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 0;(&Hp[)6ggm:{W/c , 	([f[y_K	 [n [w [zmn@	"T D\3 `:@@@ `;*"B "  B@ "4 `;`F+`<  " $\&@;	(D(Q\4`G`r+`[!"\$`b4`j `{4a BCS a!&@O@[z,\	"A**\ar+`V @	+ ,_) B@@@[z [z; [{/2"[z+\ [z/	"(\ +\ B[{ "  B		 "	* B	)K /,_-4B"
ar+\,,_"	( U\$\&a ".6@\&a  @@f7@*+\,,_"\$a@f@@[{ a	*U
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 (W,\8*j\2@@*ar,~,_"	*\5 @\$a$@f4`@,~-<-<xd2  Bh\"h\$a&@f h	* E \>+a'\$a(@f@D a+\$h4a. 
,_" @\$a3@f4`@	( \F @ h4a8 @\$`>@f4`@ +\M 4\PZ
Z`,\U	*\O+a^+\Lar ,~ afZh&"!&"(F+@,~-<-<ZB+d2@	*P \W@@C ag*"W\"C B\"w +!& @
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B\`4aj," @\$an@f4`@ @\$w@f @\$ap@f4`@	**U\h +,f,~ +,Q+as@@[{ a*"\ @ B\ B\ B\\"w B[| "
\q@`rl" B[{ " B[} "[{,+av B* $Q$Q` D,@@@f ax*"[e	*U \y +\$f &@@4a}".8@ X- b,]v+b\"@\$^0ab+b	*P"U*],^+b *\$6@f-4]i!*N@@. b B- b,^X+b,^&+b 4B]	" T]
\"w\$^0ab+]	 *\$V@f-4]i *\$F"&@,4]i[F	"U*D
]0B+b"*j]	+b' b),^X+]",^&+b 4B]"\"w\$^0ab+] *\$V	 TE*]@f-4]i *\$F"&@,4]i[F0B+b"*j]+b' *\$`@ &	 P*P*]$@- *\$.@f-4]i,^;+b. *\$>@f-4]i+],,^O+]3	*U*A"],@@. b0*"5 b0,^R4Bb77@.+b? *\$.@f-4]i+]+6@+]: +	(
T]5\$f &@@4bB".8@ X- b+]+ *\$`@ &@-S`"`	*@(U]=@@F *\$F"&@,4bF[F0B,]P*j]= @\$bI@f4`@ *	(
 ]F,_+ `r@+bJ +l"	4bN +l"4bX @\$b_@f4`@	"U(
]N+,]P+]E@@W ba*"		 *\$W@f,4blYW4B\"l2@ @\$`>@f	"T]W4`@,_" @\$W@f \$W@f B+]O@f+]c@f	 P*]_+ U$@+ + l2@ @\$`>@f4`@,_" @\$C	 D
]h@f+]E \$bq@f+ U$@+ +  @\$`>@f	"T
*]p4`@,_" @\$C@f *,_+ ,~-<\U bt,^X+bu X	 "*]y V~"1B+]~1B+]},^W,~+]z  ~,^W,~@@6 bv*"= bw	(EE
^,^c,~,^J,~ bx,^X,~,^F,~,^O,~+]N-<]v , bx,^	*P"@^
+^ by,^+]T"7@+^ D\"F\$F@f+ \$^@f	*T^\"^\$F@f\"F\$N@f +^
\"^\$^@f+ \$6	 P @"^@f\"6\$^@f+^
&1F+^F1F+^0F+^ F	  
^#0F,~F`+^!,^J,~"1B+by1B+by1B+b~@@V c	*DQ*^,*"] c,^c,~,^J,~"1B+c bx,^X,~@@^ c*"e,^F,~	*(E ^47@.+^7 "B- "B- -\$^\$V B-+^&-<^ X V~	*Q*Q^= c,^X+c,^J,~@@> c	*"E c	,^R,^O,~+^:  ~ , B>	*@A^E+^C c
,^c,~ $DD@D+^E"1B+^N0B1B7+^J	(A""^N,^W,~+^J"1B+^W,^W,~+^O"4B^0B1B+^SB,^W+c
	* ^V+^S4X^T=^M,>,> $0$00d=7d4Fc0&00f=7	 QD^_d2D+^b,^W7+^Z,^,^,~-<\8 
,^J,~ ,B"0B+^k	((D^g,^W,~0B+c
,^W,~+^n,^t,~4B^nB=l^k,~ 0LB+^X"	"( ^pB,^W,~0B1B,~=l^p+^p"1B+^|0B1B+^|0" 0b-7	(A(^x+^|0"00b=7+c0"0b+bz,>,^W+ ,^+^o-<\U-<^;@
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 l"!$p@ 	(E _,_s ,~-<^ Bl"	4_+^~1B+_  @\$`>@f4`@	*A _,_" @\$cr@f4`@ @U$+ +  l"	+ ,~ar	"("_#,~ @O@H+  @\$a5@f4`@,~!"\$cv4d d	"_+4dZ,~`r+_2O d$ &#4d& JW ",~!*~!,x6@*	(P(_4,_A6B.+_7*j_4Z,~(b_8+_5Z$&.Q& F0W!&"(Ff	*P D_<*l_7,_" @\$d6@f4`@Z,~-<^!"\$d>6 
Z&"!&	 _E"(FGF!"\$d> 6`b+d? 
