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     NCU is a program which supplies the necessary interface
to  use the NICE functionality of the DECnet front
end for Release 4. NCU duplicates the functionality of the NCP
subset of OPR with some minor differences.  NCU can zero counters
and display local node counters for MCB based nodes which
the NCP subset of OPR can't do.

     NCU uses the command structure defined  by  the  DECnet
architecture,  and  is reasonably well documented in the -11
operating system manuals.  However, as is true with most -20
programs,  liberal  use of "?" and "$" (Escape) will get you
through it with a minimum of difficulty.

     A few quick hints follow, which are also available using
the "HINT" command in NCU.

1.)	To do a "SHOW STATUS LINE DTE20 n", or any "ZERO" command, you
	must be enabled WHEEL or OPERATOR.

2.)	"SHOW STATUS LINE DTE20 n" is not a normal NICE function at this
	time, and is, therefore, intercepted within this program. This
	means that this command will ALWAYS display the status of the local
	systems DTEs without regard for the EXECUTOR set or the TELL command.
	The output from this command is the protocol state of the DTE.
	The SHOW STATUS LINE ALL command for a KL is processed by NICE
	and displays the state of the line and the remote node on the

3.)	The default values for DUP, KDP, and DMC controller, line, drop are all
	0. The default value for DTE20 number is 1, as this is normally the
	DTE20 that is running the DECnet-20 front end.

	will generate error messages when the executor is a KL or
	KS node. The MCB based nodes process these commands correctly.