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	KMCDMP is an RSX11S user task which dumps KMC parameters
and then crashes the MCB to provide the information necessary to
debug KMC problems. Two steps are required to obtain such a
dump, install KMCDMP in your system image, and invoke it during


	Following the execution of the BUILD-ALL.CTL batch job,
but before running VNP20, edit the file CETAB.MAC. Following the
macro which causes the task TOPOL to be included in the system
image add the macro which will cause KMCDMP to be included:



	As in all RSX11S DECnet systems, if a connect initiate
message arrives for a task which is installed but not yet running,
DECnet causes the task to be run. This is the technique used to
invoke KMCDMP. Use DYNETS, the exec, or a macro program to establish
a logical link to task KMCDMP in the node to be debugged. The
connect initiate sent by the KL will causes KMCDMP to be run, the
KMC to be dumped, and the MCB to crash.