+_C,~6@[z/O@[z "D;	*"_M,\ @	+ ,_) B@@@[z/-<_@ \"{!& 
 "		\${/	"  _Vad@+_,~-<_A 
 "		S/4_^	"
_^,~ 	).$0$*,~ 	),>@@S&X&.$*&.B	),^+_V d@ &	  U_gK/3bdA+_e @\$`>@f4`@,_" @\$dA@f4`@ar	*@(_o,dI\"C\$dL@fl2,~-<\9Xar,~ Bh,_" @\$dO@f	(P _x4`@O\$h &#4d&\"h h4dV\$df@f\$@@f!"	 Q"@`\$h4dk d|4d,`		4e afZh&"!&"(F+@,~	(`	\$e"@fO!&XH+ \$e#@f h!&@
\$e'@f	(`\$@@f\$e'@f h!& @
\$e.@f,>h`d@&	 *`!&X,^H+ \$e2@f\$C\$e5,~eReTeWeZ	*U*U*`"e\e`ebeeegek`6em`6`6`6`6`6`6`6`6`6	*U*U*`+eo`6`6et`6`6`6`6`6`6`6eweze~fff	*U`3f	fffffUnknown DECnet disconnect reason codexAm6

?TMSG failure\"`><?VMAILR: Impossible NODE	  E `D failure because:  @\$`>@f4`@`r,_" @\$`B@f4`@	*@`M @\$`C@f @\$`E@f4`@ @U$@+ +  @		 `U+ ar<-<\VMAILR version 5(306) started
 @\$`W@f4`@,_)	*T
`^ B@,_J,_" @\$`W@f4`@+\
`fCan't find SYSTEM:DECNET-MAILER.FLAGS.1 @\$`>@f4`@`r,_" @\$`B	 T
`o@f4`@ @\$`f@f @\$`E@f4`@ @U$@+ 	" `w+  @	+ ar<-<\HCan't OPENF PS:<SYSTEM>DECNET-MAILER.FLAGS	** a @\$`>@f4`@`r,_" @\$`B@f4`@ @\$`{@f @	(a\$`E@f4`@ @U$@+ +  @	+ ar<-<\@@	 a----Beginning periodic scan
----Network topology changed, beginning scan
----S	 `acanning all directories
?8[|%Problem initializing routing database,_" @	(a"\$a@f4`@+\1----End of scan
PS:<1Bfl2 +\P>[--DECNET-MAIL--]	 Ta*.*~%No queued DECNET mailar`r+\P @\$a+@f4`@<-<\	 a3Unspooling mail from DIRST failure while logging @\$`>@f4`@`r	*A(
a;,_" @\$`B@f4`@ @\$a5@f @\$`E@f4`@ @U$	 AaD@+ +  @	+ ar<-<\l2 ,^+\LRLJFN failure after 	 P"P*aLRNAMIT @\$`>@f4`@`r,_" @\$`B@f4`@ @\$aJ@f	"A aU @\$`E@f4`@ @U$@+ +  @	+ ar<	((a]-<\ l"	+ ,> @\$`>@f4`@ar+aI,^,^	4aM	)@af+\;GF8D%Can't open mail file
`r,_" @\$ah@f4`@,~	 anSending to , known inaccessible, skipped. @\$ap@f4`@,~ +	)@aw,_W,~<`f% I/O ERROR READING MAIL FILE:  \$ax+]_ "Z`0DH	(a+a|O "B+\|:f% ERROR PARSING FROM FIELD OF MESSAGE \$b+]]	* P(b\"^\$^@f+ \$6@f\"6\$^@f@@^+]% ERROR EN	 
DbCOUNTERED IN ROUTING FILE \$b+]]H.TO:Hb% NO RECIPIENTS SPECIFIED	 U b \$b+]],^O+b+]% ERROR PARSING TO FIELD OF MAIL FILE \$b	(@(b!+]]l2@+]O% TOO MANY RECIPIENTS.  PLEASE SPLIT MESSAGE \$b#+]]CC:Hb)	  b*% ERROR PARSING SUBJECT FIELD IN MAIL FILE \$b*+]]5`.H.,^ \$ax	((b2+]_ "B "Z`0DH+b1O+6@+]:,> +\$f &@@	"*A b;4b3,^".8@ X- b+]. *\$,@f-4]i+]+ "Z`	"bC0DH+a|O "B+]7 "Z`0DH+]i+]BSENT OKl2,~Can't	 T
bL close mail file @\$`>@f4`@,_" @\$bK@f4`@ +		 
(bT+ ,~%Can't delete mail file @\$`>@f4`@,_" @\$bU@f	*b]4`@ +	+ ,~, deleted.

