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DUMPS Dump Symbol Values

	DUMPS will report the value of all symbols or the value of
a single user specified symbol from an STB file. To use DUMPS type:


	Then enter a command line of the format:


	The output and input filespecs are required. The output filespec
determines where the report will be written. The input filespec describes
the STB file which contains the symbols.
	The use of a switch is required. There are three switches:

/ALL		Dump the value of all symbols.
/S:symbol	Dump the value of the specified symbol only.
/EXIT		Exit from DUMPS following this command. The /EXIT
		switch must follow one of the other two switches; it
		cannot be used by itself. If the /EXIT switch is
		not specified, DUMPS will prompt for another command
		following the output of the current command.



For Module: CEBUF  V01.01
	Symbol $HOST  = 104506


For Module: CEBUF  V01.01
	Symbol $DDKIL = 102146