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	The files involved in DN20 or DN200 (MCB) generation are:

     1.  DNMAC.EXE - a cross assembler for PDP11 macro  source
         files.  This program is similar to MACRO on RSX11.
	 DNMAC accepts MACRO-11 source files as input and produces
	 object files as output.

     2.  TKB20.EXE - a program  that  constructs  PDP11  format
         task  images  from  object  files.  Map files and symbol
	 files are also output. This  program  is similar to TKB
	 on RSX11.

     3.  NETGEN.EXE -  a  program  used  to  configure  a  DN20
         system.   It  generates MACRO-11 source files that are
	 used to build a new DN20. In addition, the SAVE command
	 writes a file which retains the current configuration
	 to make future changes easier.

     4.  VNP20.EXE - a program that builds a ".SYS" image  from
         the  tasks constructed by the TKB20 program, tasks from
	 the distribution tape, and the parameters in CETAB.MAC
 	 a file created by NETGEN.

     5.  *.OBJ - PDP11 format object modules that are  used  to
         build the tasks.

     6.  *.STB - PDP11 format symbol tables that are  generated
         by TKB20 or other means.

     7.  *.MAP - memory maps generated by TKB20.

     8.  *.TSK - the task images used by VNP20 to construct the
         SYS file.

     9.  *.CTL  -  various  batch   streams   used   to   build
         more-or-less standard configurations.

	The flow of the configuration process is:

	     *.OBJ		*.OBJ from distribution tape
		\		/
		 \	       /
		  \           /
		   \         /
		   /	  \
		  /	   \
		 /	    \
	   *.STB	  *.TSK		*.TSK from distribution tape
	   *.MAP	    \		/	    
			     \         /
			      \       /
		CETAB.MAC-->  (VNP20)
			   node.SYS down line loadable system image