xX%I/O error reading reply from mail serve	"A* ber @\$`>@f4`@,_" @\$ba@f4`@,^+]t "Z`	 (bn0DH1DH7+bfO+]T% FATAL NETWORK ERROR: FROM:Hbs,^O,~+]w	: Q
bv6`6H6ATHbwHFHN,^O,~@+_i,^O,~,^J,~+^&,^W,~	(j`b,^J,~"1B+b{+^+:`VHV,^W,~,^J,~+^&;`^SUBJECT:Hc	*uQc,^O+^C+^=7`>H>H^@,~>+b{<l^WB+^gd+^|JFNS 	 cfailure at RNAMIT @\$`>@f4`@`r,_" @\$`B@f4`@ @	(
c\$c@f @\$`E@f4`@ @U$@+ +  @	+ 	 @c!ar<-<\]--UNDELIVERABLE-DECNET-MAIL--[.SOUT failure at RNAMIT @\$`>	 E T
c)@f4`@`r,_" @\$`B@f4`@ @\$c&@f @\$`E@f	"@ c24`@ @U$@+ +  @	+ ar<-<\JFNS failure at	 P"P*c: RNAMIT 2 @\$`>@f4`@`r,_" @\$`B@f4`@ @\$c9@f	"A cC @\$`E@f4`@ @U$@+ +  @	+ ar<	(
*cK-<\.-1GTJFN failure at RNAMIT @\$`>@f4`@`r,_" @\$`B@f	"P(cT4`@ @\$cL@f @\$`E@f4`@ @U$@+ + 	(c\ @	+ ar<-<\RNAMF failure at RNAMIT @\$`>@f4`@`r	*A(
ce,_" @\$`B@f4`@ @\$c_@f @\$`E@f4`@ @U$	 @cm@+ +  @	+ ar<-<\%Close error for net link because:	 cvDECNET-LOG:VMAILR.LOGSYSTEM:VMAILR.LOGCan't get JFN for log file @\$`>	 E T
c~@f4`@`r,_" @\$`B@f4`@ @\$cz@f @\$`E@f	"@"d4`@ @U$@+ +  @	+ ar<-<\!"\$cx	((d4c},~ ?LOG file already open, please DISABLE first. @\$d@f	(@ d4`@<-<\?Can't open log file because: 1B,+d @\$d@f4`@	  d  " U$+ + <-<\xGETJI failure @\$`>@f4`@`r	*A(
d),_" @\$`B@f4`@ @\$d$@f @\$`E@f4`@ @U$	 @d1@+ +  @	+ ar<-<\%Too many directories with queued m	 d:ail, rebuild VMAILR with bigger MAXDIR
*K B,~8%Queued ma	 (dBil is too old -- renamed to ]--UNDELIVERABLE-DECNET-MAIL--[ @\$dE@f	(dK4`@,~unsent mail is over one week old.Notifying user of lossage
DIRST fail	  E dSure while forwarding @\$`>@f4`@`r,_" @\$`B@f4`@	*@d\ @\$dR@f @\$`E@f4`@ @U$@+ +  @		 
dd+ ar<-<\[--DECNET-MAIL--].Can't GTJFN for MAIL.CPY @\$`>@f	"P(dm4`@`r,_" @\$`B@f4`@ @\$di@f @\$`E@f	*du4`@ @U$@+ +  @	+ ar<-<\Can't OPENF MAI	 P"P*d~L.CPY @\$`>@f4`@`r,_" @\$`B@f4`@ @\$d|@f	"A e @\$`E@f4`@ @U$@+ +  @	+ ar<	(((e-<\Can't CLOSF MAIL.CPY @\$`>@f4`@`r,_" @\$`B@f	*A Pe4`@ @\$e@f @\$`E@f4`@ @U$@+ +  @	 e 	+ ar<-<\Date: 
From: DECNET mail process
To:  at 
Subject:	 e( Undeliverable mail

I'm sorry, but your mail to , which was queued for
transm	 e1ission , encountered problems because:

You may use the REPAIR command in MS	 e9 to correct the problem
and resubmit the mail.  If the problem was a user or users b	 eBeing
over quota, then all other users have received copies of the message.
