Trailing-Edge - PDP-10 Archives - BB-H348C-RM_1982 - swskit-v21/debugging-tools/kdpsts.hlp
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KDPSTS provides information about the state of the KMC/DUP's
on a KS processor. The information reported will only be correct
for KMC/DUP's running DECnet. If the KMC/DUP's are used to
connect to a DN22, the information will
be wrong.  Wheel or operator privleges are required to
run KDPSTS. KDPSTS reports the local node name and node number,
and for each DUP, its port number, line identification, name
and number of adjacent node, state of the modem control signals,
line counters, and seconds since counters were last zeroed.
The counters displayed are:

HEADER	Invalid DDCMP header detected
BNA	Buffer not available
DSR	Dataset ready transition
NXM	Non existant memory
TURUN	Transmitter underrun
RURUN	Receiver underrun
KILLC	Kill complete

RCV	Messages received
XMT	Messages transmitted

	The following counts are given for both transmission and reception.
	The counts on the XMT line are NAK's received. The counts on the
	RCV line are NAK's transmitted. NAK's are due to:

MISC	Miscelaneous
HDBCC	Header BCC error
DBCC	Data BCC error
REP	REP response
BTU	Buffer unavailable
ROV	Receiver overrun
MTL	Message too long
HFE	Header format error