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0q=gHp[)6gg/,	*TC<C:C;C;CdF?	 CD	 *"CM3 F\ F\ F\!"\$F]4Fh Ft4Fy B	" CUS G!&@4G	 " G Dx $x;4G " G%*+,F
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,FU HS"C94Ez,FYQ"l"!$p@	  E]Q"l"!$`!&`Q"O C9Z"	+  JZ}&"!&	 *Ee"(F+@+E	 Jh"ibQ"A` (1 &FF4FJ=(Ej+J	 En+  &&& FB[+ &7@/$ ~&B[(D{(F{ /(.(S`	 EvX" $ l$*4J"[`,~,FY+  &&& FB[+ &B[(D{	"E ~&B[(F{/4DF*l&Q.$O@[Q"!$`!&`4F
"FQ"O ~+ 	+ ,F C84Hj,~!"\$J.4J3 J5	"F4FZ,~\"J6e " U$+ + +FH C8O@H4J?	  F $,~  C8@f4JI ,~ C8 $4JI $4JI	" T"F!,~-<E
\"JU,F C8 C9 &J4JU\"JV,F,~ C7	+Jf,F*	 E
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 K "!$,,~@@BE	*(Q F2@@BF C7 $\&BE4K\"BE6@\"BE,F,~ K
&)4K:\"!$,,~7K&)4K,~+K+0,F!"XC7	+,F	*@(FC\"K1,F"!$-,F<,C8	++Cb",0C7\$K4@f-	(*TFK4FLF"D;C",F+ ,F+FHHCan't OPENF PS:	 "Fv<SYSTEM>DECNET-MAILER.FLAGS\"Fae\"Ft\"Ff " U$+ + 	*U F~,F,F\"Ft,F\"Ff,F C8U$+ + ,F+FH@@Can't PMAP SYST	 @GEM:DECNET-MAILER.FLAGS\"Fae\"G\"Ff " U$+ + ,F	*UG,F\"G,F\"Ff,F C8U$+ + ,F+FHHBDCan'T Get Local Node	 D *G Name\"Fae\"G\"Ff " U$+ + ,F,F\"G,F	*@@G \"Ff,F C8U$+ + ,F+FH7@C=
Vmail Version 1(131) Running	 #@G) On Node ----Connect From \"G*+CiCouldn'T Accept Net Connection	(D*G1\"Fae\"G.\"Ff " U$+ + ,F,F\"G.,F\"Ff,F	( G: C8U$+ + ,F+FHCouldn't get link status after accepting a connect	"*GBion\"Fae\"G=\"Ff " U$+ + ,F,F\"G=,F\"Ff	*("GK,F C8U$+ + ,F+FHHptim Failed\"Fae\"GO\"Ff	 *TGS " U$+ + ,F,F\"GO,F\"Ff,F C8U$+ + ,F	(G\+FHMessage From  Received Vmail Fatal Internal Error: Failure Returned Fro	 "*Gdm Mailit
Fatal Error: \"G_e\"Gb\"Ge,F,F\"Gf,F\"Gb	*Gm,F+FH----Connection Closed

'HB=Failed to read record size with MTOPR in	 D *Gu PARSE\"Fae\"Gq\"Ff " U$+ + ,F,F\"Gq,F	*@
G~\"Ff,F C8U$+ + ,F+FHSinr failed at Nrecord\"Fae\"H	"U(H\"Ff " U$+ + ,F,F\"H,F\"Ff,F C8U$	 WH+ + ,F+FHHB<sout to network failed\"Fae\"H\"Ff	 *UH " U$+ + ,F,F\"H,F\"Ff,F C8U$+ + 	*H ,F+FH%network Mail Error : No Such User  At Node soutr to network failed	(D*H(\"Fae\"H&\"Ff " U$+ + ,F,F\"H&,F\"Ff,F	(*@*H1 C8U$+ + ,F+FH,F C7\$H &~@4H C7\$H!@f	"A P(H94H\$@f4H\$H%@f4H\$BD@f4H\$Fg &@	"U HB-4H(\"H!,F\",F,F,~Date: 
Subject:	 `(HJ 
Mailed to: 
(xBH    --------
\"Ge+DD\"2+DE	* @ HSH2HB[@F\"BG\$B[@f+DK AT ,
    \$HX@f $	*H[ D!+DX, HO+Eg
[You Have Netmail From  At @