Otherwis	 eJe, nobody on the host named above has received the message.
No special	 eS errorResource allocation failureDestination node does not existNode shutt	 e[ing downDestination process does not existInvalid name fieldDestination process 	 edqueue overflowUnspecified errorThird party aborted the logical linkUser abort	 elUndefined error codeConnect initiate with illegal destination addressFlow 	 eucontrol violationToo many connections to nodeToo many connections to destination	 e} processAccess not permittedLogical link services mismatchInvalid account	 fSegment size too smallProcess abortedNo path to destination nodeLink 	 faborted due to data lossDestination logical link address does not existConfirmati fon of disconnect initiateImage data field too long@`
&pb<	D")7@\P*__p?,%t.GS(\.2A\.2B\0jtfSAL	D2O ,`	2bU,:eQ-z#,RD89w+JG`0s@JHX|J\8HYA__f	"H_M"[g#ll	K/ _K/!_ K/*_UPLYJM@:@MeZH^R	Me[!^SJSz_
^icU:/		D"aj4aj7aj5aj-'Wl!Sl")fl&z;Rer&@	ReO3 ReqVReRe	@ReReHReTzRet\uB[{	@L]EhGq"	K4	KHY4^,,C	L	M#G]]]]c	]dSUI8SjnSng Sp-Sx
@	x{']iHL!\L	D"Hqi\MHqi\;KzK^XK|^ZK|)^b_Y^
_Y^_Y^S(A	"(yLCS)$@	t6
NtY#(TU{^F	D"(TZ*^&(Ts^=(Tv^;(Tze^g(Tze^k(Tzf^n(Tzf^p(Tzg^p(T{>^c	K+lO(K+lu_K+l{9@K+m
_L0L$^ 0L%{^"W#K1C+I^|	"1C+Q^t
k[L1^%^7l <	@"C 8_KG5+SG!,INkt^INp_QINus_WPy,^~[z&/JH	&/KHPL'on
$"am"[f%	otW@	DT8a>J-uL+.!*P6*HTSC\,/oL*0?;Y5Sg@$^C	YTU1sT[!/0=zGHLl[^u HB(Ll\T8HB)TUHrL<)	U-,Lu!jLu"Lu"JLu"-/Lu"/-@Lu"5

$E[yUSgx@HH3uI)	'&P4#q`c
M4/M4SM4  &8264vg ` *[3	 1;,~7;L	:x4:5Pk^>w	4`8Qc
4.MLF6MLF  	D"MLF7L&7\L'M\,L'M\2L('@[zL(;[{8(9LN,P9QL	DQ9^NQB^JQ@H^OUQlGmn@Rp]tRp\URp9\xRpL]:RpL]=	D"RpL]BRpL]3RpP]+RpP],RpP].RpP-b<Rpum\xRpv:]ORpx1]P	D"Rpy)]Rpy)]	Rpy*]Rpy*]Rpy+]"9s
F-bnpy0	D P:|V`q(	)V`q.	*Wwt>YYZZ?^/	D@&6/FiFFiN;F3Mj9YPYlIt.l	!&-l%_J	=}ZVPF2P9;8W&q/&P3,YW(
xhW(JpohW)){P8U	P9'&~P=gwPK,PKLPK5W/=!hPqIPMqPR	PR1LPRY&~PRqqsW1sN{W1sNhhW27W3:XhPKb2P	K	P	P	bPJ
_O/L`	PimPk"OjLOdPzd"OOrc `ka_W`ka^cg>#s_Qgo[_sPIl:8 \( f0