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     Since NFT and FAL were released as a part of  DECnet-20
V2.0,   the   following   edits  have  been  made  to  their
components.  The NFT/FAL which will be a part  of  DECnet-20
V2.1 retains the same version number as before, but new edit
numbers.  Only bug fixes, two new commands, and  poor  man's
routing have been added.

     The commands are TRACE and PRINT.   The  TRACE  command
was  added  as  an  aid  for  software  services.   It is an
invisible command (not shown in response to a question mark)
and  is  undocumented  in  the manual set.  Use of the TRACE
command  causes  a  trace  of  DAP  messages  generated  and
received  by  NFT.   The  PRINT  command is exactly like the
SUBMIT command (implemented using common code)  except  that
it causes remote files to be printed.

     Poor man's routing was added with an  edit  to  NFT/FAL
and  a new module, DNCONN.  The distributed version includes
this code, but it is turned off.  The  flag  PMRFLG  can  be
changed  with  DDT to enable this feature.  PMRFLG set to -1
enables poor man's routing.  This feature is undocumented.