 bit byte records.

     9.  STRMLN.ASC - A stream file of 7  bit  byte  records
         with line numbers.

    10.  FIX.ASC -  Fixed  length  (80)  7  bit  byte  ascii

    11.  FIX.BIN - Fixed  length  (80)  8  bit  byte  binary

    12.  FIX.MCY - Fixed length MACY11 file.

    13.  VAR.ASC - Variable length 7 bit byte ascii records.

    14.  VAR.BIN  -  Variable  length  8  bit  byte   binary

    15.  VAR.MCY - Variable length MACY11 file.