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Every aspect of file transfer has been documented in the formal 
documentation except the secret commands and facilities. The 
following features of NFT/FAL are undocumented:

    1.	Typing a ^A at any time reports the state of the logical link,
	the number of messages sent and received during the current 
	connection, and the page number of the current page in the 
	local disk file.

    2.	If the file PS:<SPOOL>FAL.LOG exists when FAL is started, FAL
	will write a log in this file. It appends to the end of the file.

    3.	The TRACE command will trace all messages sent or received by NFT.
	There is no way to turn tracing off. To debug FAL or trace FAL 
	get a copy of the .EXE file, run DDT, put a JFCL at main-2 and 
	put .PRIOU at DAPIB+1. To run a private NFT and FAL set 135 to -1 
	in both an NFT and a FAL, then start them. The private NFT and FAL 
	can be run without interferring with normal file transfer.

    1.	BYTLM quota problem.
    2.	List of all supported file types.
    3.	List of supported wildcard characters.
    4.	The link breaks if FAL can't login due to problems in the LOGIN.COM 

    1.	The following wildcard contructs are not supported by RSTS RMS:
		 %, *A*.
    2.	Do not use DK: as a generic disk device. It is valid to RSTS but
	not to RMS.
    3.	If files are not found when doing a directory command, no message
	of any kind is generated.
    4.	Stream files with 512 data characters per record (or 511) cannot
	be copied from RSTS to the 20. Such a file causes RMS in RSTS to
	fill its buffer with data, then try to add the CRLF required by
	DAP. When it can't fit, RMS aborts the transfer.  
    5.	The following 	 types of files can be transfered to RSTS by
	NFT-20:  ASCII, image fixed, image variable, MACY11 fixed, MACY11
	variable, MACY11.
    6.	The following types of files can be transfered from RSTS to TOPS-20
	by NFT-20:  ASCII stream, fixed variable and VFC with implied crlf,
	Image fixed and variable, ASCII fixed variable and vfc with fortran 
	cc, undefined. And if switches are used, fixed variable and vfc with 
	imbedded cc.  All ascii files can be transfer between these systems 
	using RSTS NFT, but image mode transfers are not possible.