%SNDERR - 	 HdUnable to send message to ]+D}Dirst Failure\"Fae\"Hh\"Ff	 *UHl " U$+ + ,F,F\"Hh,F\"Ff,F C8U$+ + 	*Hu,F+FHError sending failure code on the logical link\"Fae\"Hv\"Ff	 *UH} " U$+ + ,F,F\"Hv,F\"Ff,F C8U$+ + 	*U I,F+FHNo Local Electronic Recipients,F\"I,F,F+Esent OKPs:<	 @ISout Failed At Sendit\"Fae\"I\"Ff " U$+ + ,F	*UI,F\"I,F\"Ff,F C8U$+ + ,F+FHSending To Dirst Fail	 "Iure To Log File\"Fae\"I\"Ff " U$+ + ,F,F	*TPI(\"I,F\"Ff,F C8U$+ + ,F+FH>Mail.txtSout Failed At Sendr	"*I0 2\"Fae\"I.\"Ff " U$+ + ,F,F\"I.,F\"Ff	*(I9,F C8U$+ + ,F+FH Can'T Gtjfn Mail.txt\"Fae\"I=	"U(IA\"Ff " U$+ + ,F,F\"I=,F\"Ff,F C8U$	 PIJ+ + ,F+FH "z; +E1B,=*IL,F,~0~ +E"	 DIR;000000000000
Sfust Failure\"Fae\"IT\"Ff " U$+ 	"U((I[+ ,F,F\"IT,F\"Ff,F C8U$+ + ,F+FHHBo1B+H^	("Ic9
E=Getji Failure\"Fae\"Id\"Ff " U$+ + ,F,F	*TPIl\"Id,F\"Ff,F C8U$+ + ,F+FH[--Decnet-Mail--]..-1	 It Forwarding Mail To Can't Gtjfn to forward message\"Fae\"Iw\"Ff	 *UI} " U$+ + ,F,F\"Iw,F\"Ff,F C8U$+ + 	*D J,F+FHCan't Openf to forward message\"Fae\"J\"Ff " U$	 *@
J+ + ,F,F\"J,F\"Ff,F C8U$+ + ,F+FHGF	(
JHB4"$df,~QUOTE overflow\"G_e\"J\"Ge,F,F\"Gf	*PDJ,F\"J,F+FHUfpgs Failure\"Fae\"J!\"Ff " U$+ 	"U( J'+ ,F,F\"J!,F\"Ff,F C8U$+ + ,F+FHDecnet-Log:Vmai	 @J0l.logSystem:Vmail.log!"\$J14F,~ Vmail: Can'T Open Log Fil	  J8e Because: Vmail: Odtim Failed: 
Dtstmp Called From \"J:e " U$	 JA+ + \"J< " Zx &J+ +FHCan'T Write To Log File\"Fa	"*JIe\"JF\"Ff " U$+ + ,F,F\"JF,F\"Ff,F C8	 JRU$+ + ,F+FH : < Chars
Abort close failed at CLZNET\"Fa	"*JZe\"JW\"Ff " U$+ + ,F,F\"JW,F\"Ff,F C8	  PJcU$+ + ,F+FH C7l"	4JZ+F)Srv:27Can'T Get Net Jfn Fo	 D *Jkr Server\"Fae\"Ji\"Ff " U$+ + ,F,F\"Ji,F	*@
"Jt\"Ff,F C8U$+ + ,F+FHCan'T Open Net Jfn\"Fae\"Jx	(
U J|\"Ff " U$+ + ,F,F\"Jx,F\"Ff,F C8U$+ 	"@
K+K,F+FHw|Unknown-Host\"K,F,~@?Can'TTimeMyself\"Fa	"*K+ + ,F+FH@Can'T Remove Pending Timer Request\"Fae\"K	"U(K\"Ff " U$+ + ,F,F\"K,F\"Ff,F C8U$	 P
K'+ + ,F+FHTimeout Occured\"G_e\"K)\"Ge,F,F\"Gf	*PK/,F\"K),F+FH----Connection Aborted

?Vmail Internal ErrorError Rest K8art...
Vmail Error Restart...
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JEG"am"C<#Xt@F(Q)LC8(Q>,F+"eFF!8DJKDk	D"8DLDs8DLDv8DLDy8DLD}8DLELA0{ @
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